Galaxy at war 2
The exciting middle part of this three part Carrie-Marvel finale is right here and.....boy is it something. After the recent death of Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier), Thanos had managed to get his hands on TWO of the FIVE Infinity stones needed for his Infinity Gaunlet. If he gets them all, God knows what’ll happen. Fortunately, Carrie White, along with the Avengers, aren’t willing to let that happen. Unfortunately.......


  • Katelyn Tarver as Carrie White
  • Josh Brolin as THANOS
  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang
  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker (Spider-Man)
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark (Iron Man)
  • Chris Evans as Steve Rogers (Captain America)
  • Alan Cumming as Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
  • Hugh Jackman as James "Logan" Howlett (Wolverine)
  • Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier
  • Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)
  • Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton (Hawkeye)
  • Joe Pantoliano as Super-Skrull
  • Portia Doubleday as Christine "Chris" Hargensen
  • Paul Bettany as Vision
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)
  • Judy Greer as Rita Desjardin
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor
  • Paul Rudd as Scott Lang (Ant-Man)
  • Dafne Keen as Laura (X-23)
  • Lynn Collins as Kayla Silverfox
  • Max Charles as Lonny
  • Sean Faris as Harry Osborn

  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange
  • AnnaSophia Robb as Felicia Hardy

  • Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Director Nick Fury

More coming soon.....


Briefly after the 20th Century Fox, TSG and Marvel Logos past by the screen, the background cuts to the melancholy yet dark sky of New a jet zips by the screen at a fiendishly fast pace and speed of almost 200 miles an hour.

As the skies begin to clear up and the jet starts to slow down, we see the new Avengers Headquarters Parker in the distance. As one of the landing gears automatically opens up, the ship lands and the pad locks the ship in and takes it inside.

As soon as it gets locked inside and the jet is shut down, the hatch opens up as we see Laura (Dafne Keen), her father Logan (Hugh Jackman), Lonny (Max Charles), Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) and Barton (Jeremy Renner) all step out of the jet separately......

.....and Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) was the last one to exit the jet, albeit feeling like an emotional wreak.

Why you ask?

Well.....a few hours ago, Bucky Barnes (a.k.a The Winter Solider) recently bit the dust and took the leap trying to protect her gym teacher, Rita Desjardin.

It was already bad enough losing members of her family but having lost a friend, especially when he's friends with Captain America.....that just makes it all the more tragic.

Once again, she trudges along the basement floor of the HQ and gets to the bridge of the stairs, about to head upstairs.....until she felt a familiar presence behind her and she turned around to see her husband Kurt (Alan Cumming) tailing behind her.

Carrie: Kurt.

Kurt: Meing Libeling......

The two quickly rush up to each other and hug each other tightly as Carrie does her best to block out and avoid shedding tears. But she couldn't stop sniffling.

Carrie: It's Bucky.

Kurt: Wha---he's....

She just nodded slightly, confirming his death as it was indeed a heartbreaking one.

But that's when she had to chance the subject.

Carrie: Where's Rachel?

Kurt didn't say anything at the moment.

Carrie: I had some.....time before we took off. It's still the holidays, so....I wanted to give her this.....for her birthday today.


As she digs through her jacket, she pulls out a red box out of her right pocket and hands it Kurt. It looked like he was about to open it up, but he didn't......

.....cause he already knew what it was.....for she had told him earlier.

Kurt: She'd love it......but she's not here.

Carrie: Huh?

It then cuts down to Queens, New York as the weather had gotten a little bit better, but the look from the sky said otherwise. As the camera revolves all over the city, it finally makes a brief stop over at Peters high school (or what’s left to be his high school) as we see a certain someone's sitting over the edge.

One of them was Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush)....

.....and the other was Felicia Hardy (AnnaSophia Robb).

Both girls, it's safe to say, weren't really fond of Peter going under wraps and keeping his death a secret for the last two years. It was a massive betrayal for the both of them. And even though Rachel had her life saved by him yet again, it was still kinda hard to find a way around that fact.

But she wanted to try and forget about it today.....because she knows Peter never forgets her birthday.

Felicia: What makes you sure he's coming?

Rachel: He always does.....although those last two times don't really count.

Felicia: How do they not count if he wasn't there?

Rachel: Because I know for a fact, that if he wanted to leave me.....he would've told me.

Silence ushered between the two of them once again as they stared out into the sky.....pondering to themselves.

Rachel: You know......this is where we shared our first kiss.

Felicia: long did it last?

Rachel: I try not to think about it.

Felicia: Bad memories?

Rachel: Just not as bad as you’d like ‘em to be.

She wasn’t kidding. Out of all the bad memories she’s had, they were worse when she was WITH Peter know......

.....s__t kept happening.

It was at that moment when a very light thud quickly overtook her ears from behind, causing her to loosen up in her posture a little bit. As both girls turned around, they notice Peter in his regular Spider-Man outfit (the Iron-Spider one is at the HQ) stepping in beside them......

.....but not before he took off his mask.

Felicia: Spider.

Rachel: Peter.

Peter: Hey.....

Felicia: What kept you?

Peter: Had To.....make amends......with a certain someone.

Rachel: How’d he take it?

Peter: He uh......was shocked.....and surprised. But he took it well. At least someone understood.

Rachel: But what about the stones?

Peter: I already told him about them. But he says he needs them.....kept mentioning them as the source of his cure.

Both girls were confused.

Both (Rachel, Felicia): Cure?

Rachel: Cure for what?

Peter: I don’t know.....he wouldn't tell me what it was......but he says it's killing him.

Felicia: Omg.....

Rachel: Poor Harry.

Peter: I know.....but Rach? Happy birthday.

Her eyes bolted brighter.

Rachel: You remembered??

Peter: Course I did. But....umm.....before I get to that.....I think it's best if....I explain myself more on my actions.

Felicia: That'd be nice.

Peter boldly drops his mask behind him and sits right next to both of them on the edge of the school, before looking out to the sky.

But finally.....he explained himself.

Peter: *sighs*......lets be honest. A PART OF ME sacrificed myself that day because.....well.....I really didn't want you to be a part of the double life that I'm forced to live in anymore. All I wanted for was you to be out of the danger and to live a happy life. But I's hard being related to Spider-Man.......everyone's after me and they often have to attack my friends and family to draw me out. That's one thing that sucks.

Rachel: And the other?

Peter: The other.....Even right now......I still didn't know who I really am. I'm normal when I have to be and I'm Spider-Man when I NEED to be. I--I'm what the people want me to be.....and that's hard. But the again......with great power......comes great sacrifice.

Felicia: What happened to responsibility?

Peter: That never goes away. But sacrifice was ALWAYS something else I had to worry about. Because even though being a hero was all I dreamt about, it was far from fun and games. It meant getting beat down to your lowest point and struggling to stand up again on two feet with blood smeared over your face and your heart thumping and thudding too loud in your ears for you to hear anything. Rocky Balboa said it himself: "It ain't about how hard you hit; its about hard you can GET hit, and keep moving forward." Well.....I guess I forgot that statement that day.


Peter: I did it.....because I wasn't ready to accept what being a hero TRULY meant: it meant sacrifice. It meant standing up and fighting tooth and nail when you got nothing left to fight for......and it sometimes meant losing anything and everything you loved.

He finally looks up again and slowly turns to Rachel before saying something.....really emotional.

Peter: I wasn't ready to accept that fate because you meant everything to me, Rachel. And I wasn't gonna lose you again......even if that meant pushing you away.

Rachel: never would. Why would you want to push me away? I love you.

Peter: So do I. So I never wanted to push you away......but that's not the way fate operates. Cause heroes don't always win......and I never thought pulling that mask off my face meant losing.

This speech was REALLY getting to both Felicia and Rachel, as it made perfect sense. They couldn't find any reason to stay mad at him for long least now; they know what it was like to be him.

Felicia: You know.....

He turns towards her. were the first man that I ever felt a....personal connection or bond with.....since my father was incarcerated.......and I never really thought it would get this far.

Peter: Figures you already had.

Felicia: Well, being me wasn’t always that simple. And somehow, you’re Mr. Goody Two-Shoes act began to grow on reminded me of the type of father that......I WISH I had around, you know?

Peter: So.....what are you trying to say?

It took a few seconds to get her words out, but......she did.

Felicia: I'm trying to say......Thank you, Peter......for taking your mask off and reminding me.......that it's never too late to figure out who you really are.

At that moment, it looked as if Felicia couldn't resist anymore as she moved a little closer to Peter and with Rachel's permission (thank God), she firmly grabbed ahold of him and pressed her lips against his, kissing him.

Not before long, she lets go.

Peter: That still feels awkward.

Felicia: *chuckles* It does to YOU. You might be taken.....but that doesn't mean I'm done with you, Spider. I'm still YOUR stray Black Cat and I'll be sure to round up some more trouble just for you later on

Peter: I'll still stop you, you know that?

Felicia: Yeah, we'll see about that next time.

She stands up from the she of the roof and then backs away from them, blows a kiss towards Pete, leaps off the roof and then leaves.

Rachel: She's something else.

Peter: Got that right......OH....ummm......

At that point, Peter digs into the back of his suit and pulls out something he believes can TRULY make up for everything.

Peter: I couldn't find much of anything in those I had to improvise and go from scratch.

He hands Rachel the miniature box and when she opens it up, she's flabbergasted at what she sees......

......a Spider-Tracer necklace with her name engraved on the back.

Rachel: Peter......Baby.....

Peter: Happy Birthday.

At this point in time, Rachel had finally heard everything she needed to hear as she quickly snapped her head towards Peter, moved in closer and finally.....kissed him.

Upon letting go of that kiss.......

Rachel: I'm sorry.

Peter: Same here.

Rachel: Please.....don't leave me again.....I love you.

Peter only smiles....before he says something else.....

Peter: I take it as a "Yes", then?

Rachel: What?

Peter: The ring.

He lifts her hand up, showing the ring still on her finger and it took Rachel mere seconds to understand what Peter was asking of her.

No answer was needed. She simply hugged him again.

(About time)

However, this happy reunion wasn't soon to be short lived.....but it wasn't going to last much longer than a few hours longer.....for back on the moon, one THANOS (Josh Brolin) stared down at Earth smirking before he looked down at the two Infinity Stones he stole. It was at that point he let both of them go as the stones levitated into two empty slots onto his Infinity Gauntlet.

Thanos: Three more.....THREE more is all I need......

Guess he spoke soon enough.....when both stones in his Gauntlet started to glow up simultaneously, indicating some sort of......tracking beacon?

Thanos:....And I JUST found them.

~Main Title sequence~

As the title faded away, we cut over to that same jet from earlier as we cut to the inside where we see Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) still in his Captain America suit piloting the jet, while Rita Desjardin (Judy Greer) still tending to the dead body of Bucky Barnes.

Considering that she's pregnant with HIS child, it only made his sacrifice all the more tragic cause.....his daughters never gonna know her own father.

That's hard.

Desjardin: H-how close are we?

Rogers: Sooner than you think.

With the jet at a total speed of now 300 miles an hour, it didn't take them long to reach T'Challas island in South Africa (or was it North Africa) and with emotions running high, it was by far the LAST thing that wanted to do.

As soon as they landed, T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and Rogers led Desjardin up to the top floor to do what none of them wanted to do.

By the time they all got up there, T'Challa immediately brought up the cryogenic chamber.

As soon as Desjardin saw the cryogenic chamber open up, she had goosebumps, especially since she had to put Bucky IN THERE.

Desjardin: Do I really HAVE to put him in here?

Rogers: It's up to you.....but as much as I want no part in this either, it's the right thing to do. I don't want to either....but it's the right thing.

Desjardin was braking down Steve helped her get Buck's lifeless body in and then......

T'Challa turned on the freezing process making Rita cry more Steve took her in his arms to comfort her as she cried on his shoulder

T'Challa: Capetian I'm very sorry for your loss. As well as yours Miss DayJarDan.

(Affrican talk saying Desjardin)

Steve: Thank you for this, your Majesty.

From the exit of the room Carrie was standing there feeling sad for her former gym teacher and true friend she had during her dark times Kurt even even stood there behind her

Carrie: In all the years I've known Ms Desjardin I never seen her so sad.

Kurt: Ja. She's gonna need you as her friend more than ever. Need us.

Carrie: Yeah. And it's not just her. Logan and Laura will need us too. You know about Kayla right? 

Kurt: Oh Ja. I did. And cancer is just....a one liner to Hellization.

Carrie looked back at Desjardin feeling she couldn't leave her like this

Carrie: Mien Giellbiete? Can you go check on Noah? I think I need to talk to her myself.

Kurt: Course.

He kissed her then teleported then she went to comfort Desjardin herself

Carrie: Hey.

Both Rogers and Desjardin turned over to see her, and it was clear that she was distraught as well.....just not as much as the captain.

Rogers: Carrie.

Desjardin: Carrie.

She exerts herself into the hug.....for it was clear that Desjardin and Steve really needed it.

Carrie: How'd you know?

Desjardin: I just. Touched that I was throwing up a lot recently. I had an idea on what was happening, but i didn't want to worry Buck. But that's when I decided to go to the doctor and.....that's when I found out.

Carrie: I'm sorry.

Steve: Don't be. He's in a better place now.

Carrie: Yeah. God is comforting him as we speak.

Desjardin: Thank you Carrie.

Carrie: You helped me through my troubles in the younger days. It's the least I can do.

Desjardin: *Sniffs* Well thank you Carr. I know he's at peace now. But it's just hard to believe he's gone.

Carrie: But you'll always have a part of him now.....he'll be looking dow to see his daughter born.

Desjardin: How did you know about it?

Carrie: The same way I knew about Sue's pregnancy. Even my own. I still took a test to be sure yeah but....I can somehow seanse what people are sick with.....or even women's pregnancy.

Desjardin: Gosh, you are something....thank you, Carrie.

Upstairs, Kurt picked up little Noah singing a lullaby in German

Till he noticed Laura staring lightly at him

Kurt: Oh Guten tag, Laura.

Laura: Hola, Kurt.

(Spoiler alert: If you remember in “Logan”, Laura spoke a little spanish)

Kurt: How you holding up?

Laura: Wanted to give mom and dad some time....thought I check on the baby.

Kurt: He's certianly happy to see you.

Kurt lowerd Noah down for Laura to see him up close grinning

Laura: Hi Noah. Boo boo boo.

Noah giggled and cooed and Kurt held him up again

Kurt are your parents hanging in there?

Laura: I don't know. Time is only telling on mom's cancer. And Daddy’s adamantium..... it may be.....acting up again

Kurt nodded and patted Laura on the shoulder

We cut later with Logan in on Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Stark (Robert Downway Jr.)

They were still at Avengers HQ and it was safe to say......Logan was wondering why he or his family for that matter was even here.

Logan: I'm not feeling this, Charles. Why is this necessary?

Stark: Uh, in case you haven't gotten the information through that skull.....depending if there's anything left, YOUR daughter has significant and rather important information regarding this THANOS character and what he wants from us and as long as you keep her HIDDEN from us, we won't be able to know what the hell is happening.

Xavier: As long as Thanos is roaming our Earth, our race and the human race will never truly be safe.

Logan: Heard that f__king speech a million times.....and it keeps getting worse the more I come back. Every time I think it'll get a little bit, it all comes crashing down and this.....sheathes his claws.......had made it Hell.

Stark: Is he losing it?

Logan: I am NOT losing it, dumbass. But my mind, body and soul has been crippled for the longest that I can remember, and when I found Laura and Kayla again......I've been nothing but a f__king corpse up 'till now, ok?

The statement brought Xavier and Stark to a complete halt. He was being serious about this as he always is, considering the condition him and his family's condition.

Logan: I'm not what I used to be. And the world is not the same as it used to be. Why is this still my problem?

Silence invaded the hall until both Xavier and Stark looked at each other before looking back at Logan.

Stark: Because of family. We'd do anything to protect the ones we care about.

After that, Logan had to pause for thought and sot there silently until.....

Logan: If family is the reason; and trust me, I know that better than anyone, why are they always on the line even at your weakest?

Xavier: Hey, I'm not at my strongest either.

Both Tony and Logan looked back at him.

Logan: What you saying?

No words were spoken yet.

Logan: Charles?

Xavier: I have dementia. It results in these seizures that I've had for the past few months since you left. Due to my brain capacity, what happens next results in more than.....than anticipated. In fact, it almost killed everyone back at the mansion....little less than a few days ago. If Carrie wasn't there that day.....everyone would've died.

Stark: I take it, headaches, resulting shockwaves, time slowly downing......that's practically cancer for the world's most powerful brain.

He nods.

Logan: Wait......Carrie? What did she do?

Xavier: She sedated me. For some reason whatever was happening with the others.....didn't effect Carrie. I think it was because of her god powers


Logan: When was this?

Xavier: Two years ago. Just after Carrie's face off with Mephistophelis.

Logan: Goddamn it Charles. Why didn't you inform me about it?

Xavier: You had your own problems to attend. Besides....I'm not long for this world myself. That's why I picked Carrie she take my place after my passing.

Logan: But why Carrie? You think she can handle your job? She a young adult but.....she's still a kid. And she's raising her own. So why her?

There was a long pause before an answer came out of his mouth

Xavier: Because.....she resembles everything we once were and what we want to be. The perfect leader for the new generation

Stark: Just like Peter. He proved me wrong when I thought I made a mistake recruiting him. So please hold your horses, Logan. I KNOW how that feels.

It made Logan think in pause for a minute.....until it cuts back to the upper level where see Vision (Paul Bettany) looking in the mirror on the bathroom, still contemplating the Infinity Stone stuck in his forehead.

He didn't know WHAT it was, or WHERE it CAME FROM......originally, that is. But it was apart of him.

At that point, he gets a knock on the door.


Instead of opening the door, Vision simply goes straight through the door on the outside to see it was Barton calling him out.

Barton: That's.....still creepy. Ehh, look. You gotta see this.

A few minutes later, they both walk in one of the few monitoring rooms were Natasha was on the computer, and what did the screen have to show?

It showed security footage of two other Infinity Stones in Harry Osborns office at Oscorp.

Vision took the time to look carefully at the Stones shown in the footage and quickly realized the one in his head was one of those few stones as well.

Vision: What.....what does this mean?

Natasha: If Thanos is after those, he's damn sure not getting them.

Barton: It'd be a miracle if we got those Stones first. But even if we did, we can't afford to keep them around. I mean......aren't they similar to the Allspark?

Vision: Alls---what?


Barton: Here's the easiest way I can explain it: both the Stones and the Allspark are artifacts of great power that the villain wants for their own desire. Make sense now.

Both (Vision, Natasha): A little bit.


Vision: But what is the threat?

Barton: I don't know. But it's best if we get those Stones first, so we don't HAVE to find out.

Count us all in.

As soon as they all turn around behind them, the first thing they see is Steve in his Captain America gear (From "The Winter Soldier") and shield in hand. But a few seconds later, he drops his shield to the ground and crosses his arms over one another.....

.....while the other available Avenger members crowd in behind him.



Iron Man

Scarlet Witch

Kurt (In his X2 jacket)

And of course......

Carrie (X-Men uniform)

We cut back to New York where Peter and Rachel finally had some alone time and later a heat of passion (You know....) Both Peter and Rachel lied there in silence nude under sheets besides breathing out and soon and soon Rachel spoke after a long moment

Rachel: Peter? What you said earlier about great that what your uncle told you too?

Peter: He uh....might have said something.....just the year before he died. Mr. Stark asked me why I do this.....I only told him I only told him I look out for the little people. Because my uncle wanted to look out for the little people.

Rachel: *Scoots on her side looking at him* And you also....made a sacerfice for the little people?

Peter: You could say that.....but.....sometimes I wonder if sacerifices are even the right things.....cause it mainly destroys the people you love. 

Rachel: But that's the thing I don't understand: me and Carrie never TRULY made sacrifices of our own. And yet, we still ended up losing people close to us. So what sense does that make?

Peter: I don't know......but it's funny how fate works. When it comes to people like me, I'm one of the best of the best. But......even when we get cornered, we can't really escape fate.

Rachel couldn't help but to chuckle.

Rachel: You sound just like Carrie.

Peter: I'm not trying to.

Rachel: Right, right. But......just promise me this: next time you want to go and make a sacrifice not just for the people but for those who care about you......promise me that when it's all said and done......

She slowly puts her hand on the side of his face and rubs it softly. will still come home. Promise me that you'll still come home to me.

Peter takes ahold of Rachel's hand on his face.....and then slowly hold out her new Spider-Tracer necklace.

Peter: I promise. And when it looks like it'll be it.....this is where this comes in.

She chuckles slightly as she takes ahold of the necklace and kisses Peter yet again. When they let go, she asks.....

Rachel: So......what exactly are you.....willing to sacrifice now?

The question was a good one, but luckily Rachel didn't have to wait that long to get a response as Peter got up from the bed, went over to his dresser and takes out a container filled with a dark type of liquid. Except that liquid wasn't for drinking.

It was his blood.

Peter: My blood.

It then cuts over down to Oscorp......again.......

.....where one Harry Osborn (Sean Faris), son of the infamous late Norman Osborn was taking his time in his office to look at the one potential thing that he needs to fully cure him of his potentially deadly disease.

The remaining THREE Infinity stones.

He was so fixated on staring at these three seemingly non-threating pieces of such power that it took him a while to notice that someone was knocking on his door.

Harry: Enter.

It was Dr. Stromm (Morgan Freeman)

Stromm: Mr. Osborn. It's likely that despite my judgement, we'll have to enhance the energy from the stones into the radiation to develop this working serum properly.

Harry: Please....just keep proceeding as scheduled. That serum is the only way to secure Oscorp's future.....and the world's.......

Stromm: As you know your father obsessed over his work.

Harry: Never mind that.

As soon as Stromm left the room, Harry felt a cold shiver down his spine and the next thing you know.....


.....he ended up vanishing and reappearing a few hallways away from his office. Trying to fathom what the hell just happened, he looked around just for the lights to go dimmer and dimmer until suddenly.....

....the lights blacked out.

And once they turned back on, the remaining Avengers literally POPPED up right in front of him, causing him to mildly jump back.

Carrie: Hello, Harry. I don't know if you remember us....or even me....

Harry: Carrie White?

Kurt: Guess he does.

Captain America: We need to talk to you about those stones.

Iron Man: We need to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.

Guess they were getting right to the point.

Harry: What?

Black Widow: I don't why you even have them in your possession in the first place, but it is crucial that we get them back.

Harry: You don't understand; I need them to make a serum to fix my condition.

Carrie: Condition??

Harry pulled up his sleeve showing them..... scaly texture popping up from underneath his skin and his fingernails growing into narrow dirty claws.

Kurt: Schiza......

Wanda: What is this?

Harry: Retroviral Hypodysplasia.

Carrie: Wait....that disease doesn't last until your next 40 years. The symptoms don't start 'till you're at least 20, right?

Harry: It doesn't mean anything. As of this point.....I'm DYING. I could've signed up with you guys when I had the chance but I didn't know I had this......this.....curse.

He laid there in silence just looking at his condition as the others pondered about what to do or what next.

But that's when the Captain stepped forward and gave him a serious look in his eye.

Capitan America: Harry, I understand your concern as much as the next guy. But you won't like the result at the end of the road the next time you look in the mirror. I can assure you of that.....

Harry: I wish I could believe you, Captain. But the way I see it, there's really no other way to go about this.

There is one other way.

The voice suddenly shifted all of the others attention towards the other side of the room as they all see Peter, without his suit, boldly standing there with his arms crossed and with Rachel by his side.

Stark: Peter.

Peter: Mr. Stark.

Harry: Peter.

Peter: Harry.

Carrie: Rachel?

Rachel: Carrie!

Both sisters quickly went up and hugged each other once again, briefly reunited for well over the 15th time.

Rachel: Why do we keep getting separated?

Carrie: I don't know. But we always find each other.

Both Kurt and Peter nodded with grins as Pete quickly turned back to Harry opening his hand and showing him his blood in the

Peter: Listen....when I was gone....I had time to run some tests on own blood and I DNA may hold the answer.

Harry: How do you know?

Peter: Well, that's the thing.....I'm not fully aware of why my DNA muted so much after that spider bit me, did cure a lot of people from their diseases when I gave blood as Peter Parker and saw on a Daily Bugle article many patiants in emergency rooms were all in full health the day after.

Harry: And are you sure this will work on me. I had this since I quit being the HobGoblin.

Peter: It's worth a try buddy.

Harry quickly looked around at all of the others to get some sort of reaction or whatever. But he didn't really get one from anyone except for Carrie, Rachel, Rogers and Stark.....

.....and especially Peter.

Harry willingly took the blood sample from Peter and grasped it tightly in his hand.

Harry: Thank you, Pete. I'll get the chance to use it later today......and I hope it works.

Peter: Same here.

Barton: Umm.....hey. Buddy, the Stones.

Harry: Oh.....They're in my office.

Scott: No worries, I got that covered.

He immediately shrunk down into ant size and made his way to Harry's office.....except for the fact that he was moving kind of slow in that form.

Of course, nobody really knew that because they were all looking down at the floor like they were hypnotized, waiting for him to come back just as fast.

Carrie: *sighs* Ant-Mans gonna take a while, Harry. I'll get the Stones. careful, ok?

As she then went off, although at a much faster pace, Harry just sighed heavily and stepped back as he stared at the blood sample in his hands and then looked back at the others......

Harry: Thank You.

.....and then Peter again.

Harry: You're my friend.

Peter: BEST friend.

In literally only a few minutes, Carrie walks into Harry's office and chuckled silently, knowing Ant-man didn't get here yet as she expected. After looking around for only a few brief seconds, her eyes draw over to what was literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER: the remaining three Infinity Stones

Carrie: Guess this is gonna be a piece of cake....

Not the right time or place to say that, for as soon as she was about to touch the glass seal cabinet doors keeping the stones secured, she felt a tight grip pull her back towards the door, smashing her head against the ligaments of wood sticking out.

It only came to her attention that whoever hit her......

.....happened to be ANOTHER Skrull.

The alarm went off

Peter: What the....

Harry: That's the security breach alarm. Something's wrong.

Harry waltzed over a computer logging in the security footage to see Skrulls down stairs

Capetian America: It's the skrulls!

Iron man: They must be here for the stones.

Harry: Friends of yours Pete? Or Spider-man's?

Peter: Bit of both.

Iron man: Pete. You and Rach get Mr. Osborn somewhere safe. We'll hold them off.

Kurt: Watern! (Wait!) Carrie and Mr. Lang never came back.

Caps: Then go find them. And be careful.

Kurt teleported and the Avengers rushed down to battle as Peter Rachel and Harry made a run for the elevators

Well.....almost made it to the elevator......because that's when Peter realized that it wasn't such a good idea anymore.

Peter: Whoa whoa whoa!

Harry: What?

Peter: No elevators. You know what happened last time?

Suddenly, the elevator stared malfunctioning as it began to shake, stir and act up.

Peter: Go go go! Take the stairs! Take the stairs!

As Peter led the both of them down the stairs, it cuts all the way downstairs as Skrulls had racked up a pile of dead bodies in the corner with each dead body more repulsive than the last.

At that moment, the Avengers popped in out of nowhere and started to go in on the fun. Caps and Iron Man did a nice blast/shield combo blasting a bunch of Skrulls away while the Scarlet Witch ripped them apart. Hawkeye and Black Widow went for a strategical approach, trapping a few with mines and then rendering them unable to perform. And Black Panther.....he just did his own thing.

While all that was going on, Carrie was STILL struggling with that ONE Skrull in the office with her.

It had her locked up in a TIGHT Sleepers Hold from behind, but Carrie quickly lifted herself in the air as they both crashed into the ceiling and tumbled back down.

Unfortunately, it caused the glass on the cabinet door containing the two Stones to break which meant it was easy access for who could get it first.

They both looked at each other and immediately made a run for the Stones. However, they hilariously tripped over one another just trying to get it.

Luckily, Carrie was able to grab both Stones with her power before the escalation could go any further.

Unfortunately, just as she got back in her feet, the Skrull immediately punched her back back with so much force that when she crashed into the door, she almost broke the hinges off it.

Even more so, it made her drop the Stones.

The Skrull chuckled very slightly as he went over at grabbed both of the stones as Carrie desperately tried to get back on her feet. But that's when she realized that this was no ordinary Skrull.

It was Super Skrull (Joe Pantoliano)

Carrie was about to lose it and make ANOTHER move but before she could, Ant-Man swatted Super Skrull square across the face, bringing him down to his knees and dropping the stones as a result.

He then reverts back to normal size.

Ant-Man: Damn it, you beat me again.

Carrie: You do move a little slow when you shrink, right?

Ant-Man: I know, I gotta get that part fixed.

Carrie: Anyways, we got the stones, ok? picks them up Lets go help the others.

They were just about to walk out the broken door, until they realized Super Skrull wasn't done yet. In fact, as he began to get back up on his feet, his skin began to bubble underneath his suit until it shredded open, revealing that he can actually change form and take on a different persona.

(Remember, Skrulls can shape-shift)

Ant-Man: Umm.....what's it doing?

Carrie: Don't wanna know.

Unfortunately, they WERE gonna know after all cause the shape and form of the body that Super Skrull was taking was all too familiar to Carrie.

And what or WHO did Super Skrull take the form of?

Christine "Chris" Hargensen (Portia Doubleday)

(God-damn IT!)

Chris: Happy Holidays, motherf__ker.

As soon as Carrie saw the face of her abuser for well over the fifteenth god damn time, she inadvertently pushes Ant-Man back and immediately grabs the Skrull-like Chris by force before pulling her up close to her face......and her eyes were completely black.....for the first time in 3 years.

Carrie: Are you f__king kidding me?!

Chris: I would've asked you the same thing.

Carrie: Why--why is it that you just keep coming BACK?!?!

She forced pushed her again but dodged it and grabbed Carrie's arm

(I think they know their charcters powers and knowledge too)

The supposedly Chris shocked blast her back

Chris: I keep telling you....I'll keep coming....and coming....till you get what you deserve!

Carrie: You mean.....WHAT YOU WANT?!?!?!?!

She pushed her back again then Kurt teleported beside her and saw her

Kurt: can't be!

Carrie looked over and stood up hugging him

Carrie: Idk if it's her or not but it is a skrull. I can't take chances either way.

Kurt: Agreed. This time we'll finish her together!

That's when the mutant lovers stood together face to face against Chris this time as she smirked

Chris: How sweet. Blue boyfriend to the rescue.....ugh! I can't believe anyone would love you! Human or not!

Ant-Man: Hey watch it, pub. It's three against one. No need to pull punches

The three of them completly surrounded the incarnation of Chris but it barely seemed like it did anything to intiminate her

Chris: Seriously???? Ugh.....what's a girl got to do to get a breather nowadays?

Carrie: You could have ASKEDme instead of showering me with tampons and filming it for your satisfaction, you f__cking slut!

(Jeez girl....)

She immediately chokes Chris and then pushes her up into the ceiling again while Kurt just slings her around with his tail.

As for Ant-Man, he had to shrink down a level and swat her a few times as she tried recovering from the collision. But the more Ant-Man swatted her around, the more she got pissed off. Finally, she lets out a faint shockwave blowing Ant-Man out of the air and back to his original form as he laid down on the ground, defenseless.

Carrie: Scott!

Chris then holds him up by the throat as her eyes sparkled blue for the first time in a long time.

Chris: I've never liked "Antz"

As Carrie pushed her back by force and slammed her around again it cuts back to the other Avengers downstairs.....and Peter Rachel and Harry just finished getting down stairs so they quickly made it out of Oscorp using the back door

Harry: This way.

Harry actually lead them into a some powered door that was secured tight

Peter: Harry? Any ideas?

Harry: I never been behind this door before. It's one of my dad's secret secured measures.

Rachel: But can you get us in? It could be our only way out.

Harry: Yes I can. But I'll have to go through my dad's old codes to do it. It might take some time.

Rachel: We might not have time.

Peter: And we don't Listen!

They looked down stairs and heard skrulls coming up

Rachel: They're coming!

Harry opened his data box in a hurry and tried every code he had so far.....none of them opened the door

Computer: Access: Denied. Access: Denied. Access: Denied.

Harry: I can't find the goddamn code!

They were coming up fast

Peter: Harry, hurry!

They were just about up to them

Rachel: They're coming!

Peter: Quick use your telekinesis!

Rachel did as Peter said and immediately held them back by force but their numbers were very great and Rach couldn't hold them for long

Rachel: Harry hurry! I--I can't hold them forever!

Harry: I got it!

Computer: Access: Approved.

The door opened and Peter and Harry rushed inside

Peter: Rachel come on!

Rachel suddenly let go and jumped in through the door as they shut it suddenly the Skrulls charged at them

(DAMN! That was close!)

The others were quick to catch their breath as they had escaped certain death by only the width of a fingertip.

Harry: Oh my god......

Rachel: That--that was......Oh Man......

Peter: Alright. We---we need---a way back.

Rachel: Without a jet?

Harry: We can manage. But.....where--looks around.....where we supposed to go?

I can help you

The voice startled them for a brief second as they turned around as they saw.....a new ally.

Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)

(Bout time he came in)

Doctor Strange: You want back to the HQ? I can get you there.

Rachel: The hell are you?

Doctor Strange: *chuckles* Just call me Doctor Strange.

Back with the Avengers their fight with the skrulls raged on

Caps threw his shield knocking out three skrulls

Black Panther sharpens his claws and slashed any skrull in his way and flip kicking them

Wanda and Vision zapped and levitated objects at them

Iron man blasts them with his gloves at them

Black Widow kung fu them

However the Skrulls numbers kept increasing they were soon out numbered

Clint: Man! Where's Bruce and Thor when you need them?

Captain America: Stay focused people. We can't let them get those stones!

And they brawled on

Cutting back to Carrie and Chris (Supposedly but really Super Skrull) they too kept brawling

Ant-man shrunk and climbed on Chris's leg without her noticing

Kurt kept teleporting tripping her with his tail

But Chris quickly grabbed his tail from behind and proceeded to smash him around for a little bit.

But Carrie was not having ANY of it whatsoever.

Her rage slowly reached down into the pit of her stomach as it slowly began to build up, build up, build up.....until finally......

.....she yells from the top of her lungs as it pushes Chris, Ant-Man and Kurt back with force. In fact, her yell was SO LOUD.....that it reached all the way down to the bottom floor and it was at such a high velocity that it knocked out all of the Skrulls that were surrounding the team.

And they knew that SOMETHING was up.

Hawkeye: The hell just happened?

Black Widow: Its Carrie.

Iron Man: Everyone upstairs!

As they started to head BACK upstairs, we go back into the office as Chris (Super Skrull), Kurt, Ant-Man recovered from the shockwave and sss nothing for the time being.....that is until a familiar golden glow illuminated the room.

The dust finally cleared and we see Carrie in her Goddess form, surely by that golden aura and flashing with her eyes gold.

Chris: Oh my god......

Carrie: You should be honored. You're only the second person to cause me to fight this seriously.

Unwilling to be intimated, Chris immediately went for a strike, only for Carrie to push her back instantaneously due to how much force her God powers had implied on her. Crashing out of the office and bouncing off of the elevator shafts left Chris-Skrull exhausted and low on electricity to use, at least for now.

A few seconds later, that golden aura glows right in front of her as Carrie reappears immediately and slowly, methodically approaches her.

Carrie: Every single time I have to send you to Hell, you only keep coming back to keep get your ass kicked over and over again! Is that what you want from me?!

Chris: What the hell do YOU think?

Carrie: I'm thinking, that if the Devil doesn't have the balls to do it, then I guess I'll have to burn your soul MYSELF, CHRISTINE HARGENSEN!

She approached her through the walls to finish her but suddenly.....her god powers were off

Carrie gasped and looked at her hands confused and scared

Carrie: No....No....

Chris smirked and stood up

Chris: What's the matter Ms Period. Lost your batteries?

Chris was just about to blast her Carrie looked at her terrified till.....

......Nightcrawler teleported behind Chris and grabbed her and muffled her

Chris: Mmmm!

Kurt: This is just how we met!

He vanished with her just as Carrie fell on her knees still under emotion and confusion of what happen to her powers


She turned over to see Rachel running to her and grabbed her in a second reunion hug with Peter Harry and Ant-man not far behind

Peter: Where's Kurt?

Carrie: With....HER!

Rachel: With who sis?

(Oooooh Rach you're gonna regret asking that)

Kurt and Chris ended up on the first flour she knocked him off her and looked up and......

The Avengers faced down at her looking serious at her with Clint pointing his bow at her like Loki

Chris: Ohhh you got to be F**KING KIDDING ME!

(Do they look like they're kidding b__ch if you are her skrull)

At that moment, Iron Man just lifted up his face mask and kneeled down and faced her/him in the face.

Stark: Does it look like we're kidding?

As he continued to look down on the ever so cocky Chris-Skrull (it's still Super Skrull, remember that), we cut out to the never-ending vacuum of space as we're set on the outside of our Planet Earth as well as the orbiting Moon.

But at that same instance, a black hole suddenly starts to appear in itself as it starts warping and pulsating repeatedly for a few seconds. Finally, a huge Ravager M-spaceship, the Milano, makes it through the Black Hole.....and since this ship is the Milano, we know what that means.

It is the ship containing.....the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Peter Quill (Star-Lord) (Chris Pratt)

Gamora (Zoë Saldana)

Mantis (Pom Klementieff)

Drax (Batista)

Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper)

And of course......

Groot (adult) (Vin Diesel)

Groot: I am Groot.

Quill: Yes yes. We're here, we're here, Groot.

Gamora: Ok....I get where you're going with this, but why now?

Quill: This IS the last place Thanos was at it, right? Besides, it's my home. You might come to like it after all.

She sighs slightly.

Quill: If I were you, Guardians, I'd put your game faces on cause this might get ugly.

Mantis, at that point, actually tried to put on a game face, but it didn't really work that well.

Drax: Don't bother. It's just an expression.

As thy continued to drift closer and closer to Earth (albeit not TOO close), they suddenly pick up something coming in on their radar.....coming in fast.

Before they could even prepare themselves, however.......THOR (Chris Hemsworth).....splatters onto their windscreen.

Mantis: *screams*

Quill: The hell?!

Rocket: Aahh! Get rid of it! Wipe it, wipe it off! WIPE IT OFF, damn it!

(lol, Rocket)

Quill: Wait a minute. Is---is that Thor?

Gamora: Asgardians.

Rocket: The hell do you know him?

Quill: Comics.

Groot: I am Groot.

Quill: You heard the fella, let him in.

Thor just SLOWLY moves his unconscious frame from the other side of the

Drax: I must truly are a miracle.

As Mantis turns over to face him, Thor suddenly wakes up and bolts off the medical bed, and goes down to a knee to recuperate himself. But that forcing the rest of the guardians (Drax, Groot, Rocket) to go into defensive mode, especially Rocket since he kept shaking with his fingers centered on pulling the damn trigger to his rocket launcher.

But luckily, the leader ad co-leader of said Ravager ship wouldn't allow that.

Gamora: Everyone, stand down!

Quill: Hey hey hey! Enough!

Gamora: That's enough!

Rocket: Peter! None of us know this guy or even why the hell he's here.

Gamora: He's Asgardian.

As soon as Groot and Drax heard the name, they remembered a little bit of past knowledge and then put their defense down. Although Rocket still kept his trigger finger itchy.

Rocket: Asgardian, huh?

Gamora: This one's a lot more then that.......

Quill: He's the son of Odin.

Drax: The successor to the throne....who halted Ragnarok. *chuckles* The legends are true, then.

Groot: I am Groot.

Rocket: No, I'm not putting it down.

Drax: Not a nice way to

Mantis: I can sense frustration in you.

Rocket: Girl, if you try that pesky s__t on me, I swear.....

breathing heavily

Turning everyones attention towards Thor's direction, he slowly brings himself back up to a knee, showing his wreaked armor, wreaked cape and once he finally turned around towards them, he showed his one eye since the other one had to be sewed with an eyepatch.

(Taken place shortly after Thor Ragnarok)

Thor: Who the hell are you guys?

The guardians smirked and looked at one another turning to Thor

Quill: We are the gaurdians of the Galaxy. We been called on an urgent matter on Earth my homeworld. Can tell us of a man named.....THANOS

That name strucked Thor on the inside with the screen zooming at him

We cut later back on Earth in the Hellicarrier where the super Skrull Chris was locked up in some sealing holding cell as she or he paced around smirking

Carrie from the main hall couldn't stop staring at it through the security footage feeling the anger in her blood remembering all the abuse the old Chris gave her in her life with nothing but dread and pain

Carrie was just tempted to brake the screen and go down and torture her/it for everything that happened that long ago

But then she had a surprising encounter from behind

Logan: Hey kid.

She looked over to see her former teacher and father figure at his age weakest and beard getting longer

Carrie: L-Logan.

He walked by next to her and there was a moment of silence till....

Logan: So....I heard little Noah had his birthday last month.

Carrie: He just turned two. Know what's even more surprising: He had his first word last month. "Kitty"

Logan: Our Kitty's name?

Carrie: Yeah. We had her babysit when we had to teach history. I wish you could have been there. I mean, you couldn't make it to the honeymoon.

Logan: Hey, you know I'd love that more than anything but...history has caught---

Carrie: Logan, cut the bullsh**, ok? I know why you're here, remember?

She firmly points up towards her head, making it clear to him that she can still read his mind.

Logan: *Sighs* Look, kid....It's not really her, you know. It's just one of those bone heads.

Carrie: It has her powers.....her memories.....her attitude. It may or may not be her. But it sure has become her.

Logan: Except it's NOT. But still, I understand your pain cause....when you and Kurt got lost.....I barely had any strength left, but I had to come find you.

Carrie: And....I love you for my father did. But whether if or not it is Chris....just seeing her......just brings back everything. I mean.....Logan, you remember when I told you when she threw tampons at me.

Logan: Yeah.

Carrie: She was filming it the whole time and then posted it.

Logan: Son of a b__ch!

Carrie: Trust me: that's not even the WORST of it. After she pulled that cheap trick on me, dumping that blood over me at prom.....she had her friends play that EXACT same video at prom! And.....UGH......Christ almighty, I hate her much.

Frustration, anger, utter annoyance, constant rebuttals from someone he'd hope he'd never see was like Logan was looking at himself in a mirror.

Logan: Kid, as you already know, you're not the only one who's been f__ked up at every angle in life. It doesn't matter what I do or how hard I try: what goes around comes back around and I've been on edge more times then I could've imagined. Been in positions I never dreamt myself in. Done things I never wanted to do.....Basically, you and I are one of the same.

Carrie: You're working towards a point, Logan. I know. Don't sugarcoat it.

Logan: *sighs* All I'm saying is.....if or if not that's Chris, she won't ever get it's way. I'll see to that. No matter how weak I am.

It was at this moment that Carrie immediately latched onto Logan, giving him another heartfelt, warm, comfortable hug. Apart from the other times, Logan was quick to latch on and hug her back and considering the fact that it was a while since their raid on HYDRA, it was quite a long hug.

And then Rachel came in clearing her throat and they looked over

Rachel: Sorry for the interruption but....Fury wants to see us all.

Logan nodded and Carrie just walked ahead and wouldn't stop staring

Rachel: What?

Carrie: Oh's just....

Rachel: Ik. I hate her too. Skrull or not.

Carrie: Not what I was gonna say honey.

Rachel: What then?

Carrie: Happy Birthday.

Rachel let her mouth down for a few seconds before catching the mini red box Carrie had thrown at her

She looked at her for a few seconds before Carrie nodded firmly letting her know it was ok

Rachel breathed heavily and opened up the red box slowly and shortly afterwards.....she smiled

Carrie had given her a personal Milestone birthday bracelet for her

It might have been a little late to actually give it to her but you know what they say better late than never.....

Rachel: *Smiles* I love it.

Carrie: I love you sis.

Rachel: Awe come here.

As the two sisters hug it out again they reclined for the time being and headed out the room to see Fury

Just as Logan was about to fallow them he stopped He WAS aware of the potentially dangerous situation up ahead but he also knew someone or SOMETHING he had to check on first

After walking out of the room he made his way down the main flour and checked himself in one of the ER rooms to see Kayla being tended by doctors

Lonny and Laura were with him as the agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulder) was in the ER with the doctors

When she peeks her head over and see's Logan and outside the room to him

Logan: How is she?

Hill: I wish I could say. She's not holding up.

Laura: Let us see her....please....

Hill: We're still....

Logan: NOT the answer we're looking for. Let us see her.

Lonny and Laura (Both): Please....

Hill worried she get fired for this but let them in anyway

To see Kayla asleep after a doctor came to them

Doctor: Don't make this long she needs her rest.

Laura stormed passed the doctor to see her mother figure so fragile

Laura: Mom?

Lonny held her shoulders to comfort her

Logan: Babe. Idk if you can hear me but....what's happening to me is sh**y enough. but what's happening to's just too much. When Sinister made you into one of his felt like I was completely healed from the deeper wounds *Sighs and holds her hand* Don't give up please

Then Laura's hand begin to grip on his and turned her head over

Laura: Mom....

Logan: Kayla....

As Kayla continues to rest on the bed and her rate still going at a steady rate we cut back to the debriefing room where the rest of the Avengers including Carrie and Rachel were waiting for Fury

Stark: A little late.

Carrie: Had some catching up to do.

Stark: Considering how you two always get separated it's safe to say I can understand.

Rachel: When are you NOT an asshole.

Steve: Not the right question to ask.

Stark: I don't really feel that inclinded to telling anyone either way Cap'n Crunch.

(Dammit Tony! *Snickers*)

Just before Rogers could make a smart remark, Fury finally walked in the room rather slowly and stood in front of all of them

Undeterred by being interred from Thanos news footage from two days ago Fury gets right down to usual

Fury: Do we have any progress on those Stones?

Carrie: Yeah, actually. I have them right here.

She digs into her pockets and opens up her hands to reveal the other two Infinity Stones.....

The Reality Stone

And the Power Stone

(I know that stone was put under lock and jet at the end of Guardians of Galaxy but Thanos will explain that in time)

Fury: My my my.......

Carrie: Thanos already has ONE. But these are two of the three we have left to find.

Wanda: Actually we already have all three.

They all looked towards Wanda

Wanda: Vision. That last stone is in his head.

Steve: Yeah, but we still don't know that Thanos even needs them for.

Doctor Strange: Universal destruction.

They immediately turns towards leaning by the door way

Rachel: Dr. Strange?

Dr. Strange: Since after Dormonmu's rein of destruction these stones had some heighten sense linking them to him as well.....when Thor came to me searching for his father he told me about the stones and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Carrie: The who?

Fury: Another team of heroes S.H.I.E.L.D. has been trying to recruit for the years

Rachel: Sounds like stuff Pete and I saw in a movie theater on one of our dates.

Fury: We had a hard time finding them mainly because they're usually not in this part of the galaxy. And since Thor and Banner have been a no show since....God knows when we....been out of options

(They're where during Thor Ragnorak)

In the medic room Peter and Harry both sat on tables to prepare a transfusion to save Harry from his deadly virus

Harry: Peter I want you to be sure about this. Cause you said yourself you didn't know if you were completely mutated with your....powers.

Peter: I don't know you're right. But I do know it's only chance. And Kayla's. Just know that once you do this, there's no going back.

Harry just sighs heavily, grips the container of blood hard and grabs the needle nearby prepared to transfuse his blood in his system. But not before Peter reminded him.

Peter: Oh and one more thing. Make sure you don't take too much. If you'll counteract your current condition and probably enhance it more.

Harry: Like Spider-venom?

Peter: Not trying to think about that right now, man.

Once again Harry looks down in skepticism and confidence at the same time hoping that this'll be the breaking point he's hoping to get with everything spinning in turn it was time.

He takes half of Peter's blood and injects it into the needle and after a few minutes of waiting he presses the needle to his right arm.....

....and injected it into himself.

He groaned silently to himself as he started shaking excessively for it looked like Pete's blood only intensified Harry's current condition and basically made it worse. Peter had to hold on to Harry to ensure everything was ok.

But after a few seconds it happened

Harry felt a very simulating gig in his body rushing through his legs all the way up to his arms Once he finally pulled his sleeve down he see's the green scaly texture on his skin and his talon claws fade away and disappear

In other worked Harry was finally cured.

Peter: *Chuckles*

Harry: Holy--it worked. IT WORKED!

Logan: What did?

The two friends were startled by his sudden appearance and him just barging

(Guess she'll get cured sooner than we think)

Peter: Logan?

Harry: Logan? The Wolverine?

Logan: That's not who I am anymore.

Harry: No offense man but

Harry: Well no offense man but that's how many people know you as.

Logan: Yeah well hell that legend's dead.

Peter felt woozy from the transfusion he even almost fell but Harry and Logan both caught him

Logan: You alright kid?

Peter: Yeah.....I just feel a little dizzy....

Harry: You given more blood than I thought. You might need some of your own before you do anything else.

Peter: Sure but.....Mr. Logan. Rach and Carr told me about your......girl's condtion and I heard Wade had the same disease long ago.....Idk what cured him blood just fixed Harry. Maybe.....we can try it on her.

Logan: What??

Kids (Lonny and Laura): What??

Harry: What?? Pete just gave half your blood already. If you give the other half you might die. And a little reminder you.....died once before. God knows how you're alive again.

He quickly shoots a webline towards the container with his blood and grips it....

.....before handing it to Logan

Peter: Don't use the rest of it ok?

Logan looks at the container and nods firmly at Peter before him and the kids out of the room

Harry: Sure about this bud?

Peter: I'll be alright. Just......just tell Rach I'll be in here if she needs me.


In the holding cells the super Skrull as Chris still paced around in the cell and just slammed on the glass screen yelling

Chris: Let me out! She has to suffer! She must suffer

(God....Chris or not this skrull is playing it's role too well)

The camera pulls back from a security footage as Fury turned it off

Fury: What we learned so far....when this Skrull takes form of another person....apparently they get sucked into it's character's personality even their abilities if it's a mutant or.....gifted.

Carrie: So in a IS Chris.

Fury: Like you said in a way yes. But only temporary.

Steve: Well how long do their forms last?

Fury: According to our readings.....about 24 hours.

Carrie: So it's only....that B__ch for a day??

Fury: Yes. Unless it can active it's own personality and change on it's own. Depending if it ain't sunk deep in it's characters personality.

Carrie was in a way in between relived but stress to see the image of her evil obsessive bully and psychotic rival in the same place herself she stood up and walked out Rachel got worried and fallowed her

Rachel: Sis? You ok?

Carrie: Idk if I can stay focus.....not with that thing posing as....that TROLL!

Rachel: Carr I understand more than anything. It's the same way I would feel if I was the force to be in the same place ex Jesse. But you heard Fury it'll be like this for a day..

Carrie was just about to reply till.....

Kurt: Teleports Carr Rachel. You better come in the medic room. It's Peter.

Rachel: Pete?

Cutting back to the medic room we see Peter woozy still struggling to get back up to his feet Turns out the blood he donated to Harry somewhat rendered him woozy for a little bit

Carrie: Wait, how is he?

Rachel: I'll tell you later.

She goes over to help him up and luckily he stands

Peter: Argh....I'm...I'm alright. The effects don't last long.

Rachel: Why didn't you tell me?

Peter: How am I suppose to tell you if I didn't know?

Carrie: He's got a bit of a point.

Rachel: NOT helping.....*Turns back to him*.....look I.....

Peter: Hey.....*Puts his hand on her face*.....Sacrifice remember?


An explosion rocks the room they were in knocking them all back and putting the Hellicarrier on high alert

Lockdown! Everyone to their stations. We're in lockdown!

Multible S.H.I.E.L.D. agents ran around and got to their certifies stations just as the other Avengers were just getting ready for what was about to come next

Unfortunately for them this was just the opportunity the Chris-Super Skrull needed to escape

(S__t Thanos AND CHRIS working on the same page page? That ain't boding well for anyone)

Knowing that Thanos is VERY CLOSE to arriving soon the Chris-Skrull (Sounds weird just trying to say it) knowing how sensitive thes S.H.I.E.L.D. cells are didn't even bother going the quick and painless way She steps back causally....before taking a running start and bursting through the glass screen resulting in the nearby agents getting alerted

Agent: Hey!

The agents guarding her cell were about to take a defensive action but Chris was a few seconds faster as she quickly shot at all four of them frying and electrocuting until nothing but dust remained and were scattered on the floor

Chris: Sucks to be you boys

At that moment she profoundly blasts open the door quickly runs out and chooses to make a left before she gets blasted at from behind

The blasts shocks her momentarily as it knocks her down causing her to slide amongst the floor

The alarms went off and from where Carrie Rachel and Kurt were they had a sick feeling about it

Kurt: The Skrulls found us?!

Rachel: Or Thanos?

Carrie: Or.....worse.

The Avengers prepared for another fight

Only for Fury to have...... unexpected encounter

Fury: I thought you and I would meet face to face.

From behind

Thanos in human size (I'm pretty sure he can do that)

Thanos: Then you know why I've come.

Fury: You know if I just hand you those stones. It would only bring everything in the universe at stake

Thanos: At first yes. But more likely under my control.

Fury: Tell me. Turns slowly around why did you send Loki to bring your army here? Did you have looking for those stones?

Thanos: He did his purpose well. The fool only did it for a thrown.

Fury: And Wanda's vision?

Thanos: A preview of what's to come.

Fury: What of Loki's power that created Vision?

Thanos: That was only tactic for Ultron. Thor just made it in his vision.....a Vision

(Lol That's a good one)

Fury: Either'll find those stones on my watch

Thanos: And who said I had to find them?

Fury flinched

Carrie and Kurt and Rachel teleported to meet up with Logan and Peter and the kids only to have another surprise

Logan and the kids even Peter were all out cold and smoking and the Chris-Skrull stood there blown the smoke out of her hands

Carrie: You....

Chris: Yes that's right. Me me me. And to insure your misery once and for all piggy.

Carrie grew more angry only for Rachel to grab her shoulder

Rachel: Carrie remember that's not really her. At least it won't be for long. The sun will be up in two hours

Carrie stared back at the Chris-skrull not knowing what to say....till.....

.....more skrulls came in from behind her and immediately started shooting

Carrie and the rest had to duck down and momentarily get out of the room long before the shooting actually stopped

At that moment once the shooting actually stopped Chris actually smirked....and reformed back into Super Skrull

Super Skrull: Get them.

Two of the Skrulls got Peter Logan and the kids.

Super Skrull: They go along with the others the rest of you find those two stones

(The OTHERS?!)

He reformed back to Chris

(Guess they can reform back at will too)

Chris: I gots to get get back to bitch slapping

(He really has her personality on lock)

As the Skrulls took their separate tasks and dragged Peter Logan and the kids out of the room Chris-Skrull continued to look around for Carrie but knowing that she was potentially hiding she decided to flush her out..... wreaking the while room

Carrie: I can't hide no more. I gotta stop her.

Rachel: I KNOW you do. Can you go into God mode?

Carrie: I'll try.

She did try and even though her energy was completely full once again her God powers seemed hit a circuit and wear off yet AGAIN

Carrie: Wha--the hell is going on?

Come on! I're here, Carrie. Don't worry. Chrissy just wants to slit your damn THROAT OPEN!

(Jesus a little too into it)

Both sisters heard that outburst

Carrie: Never mind. Can-can you go over and get Kayla out of here?

Rachel: Why me?

Carrie: Cause Logan and Pete just got taken. If anyone should be someone she knows


Rachel: Alright, alright, I'll get her. We meet up back at.....the mansion?

Carrie: If it's not destroyed again. I haven't been there since the Skrulls attacked it. But....sure. And after this I got to find Harry....or Charles.

So Rachel slowly gets up and ridges on to find Kayla as Carrie sits there pondering what went wrong with her powers but she had no time to question it now

She gets herself prepped and prepared but just as she was about to expose herself and get Carrie-d away (get it?) Carrie suddenly from behind grabs Chris by force and slams her on the wall

At that point the Chris-Skrull was unable to stand after that


Meanwhile down in the medic center of the Hellicarrier Rachel was carrying out Carrie's orders trying to find Kayla and get her to safety

Rach does make it to Kayla's emergency roomy and even though Kayla is in the room there was a problem

Rachel: Kayla? Kayla, come on! Get up we gotta go Come on they found us! We don't have much---

At that moment something catches Rachel's eye: her skin texture felt REALLY ashy as well as her hair But just as she was about to touch her face Kayla suddenly BOLTED up from her bed and grabs her arm TIGHTLY

(Oh s__t)

She tries her best to steady herself and let loose from her grip as Kayla methodically steps off the bed while face closing her back to the window....and suddenly reforms the size and shape.....another Skrull......

.....which means THEY had already taken the REAL Kayla

As it attacks her and Rachel tried to defend herself it cuts back to where......Thanos forcefully threw Nick Fury aside as he bangs against the wall and asks him one last time

Thanos: Where are the OTHER STONES?

Fury: Safe from you.

Thanos: Hmph. Then it pains me to do this

He telepathically picks up Fury from the wall as it looks like he plans to manually choke him out

Fury only had a little time to do...One. More. Solution.

He grabbed his radio while crawling

Fury: Hill. Prepare for.....evacuation.

Hill: Sir? What do you mean>

Fury: What I mean's been an honor. Later you'll know what to do.

Hill: I don't understand....

Fury: Just trust me. Prepare for evacuation. That' LAST order.

Afterwards Fury hung up and left Hill with.....a sinking feeling of what's about to happen but....also with....really no other choice but to go forward with the Directors command.

She went over the intercom and said his commands right away

All units prepare for evacuation. I repeat prepare for evacuation. This is NOT a drill

As the message went through out the entire Hellicarrier Thanos approached Fury close....

...Fury crawled over further to behind one of the knocked over desks in the room and....

.....pressed a button

As soon as that happened the alarms went haywire as the message was made even more clear

Fury pressed the.....SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON

Back with Rachel she was still struggling with that imposter Kayla skrull as it mercilessly tossed her around a bunch of times knocking her into equipment

But even when she used her telekinesis to give her the edge it barely did anything to slow it down.....

.....that was until the Skrull's neck suddenly SNAPPED

Knowing that it wasn't her who did that she turned over to see Carrie with her hand up she then puts it down

Carrie: I gotcha. Come on, we gotta get out---

Before she could even get Rachel and herself out the room she got taken aback by Super Skrull yet again in it's normal form as he punched her with so much force back to the wall that she dented

In fact it was so much force that the two Infinity stones came out of her pocket

Rachel: No!

She quickly pushed the Super Skrull back to the wall and stretched him apart determined to rip him open

But he quickly shot his elsastic arm around and slapped Rachel silly making her let go At that same instance he went invisible and for a moment nothing happened....

....until Rachel felt a tug on her leg and felt herself getting swung around until she couldn't take it anymore.

Triumphant for the moment he chuckled yet again before going over stepping over the two sisters and picking up the two Infinity stones that fell out of Carrie's pocket

Carrie: Weakly N-no......

She tried crawling but she got her hand pinned down by Super Skrull

(Men in Black reference)

Super Skrull: You don't understand, do you? Your world's gonna end......

He re-reverts back into Chris

Chris:......and I'll make sure you burn with it.

She then kick her upside the head and then walks out with the stones in her grasp.....and the alarm still going off

Weakend and unable to move properly Carrie tried to ease herself up to go after it/her but Rachel grabbed her and pulled her back

Carrie: Weakly What you doing?

Rachel: Let her go, sis.

Carrie: But she has the stones.

Rachel: Trust me.

At that split second Kurt teleported into action as he appeared infront of the Chris-Skrull (Or whatever) Before long he whacked her to the wall causing her to release the stones out of her hands and he caught them

Kurt: Wiedersehen (Bye)

He teleports away with the stones

Chris: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

He teleported back with the stones and showed them to Carrie and Rachel

Kurt: Now she doesn't

Carrie smiled at her love and kissed him

Carrie: are so smart.

Kurt: I get that....NOT a lot.

The alarm blazed off and on again a constant warning sign that the ship was soon about to blow

And if that wasn't clear enough Hill had stated out......

4 minutes till self destruction. Evacuate the carrier immediately takeoff is 100% authorized

They could tell just from the TONE in Hill's voice that this WASN'T a drill at all the timing was getting REALLY REALLY close

Kurt: Schiza.....

Rachel: Y'all are definitely fast.

Wanda: Should've seen my brother.....

Carrie: Oh right....Umm Wanda.....there's something I need to tell you about him. And your real heritage.

Before she could even get to that point the hatch of the jet opened again and Maria Hill got inside with them

Hill Have room for one more?

They all nodded

As the jet slowly levitates off the hanger bay and takes off we see Nick Fury plowed through the walls as he falls outside into the loading dock

With blood smeared over his nose and his eyepatch GONE he turns himself over lies there panting and exasperating rather quickly but he slowly looks up to seeing the demeaning menacing shadow of Thanos inch over him

Thanos: Game. Over.

Fury: For you it is.

Thanos frowned confused

Fury: See you in hell.

He pops the middle finger up at him just as the self destruct timer beeped closer and closer down to zero......and once it hit......


The explosion rocks the entire Hellicarrier as it consumes both Thanos (He survived) and Fury into the flames as it quickly spreads like a staff infection through each and EVERY level disabling the Hellicarrier and making it lose altitude before it finally crashlanded into the ocean floor

But however Hill was able to see the flaming carnage embedded in ocean floor

Hill: No Director Fury! Sir! Sir!

Steve:'s too late.

Hill couldn't help but to cry and Steve held her tight too has he looked up to the sky giving his fallen leader.....and friends one last salute

And in time the remaining Avengers any remaining agents S.H.I.E.L.D regrouped and it wasn't long when they heard of Fury's sacrifice most of the females burst into tears all but Romanoff she only made a head down with emotion like most of the males Kurt however cried with Carrie when they hugged in sadness

Later they all gathered up on shore in the direction where the Hellicarrier exploded Stark lit a candle and put it in some carrier and floated off into the water

Steve: Director Nick Fury was the main reason that I am here today. He formed this organization to insure the world had a better future. That future may have cost many lives and forced us all into a civil war. Director Fury did all in his power to insure order in the end.

As Rogers carried out his speech the screen cuts to everyone's expression even Carrie under emotion leaning on Kurt's shoulder

Steve:....Fury....Nick. Was born into a world of disaster that was likely the source of the loss of his eye. But he formed S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers even the's our duty now to carry out his vision. We will protect the remaining infinity stones.....and stop Thanos by any means necessary

Tony: Not to protest here. But it's likely Thanos perished with Nick in that explosion

Steve: Tony I want to believe you. I really do. But we need to be 100% sure.

Carrie: I'm sure on one thing.

Everyone turned to her

Carrie: The skrulls do have Logan. Laura Lonny and Kayla. And.....maybe Charles.

Rachel: Including Peter.

Tony: What??

Rachel: We were separated during the process. They might have gotten him along with Logan and the kids.

Steve: Then we'll find them. Stark you me Wanda T'Challa Vision Wanda Clint and Romanoff will look into the wreckage. Hill you round up more agents and find the last stones. Carrie. Kurt and Rachel and you look into leads on your missing friends. Give us a signal if you find anything.

Rachel: How; we just call wolf?

Stark: Something like that. I'll be waiting for y'all. Oh and Rach....

She turns towards him

Stark: Make sure Underroos doesn't waste himself again.

Deadpool: Me??

Stark: Wh--No. Not you idiot. Parker.

Deadpool: Ohh Spider-man??

Stark: There ya go.

Wade looked directly at the screen

Deadpool: If yall don't know what Underroos means. It's Starks way of naming long underwear ass like tights that Pete and me wear and it's hard sometimes to know what he's pointing at with that phrase cause both Pete and me where tights to cover up main street only my gaggle of ass is a crouch with butt cheeks.

(LMAO!!! Dammit Deadpool! Every time!)

Tony just automatically suited up in the bleeding edge armor (again) and then just flew off

Rachel: Well.....*Sighs*....Steve? I have no problem with Tony but I swear if he keeps bringing up that topic....

Steve: You gotta give him some credit, though. He's grown a little more....mature recently

Romanoff: No he hasn't.

Carrie: That's debatable. Look Rach....I think that's just an unofficial confirmation that you're part of the team now.

Rachel: You know a pat on the back works too.

Steve: True....but at least he doesn't call you Capsicle Murcia or Cap'N Crunch.

Clint: Legolas Katiness.....

Rachel: What about Banner and Thor?

Romanoff: Jolly green rancher and Shakespear point break.....

Rachel: Um....Nat?

Romanoff: He doesn't call me anything cause he knows I'll kick his ass.

Both sisters couldn't help but to chuckle at that response

Steve: Alright guys let's move.

As they got themselves together and took their own deprecate tasks it turns out that THANOS wasn't buried within the wreckage of the Hellicarrier but then again he would never let himself go down like that if he knew he could escape

Which he did

As it cuts down over to what was left of the SIBERIAN HYDRA FACILITY (I'm not kidding) we cut all the way down underground where we see a barely awakening PETER trying to recuperate himself from what happened a few hours previous.....even though he didn't know what happened after everything after everything went out

By the time he woke up finally he noticed everything going on around him and it didn't give him a good feeling he turned over to the closest person chained up next to him which happened to be LOGAN and woke him up

Peter Hey. Hey, wolf Man. Get up.

Logan: Ugh....can't y'all insert an ala--

He tried moving his arms but that's when he quickly realized that his arms were tied up to Peter's and vice versa

Logan: The hell? *Turns to Peter*......What is this?

Peter: Look around ya.

He does and he ends up seeing him Peter Laura Lonny KAYLA and DESJARDIN chained up and hung up together against their will surrounded by a s__t-ton of Skrulls

Logan: Oh f__k me!

At that same instance; Laura and Lonny started to wake up.

Laura: Mom??

Kayla: *Coughs and gasps*

Peter: She needs my blood and fast. The cancer sounds like it's already reached it's terminal process

Logan: We'll do that when we get out of here. IF we get out of here.

Lonny: But where are we?

And then soon Xavier woke up too

Laura: Mr. Xavier?

Logan: Charles?

Peter: Professor?

Xavier: My head.....where the devil are we?

Lonny: I said the same thing the--devil part. Am I allowed to say that?

Logan: Never mind that! Come on Charles can you sense where we are or not?

Xavier: Afraid not. I can't read outside this place. But I hear Thanos's thought from here.

Laura: Where is he?

Xavier: He's in a control room. And....good God...

Logan: What?!

Xavier: Fury tried to stop him back at the activating a self destruct device....destroying it

Peter: But did he make it?

Xaveier let out a soft sigh and no one liked where THAT was going.....

Logan: Dammit Charles don't say it.....don't you f__king say it!

Xavier: Then you know the answer Logan.

Laura: No.....

Peter: Oh god....

Logan: S**T! F**K!

That loud outburst from Logan was bit pleasant to hear at all....mostly because him lose it

And he almost did before Laura shrugged her way next to him (since she literally was right next to him chained up) and leaned her head on him Pretty soon afterwards Logan embraced in it And it touched Peter to some level

Peter: You know....he's more nice when he's not under pressure

Xavier: It's his personality

Logan: I don't like it. And I sure as hell don't like staying locked up like a cannibal in this damn room.

Finally, Logan pressed his claws out and cut the chains holding him. He manages to then cut Peter, Laura Lonny and Xavier loose

Since Xavier was not on his wheelchair (and since it wasn't there he fell flat on the flour

Xavier: Argh!

Lonny: Hold on, I got you.

Kayla: La-Laura....

Laura: Stay still mom.

She presses out her claws and cuts through the chains holding her up but as soon as Kayla was released she immediately fell to the flour.....

....but luckily Peter catches her

Peter: Logan!

He rushed over to her aid and immediately gets to it

Logan: This better work kid. Otherwise, gutting's still an priority.

Peter: Hurry up! There's not much time!

With time against them Logan quickly and foolishly inserted the other half of Pete's blood into the needle.....before finally sinking it into Kayla's neck.....and inserting the blood inside

Logan: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.....

For the first few seconds they waited for something to happen.

Unfortunately it looked as if after a few exasperating breaths Kayla had taken one final deep breath as her body skin became cold as ice and her texture became very VERY hard.

Logan: Kayla....

Laura: N-no.....

Kayla Silverfox had died.....again....seemingly

(Wait for it.....)

For a moment it seemed like it was dud or they were too late to cure her cancer

But then.....

Kayla suddenly SHOOTS up off her back like a like a lightning bolt startling everyone. As she breaths in and out her first clear breaths in a while she realizes that it seemed normal Her skin her texture the way her stomach and her body felt EVERYTHING felt normal

Which meant.....Peter's blood worked Her cancer was cured

Logan: Holy s__t.

Peter: It worked!

Kayla: Wha---*Looks around*....Logan?

Logan: Hey....

She immediately stood up and hugged Logan tightly as Laura soon joined in as well Admist the hugging Logan eyed over at Peter as he met out a LARGE smile for the first time in almost FOREVER And that's when he mouthed.....

Thank you.

As Peter nods over to him he goes to Xavier to help Lonny lean him up

Peter: Anything yet?

Xavier: Like I said I can't get any info on where we are on the outside.

Lonny: Doesn't matter where we are? Can you at least try to reach someone from the outside so THEY can US OUT?

Sensing that Lonny had a good idea on who he was referring to he had the perfect idea on what to do next as he tried his best to do next As he tried his best to get a good signal on who he was tracking (We all know it's Carrie) it cuts to back on the surface away from shore as Carrie Kurt Rachel.....and Wanda (Yes she decided to come along with them....mostly cause she wants to know what Carrie knows of her heritage) were just taking guesses

Rachel: Any more HYDRA?

Carrie: Shut them down.

Kurt: Shut them down.

Kurt: How about Sokovia?

Wanda: Destroyed.

Kurt: What?!

Carrie: Yeah.

Wanda: It's hard to tell to be certain but if I know better....they'll be fine. They've all got brave hearts.

That statement gave Carrie a pause for thought....but it was now or never. She had to tell Wanda the truth

Carrie: Wanda? I have to tell you....something.

Wanda looked directly at Carrie

Carrie: it's about Magneto.

Wanda: Magneto?? Oh yes....I heard of him he....terrorized your school.

(Return of the jedi reference)

Carrie: Well.....yeah but there's more to it than that. But you remember anything on your parents? Your real parents?

Wanda: Well....just a little bit....I mean I know my brother and I were adopted when we were three...but only images of our real parents.

Carrie: What do you remember?

Kurt and Rachel knew where this was going so they let Carrie to tell Wanda what she was possibly gonna take as a shock

Wanda: Just images like I said....I mean my mom seemed lonely but kind....and sad. He seemed devoted but.....he never was around much. Carrie why are you asking me this?

Carrie: Because.....I don't know how you're gonna swallow this but.....about four years ago....when Apocalypse nearly destroyed the world.....I learn that Magneto before he died.....he is your.....

Just before Carrie could let it out....

Carrie?? Carrie?!

She gasped as the others looked towards her from their position

(She'll tell her eventually but I thought of saving it for part 3)

Carrie: Huh? Prof---I--I mean Charles?

Xavier (At his location): Carrie thank God...listen to me carefully I need you to pinpoint our location through our link.

Carrie: I--Idk....if I can. We haven't tested it in awhile. Not since before Mephistopheles

Xavier: You can do it. Just remember what I taught you. Hon in on your senses track me through our link as long as you don't let go.

Kurt and Rachel rushed back as Wanda helped her sit down

Kurt: Miene Giellbite What's wrong?

Rachel: I can hear her thoughts. Xavier's trying to show her where he and the others are. You better hold her hand Kurt. She might have a nose bleed or head ache from this.

Kurt held her hand as in Carrie's head in images it was like speeding through the world it made Carrie's nose started to bleed like Rachel said it would then....finally found them

Carrie: *Gasps* I know where they are! But they're far.

Kurt: How far?

Carrie: VERY far.

She whispers their location

Kurt: Ugh....everyone hold on to me.

They all immediately held onto him and one teleportation later.....

....that ended up inside what was left of the Siberian HYDRA facility where three others were

Carrie: Wha-Guys!

Xavier: Carrie.

Peter: Guys...boy, I am glad to--

He soon locks his eyes on Rachel

Peter: Hey.

Rachel: Hey you....

The two slowly walk up to each other and hugged tightly The re-reunited couple had a nice rekindling moment but it couldn't last long

Logan: Hey kid. Save it for later. We need to get out of here.

Wanda: And I know the way out.

As soon as Wanda managed use her powers to slowly pry and force the doors....

....they see a S__T-TON of Skrulls on the other side just waiting to attack them

Rachel: Aw come on!

Logan: Why did I know this would happen?

Kurt: Trust me, you always know.

Being surrounded for well over the third time now the tables had seemingly been turned on them once again it wasn't very long until Super Skrull came out of the oppressingly LONG crowd of Skrulls surrounding them.....

....with ONE blatantly obvious request

Super Skrull: The stones. NOW.

Carrie once again looks down at the at the stones she takes out her pocket and looks back up with him

Carrie: F__k. You.

That really seemed to anger the Skrulls

Super Skrull: Don't....make me....

He re-reverts back to.....(Ugh kill me God) know who

Chris:.....have to snap your damn neck.

This image did a little to startle the others but as soon as LONNY saw the image of his long lost sister again in front of him he FLIPPED the F__K OUT!

Lonny: CHRISTINE?!?!

(Oh s__t. It's about to go down)

The Chris-Skrull looked directly at Lonny and kneed down to him

Chris: Have we met?

Lonny: You don't remember me?

Logan: Kid that's not really her. Your sister's dead. That thing's just posing as her.

Carrie: *Staring angry* But it does have her memories. Cause it remembers me! Cause it's Character KNOWS me!

Chris: Oh wait yes....little Lona.


Chris: To be quite frank the memories of this human (If you call her human) only image in my head slowly when I'm in this form. And her memories of you....seem quite.....pathetic


Lonny: You're still that vile?

Carrie: Even to you??

Chris: From these memories you were just a whiney brat. Annoying as hell snooping into my room pestering me with f**king board games and to tell you stupid baby fairy tales! And I always to babysit you each time Billy was over you little Basterd!!

(God...Chris was even cruel to her own brother?! It's kind of no surprise but....she's worse than we thought)

Lonny: Chris or're just as nasty as before!

Carrie: I don't get you Hargensen. Or whatever you was worse enough what you done to me but your own BROTHER?!

Chris: Not all of us have sibling love piggy...but you and your sister are the worst things on the planet. Lonny here? Just a pathetic runt!

Lonny was breaking down just to hear familiar abuse again and Laura just seeing the little boy she likes so much hurt like that if or not by his own sister she grew angry and let out her claws from behind her back

Chris: So my boys will keep you all occupied *Holds up stones* I have a delivery to make.

And then Laura let out a loud yell

She lunges forward to attack but then the Chris Skrull........DISAPEARS

Yep just like that; she was gone....

.....which also mean she got the stones for Thanos

Laura: Wha-no! NO!

Carrie: The stones!

At that instance Carrie felt her anger building yet again as she felt that Strange family impulse from within her body

But fortunately she knew what that meant...

Carrie: Everyone back up.

Kurt: Carrie...

Carrie: Back up...

Everyone DID back up like she said and after only a few seconds a bright flash of light overtakes everyone's vision causing them to look away As soon as the light dimmed down everyone was taken aback by the return of Carrie's Goddess form

As the body armor glistened and reformed around her the others can just look in astonishment

Kurt: Oh my god....

Both (Laura Lonny): Whoa....

Logan: Holy s__t....

Kurt: That's my wife....

Rachel:....and my sister.

They watch her as she mildly approached the HUGE gigantic number of Skrulls on the other side who were just waiting to tear her apart

Carrie: Alright then.....come and get me.

The entire army of Skrulls literally charges at her but just like with Mephistopheles Ghost Rider Carrie swept her arm causing an energy wave which upon impact obliterated HALF of the Skrulls there

Peter: Holy--

Logan: Kurt get Kayla and Charles out of here. Rest of us....we finish off these bone-heads.

Lonny: What?

Peter: Hold on, hold on, Logan. I thought you said you're weren't that guy anymore. What happened? You changed your mind?

Logan: Let's just say....I'm in the mood for one last ass kicking fight *Presses out claws*

Kayla: But Logan....if you get hurt you won't be able to heal

Logan: I been without it before....and again....and again....and again. Now go.

Kurt then nodded and held Charles and Kayla wrapping their arms on his neck teleporting

And then.....Logan looked back at the remaining skrulls that were FEELING from Carrie seeing what she did to the other half of the Skrulls and seemed clear....for the last time to him....The Wolverine had returned

He charges and yells and slashed at the screen

Cutting back to the Avengers flew off on their jet above the Hellicarrier wreckage floating on the ocean Iron man dived down for clues

He moved things around and well.....he found Fury's eye-patch

He later flew back up to the jet

Caps: Anything?

Iron man: Just this.

He showed them the patch making everyone feel down

Iron man: *Automatically removes his mask* I didn't find any trace of Thanos though. I think Nick did got him.

(You wish...)

Suddenly.....Kurt Xavier and Kayla ended up back on the jet which startled them

Caps: Kurt....

Vision stood up and helped Charles sit down as Black Panther helped Kayla

Caps: Where's Carrie and the others?

Kurt: With Thanos.

(You were saying about Nick getting him Tony?)

Capetian: Turn this jet around?

Vision: I'll go.

As it cuts back to the facility, most of the rest Skrulls were actually getting away. Others....

....not so lucky

Logan was having his fun cutting and slashing up any Skrulls that were unfortunately enough to fight him He kept yelling ferociously as he pressed his claws through one of their heads YANKED it off and threw it some other random one. But as another Skrull got on his back Peter from out of nowhere drop kicks him off

And then it gets blasted by Lonny

Carrie Wanda and Rachel re-join the fray as they telepathically throw toss and rip apart a few others

After a few minutes those few unfortunate Skrulls were discarded with while the others got away

Rachel: *Breathing heavily*

Peter: Jesus......that was brutal.

Wanda: Everything as is.

Logan: Alright what now?

Carrie: We meet up with the others come up with a strategy and hopefully....

Before she could finish she felt a distant signal pulsating in her head again and it kept getting louder and louder indicating that whatever was out there was getting closer and closer.....

.....and as soon as she looks up her fears are revealed

Carrie: HOLY S__T.....

She quickly puts a telekinetic field around her and the others for protection but it did NO GOOD as THANOS literally came from above and shattered the force field like glass destroying it and scattering the others around him

He stands firmly above all of them and smirks wickedly To make matters worse when everyone tries getting up to recover they noticed......

...that Thanos gauntlet was ALMOST complete He had the Space Stone Reality Stone and Power Stone embedded in there.....which meant he only needed one more to complete his gauntlet

At that point he eyes directly over at Wanda

(Oh s__t)

Unfortunately before he can lay Wanda to waste he gets blasted back with force as the camera resolves around to see Vision blasting him

Thanos countered the blast hitting Vision back and pushing him back he approached him and eyed at the center of his head and.....he grinned

Thanos Hehehehe......seems Loki and Ultron weren't completely useless after all. They left me one last gift during their parts. When they.....created you...they left the last stone within you.....

He just about reach his center till.....

.....Carrie who just recovered and stopped him by force with her god powers still in active

Thanos recovered staring dead at her for the longest moment

Thanos: are she that is called the Angel of Havoc.

Carrie: That's what they call me.....all I do know is that I can't let you have those stones or destroy the world.

Thanos: You seem brave.....but foolish! I will not let you or anyone stand in my way from my destiny. Stand aside or DIE!

Carrie: Try ME!

And then they pushed each other with force normally if Carrie was in her human form Thanos would have crushed her like a bug her powers would not protect her

But as a Goddess they were evenly matched it didn't take long for the others to recover and see the fight beyond their eyes

Carrie forced blow into Thanos into a jaw knocking two of his front teeth

(Ow! Just imagine if she did that to Goku or Superman)

Thanos held his cheek and looked over and punched her back sending Carrie through walls like she did with the Chris-Skrull

She recovered and all the blows cause the whole facility to shake

However......Carrie's God powers were off.......AGAIN

Carrie: Oh god....

Thanos: What's the matter dear out of batteries

He was just about to strike and that would have been it for Carrie IF.....Vision who just recovered blasted him again

Vision: You want the stone? Take it! But let her go!

(Vision Idk if you're making a sacrifice like Peter but......this is just crazy!)

He grinned deflecting the blast again and grabbed his center and.......PULLED THE STONE OUT OF HIM!

Wanda: NOOOOOO!!!

Rachel: VISION!

Everyone just watched in complete disbelief in disarray as they just witnessed Vision's stone pulled right OUT of his head completely rendering him unable to perform. Pretty soon the ligaments and body parts of him started to erode deteriorate as Vision looked at what was left of him

While everyone couldn't believe what their were seeing Wanda was the one mostly about to break down Even when Vision slowly turns his head over to her and ushers his last words....

Vision: Never....forget....who you are

And then he just crumbles into nothin but tiny tiny pieces of what used to be left of him

Thanos watched Vision deteriorate and erode away as he chuckled mildly looking at the Mind Stone (The one that was in Visions head) and glimpsed over at his gauntlet

Unfortunately everyone else knew that was about happen.....and they weren't going to let it

Unfortunately everyone else knew what was about to happen.....and they weren't going to let it

Lonny: Oh no you don't!

Peter: Not so fast Red Skull!

(*Snickers* I know you didn't mistake him for the Red Skull Peter)

At that point everyone else EXCEPT for Wanda got in to try and help.....only to a lost cause

Thanos had once again becoming impenetrable so they couldn't manage to hurt him if even he WAS using his full strength

Logan tried a move but that did nothing

Peter tried kicking head lift him up and break him completely but since he harnessed the same powers he could counteract that. At that instance he began to forcefully and telepathically pull Rachel off her feet

Peter: RACHEL!

He immediately shot a webline towards her and tried to pull her back despite the large quantity of force Thanos was applying by trying to pull her away

Even when Peter threw a Spider web at her which gave him more of an advantage it did nothing. Thanos was able to melt the web and throw BOTH of them into Carrie JUST as she was getting back up

But that's when Lonny tried his turn. He charges up his hands up as it sparkles with electricity at THANOS it ACTUALLY hits him and it made him FEEL SOME sort of pain But the pain itself was very little

As Lonny wondered what was happening as he applied more power Thanos just stood up and actually startled to ABSORB the electricity

Thanos: TRAITOR!

He immediately pushed Lonny back with his own electricity forcing Lonny to stumble and flip over himself before actually SNAPPED his own wrist

Seeing this Laura again got back in her feet and in a bold move.....

.....and that's when the Mind Stone slips from his fingertips

Seeing this Laura gets off of Thanos, dives down and catches the stone just in time before staring back at him

Laura: You.....are not....getting this!

Thanos: You dare interfere again?!

He immediately pulled her close to him telepathically as his metamorphosis grip started choking her out a little quickly But Thanos wouldn't allow allow her to go least not yet

Logan: HEY BUB!

Thanos see's Logan about to strike him but once again he knocks him back as he stumbles on the floor

All (Carrie, Rachel, Wanda, Peter, Lonny): LOGAN!

Laura: *Choking* D-daddy.....

Logan: Put her down!!!!

Thanos: An unlikely solution to his encounter. If it wasn't clear already, your daughter kept knowledge of the Stones and their location from as long as I can remember and now....I'll assure that she pays for her crimes. Either she gives me the last stone....or she all give it to me AFTER I dispose of anyone and everyone who tries to save her

Logan: Does it look like I give a s__tif I die now?

Thanos: Then it's best if you stay out if my way.

Logan: You son of a---

Before he can even make another move Thanos vanishes with his daughter

Logan was just about to lose it but luckily Carrie was able to conceal his anger for the time being

Carrie: Please just relax, We'll--

Logan: How the f__k you expect me to relax?! Did you even see what just happened?

At that point Carrie had to freaking SLAP Logan across the face in a ditch attempt to get him to calm down. But really only seemed to piss him even more off


Logan: Don't....DO THAT AGAIN!


Everyone was stunned at that tone.....even Logan

Carrie: I understand what's going on with you cause I have NOT SEEN MY BABY SON IN FOREVER! but sulking isn't doing anyone favors

Peter: No kidding she's got a point.

Carrie: Remember, I've been in your postion before. We're one of the same. Just calm your mind Logan.

It too him a while to actually ease the boiling anger behind Logan's rage but.....knowing Carrie's point of view.....he came around

Logan:*Sighs* O-ok. I'm sorry. I-it's just....

Carrie: Just what?

Logan:.....I don't wanna be alone again.

Carrie: You won't be. You never really were.

Lonny: Cause you have us.

Rachel: Always have.

Peter: Always will.

Bolstered by the confidence of his friends and determined to tell his daughter back Logan was still sure that he would still have his family together by the end of the day.....hopefully

Logan: Alright. But where the hell would he--

Carrie just smiles and points the others do the same. At that instance they see the same SHIELD jet with all the rest of the Avengers on there. But at that same moment Iron Man swings by as well.

Iron man: Logan it we're doing this we do this together. You wanna know where she is you better pile up with us.

As they eventually nod to each other and pile it cuts over to the Raft prison (the one from Capetian America: Civil War) the prison automatically rises from the ocean floor and forms..... Thanos re-appears and drops Laura flat on the roof with him as she struggles to cathes her breath

Thanos: The stone NOW!

Laura: *Coughing* Not---n-not a chance.....

Thanos: Then I'll just torture it out of you.

Laura: I can live it. I am the daughter of the Wolverine!

We cut back to when the Avengers and everyone else were flying in the jet as Logan sat there in silence Kayla couldn't help but to feel worried especially what she heard what accrued earlier

As Carrie stepped by her

Carrie: Kayla Idk what you heard earlier but....when Logan lost it I get where he was going and....I didn't mean to slap him like that--

Kayla: I know.

Carrie looked at her in silence after that response

Kayla: He always had trouble controlling his temper....sometimes I had to smack him too.

Carrie: You?? But you guys seem so...

Kayla: Yes. But when no one's looking we do sometimes have our bad times. Every couple does, honey.

Carrie: I-I guess that's true. When Kurt and I got separated from the X-Men....we did had a fight and to be was really our first fight. All the time Kurt and I been happy together I never thought we ever argue.

Kayla: Oh yes. Everyone does. But it just makes us human. Even though we're mutants.

Carrie: Speaking of mutants...I'm worried for the X-Men. Storm, Jean, Scott, Remy. We still hadn't seen them since Kurt and I got lost. We need to find them after we get Laura back.

(They'll be in Part 3)

Kayla: And we will.

Just suddenly....the jet began to shake

(And you're not gonna like what's making them)

Logan: The hell?!

Everyone held on when it shook but oddly.....Kurt Kayla Rachel and Carrie couldn't breath and held their throats

Peter: RACHEL!!

Tony: What's wrong with them?!

Steve: I don't know but I don't like it!

Logan seemed to be the only mutant that was breathing barely for his adamantium made him amuned to......

Xavier's powerful seizure

(The same one from Logan)

(And it's hurting Carrie this time cause her god powers were off but they live.....except one)

Logan did everything in his power to reach him but...Xavier didn't had his medicine this time

Xavier: Lo-Logan!

Logan: Hold on!

Xavier: No....You have to.....kill me!


Logan: WHAT?! No! I can't!

Xavier: Th--there's no other.....way...

Logan: No!

Xavier: DAMMIT LOGAN! Just do as I say for once...

Logan looked back and noticing the others that were dying from the process

Xavier: NOW!

Logan shut his eyes and yelled out....only to save the ones from dying he STABBED his long time friend just like he had to do to Jean in X-Men: Last Stand

And the force broke and everyone who choked from it gasped for air Pete grabbed Rachel in a hug as did Carrie and Kurt but..... didn't shield the fact that another member of the X-Men the one that been there since the very beginning was awaiting Deaths doorstep

Romanoff: What the hell was that?

Clint: *Breathing heavily*The-the-the.....professor just bit the end of the bullet

Everyone looked in the back of the jet as Natasha set the jet on autopilot as everyone noticed Logan holding Charles in a hug to shield the wound he was forced to give him....

.....but he eventually placed him straight on the floor and watched as Charles faintly blinked at times at Logan and the others

As for Carrie she just about to lost herself after seeing that drastic image herself. The fact that Xavier just had his seizure just struck Carrie like a quarter mega-watt lightning bolt

But she was still PISSED. She actually bolted out her seat and slammed Logan up against the other side


Rachel: Carrie, now isn't the time to--

Carrie:: Back. The Hell. UP!

She did.

But didn't mean Carrie was still pissed

Carrie: The hell did you do Logan?!

Logan: He told me to do it or we all die!

Carrie: Are you--Charles are you crazy?!

She skids down to the floor and lifts the barely conscious Charles off the floor and into her arms with her eyes barely flooding into tears as everyone gathered around her

Carrie: Charles you can't...please you stay with me ok? He didn't mean it. He didn't mean it ok?

Xavier: I--I know...I t-told him. With great power....comes gr--great sacrifice...

Peter: Oh my...G'aah....

(I know Peter)

Xavier:'ve done s-so much....for all of us.....through all my years...

Carrie: No no don't do this.

Xavier:...s-so it's only f-fair--fair if-if....

Carrie: Don't you go saying your goodbyes please....

Xavier:.....if I---give you a procl---procla---proclamation.

That confused everyone except Logan and Tony cause they knew what he meant by that

Kurt: Proclamation?

Carrie: Wha--what do you mean? What could you offer me at this point?

Finally in his last few breaths in his dying hour he firmly stated one last statement.....

Xavier: I--I of--officially appoint you---as the new leader of m-my school.

That statement shocked everyone (except for Logan and Tony) and it further confused Rachel Kurt and especially Carrie

Kurt: Wait wait wait. Why her? Why does it have to be her?

Unfortunately that was all they were gonna get from Charles His pulse had faded his skin turned white as a sheet the warmth on his skin went stone cold and the VERY BRIGHT glimmer of light in his eyes skin went stone cold and the VERY BRIGHT glimmer of light in his eyes dimmed further.....

....and further....

....and further.....

Until Charles Xavier was gone.....

Kurt: Schiza....wait wait wait. Professor!

Carrie: No....*Tears up*....No no no no no! NO!

It was practically impossible for Carrie to hold back her emotions at this point and the same could be said for everyone else in the jet While Carrie was the only one who shed tears it was clear that his death had struck somewhat of a fatal blow to their little hope they had left

As Kurt Rachel and Peter gathered around to comfort Carrie in her time of need Logan just looks down at himself and the stained blood on his hands.....for it was clear he once again was forced to do the one thing he NEVER wanted to do

But even though Xavier's death wore heavily in his conscious it didn't deter the task up ahead: saving his daughter

He eventually look up ahead saving his daughter

He eventually looks up to both Stark and Rogers and says.....

Logan: Keep driving bub.

As Steve and Tony just look at each other and quickly nod back at Romanoff and Barton it cuts back to the roof of the Raft prison where Thanos was STILL taking his sweet time with Laura

Still unwilling to give up the last Infinity stone she went through unbelievable torture at his hands; but being related to the Wolverine gives you a few more balls then usual..... of course she STILL wasn't ready to give up the stone which was still grasped in her hand

(Hands of steel I see)

Laura: *Chuckles and groans* I cou--I could do this all day........

Thanos: You and me both kid. I'll hand it to you though you are the hardest interrogation I ever had to deal with....but I can go for eternity if I have to. Either way.....I get what I want.

Laura: Well even if I did grape wouldn't do you any good.

Thanos: What do you mean?

Laura: The Avengers had the last stone when you stole the rest

(She's actually lying to get him to draw the Avengers to where they'll all see)

Thanos: WHAT??!!

Laura: And it's such a shame....they can't find bring it to you.

Without thinking Thanos just walked out furious as Laura smirked

(Clever Laura I can't believe he fell for it!)

In the control room

Thanos: Commander!

Super Skrull (In original form): Yes sir?

Thanos: Send out a signal. The Avengers have last stone. Have your troops prepare for a boarding party afterwards

Super Skrull: Yes sir. *Walks out*

Thanos: *Sits in his chair* How could I be such a was I to know they had the last stone! *Slams on chair arm*

(Ooh Thanos you have no idea what you just got DOOPT into)

Cutting back to the jet they flew on as Kurt covered up Xavier's lifeless body

Rachel: You ok?

Carrie: No. No I'm not.

Rachel: Carrie, I'm so sorry. I know how much he meant to you.

Carrie: And now....he depends on me to run his school. But why me? I can't be a leader. Not like him.

Kurt: You meant a great deal to him. And he looked up to you knowing his students would be safe with you. After all the good you done with the name of the lord.

Carrie smiled lightly

Kayla sat next to Logan and held his hand

Kayla: Do you want to talk?

Logan: Don't know what sh** that'll do. I guess all I can say is....I'm always depended on....even if I have to kill my friends.

Kayla: Logan you cannot blame yourself. He was aware what had to be done too.

Logan: I guess.....

Kayla: What matters for now is that we save Laura

Logan was just matters for now is that we save Laura

Logan was just about to speak....till a beep came on the radar

Steve: Hold up people we got something.

He honed in on it and it seemed he found Thanos signal

Tony had to take a closer look at the radar what is was showing.....and turns out it was down over at the Raft Prison

Tony: He's in the Raft Prison

Clint: I'll always hate that place

Tony: I'd expect you to say that.

At that point Tony just latched himself onto the Bleeding Edge armor (Look it up if you don't know what it is) and everyone just woefully looked at him as he as if he was making a mistake

Carrie: Whoa whoa what are you doing?

Peter: Mr. Stark, this isn't wise

Iron man: Save the safety tips to the kiddie pool Peter. We have a job to do.

Peter: This isn't a job it's an execution!

(Avengers reference)

Rogers: Stark, come on. Think it through. We need a plan of attack.

Iron man: I have a plan: ATTACK.

(Luv that part)

He flies out the jet and heads towards the Raft Prison

Rogers: DAMN IT!

Peter: *To Steve* Is he always....?

Steve: Oh yeah. Always. Alright people let's suit up.

Everyone got in their suits and there wasn't much for Logan to wear so he just went on with his tanktop and jeans and turns to Kayla was by Xavier's body under the sheet

Kayla: Someone should stay with the body....

Logan: You can't stay alone though.

Kayla: Natasha will be with me. Listen maybe you should stay too. This could get rough. Even for you.

Logan: You know I can't. Not with Laura down there. Even her entire future at stake.

Kayla: You keep saying you're done. always keep fighting

Logan: And God knows how the hell that's possible. I'm gonna Laura out of there...and then we're done with this sh**.

Kayla: And then what?

Logan: I don't know.

Kayla placed her palm on his face and gave him one last kiss before departure

Then afterwards they gave each other one last look in the eyes

Cutting soon to when the jet landed in the prison and Stark in his suit unmasked and standing by the door

Tony: What took you guys so long?

Caps scoffed as Carrie and Rachel giggled

Tony: What?


Again the two sisters chuckle

Tony: Alright, alright, alright. Lets get in.

He used his passcode in the slot and even though the door eventually opened up..... the time the door opened....

.......they see absolutely nothing

Carrie: Oh boy......

Kurt: I don't like this.

Carrie: That pretty much means he's here.

Captain: If he is he's definitely making this more complicated on his behalf.

Tony: Isn't that what he wants?

Peter: If it is then you could say he's really phoning it in.

Tony: Friday, scan the area.

His A.I. system from his suit quickly went into an optical view and scanned the entire area and sure enough.....she picked up a signal

TWO signals actually

Friday: Two signals detected. Both appear to be closing in and fast, sir.

Logan: Of course it has to be that way. BACK TO BACK!

Everyone immediately turns and locks their backs to one another as they all turn around in a circle formation

Rachel: The hell is he?


As soon as Rachel looks up THANOS crashes down upon them yet again and scatters our heroes out yet again and scatters our heroes out yet again as they all scramble among the floor

Soon enough he holds his arm out and almost immediately Laura telepathically shoots one of the confined walls of the prison and into his grip

Thanos: Did you really think I'd fall for that? When the stone...was here in your pocket *Pulls it out* The entire time! The only reason I brought you all that I offer all of swear your loyalties to me and your lives will be spared. If not. You will be crushed by my wrath. Choose wisely.

(Are the villains ever gonna stop offering that crap? The heroes answers are always the same)

Logan: You know what.....go f**k yourself fat boy.

Logan was the first to attack as bot Carrie and Rachel caught Thanos's arm with their powers he could not move it and Kurt teleported up to Laura grabbing her and teleporting back down

Logan slashed Thanos in the stomach as Iron man blasted his gloves and Capetian America jumping bashing him with his shield

Wanda: This is for VISION!

Wanda made objects fly at him bashing at him

Spider-man was just about to tie his legs together like he did with Ant-man during the Civil war....

.....but looks like Thanos just had ENOUGH!

Thanos: ENOUGH!!

Almost immediately afterwards Thanos picks both Caps and Iron Man and smacks them both back to the cells But Iron Man immediately caught himself and then pushed Thanos back BARELY his Arc Reactor blast

Iron man: C'mon!

Thanos seemed to think VERY little of that remark as he was impenetrable once again he even starts to move to him closer to him which starts to weaken and push back the Arc Reactor beam

Iron Man: S__t s__t s__t s__t!

Friday: You can't stabilize the beam any further sir! Any more pressure and it'll disable the suit

Iron Man: Any options?!

Before Friday could answer Thanos effectively REFLECTED the blast behind him inadvertently knocking out the Capetian in the process before grabbing Iron man by the head

(Ow that hurts)

(Baby driver reference)

Thanos: I wish you could hear them scream.....but you're just gonna have to watch.

Almost suddenly he slams into the cell nearby.....and then he takes Caps unconscious body as well and then locks them both in the cell

He then turns around to see the rest of them (Carrie Rachel Kurt Peter Logan Wanda) still huddled up together unwilling to hold back

Fortunately Thanos had his eyes on only ONE person

Thanos: Why do you continue you to struggle like this? You stand you fight and persevere with honor.....and yet you still squander waste your precious time and blood with.....with....these vile beings

Realizing that it's HER Thanos is speaking to Carrie steps forward infront of the others and speaks

Carrie: We humans and mutants are not all vile. And this is my home, it's where I belong.

Thanos: I see.....but I KNOW these HUMANS. I know what they do and why they do such dastardly acts....especially to you. For all your life you've been sheltered and shut out from the world.

Everyone already knew where Thanos was going with this but Carrie look liked she was getting sucked in

Carrie: Even.....even Chris?

Thanos: *Nods* you don't have to live this life in shambles. It was clearly never meant with someone of YOUR caliber If you join alongside me I can show you what I see on this infested imperfect world. You can BE more....than what they made you become.....and with my guidance we can end all the pain....all the suffering....and destruction these humans bring.

He firmly holds his hand out to her as she takes a look down and....moves up to him

(Carrie what are you doing?)

Carrie knew exactly what Thanos was trying to do but he did have a lot of points Some of which she didn't think about herself But she didn't think about herself But she didn't know what to do at that point

Before she could do or say anything she looks back at all the others who all looked at her in disbelief and astonishment

All except for Kurt Logan and Laura....who all SMIRKED at Carrie....for they had a plan in mind

Noticing what they were trying to do Carrie smirked back as whispered....

Get ready

Both Logan and Laura nod at her silently as Carrie turns back to Thanos....and PRETENDS to suck up and.....comply with him

Carrie: I'm really tempted.....

Kurt and Rachel gasped softly

Carrie: But I think I'll pass! NOW!

Both Logan and Laura yelled out with their claws Thanos was just about to attack back but Carrie caught him in telekinetic force as they both stab him

Thanos: Raaaaahhh!!!

But then....Carrie's energy were off she fell on her knees which broke Thanos loose and he knocked both Logan and Laura down and smirked at Carrie on the flour

Thanos: Such a waist. I offered you a power over the world but you rather waist it helping these puny insects. No matter....time for you to die...

Thanos approached her

Spidey tried to help Stark up while watching helplessly

Kurt charged at him to protect her but got knocked down as did Rachel when she tried to stop him

Thanos: You have been a thorn in my sight for too long! Now I will obliterate you!

Carrie was scared as tears fell from her eyes and she leaned back crawling back

Logan looked up on the flour seeing Carrie was in trouble and couldn't defend herself and then.....

Flashbacks ran in his head

You sure you want to stay kid? Cause nothing around here gets normal. We even have to save the world sometimes.

I know what I signed up for.

Well then Carrie White....welcome to the X-Men.

Thanos powered a beam in his hand aiming for Carrie and in slow mode Logan stood up and ran with more flashbacks in his head

Why don't we give these Avengers geeks some help then we can go home

He kept running in slow mode as Thanos already made a blast as Carrie screamed

You'll do fine.

Course I will you trained me

The blast got closer to her and then.....

I love you all.

Logan stood infront of Carrie holding his hands out and........


Carrie screamed again watching in shock

When everything cleared Carrie looked up seeing Logan with his skin half way blown off and a large hole on his chest and......he fell

Carrie: *Sobs up* L-Logan....

Logan: Carrie....

Laura soon recovered and was shock of what she saw across from her

While Logan was on the flour with one knee remaining physically intact he was FAR from 100% In fact as he felt as he felt the gaping hole through his chest he noticed an unusual result....

.....the adamantium stored inside his body was LEAKING out of him in large quantities no less. Even when he looked his claws the last time he see's them melt away as it covers his hands up completely....

....and then it starts to spread like wildfire almost covering his body fully

Carrie Kurt and Laura were shocked at what mad sight had just befallen them They've all see the Wolverine vulnerable and near death like this but.....this was different.

His adamantium was leaking fast out of him and it was clear that he actually WAS dying from a result of that

They all rushed over to him

Carrie: Oh my god, Logan...

Kurt: He needs medical

Carrie: Do you see any?

Laura: Just help him!

The three tried to lift him up but Logan's legs along with the rest of his body was so fragile from the blast that he couldn't even stanf and dropped back down

As Rachel Wanda Peter Cap and Iron man look on it was clear that was something that they were never gonna forget for a very very VERY LONG TIME

As the Wolverine (What's left of him) breaths in and out heavily the moment was too much for any of them (Carrie Kurt Laura) to comprehend

Carrie: No, don't do this to me ok? Not you too!

Kurt: We got to get you to a hospital

Logan: No.

He grips his arm firmly using whatever strength he had left and pulls him back

Logan: No more.....hospitals. No more medication, no more.....escaping what was always meant to happen.

Laura: please.

Logan: Laura....*Eyes over her*.....t-take them. Get out of here.

Laura: Not without you.

Logan: Th-those boneheads. They'll keep coming and coming and.....UGHHHHH......

At that point Carrie at him dead in the eye

Carrie: Logan don't you dare. Don't do this to us, ok? This is not what I wanted for you it never was *sniffs*....I've lost Rogue I've lost Erik, my dad and I've lost Xavier. I can't....loose you too.

Logan: need to know when it's time to throw in the towel. The more I fight the more of me it takes....and it was only a matter of time before it finished me....*sighs*....I've done enough here.

Carrie: But-but.....why would you....

He grabs her arm now with the remaining strength he had left

Logan: Nature....made me a freak, Man....made me a weapon and God.....made it last too long.....but you Charles Laura......gave me a family....and I can't thank you all enough......

Both Carrie and Laura's eyes were drenched with tears at the mere sight of this For the first and LAST time Logan had been brutally honest with them it was quite the heartbreaking moment for them both

Logan: C-Carrie.....

Carrie: *Sobbing*L-Logan....

Logan: Laura....

Laura: D-D-Daddy....

Suddenly at that moment the top of the raft prison started to open up as the roof started to let the sun inside As the light shines upon all of them it goes linear as it slowly revolves and shines down over Logan. As he breathed in and out his last breaths he ushered out....

Logan: S-so this is what it feels like......

.....before the adamantium continued to crawl up over him from head to toe until it FINALLY covered him up completely

Eventually he started mildly coughing as the adamantium covering him started to harden....

.....and harden....

.....and harden.......

....until what was left of him was just mere statue of adamantium

James "Logan" Howlett has finally been put to rest

Carrie: Wha--No.....Logan.....damn it.....

Laura: no......Daddy

As Kurt Rachel and Laura look over what was left of Logan and mourn even more Carrie's overwhelming sadness soon erupted into anger and soon she was BEYOND PISSED As she looks up toward the rising sun and turns to Thanos she see's him smirking boldly..... he puts the last Infinity Stone into his gauntlet.....

Thanos: At LAST! It's all mine!

Thanos's satisfaction was soon short lived as he turns directly towards Carrie who was raging mad than she was at prom

(Dbz Frieza saga reference)

Carrie: You......heartless Bastard! I won't let you......Get away with this!

The sun rise soon turn into a thunder storm as Kurt Rachel and Laura by the lifeless Logan even the other Avengers were startled

Spider-man: What's happening...?

Capetian America: I don't know.....but I don't got a good feeling about it.

Carrie grew more and more angry as her hair blinked from her regular hair color to golden color

Thanos stood there as he held his gaullett all confused

(I think you f**ked up Thanos)

As Carrie's anger increased her power grew and grew and grew and grew...and....


Carrie suddenly changed into her god form once more only glows more brighter than before a shock to the others even Thanos

Carrie: Kurt, Rachel, listen carefully. I need you to get Laura back to the jet and take Logan with you. Understand?


Kurt: Mien Giellbite??


(Better do as she says guys)

Kurt snapped out of his thoughts as he picked up the crying Laura and Rachel held on Logan's body statue and teleported and Carrie turned directly at Thanos who was petrified in shock

The remaning Avengers were just about to step in till they turned around to see more skrulls coming lead by the super Skrull in Chris form

Wanda: We're out numbered down with one.

Caps: We can't stop now.

They all turned to face the coming skrulls as Carrie kept staring angrily at Thanos

(Capetian America Civil War reference)

Spider-man: What do we do?

Stark: We fight. *Mask latches on*

They all stood together ready for battle

Capetian America: Let's go to work. *Throws shield*

Carrie: That's it Thanos! Now I'm MAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!

Carrie flew (Literately) at him and launched a punch at the screen cutting out

~ To Be Continued - End Credits ~

Mid-Credit scene


We cut back to Xavier's school where half of the damages were repaired and the remaining X-Men sat in the professor's office

Storm (Hallie Berry): Logan nor the Professor are picking up. I know something's wrong/

Scott (James Marsden): No one still hasn't found Carrie or Kurt. Orno maybe right.

Jean (Famke Janssen): Well we can't just sit here. it's likely more of those things will come back.

Storm: That will only put the students in danger. We have to send them back home. This might be the end of the school.

Scott: No. Idk about you two. I'm gonna fight for this school.

Jean: Scott.

Scott: It’s your choice tobacknout or not, but I'm gonna make sure there's still a home here for them. Charles wouldn't give up.

There was a moment of silence till.....

Storm: Jean?

She looked over towards her

Storm: Tell the students the school is staying open.

They both smiled and just when Jean left the room Scott turned immediately to Storm

Storm: Now what?

Scott: We fight.

-Cuts out-


We cut to the very same day at some crappy place (The same one where he lived with that blind old lady) where we see the red man himself with his feet on the coffee table with an empty taco bag on it and reading....some type of X-Men comic

He moves his head to the comic eyeing at the screen

Deadpool: What you all doing here. The show's over.

He looked back to the comic then back at the screen

Deadpool:'re....expecting a second teaser for Avengers Galaxy at war part 3. Well we don't have that kind of money. Did you expect Chloe Grace Moretz go all....super sayian reference or star wars battle reference from the title? Go. Go.

He looked back to the comic then eyeing at the screen

Deadpool: Oh! I can tell you you nerds something about part 3. There's gonna be more X-Men involve in it. But sadly some of them are on the death list too. Can't say who though. But I think we're gonna have a few more characters coming in. But again, can’t say who. Yet, they'll probably be scenes with Thor and Loki after the Ragnorak movie along with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Kinda funny that they would put a Stephen King character in this. Besides that Langolier thing from the fourth X-C. Now, seriously......Go.

Looking at the comic then turns slowly back to the screen

Deadpool: Chuccuchga.

~ Cuts out ~


  • Nick Fury - Sacrifices himself to stop THANOS by self-destructing the Hellicarrier

  • Vision - crumbled and deteriorated to pieces after THANOS rips the Mind Stone out his head

  • Charles Xavier - due to the powerful seizure that almost killed the mutants on the jet, Logan was forced to pierce his chest

  • Logan - to save Carrie, he placed himself in between her and the blast and caught in it. In the end, the adamantium leaks out of his body and just formulated around him until he’s reduced to an adamntium statue

Main Cast Gallery

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(Important Author note: We originally meant to put the guardians of the galaxy in this but that was before we saw Thor aragornak and the trailer of infanity war so....after that we decided to save them for part 3. This is also to the other aurthor to this incase of things)

Featured Songs

  • Imagine Dragons - I’ll Make It Up To You, Radioactive
  • Breaking Benjamin - Ashes Of Eden



  • X-C 2: Rise Of Sinister
  • Avengers: Fever Of Rage
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