Galaxy At War ~ Part 1

At this moment......we're ALL at risk.....we're ALL at war.....

The first chapter of the Carrie-Marvel crossover series finale is finally here! Where Thanos, a ruthless galactic leader leads his army of Skrulls in their invasion of Earth where the X-men and the Avengers may have finally meet their match. When Carrie and her beloved demon spouse, Kurt Wagner are separated from their friends even their two year-old child Noah, they must travel together to find their way back as her sister Rachel Lang is reunited with her supposedly diseased love, Peter Parker, but....with the X-men nearly destroyed and the Avengers a little less on hope, Thanos seeks out the thing to help him take over this planet and all who inhabit it: The Infinity Stones.


  • Josh Brolin as THANOS
  • Katelyn Tarver as Carrie White
  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang
  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker (Spider-Man)
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark (Iron Man)
  • Chris Evans as Steve Rogers (Captain America)
  • Alan Cumming as Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor
  • Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner (The Hulk)
  • Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)
  • Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton (Hawkeye)
  • Judy Greer as Rita Desjardin
  • Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes (Winter Soilder)
  • Paul Rudd as Scott Lang (Ant-Man)
  • Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson (Deadpool)
  • Hugh Jackman as James "Logan" Howlett (Wolverine)
  • Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier
  • Dafne Keen as Laura (X-23)
  • Lynn Collins as Kayla Silverfox
  • AnnaSophia Robb as Felicia Hardy
  • Laura Harrier as Liz Allen
  • Zendaya as Michelle Jones
  • Max Charles as Lonny
  • Halle Berry as Orono Monroe (Storm)
  • Famke Janssen as Jean Grey
  • Taylor Kitcsh as Remy Labeau (Gambit)
  • Shawn Ashmore as Bobby Drake (Ice-Man)
  • Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson (Falcon)
  • Jennifer Connelly as Karen

More coming soon.....


After a LENGTHY introduction sequence featuring the Sony, Tristar, 20th Century Fox and Marvel logos flash by the screen, we then hear a low deep humming sound pulsate towards the screen.

It got closer......


And closer....

......Until we find ourselves above the ground at the old and destroyed HYDRA base in tokyo (The same one from Wolverine: Bloodlines) and it......hadn't changed much since that last time.

......Except for the fact that there was this pulsating meteorite (From the Hiraeth (Carrie & Kurt 3) post credit scene) in the midist of all the carnage yet to be moved.......

All of a sudden, the meteorite gets covered up by a shadowy figure who suddenly picks it up and looks at it closely. And the camera revolves up the meteorite and looks at it closely.

Who do we see?

The one the only Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in the Iron-Spider suit

He continued to look closely at it until finally he says....

Spider-Man: Karan, run analysis on this thing.

Karen (Spidey's A.I system in the suit like Jarvis and Friday to Iron Man) ran a brief yet quick analysis of the pulsating meteorite and the answers seemed to be hidden from the inside of it. It was weird but nothing really new.

Karen (Jennifer Connelly): Peter, I believe this isn't the same metorite exactly.

Spider-Man: So it's more like a warning shot like Mr. Banner said it was?

Karan: Yes.....and no.

Spider-Man: What's the no part?

Karen: Mr. Banner predicted the warning shot...but not the fragment source. Since the Hulk already destroyed half of this during the HYDRA disaster, Mr. Banner has been analysing the readings of this place.

Spider-Man: Wait, you talked like Banner and Hulk are different people....aren't they.....?

He gets it now.

Spider-Man: Oh.....that's right. I keep forgetting they're "Kinda" two people. Cause Banner calls the Hulk the "Other guy"  and Hulk calls him "Puny Banner"


Karen: I don't follow, Peter.

Not too far away from their location, (REALLY not that far away), we cut to the infamous Deadpool (Ryan Renyolds) wearing headphones and laying on top of a S.H.I.E.L.D. jet and listening to.....

Here come the men in black. Men. In. Black. Galaxy defenders. Oooh oooooh! Here come the men in black. Here they come. They won't let you remember.

His I-Phone suddenly ringed, playing the "Toby Maguire" Spider-man theme and Deadpool held up his phone showing a profile of "Kirsten Dunst" in her cheerleader uniform from her movie "Bring it On" (Lol) before he finally answered.

Deadpool: Wazzup!

Spider-Man: Yo Wade, you got to check this out.

Spidey shows the glowing meteorite through his eyes (His suit can answer and pick up calls if you remember) and Wade can see it on the other side.

Deadpool: So....I suppose that's a jelly donut squeezed from a urange butt hole with a crystal embedded in it.

(Laughs dammit ,Wade)

Spider-Man: Wha--no, man! No. This.... *Shows it again* a meteorite. But the thing's it's glowing.

Deadpool: I guess, that's not normal is it?

Spider-Man: No! No, no it's not. The only question is....if it's a beacon or something else.....but if not, what does it mean? 

Spidey continues to look at the meteorite as it pulsates even more and then it increases even more rapidly.....until it suddenly clicks to Peter.

Spider-Man: Holy--

Deadpool: Holy what?

Spider-Man: Gotta go!

Deadpool: Hey!

The transmission cuts off as Spidey attaches a spider web to the meteorite and tries to sling it far away from the area, but the meteorite ends up burning through his webline and ends up BLOWING up in Peters face as it sends him flying back onto the grass.

Peter: Ugh.....

That's when the meteorite corrects itself and then shoots a beam of light in the air as it pasts through the stratosphere and into the realms of space.

While all of that was happening, Peter barely managed to get himself back up with more difficulty than usual, as the result of the blast made it through half of his mask and it left a lot of blood on the side of his face.

Karen: Peter. We have a major issue unfolding here.

Peter: Wha--*sees the beam in the sky*....what the--?! Karen, what's happening?!

Karen: The meteorite you had discovered was a beacon, as you said, Peter. For the solitary purpose of calling an invasion.

Peter: No, no, no, no, no, no. Don't let it be them! Please!

Karen: That appears to be the case.

Peter: Damn it!

Deadpool stood up seeing the explosion from his side and turns to the screen again

Deadpool: I guess that's what he meant by holy. I was expecting a hot sauce covered jumbo taco!

(Lol Jesus Wade is there anything you think about besides tacos? What am I saying?)

The skrulls came blasting at Spidey but his spider reflects dodging the blasts saved his life but only to escape in the nick of time and webbed back up to the jet

Spidey: Wade! Start the jet! Now!

Deadpool: What the hell's going on?!

Spidey: I'll explain on the way! Now come on!

They eventually started the jet up and the skrulls blated at them till a loud deep voice shouted

Let them go!

The Skrulls, hearing the voice from behind them, immediately stood down and stood at attention as a shadowy figure slowly......and methodically.......stepped forward in front of every single one of them with this demanding presensce over them. But it made since cause it turns out their leader was.....

.....the one.......

.....the only.......

THANOS (Josh Brolin)

Thanos: They......are not our concern as of right now......but THAT will come later. However, it is time to begin the very FIRST phrase of our operation.

As he slowly writes his gauntlet on his left hand, he eventually resonated some kind of crystal containing a small young figure with.....Tesseract skin in his hand.......

(You won't believe who it is)

Thanos: Time to play....Lonny.

(Yep! His resurrection will be explained in the mid scene)

As Lonny slowly resurfaced from long and tedious slumber, he immediately looked up to the night sky with a deep, disturbing look in his eyes as they glow white......and at that moment......

......he shrieked out loud as the screen ZOOMS out.......

~Title sequence~

As it cuts to mere hours later, we're stuck over at the new Avengers tower and while everything else was moving rather.....slowly, we cut to Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) in his office, and.....well.....

He was fast asleep.

But giving the feedback that he was getting on the computer, it's more than likely he was watching Spider-Man's current discovery of the meteorite beacon.

He was unable to stay focused on what was happening, so he pretty much missed everything up to that point.

(Damn it, Bruce)

But luckily, someone else just so happened to notice that he was "slacking off" so happens to be one Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)

He silently walks towards his desk.....

Tony: Hey.

......smacks the table with a RULER, and it wakes Banner up.

Bruce: Huh?

Tony: Jolly green rancher, whatcha doin'?

Banner: Ugh.....I wasn't wasn't even trying to....get involved with anything at the moment. I just needed to.....count some sheep, ok?

Tony: First of all, you get paid to count 'em at home.

Banner: I don't get paid at all.

Tony: Exactly. And not only that, but.....*points at his computer screen footage*.....what exactly is this?

Banner: Oh.....umm.....I just.....

He redirects the screen until he gets up to only a mere few hours ago when Peter found the meteorite in the first place.

Banner: I sent Peter on reconnaissance on this meteorite that crashed out of the sky. Based on what I saw from it, it wasn't the type of meteorites that fall from space, more or less fall rom Grace. It resembled more or less like a homing beacon, for the sole purpose of--

Tony: Wait wait wait. What was that?

Banner: What?

Tony: Play it back again.

Without even acknowledging it, Banner played back the footage up until Peter got out of the area, as Banner slowly moves the camera around to see a GIANT ship landing.

And once the door to that ship opens.....that's when they see HIM.


Tony: Son of a b__ch. He's here.

He walks out the room.

Banner: Wa-wait. Hold up.

Bruce quickly gets up and follows him out.

Banner: So what now? Do we get the others?

Tony: They don't know yet. But they'll see it soon enough.

Banner: But it's more than likely we'll need extra hands for this.

Tony: Already got that covered.

However, just as Tony was about to alert Friday to make a contact with that certain someone........


A mini explosion rocks them both as it sent the two flying back towards the rails.

Both men were rather dazed and unable to move from that point since the mini-bomb left them less than 100%. It wasn't long before both of them looked up and they see he Skrulls.....and lots of them coming in, with their Chirari guns pointed at the both of them.

And that's when they hear......

Take them alive.

It's not long before Thanos comes out from behind the long continuous army of Skrulls and rears his ugly head to BOTH Banner and Stark.

Thanos: I want the other Avengers found....and captured.

Banner: Ugh......

Tony: This the guy, Bruce?

Banner: Y-yeah. Tony....what's going on here?

Tony: If this is the guy Loki warned us about.....looks like the war....just begun.

Banner: Where's Caps when you need him?

Tony: Think the question is.....where's Carrie when you need HER.

The Skrulls took them into cells on their ship as Thanos stared out smirking

Cutting later over to Xavier's school for gifted youngsters where one Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) stood outside the balcony staring up in the sky so silent and soon..... things around her begin to fly around till......

Xavier (Patrick Stewart): I don't have to read your mind to know if anything's wrong.

Carrie: Huh?

Things dropped then inside Carrie walked with the professor telling him what she's worried about

(X-men: Last Stand reference)

Carrie: I don't understand. We've defeated the brotherhood and the Neyaphem, and the president understands us. So why are we still hiding?

Xavier: Because we still have enemies out there, Carrie. And I must protect my students.

Carrie: But we can't be students forever Professor.

Xavier: Hehehe....Carrie I haven't thought of you as my student since your face off with Mephistopheles. And that's why I might take my place some day.

Carrie stopped and after a moment of silence....

Carrie: B-but Logan....

Xavier: Logan's a changed man now.....since the adamantium begin to weaken him, he lost most of his strength....and now Kayla......her health has not been the same since for awhile.....and Laura.....

Carrie: Is there something you're not telling us?

Xavier was about to respond back, but then he just dropped silent when she said that and tried to gather his thoughts together and muse (think ahead).....for something was coming into contact with his head.....even though he was far away from the surburo as possible.

Weirded out and feeling rather astonished by Charles ability to keep secrets RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER no less, Carrie immediately tried to delve into his head (Really???) to see WHAT he was keeping. But it was useless.

Xavier still had a more powerful mind then hers and her will power eventually let up.

Xavier: As it pains you to see the ones you care about wither in agony......sometimes a sacrifice is necessary. Heroes don't always win.

Carrie: Professor.....

Xavier: I can call me Charles. You've earned the privilege.

Carrie: *sighs* Charles......I-I.....I wish I could believe that. But you know how messed up my life ahas been. You know how much I've already sacrificed, how much I've lost, how much I need to regain. Even with the powers beyond that of a god, I'm far from the perfect petal girl. It was hell, and I'd be damned if anyone took anything from me ever again. So, I'm gonna ask you again......

She gets up close to him, in a rather disturbing way and says.....

Carrie: What....are you NOT.....telling me?

Xavier just blankly looked straight into Carries eyes before closing his eyes and saying.....

Xavier: HE.....has come.

Upon hearing the response, Carrie just stared at him, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together in her head before her wrist watch snapped her out of it. Upon looking at it, she discovered.....

Carrie: Oh my g--Argh! First day of teaching and I'm already gonna be late. Sorry, Charles.

They both nodded at each other as Carrie rushed to the other side of the building. She managed to get to her class almost on the dime (nick of time), but that's when she got startled by.....

Kurt (Alan Cumming): Guten tag.

Carrie: Aah! *Chuckles* Guten tag, Mein leibling.

They kissed softly and Carrie says....

Carrie: How's Noah?

Kurt: He's been a little cranky all day. He wouldn't let me put him down, but I did get him a grade A babysitter.

As it cuts to upstairs, we see just who the grade A babysitter we see her holding 2 year old Noah in her arms.......

Rachel (Odyea Rush): And when the prince opened the glass grave, he gave the sleeping Snow White a kiss on the lips and then laid back in wait. A moment later, Snow White fluttered, opened her eyes and smiled at her true love the seven dwarfs cheered in joy and Snow White gave them each a kiss goodbye and Snow White left with the Prince on his white horse...... where they lived happily ever after.

Noah cooed softly and Rachel was just about to give him his bottle till......

The mansion doorbell rang downstairs and when Storm (Halle Berry) answered, guess who was on the other side.......

Liz: Hi, does Rachel Lang live here?

Michelle: We're friends from out of town.

(Oh crap)

Orono: Friends with Rachel?

Liz nodded at her as Michelle just went up to her Twitter (Lol) for texting

A cut later, Rachel was putting Noah in the crib as he finally calmed himself and was seconds away from dozing off. She then sits down on the bed and looks around for something about Carrie's room gave her some sort of nostalgia for what was left behind.

At that point, she took out her cell phone and began texting to a certian someone letting them know how she felt at the moment

(You'll see who it is soon)

It's been two years and yet I feel like it happened yesterday. It's just not the same without him.

I feel your pain Rachel. There was no one else like him, that sparked a fire in both eyes


Perhaps maybe we can.....settle this

Sure thanks. Gtg.

(You probably know who she's texting)

She places her phone down up ok the counter and turns off just when she heard a knock on the door.

Rachel: Coming.....

By the time she opens the door, she gets confused about WHO she see's on the other side.

Rachel: I know you two?

Michelle: Nope. We were supposed to ask you that, but then you kinda interrupted.

Rachel: Did it look like I was talking to you?

Liz: No worries. Ok, I....hehe....we don't want to start any trouble. We wanted to know if you know Rachel Lang.

At that point, Rachel's instincts were on high alert. She had so many questions running through her mind considering HOW they found her, but.....she had to play along for now

Rachel: Uhh....yeah, that's me.

Liz: Oh really? Sweet. I'm Liz Allen and this is Michelle

Rachel: Nice to meet you both.

Michelle: Thank you....But my friends call me MJ.

(Be honest now: I legit thought Michelle was Mary Jane when I heard her say that in Spider-Man: Homecoming. How bout y'all?)

Liz: Mind if we come in?

Rachel nodded and as they strolled right on in, she shuts the door and shushed softly to them

Rachel: Try to keep it quiet, ok? My nephew is asleep.

Michelle: No problem.

Rachel: Can I get you guys anything? Some coffee?

Liz: Sure.

Michelle: I like mine black.

Some time later after Rachel came back with coffee's, they got to talking......a lot.

Rachel: So where you two from?

Liz: You may not know us...but we went to school with....Peter.

Rachel: Peter??

Michelle: Both of us.

Liz: I my senior year while he was just a freshman or sophomore. I know this is kind of sudden....cause.....we heard about his accident as well. And even when we heard about how you two were......I.....I.....

Her voice begins to break up.....and a SMALL tear runs down her eye. But she starts to turn away before Rachel noticed. It was obvious she was trying hold back her emotions, for it was clear Peter meant something to her as well.

But she recuperated.

Liz: But after I left for college, I sort of lost touch with him 'till I heard about what happened.....

Michelle: Luckily, Mrs. Parker told us the jist of it about you and.....we thought.....

Rachel: I.....don't want to talk about that day or anything related to it anymore, ok? I've been unwell since then and it's hard just trying to EXPLAIN WHY......but I.....the point is......I just couldn't stay in the city anymore. So I'm here now with my sister.

Liz: I'm....really sorry.

Michelle: As am I.

Liz: But....when we heard about you....we needed to find you....if Pete ever told you anything before he died that might have explained something....that he couldn't tell us.

Rachel just looked back at the two of them unsure and curious if they knew who Peter really REALLY was.

Rachel: What do you mean by that?

Michelle: It means.....he left a little something behind under wraps before he bit the dust.

Both (Liz, Rachel) just stare oddly at her remark.

Michelle: I'm not obsessed with him; I'm just very observant.

Rachel: Doesn't really SOUND observant to me, but just make sure no one takes that the wrong way.

At that point she hears a voice calling out to her

Rach! Could you give me a hand for a sec?

Rachel: Do'ooh! Coming, Remy! But keep it down!

She turns back to Liz and Michelle and says.....

Rachel: I'm sorry.....but I got to go now. Umm but do you mind telling me over coffee I have a.....mutant friend of mine who suffered from his loss as well.

Michelle: Umm....I think that's--

Liz: No, no, no, no. That's fine. That's fine. That's great actually. We just....we just want to help the best we can.

Rachel left the room as Liz and Michelle turned to each other

We cut to Africa where Rogers (Chris Evans) had been trying to get a hold of Stark but nothing and felt something was wrong

Rogers: Hey Buck?

He turned over and ran up to him

Buck (Sebastian Stan): What is it?

Rogers: I been trying Stark all day. Pepper says he's at the new HQ but tried him there too and nothing.

Buck: Ain't that what you said about Banner yesterday?

Rogers: Yeah....I'm gonna drop by see what's up. Can you reach T'Challa?

Bucky: He went hunting.

Sam: I'll contact Sam and Scott.

We cut in the bathroom with Ms Desjardin (Judy Greer) was throwing up in the toilet she coughed out and kept yaking

Buck came by the door and knocked

Buck: Uh....hon? Everything ok?

Desjardin: Uhh....yeah...I'll be right out....

Buck outside was a little worried as Desjardin panted and stood up flushing the toilet and looked in the mirror

Desjardin: How will you understand, baby?

Desjardin didn't need a psychiatrist to remind her what was happening to her at that very moment.....cause the same thing happened to Sue and Carrie.....and now it was happening to her too.

Rita Desjardin was pregnant with Bucky Barnes child.

She sighs heavily and looks down at the small puge in her stomach, knowing how soon it'll come around, but then that's when she heard "Whirrrrrrr" sound from the outside

She thought some machinery had gone off, but at least she could come outside now

Once she did her eyes glued to the outside as well as both Buck and Steve.....because they were staring at the same thing

A giant spaceship.

Desjardin: Steve?

Steve: I don't know.....but I don't like it.

His feelings were confirmed once that ship relaeased a cannon from its anchor bay and began charging up at them. Pretty soon, it fired an energy projectile.


The three immediately made a run for and ducked for cover as soon as the projectile hit, resulting in a huge explosion knocking them back even further.

Desjardin laid KNOCKED OUT, but Bucky and Steve got up a little quicker as they soon stood side by side..... the Skrulls came in.

Bucky: Steve?!

Steve: Shield!

Without even thinking, Bucky rolled over while the Skrulls shot at him and once Buck got the shield, he shielded himself from the blasts. He eventually moved again and threw the shield as it ricocheted off of them and then attached back to Steve.

And that's when he got his turn.

Steve quickly moved through the Skrulls that were there and grounded a few before dropkicking one out the glass window.

At that point, one of them got in his back and put him in a sleeper but Steve had to slam it into the wall and knock him out.

Steve: Buck! Fetch!


He threw the shield towards Buck again......

.....and Buck caught it at the last second as he blocked more of the Skrulls blasts and attacks, before knocking them back and hitting them with the shield again like it was a giant frisbee.

Suddenly out of no where Falcon swooped down attacking more of the skrulls that had Caps pinned down

Caps: Talk since of timing.

Falcone: Late cause I missed the bus.


More skrulls came at them then suddenly Ant-man growing human size did a flip kick at them

Caps: Lang!

Ant-man: The honer is mine, Capetian.

Suddenly they heard screaming and the skrulls were dragging Desjardin off

Bucky: RITA!!

He ran towards them and attacked them to save her

Bucky: You ok?

Desjardin: Ye-yeah. Just get me out of here.

Bucky: Not gonna be easy.

He helped her up as they prepared to get out of the building and off the island but the Skrulls again increased in numbers ans kicked them back toward Steve, Falcon and Ant-Man

It got to the point where they all went back to back with each other determined to watch other for the best of it.

Steve: What are you?

Not giving him an answer, one of the Skrulls knocked him the screen blacks out.....and cuts back to the mansion (more specifically outside the mansion) where Carrie was just getting a jumpstart on a car.

She needed to talk to someone about what Charles said earlier about "HE" arriving.

Once the car did start, she drove off for a few hours until she ended up on the side of the road, parked the car.....and saw Logans cabin.

Carrie thought it was fair to stop by and say Hi since it's been awhile since their last incident (the battle with Toomy and HYDRA from Wolverine: Bloodlines).

Once she got out of the car and calmly made her way towards the door of the cabin, she was quick to notice a limo parked in the driveway near an axe and a bunch of trees. The first thought that ran through her mind was.....


Taking her mind off that interesting thought, she finally knocks on the door of the cabin and at the last minute, James "Logan" Howlett (Hugh Jackman) quickly bolts the door open as the two immediately come face to face with each other.

The only difference about Logan was his appearance: he now had grown a beard and his hair was sorta gray-ish, implying that she really WAS catching up to him

Logan: Carrie.

Carrie: Hey!

She quickly latches on and gives him a tight hug, but it didn't really last that long.

Logan: Ahh.....hey, hey, hey, kid. Careful, ok? Easy......

She lets go.

Logan: I'm....still a little fragile.

Carrie: Sorry, it's just.....I missed you.

Logan: You too.

They both smile at each other.

Carrie: Umm, I wasn't just passing by to say Hi. If it's a bad time....

Logan: Uhh, no. No. Just.....a little sudden but come in, kid. Don't mind

They both walk inside as Carrie looked around all over the entire cabin house WAS a mess, although the mess wasn't huge. However, the one and ONLY thing that caught her attention was BOTH Wolverine suits (regular and yellow) hanging up over on the back of the wall.

It almost brought made her feel utterly empty inside as she softly walked towards both suits in remembrance of what used to be the early days when he was with her and the rest of the team. As soon as she touched it, a SINGLE streak of tears flows down her eyes.

Then.....a child's voice caught her by the ear

Laura: Carrie!

She looked over and saw Laura running to her in joy. Reluctantly, she grabbed her in a hug

Carrie: Hey! Look at you! Aren't you beautiful?

Laura: Did you come for tea and dinner?

Carrie: Well, I was in the neighborhood. How's your mom?

Laura: Mom's been sick for awhile.

Carrie: Oh, I heard......has she, uh, made any progress?

Laura: A little......

Unfortunately, "a little" wasn't the right way to describe her mother as we cut to in the bedroom as Kayla Silverfox (Lynn Collins) was stuck lying in bed. It looked like she wanted to be alone, but then......she starts coughing. Excessively.....and then it proceeds to hacking.

So it was clear that Kayla was either sick or even worse......but that was the LAST thing Logan wanted to worry about, as he walked in the bedroom and brought her medicine.

Kayla: Oh.....thanks, babe....

She sluggishly took her pills and drank down her water, while her grip kept shaking the entire time, holding the glass.

Logan: Any progress?

(That's what Carrie just asked)

Kayla: Doesn't hurt as bad as before. I'm still tired though....

Logan: And you're still not eating much.

Kayla: I'll be fine.

Logan: Don't bulls__t anything, Kayla. Anyways, we got a little company.

He quickly wiped some of the sweat off her head with a wet rag before setting up on the bed as he just sighed heavily.

Kayla: Hey.....I--You should rest too, you know. I know you've been up all night again.

Logan: I--maybe later....I got to finish chopping.

Kayla just sighed heavily and laid down as Logan urged himself off the bed and left the room......but not before pressing his hand onto hers and intertwining it with hers.

Outside, Laura took Carrie to the tree where she maded the circle stone around it with Lonny's name carved on it

She stared at it the longest moment till....

Carrie: You miss him, don't you?

Laura: He never had a chance to grow up. For us to grow up together.

Carrie: I feel you. I really do. When my dad died as the hands of my mother.....I too couldn't face it either. Knowing he'll never see his grandson grow up. His birthdays. Attend school. Graduate. Be the wise man I know he'll be one day.

Laura; Don't you....hate him know.....

Carrie was confused at first but soon she realized what she was talking about: The fact that Lonny was Chris Hargensen's brother.

Carrie: No, honey. Not at all. All though, it was a shock to know they were related. I didn't even know she had a brother. Not with all the cruelty she gave me. Be honest, I just thought it was just her and her dad.....since she always talked about him. But no Laura. I've hated Chris for everything she put me through, but.....I didn't hate Lonny. Not after what he did for all of us. It cost him his life but he turned out waaaaaay better than his sister. And the pro---Charles.....honored him with a memorial sight. Whenever you come to the mansion I can show you if you want.

Laura: Yeah I would.

They heard chops and looked over to see Logan chopping wood down

Upon seeing him Carrie couldn't help but to give Laura a rather obvious question.

Carrie: How's he holding up?

Laura: Dad? *Sighs* he might still have that--that....that metal in him, but he's still recovering from the initial shock and pain from....

Carrie: From what?

Laura: I-I don't even know.

She sighs heavily. Unable to get anything from her, Carrie was determined that something was going on. So once again she went over to Logan carefully so that axe wouldn't swing in her direction. And once she got close, Logan said...

Logan: He's infamous for that, you know.

Carrie: But did he tell you about "HE"?

For some reason the term "HE" caught Logan off guard as it seemed familiar.....somehow. But that's when he put his axe down and then face closed Carrie

Logan: Kid.....whatever's happening out not my concern anymore. If I was still the Wolverine you remember me as, maybe I'd be of some use.

Carrie: You still are....the Wolverine to me. You were more of a father to me before my actual dad came along. He's still alive to me. Same as the Wolverine.

Logan: Yeah....he WAS. But the Wolverine's gone now.

He finally turned away from her before picking his axe back up and slamming it down on the tree trunk again almost burying it into the bark. At that point, it got stuck. Carrie didn't need to think twice as (With no effort) she ripped the axe out of the bark with her powers

Logan: Ugh.....thanks.

Carrie: Mm hmm

That's when it cuts to the busy part city area of New York as we observe outside of a Starbucks before going inside to see Rachel, Liz and Michelle sitting together.....and staring at each other akwardly

It wasn't because they were weirded out.....well Rachel wasn't.....but Liz and Michelle were cause someone else was sitting with them

And that someone......was Felicia Hardy (Anna Sophia Robb, this time)

It's safe to say they weren't so.....umm.....prepared to witness her appearance, even more so when every movement she made was just so methodical.....ESPECIALLY with her homemade claws wrapped around the front of her hands like makeshift boxing gloves.

It didn't take long for Felicia to notice them still STARING at her and....she didn't really much. All she did was say.....

Felicia: You lose something over here?

Michelle: No. But I'm about to.


Felicia: And here I thought I'd gotten my evening nicely planned. A little innocent art theft followed by hot cocoa and steamy chick-lit.

Liz: So....*chuckles nervously*.....this is-is your friend that you were taking about, Rachel?

Rachel: Yeah. Can't understand why you're being so.....defensive?

Michelle: Hold up, ok? Who said we were being defensive?

Rachel: It's just something I pointed out. I never said you were.

She takes a sip from her coffee.

Rachel: said you wanted to tell me something?

Michelle: Well, yeah....considering if this hag knows anything about Peter too.

Felicia: Excuse me?

Michelle: Nothing.

Felicia: No, no, no, no.....what'd you say about Peter?

Michelle: I swear it's nothing.

Felicia: And I SWEAR if you don't stop yanking my chains, I'm gonna show you what happens when you pull my tail too hard. You scratch my back.....

She lets her claws out and unsheathed them in front of her.

Felicia:....and I might just stab yours.

Liz: Umm.......

Michelle: I.....uhh.....

Felicia kept giving Michelle the look till.....

Blasts were fired at them the skrulls were striking again

Liz: Who the hell are these guys?!

Rachel: Idk....I'll ask.

She pushed half of them by force of her telekinesis as Felicia used her cat like skills to fight

The two girls ran for their lives only with three of them chasing them 

Rachel made pipes bust out of the walls tying some of the skrulls to them crushing them

Felicia had her custom claws on and slashed any skrull in her path

Then Rachel and Felicia bumped on one another from behind and were easily startled but nodded

Rachel: Like a pudding!

Felicia: Don't spoil it.

We cut to Liz and Michelle as they ran for the elevators till.....they were cut off by more skrulls and were surounded

Michelle: Great, now what'd we do?!

They approached slowly till.....


One of the elevator doors literally blows up, knocking the doors off its hinges and frying up two of the three Skrulls while he other one got knocked out by the doors. This sudden event caused the girls to turn away from the explosion as it happened, but then.....

All was silent......

.....until the camera revolves to the fort of the elevator as a literal red foot steps forward out of the elevator as the camera immediately stops and rotates up was none other than......DEADPOOL! (Ryan Reynolds)

Deadpool: Whoo.....that taco was mean!

AT that point, the unconscious Skrull from behind got back up again behind him, but Deadpool immediately shot him through it's throat.....without even having to look. And it once again shook the girls. As it fell dead from behind him, he once again......

......commences 4th walk breaking.

Deadpool: *Looks at the screen* Now be honest.....I'm not the only one with a bit of s__t in their pants, now am I?

(Lmao! Wade youre killing me!)

Michelle: Oh my......Deadpool?!

Deadpool: The hell were you expecting? Ryan Reynolds?


Liz: Behind you!!!

More Skrulls came up from behind him and immediately went to attack him, but Deadpool as one step ahead, knocking them back, shooting their brains out and being profane all the way.

Deadpool: CROUCH SHOT!

Once again, he propelled his crouch on another Skrull, barely suffocating it before finally feeling satisfied with the others done and done.

Deadpool: satisfying.

Both Liz and Michelle look at each other again, awkwardly as this was the second time they were confronted with someone else who seemed.....weird.

But that's when Deadpool brought out an earpiece and spoke into it.

Deadpool: Yo yo yo. Yeah, you here yet? The roof, eh? Hightailing it there now.

He hung up.

Deadpool: Alright, you two. Lets make like trees and leave.

It cuts to the roof where a SHIELD jet was landing in the roof, very slowly. Now you'd expect Natasha or Clint to be behind the wheel. But nether one of them were.

Anyways, Deadpool managed to get the two (Liz, Michelle) up to the roof, as the jet was waiting for them.

Liz: Is that our ride?!

Deadpool: Of course! Why would it not be?!

At that point, Rachel and Felicia caught up to them.

Rachel: Oh for the--Wade!!!

Deadpool: Miss me toots?!

Rachel: What do you think?!

However the skrulls ship came flying at them and shot at them they ducked for cover but whoever was flying the jet shot a machine gun at them

Deadpool: Hey! Is that my gun?!

The ship blasted back till Rachel caught the ship in her telekinesis then made it crash down

Rachel sighed heavily as she bent over, almost having her energy depleted just by doing that. As she caught her breath and turned over behind her, she saw Liz with her mouth wide open and Michelle with her eyes awake.

Either way, it meant the same thing: they were rather dumbfounded by what they saw Rachel just do.

Rachel: *sighs* I can.....I can explain it later, ok?

That's out of your jurisdiction, Lang.

Everyone quickly turned towards the SHIELD jet as it turned itself around to reveal....

.....Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), in the pilots seat.....and Carrie in the co-pilots seat.

Rachel was beyond terrified at this point since Nick Fury found out that Rachel WAS still alive since their last encounter. And with Carrie in the co-pilots seat, something didn't sit right with her.

Even when the two sisters waved at each other, they weren't so pleased with it.

Fury: Everyone in, NOW.

He carefully landed the jet down again, as everyone got in through the hatch in the back of the jet and eventually, it got off the ground and took off, and headed back to the Helicarrier.

As everyone just settled in the jet in a very awkward manner, nobody (Liz, Michelle, Felicia, Carrie, Rachel, Deadpool, Fury) was saying a damn word to anyone.....

......that is, until Nick Fury asked Rachel the painfully obvious.

Fury: So, how long have you been hiding from me, Rachel?

Rachel was dead silent, when he said that.

Fury: I'm not hearing anything.

Carrie: She doesn't want to talk about it.

Fury: She doesn't have to. The thing about being criminals and's interesting. We chase down people for a living. It's always fascinating somehow. Cause they run like animals; they run like rabbits.....

Felicia: I love that, though.

Fury: They only run so far and then they SQUAT and they think they're invisible.....cause they can't run anymore.......

Deadpool: Might I suggest.....shawarma?

Rachel: Wade, stop.

Fury: Thing is.....with you two (referring to Carrie and Rachel), you have ran the furthest out of all the rabbits. Unfortunately, you still squat.....and you still get seen......because like I mentioned before.....I had my one eye on y'all the whole time.

Rachel: What do you mean?

Fury: It means......I practically got eyes and ears everywhere. You think my agents under cover WOULDN'T JUST see you in pizza parlors, theaters or airports?

Rachel: Then why the hell didn't you just let them capture me?

Fury: That.....was not my decision despite my decidability. That's Starks fault. Since he was Parker's mentor and....father figure....he basically requested that we don't make a move unless you a rather destructive way.

Rachel: In other words, none of you trust me enough to help you with your problems. I've CLEARLY been better since I found my sister.

Fury: But it's also CLEAR that you two at first--

Carrie: Nick, that's enough!


Deadpool: Jeeeez-SUS! And people tell me to f__king zip it!

Liz: Umm.....hey?

Carrie: Hmm?

Liz: We haven't met before, right? I'm Liz.

Carrie: Carrie.

Michelle: Michelle. My friends call me MJ.

Deadpool: Ohh, as in Mary Jane?

Carrie: Wade!

Michelle: No, it's alright. I clearly get it all the time. But you have any weed on you, Mr. Tomato?

(Oh boy....)

Deadpool: Mr....*Sits up*......THE HELL DID YOU CALL ME?!

Carrie: Wade! Either you sit your ass down or I'm gonna squish that head so dry so much that Logan will have SOMETHING to laugh off to, ok?!

The sound of her tone in her voice practically said it all and it stunned Wade for a moment.....until he sat back down pouting.

Wade: This is why I can never have anything nice.

Michelle: As if you had anything remotely like that.

Carrie: *sighs* Anyway....Fury? You haven't explained yet why you so happened to drop by with an "urgent situation"? What the hell is it this time? Aliens? Zombies? Hellfire demons? What?

He puts the jet into auto-pilot and turned around to face her, with a somber yet serious look in his eye.

All was silent until he basically said....

Fury: Do you remember Loki's warning?

Carrie: Uhh....of course I--

It took Carrie mere seconds to process everything in her head and finally, it clicked.

Christmas must've come early, because she was now certain that Thanos was here.

Carrie: Keep driving. Get us to the Helicarrier.....and contact the others NOW.

Fury: Already on it.

Soon thunder clashed as everyone in the helicopter were a little intense except Carrie

Michelle: You seem a little calm.

Carrie: Because a friend always fallows a storm like this.

Outside the camera zoomed down to the chopper and appearing was....

The mighty Thor (Chris Hemsworth) Everyone looked out the windows and the two girls were jolted at Thor's good looks and Carrie waved at him and eventually he waved back with a grin

Thor fallowed the helicopter back to the helicarrier where they later run into the remaining Avengers that weren't captured

T'Challa Hawkeye Romanoff Wanda Vision and Rhodes

Deadpool: I don't remember THIS being a family meeting peeps

Felicia: Nothin' like a little company to....pass the time.

Michelle I don't think so.

Fury: Debriefing room. Now.

Everyone moved along slowly except for Liz Michelle and Deadpool because.....well...Rachel kept them out of the room

Rachel: You guys don't need to get involve in this, ok? Just stray out here till we're finished with this. As for you Wade?

Deadpool: Huh?

Rachel: No tacos for you.

She just turned around and then walked away as Deadpool face was shielded by his own mask so we couldn't see what he was feeling

However, Michelle was up to something her notebook

Deadpool: Hold up, what's up with that?

(Another homecoming reference)

Michelle: Oh nothing. I just like drawing people whenever they're in crisis

Deadpool just gives her a rather and obnoxious look, as he had no idea what she had said then But what's when she brought up her notebook and showed him....a rather disturbing yet funny drawing of him

Michelle: *Chuckles softly* That's SO you.

(She can be too much also)

Pretty soon all of the others had moved along into the debriefing room with Nick just staring at all then unevently

Barton (Jeremy Renner): Anything new come up?

Carrie: We'll get to that soon.

Fury: Actually, we'll get to it right NOW. First thing's first: We're in now as I a brink of war. Not just to Earth....but the whole universe as well. As in recently Capetian America. Iron man. Banner. Sam Wilson. Scott Lang. Bucky Barnes. And and unidentified woman (Desjardin) were all captured by these things.

A screen shows a viewing video of the skrulls

Rachel: Hey...those are the same things that attacked us earlier.

Thor: I know those things. Loki told me about them. They're called skrulls.

Carrie: The hell's that mean?

Thor: They're an highly intelligent race. But deadly. Asgard almost fell victim to these things....till my grandfather Bor drove them off.

Fury: Now they're here. And what they want is unknown for the time being. But sources say....they're working for him.

The screen shows a view of.....


The Avengers were stunned as Carrie and Rachel gasped softly and held one another

Fury: We believe this guy or thing.....whatever he is controls the skrulls rumor has it he controlled the Jetari before giving it to Lok. He was last seen during Stark and Banner's abduction......his powers are unlimited....but sources claim he's the source of all our troubles, and he calls himself.....Thanos. 

The name STRUCK all of them immediately

Natasha: Thanos?

Barton: That's who Loki was talking about?

Carrie: I'm-I'm confused. Why is he here? And more importantly, what do thoes.....booger like skeletons even do?

Thor: Shapeshifters.

They all turn to him

Rhodes: Woah woah woah. Did you just say shapeshifters?

Thor just nodded

Rachel: So they can pretty much impersonate and turn into anyone if they felt like it.

Thor: Correct.

Felicia: Great, that's JUST what we need: Another copycat.

She sighed heavily and turns the other way before Natasha stopped her

Natasha: You ok?

Rachel: I need time to think this through. It's too much to process ok?

Carrie: Nat, just let her go.

Rachel quickly snatched her hand away and just walked away and out of the room before walking down the hall past Wade, Liz and Michelle as she just stared out the giant window in the control room....keeping her thoughts to herself......

Unaware that on the balcony above her, a VERY SMALL device was thrown from above and landed on her jacket causing a small yet unhearable beep

We then see none other than Peter Parker with a tracking device on the balcony, which assured him that he was gonna keep track of Rachel's movements until the time was ever necessary to come out of hiding.

Peter: I'm just one step ahead, Rachel....

At the same time we cut down (or should I say, ABOVE) to Thanos ship as we see Steve recovering from his knockout from earlier. He got woozy, and a little nauseous. But at least, he was still alive.

As soon as he woke up, he, however, found himself trapped in a cell.....and it turns out he wasn't the only one trapped in it.

Rogers: Man that was nasty beating in the head than before.

Stark: You don't say.

Rgers: Tony?

Stark: Nah, I'm the super solider maker. Who you think?

Rogers: Real funny. Where are we?

Stark: I'm not really sure. But looks to me we're in some kind of transporting prison.

Rogers: Yeah but where's Bruce?

Stark: In some facility. Those bones put him under some sedative drug to keep him stunned so he won't change.

Rogers: And the others?

Sam: *From another cell* Over here!

They looked across to see Sam and Buck in another cell across from theirs

Rogers: You two alright?

Sam: We been worse.

Bucky: I'm worried about Rita. She's not in any of these cells. If those bony sons of b**ches do anything to her I'll--

Rogers: Buck, save your strength you might need it later. I promise we'll find Rita. But first I want to know where the hell are we?

Stark: Language Steve.

Rogers: You seriously gonna keep bringing that up?

(Lol I loved that in Age of Ultron)

Stark: Well, you started it first.

Rogers: Remind me to kick your teeth in when we get out here.

Stark: Hmph......taps his watch.....Friday? Where are we?

Friday: Calculating.....

It took Friday a few seconds to get a visual scan of the area.....but unfortunately, she came back with nothing.

Stark: Nothing. Bastards think they're slick, huh?

Meanwhile on the other side of the ship, more Skrulls were just moving Scott Lang along

Scott: What are you little-

Skrull: Shut up.

Scott: Can I least get some orange slices?

Skrull: Quiet, you!

It slaps him silly.

Scott: Ugh! Do that again and I'll--

It slaps him again and it brings him down to his knees, for his fatigue had kicked in and he was unable to respond back any further.

The Skrulls once again just drag him along to a modified pod cell and when it opens up.....Desjardin just happened to be in that specific cell.

And thinking it was his wife (lol), he almost lost it completely and began to manhandle one of the Skrulls until the other one grabbed him off and threw him in the cell before closing it.

Skrull: And do not try escaping. You're not smart enough to outsmart us.

They both walk off as Scott just gets down to a knee, to try and catch his breath after losing his temper for the time being.

He then turns towards Desjardin.

Scott: M-Maggie?

Desjardin: Yo-you've got me confused with someone else. The names Rita.

Scott: Ahh.....sorry about that.

Desjardin: It's--Ooh.....Ugh......

Scott: Uhh, you ok there?

Desjardin: I've been better when I'm not chained up like a cannibal.

Scott: Ahhh, that's makes two of us......cause the prison life just wasn't for me......and yet, every time things got complicated for me, I turn right back to it.....*sighs*'s an unhealthy obsession.

Desjardin: Well, on the bright side, its worse than being in love with a deranged brainwashed soilder.

Scott: That being Buck?

Desjardin: Ye-yes.

Scott: How much?

She basically just grabs his hand and places it on her belly, indicating she's pregnant. Once he feels it kicking, he gets it.

Scott: THAT much, huh?

Desjardin nodded

Scott: You didn't tell him, did you?

Desjardin: I mainly just wanted to surprise him. But....guess everything does count. Least now.

We cut outside the ship as it flies basically at the moon where a fortress was being built and nearly complete and Thanos himself was standing outside and just saw the ship landing in the hanger of the fortess

He smirked at it knowing so far everything was going according to plan

In the main hall the prisoners were brought to him as he stood with his hands on his back

Thanos: The first guests of honer have finally arrived. Capetian Rogers Tony Stark and only half full of the Avengers and.....

He eyes at Desjardin

Thanos: Who is this? She an Avenger too?

Skrull: No, sir. Merely a local, but she was seen with them.

Thanos: Hmmm.....very well.

Tony:'re the ugly guy we been hearing about. For a minute I thought you'd be taller.

Thanos: Hmph. Avenger scum!

Rogers: We have a job to do, Tony try not to upset him.

Bucky: I think we've already upset him.

Scott: Ah-ha! Thank you Captain Obvious.

Thanos: Well....actually not. You see, I admire whenever someone just as strong just as courageous just as CAPABLE of such divine graditude and devotion comes along. Even more so when it comes to all of you.

Tony: How much you wanna bet we got something in common?

At that point, Thanos stood up from his thrown and just steps foward and kneels down up close to him

Thanos: Tony......Anthony......Edward......Stark......all bets are off......we DO have something in common.

He gets back up on his feet and turns his back towards all of them.

Desjardin: Yo--why are we doing this?

Sam: Don't piss him off, come on.

Desjardin just kept her mouth shut as she tried to ignore the small yet annoying repetitive kicks booming from inside her stomach

And that's when Thanos continued.

Thanos: Have you ever wanted anything so much.....that nothing would stop you trying to reach it? Grasp it? Claim it as your own?.......You human intellects are hard-coded with the instinct and the need to survive; it's always the will that drives you forward and the will that causes evolution.

He finally turns towards them as he takes his helmet off and ushers.....

Thanos: I've been blessed.....with the gift of love and passion.

Tony: Oh my god.....

Rogers: Shut up.

Something about Thanos's statement caught Desjardin and Bucky off guard causing the two to look at one another and Scott to look down

Tony: Fantasy.....another one of those angst stories the teens say about love all the time. Isn't that unhealthy?

Rogers: Tony....

Thanos: Not unhealthy.....unlike yours. SHE has embodied me.

(He means....Misstress Death, you know....which she may have a part in Part 3)

Tony: Who's he talking about?

Rogers: Beats me. Maybe an ex-girlfriend.

Thanos: I've tried COUNTLESS win her heart. COUNTLESS! But when the Norse god.....came to play.

Sam: Norse?

Tony: Loki?

Thanos: know of him? Should've known his ego was unable to be put in check.

Tony: You're telling me. It's so big, it needs it's own zip code.


Thanos chuckled mildly.....until he upchucks Tony halfway across the room until he stumbles onto one of the columns and desperately struggles to regain balance.

Both (Steve, Sam): Tony!

Thanos: The Tesseract was meant to be the one to guide me further into her......until he defied me, FAILED me! And now....

He goes on his "cabinet" as it opens up automatically and shows....

....His infinity gaultlet.

(Of course the other stones are missing)

(Age of Ultron reference)

Thanos: I'll do it myself.

Tony: Wouldn't count on it.

His suit latched on all over him and blasted himself free by blasting Thanos in the eyes then and the others free and blasted any skrull in their way and Thanos was only blind for a moment

Iron man: Find Banner! I'll call for help!

Rogers: Let's move!

Buck picked up Desjardin as they all ran

Thanos: Ugh! Go! Find them!

The skrulls proceed after them and one turned to Thanos.

Skrull: Master, we've located the mutants.

(Uh oh....)

Back with Iron man

Iron man: Friday. Get me Fury.

At the hellicarrier

Carrie: I have to get back and warn everyone back at the mansion. My husband and son are down there. And they could be in dire danger.

Thor: I can help you get there faster.

Rachel: Carrie? We still need to find Stark and Rogers and the others.

Carrie: We will. But I just need to warn Charles and my family.

An agent comes running in with a phone

Agent: Director. It's Stark.

He throws him the phone and Fury barely catches it on when before answering it

Fury: Tony?

Iron Man: Just the man I was hoping to reach. We just got a little Mano-A-Mano chat with the man of death himself.

Fury: Thanos?

Iron Man: Guess we're thinking alike.

Fury: Get over here quick. *Hangs up* Put the entire hellicarrier on lockdown. All weapons armed and at the ready.

Upon his command, most of the S.H.I.E.L.D. associates including Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) went through any and all lockdown prodcedures in preparation for the fight that might come....and it didn't take long for Liz, Michelle and Deadpool to notice

Liz: Guys.....we should leave now.

Michelle: I'm counting on it. But.....not with this creep.

The two sneaked their way AWAY from Deadpool (I don't know since everything's on high alert) and went out the huge control room into the back

Fortunately, a certain somebody caught their movements from above and soon went after them

Whoever was watching their movements from above kept his distance as he didn't want to give himself away at the moment. But that's when he looked over to the other side where it saw a glimpse of Rachel talking to Carrie

Carrie: You're gonna be alright here for the time being?

Rachel: Listen, I can handle myself. But the minute you warn the X-Men, be sure to come straight back. Something tells me we're about to face World War III.

Carrie: Hey.....

She takes her hand and grasps it.

Carrie: We're sisters, Rach. And we're family. Even in death, we'll always come back to one another.

Rachel nodded with small tears in her eyes as she smiled lightly. The two sisters hugged each other tightly as it very well could be the last moment that they see each other.

The figure once again observed from above as Carrie eventually left the room with Thor as they found an easy exit and quickly flew out the Helicarrier to go back to Xavier's school. At that point, the figure once again had its eyes fixated and looking straight at Rachel, watching the emotion on her face dramatically change each second.....causing him to face down.

Figure: Ah.....Rachel.....

Back with Liz and Michelle, unaware where they were, they desperately kept trudging on forward until just as they were about to walk to the outside of the Helicarrier.....more Skrulls burst down through the roof above them and had them surrounded

Liz: Ah no....not these guys AGAIN!!

That's when they shrieked at the top of their lungs as they grabbed the two of them and proceeds to actually drag them outside.

Michelle: No! LET ME GO!

She actually back elbows one and low blows the other before taking off.....but she didn't get far as one of them took out a Chitati gun and actually SHOT at her.....

Liz: Michelle!!!

But.....(oh boy)......before the blast could even get to her, at the last fraction of a millisecond, something got in its path of trajectory and stops the blast immediately, before it got to Michelle.

Michelle recovers and finally looks back up to see someone standing in front of her. Liz and the other Skrulls were confused for a time as well.....

.....until the smoke cleared.....and the one who stopped the blast.....?

Spider-Man: *points to the Skrulls* Can't let you do that, buddy.

Liz: S-S-Spider-Man!!!

Michelle: He--He's alive?!

Spider-Man: The one and only.

Skrull: The Spider! But they said you died!

Spider-man: Ma? Come on! You know Superman died too and he came back. Well....Justice League may not be out yet but he's still coming back. You think I couldn't do that?

It attacked till Spidey webbed to a wall 

Spider-man: You two ok?

Michelle: M--more or less.

Spider-man: Yeah well....

That's when he heard Rachel's screams

Spider-man: Rachel....

Liz: Huh???

Spider-man: Um....I mean you can REACH the lower levels to to safety by those stares. Gotta go.

He ran towards the man hall to help out

Liz: Didn't that seem odd to you?

Michelle: A little. He reminded me of Pete in a way.

Liz: But....didn't Pete die at the same day as Spider-man did?

They looked towards where he left and suspected something.....

(Don't worry they don't figure it out just a suspection)

In the main hall the Avengers fought off many of the other skrulls as they could but they just kept on coming

Clint: It's no good! They just keep coming!

Romanoff: We can't give up!

Rachel screamed as one was dragging her off

Rachel: LET GO OF ME!!

Suddenly, the skrull was kicked off of her and she looked back to see.....

Spider-man returned from the dead!

Kneeing down and slowly stood up and....turned towards her

Rachel: P--Pete....??

Spider-Man: Hehehe....hi babe.

Rachel: Peter, it---

Karen: Peter is not available at this time.

(*Snickers* Lol)

Upon seeing his love again staring straight at him, Spidey immediately webzipped his way back up the balcony before Rachel could catch him.

Rachel: Wh-wait! WHAT!

She was too late.

That did not fit well to her though. Sad but throughly angry at the same time, her anger started to build up until....she finally let out a huge SCREAM so loud that everyone else who was fighting had to cover their ears and it blew the skrulls up from the inside

Everyone calmed themsleves and put their weapons down as they turn towards Rachel as she breathed heavily and just stormed out

Natasha: Wait.

She went after her but T'Challa stopped her before she got to the door

T'Challa: Let her soothe herself.

At that point after what seemed like FOREVER, Iron Man made his appearance as he made it back to the hellicarrier, only seeing everyone try to recover and all stare at him

Iron Man: S__t, I'm late I guess. *Face mask opens up* They got what they came for?

Fury: No.....but you sure as hell took your sweet time.

Meanwhile cutting back to Xavier's mansion Carrie and Thor made a dramatic entrance not using the front door

Carrie: *Breaths heavily* Oh god....

Thor: You ok?

Carrie: Charles knew something about this.

Thor: Charles?

Carrie: Wha--he--Ugh! Never mind I got this. Thanks Thor. GUYS!

The ones who came to her call was Bobby Kity Andrew and Remy

Bobby: What's up Carr?

Carrie was just about to respond till.....

Skrulls came out of no where and attacked the whole mansion

Bobby: What the?!

Carrie: Bobby! Ice up!

Bobby turned all ice all over and blasted a breeze at them as Remy threw powered cards at them along did Thor swinging his hammer at them

Carrie Andrew and Kitty ran inside only to find......more skrulls were also attacking inside the mansion

Kitty: What in God's name are these things?!

Carrie: Never mind now! We got to draw them out as much as we can! I got to find Kurt and Noah!

They all sort their duties upstairs Jean and Scott held their own in the halls

As did Storm in the danger room (Unactive) With other students

However some of the students in different parts of the mansion were being killed off and captured by the skrulls

However Carrie made it to her and Kurt's room only to find him injured......

And his left ear was missing from his head (Don't worry he lives)

Carrie: Oh my god! Miene Galliebte! No!

She looked at his head only to see his ear missing crying assuming he's dead

Carrie: No.....*Cries* Please God no.....

Kurt breathed out awake and looked at Carrie

Carrie: Oh....Guten Tag...

Kurt: Carrita.....Meine Gelibte....

Suddenly, Skrulls were coming in the room about to attack but Carrie pushed back as much as she could with her powers but.....with all the numbers there are, they kept coming and Carrie was running out of juice again

But Kurt regained a little more focus back and grabbed Carrie and they teleported to somewhere......

......Yet, they didn't know where they were this time.

The two breathed heavily and just held each other unsure of where the heck they were at the moment The only good news was that the two of them were safe.


Carrie: You ok?

Kurt: What?

Turns to his right ear

Carrie: Are YOU OK?

Kurt: Ahh...ja, ja. I'm fine. But the others aren't.

Carrie: Oh're right.

She stopped for a brief moment to think about more and that's when she realized it wasn't just the others they left behind

Carrie: Oh my.....NOAH! How could I forget my b---come on, we gotta go back.

He took her hand off him gently and just moves back before turning back to her

Carrie: What? What's wrong?

Kurt: I don't know how to go back.

The statement felt more like a suffocation than an instantaneous death blow to Carrie. This made her worry more of when she heard Kurt, her Nightcrawler say anything like that and it didn't really help with her attitude

Carrie: What do you mean you don't how? We're the X-men, Kurt. We can't just give up. We signed up to make a difference. Logan warned me stuff like this would happen from time to time when I joined. And I did it mainly to be with you.

Kurt: Yeah, I know....but....look what's happened to us now. We're losing so much and....when they did THIS to me.....I saw some of the others killed. I DON'T KNOW if anyone else made it.....I didn't even see Noah since Rachel was with him.

Carrie: We got to have faith that our son is alive. Otherwise, everything we fought for would be for nothing.

Kurt: But, look we're it's got us now. I can't hear so good anymore! And for all we know, everyone's dead! And how can we raise a child and do our duties at the same time?! It's just impossible!

Carrie: You think I wasn't aware of that?! We've handled hundreds of children before our own was even born! And now, suddenly you want to give up?!

Kurt: No! I'm saying things changed when we had a child! And now we may have lost him cause of all this! I can't help but to think we should have done what Logan and Kayla did for Laura when Noah was born!

Carrie: But what if everybody needed us again?!

Kurt: I don't know! But....we can't put our lives on the line when it comes to our family!

Carrie: The whole X-Men is our family! Charles made us a family!

Tears were just pouring down her face.....and she wasn't holding back anymore.

Carrie: If it weren't for him......I never would have met you! Nor would Noah be born! I would have died instead, for God sake! I know it's hard to be parents and heroes at the same time! But in those battles we fought together, we didn't win by power we won by heart! I had to keep facing that one b__ch (Chris) who abused me for the last 17 years of my life and I beat her every step of the way not because I was better, but because of my love for you! I BELIEVED IN YOU!!!! But Kurt....

Silence was deafening for the two of she suddenly just bolts to him and hugs him tightly.

Carrie: You're losing......You're loosing me......You're loosing your son......You're loosing your family when they need you the most......

As she crys harder, Kurt suddenly felt guilty after hearing his wife say that in emotion and hugged her tight

Kurt: I'm sorry, Carrita. You're right. I'm so sorry.

The camera zooms back from them hugging

(Idk about you guys but this brought me to tears)

We cut back to outside of the mansion in almost no time whatsoever, as a limo pulled up in front and Logan and Laura stepped out, only to discover that everything outside has been nothing but a savage and methodological slaughter house for the Skrulls.

He breathed heavily, yet so much that it's like he's hyperventilating. The torn ligaments of grass and stone covered with the blood and guts of those who fought and defended themselves as much as they could..... really bothered him......but not as much as it bothered Laura

(Cause she knows of him)

With both of them rotating all 360 just trying to figure out what and why this just happened, it was the absolute definition of fear.

Not wanting to have more causalities on their watch, they rushed into the mansion and as soon as burst open the front doors, Laura's mouth dropped open as Logan dropped down to a knees with full effect.

The mansion was, more or less, unraveled and in shambles completely; so much so that the guys wouldn't be able to rebuild it again. And to complicate matters even further, there were dead students everywhere: men, woman, kids......

It was a horror show.

While Laura's eyes stayed glued near the front, Logan finally mustered the strength to get up from where he was, and with each step further through the main hall, his heart skipped a beat. He didn't want to imagine how much more was destroyed or who else he just lost.

Luckily, she didn't have to.

Kitty (Ellen Page): Logan?

Logan: Hmm? Kitty?

Kitty: I managed to get him out just in time, but he hasn't stopped crying since the attacks.

She was carrying the thankfully concealed and safe body of her baby, Noah. It was a miracle that he was still alive.

Logan: God damn it. What the hell happened here?

Kitty: Those.....skeletons.....or something, popped up outta nowhere and were trashing us. Luckily, they didn't find what they were after, so the rest of them got outta here before more harm was done.

Logan: And Carrie?

Kitty: Haven't seen her since she went to visit you.

Logan: Oh my god.....the s__ts definitely hit the fan tonight.

Gambit: ARGGH!

They both turn to their left as we see Gambit writhing in some of the other X-Men (Jean, Storm, Bobby, Andrew) tried to tend to him.

Logan: Remy?

He goes over to them.

Storm: Logan?

Bobby: Nice shave.

Logan: Not in the mood right now. What happened to him?

Gambit: the Damn....the damn

Jean: Skeletons crippled his leg; three on one assault.

Bobby: Tried to hold them off with some assistance.....

Andrew: My help didn't work out well.

Logan just took a look at Gambits severely crippled and fractured leg as he just took the serious look off his face for a second and took off his formal jacket.

Logan: Is the medical room still in one piece?

But at that moment, they were interrupted once a certain somebody simply said.....

Xavier: Logan.

As soon as he heard the voice, he immediately got defensive and face-closed him aggressively. He made it clear he was not playing around.

Logan: Save it, ok? What the Hell are you not TELLING ME?!

Xavier: Carrie tried to tell you.

Logan: Since when?!

Xavier: Since she told you that HE had arrived.

This statement caused them all to back up, especially Logan since he remembered that was exactly what Carrie had told him. And it was clicking.

Logan: "HE"? The hell is he?

Storm: What are you talking about, Professor?

Xavier: You may not know......*eyes over at Laura*.....but SHE does.

They all turn directly to Laura and she opens up....

Laura: Thanos.

They all backed up just when she said his name and Logan kneed down to his child

Logan: How the hell do you know about this?

Laura: Remember that event with Toomy? The power he claimed from the Tesseract? He spoke to him through it....and Thanos has been well known to HYDRA.

Logan sighed and turned back to the others

Logan: You guys take care of Remy. Charles? You come with us to find Carrie. I need to know everything you know about this asshole.

We cut back to the hellicarrier as most of the S.H.I.E.L.D. associates were taking their time refreshing and picking as the rest of the Avengers (Including Caps and the rest who came along with Stark) and Felicia were just sitting silently not saying a word to each other......for reasons nobody could explain....

....that was until Rachel came in the lab room they were in and before she could even step foward, she was taken aback by all the others looking at her giving her this blank stare as if she was at fault for something

Rachel: Uhh.....

Natasha: No worries. Just wanted to check on you.

Clint: See if you're feeling better.

Rachel: Uhh, y-yeah. I'm.....recovering.

That's when Rachel heard the beeping (Spider-Tracer) on her jacket again but since she couldn't figure it out where it was or what it is, she just ignored it.

Rachel: Umm...where's Liz and Michelle?

T'Challa: Safe. Where they should be.

Rachel: Detention level?

Scott: Yep.

Rachel: *sighs* You know.....I really wanna know.....I just......where do these alien scumbags come from.

All of a sudden, Felicia cuts her off.

Felicia: Excuse me, sista, but I got a better question: what was that stunt you pulled off earlier?

Rachel: You mean when I screamed and--

Felicia: Mhm-hmm.

At that point, kinda close towards Rachel.....a little TOO close.

Rachel: Ok.....uhh.....Girl, keep your paws away from my face so I can answer the question.

Felicia: Whatever you say.

She did become less defensive at that moment, but as her eyes rotated behind her, they BULGED up immediately and she became paralyzed......

......almost as if she just saw a ghost.

Rachel: What??

No direct answer was given. So she looked over to see for herself......

.....and what did she see?

(Oh boy)

Spider-Man: H--hey--hey guys....

Rachel was just as frozen in place as Felicia was to see her love standing on the other side. In fact; they both stare blankly at each other.

But finally, Rachel boldly moves closer to him.......SLOWLY. Nervous twitching underneath the eyes, continuous heartbeats skipping twice as fast as it would on the heartbeat monitor.......all the symptoms were there. So many thoughts and questions were on her mind.....but there was really only a need to ask just ONE......

Rachel: Pete??

Spider-Man: Hehehehe.....Rachel.....I just---I just wanted to---to say.....

Rachel: H-how long have you....??

Spider-man: Oh well, uh....just for....*sighs*......

(Get it out, Pete.)

Spider-Man: Two---years.

That kind of response made everyone in the room either gasp or look away. The fact that Peter had "faked" his death and didn't tell anyone else felt like the ultimate sign of betrayal to them......especially to Rachel.

That response just PISSED her off.

Rachel: Are you F__KING KIDDING ME?!?!

At that point, she starts blowing away. She kept hitting him square across the face, like Vanessa did on Deadpool after the fight with Frances......yet there was no reaction. Rachel was just about to kick him in the.....well, you know where.....but he stopped her.

Spider-Man: No! No! Ok, maybe not there!

Rachel slapped his chest in anger and sadness and yelled.....


Once again.....silence was deafening......

......until it wasn't.

Spider-Man: I didn't want to do it.

Rachel: Do what?

Spider-Man: I didn't want to leave you.

Rachel: Then why the hell did you?!

Spider-Man: Cause I thought you needed a break from everything!

Rachel: A break?! A break, huh?! For starters, I was with Carrie the whole time at X-men manor. And then an Egypt mutant tried to take over the world! The scank who was obsessed with my sister tried to take over her body, then her mom came back as a Michael Myers figure and slaughtered my dad just after Carrie gave birth to her first born. Then....then.....there was the damn devil himself who had an army of skeletons on fire! Did that sound like I got a break to you?!!

Everything went dead. No one was saying a word to ANYONE. Talk about dead silence.

Spider-Man: This was all on Wade, ok?

Rachel: Huh?

Spider-Man: Deadpool. He revived me with that stuff that.....that Wolf man guy uses to fix his healing. I......been with him me when I tell you; I WANTED to let you know sooner.

Rachel just stood stared at him for a moment and.....she moved slowly to him and reached out to remove his mask

But....that's when Felicia got in the way of her path because if you think about it.....she was pissed too.

And then she slapped him too, making sure the marks from her claws got through to him in some way

Felicia: You think you're really slick, don't you, Spider?

Spider-Man: I wasn't trying to be anything like that; I didn't want to piss anyone off.

Felicia: Is that it, Petey? Then why do I feel so angry....? I mean, I'm just your bad girl EX girlfriend, so what does it matter? I think we've gone a little deeper than that, haven't we? I think we owe each other a little more respect than that, don't we? A phone call, an e-mail; would that have killed you? Err.....uh.....again?


Rachel: For once I'm actually with you.

Spider-man: Wait, wait, wait, you two are getting along?

Rachel: Considering the fact that we both loved you and you lied to BOTH of us, YES we're gettinga long just well. Not only that but Liz and Michelle....them two don't know a damn thing about this! NONE OF THIS WOULD'VE HAPPENED IF YOU'D JUST CAME BACK SOONER!

Once again....silence was deafening as everyone else in the room just kept their eyes glued to the action since this was the first time they've seen Peter since....God knows how long since his death. But it's certainly felt like forever

Rachel: Unbelievable. I--I'm disapointed in you, Peter.

Spider-man: Please stop. You're starting to sound like my Uncle.

Rachel: Good. Least one of us does. Besides....if you were HALF the man your uncle was....

All of a sudden....

....that response went through to him

And it seems to have TICKED him off

As soon as she said that he pressed the spider icon piece on his chest and since he was in the Iron Spider suit detatched from him immediately....

....including his mask which after it came off....showed the the nasty implication of scars the he got just days ago

Seeing this sight which caused Rachel and Felicia to back up in utter shock

Rachel and Felicica (Both): Wow.....

Peter: I AM half the man my Uncle was now.

Scott: I don't know about that cause....

Peter: I wasn't talking to you.

Scott then just backed up as Peter turned back towards the two girls

Felicia: If you're the half man you're uncle was then why'd you.....

Peter: I wouldn't EXPCET you to understand either way, Felicia. Mostly cause the whole thing was planned to start with.

Rachel: But I'm not getting anything from you leaving me behind. What in God's name made you think leaving me was a good idea.

Felicia: And don't forget your aunt.

For some reason....this TICKED Peter off even more

Peter: Look at your jacket.

Rachel: What does this have t---

Peter: LOOK AT IT.

She just groaned and sighed softly and removed her jacket then looked around on it till.....she found it.

The beeping Spider-tracer on the left shoulder of her jacket

(Meaning he left.....but he didn't really leave her)

Again, this left Rachel speechless.

Peter: Be honest, now: who do you think that put that thing on your jacket? WHO do you think was tracking your every movement of every second? WHO do you THINK sent Wade down to Chamberlain to keep an EYE on ya? Or better yet, WHY do YOU THINK I even let you continue to stay at my house over and over again in the FIRST PLACE when you didn't have ANYTHING?!

Something about the statement caught her somewhere between a rock and a hard place because.....if you think about it.....she really didn't considered ANY of those points that he mentioned. And suddenly, her anger started eroding to guilt and regret.

Rachel: B-because you cared?

Peter: *sighs* It wasn't just because I cared, Rachel. It's because it was the right thing to do. That's what the RESPONSIBILITY gave me before the BS started to pile up. And not only that, but these guys......*points to the rest of the Avengers in the room*......why do you think they never called you to help them on ANY of their missions?

Natasha: Peter, you pushing this the wr--

Peter: I'll push whatever buttons I need to, ok?

He continues his point.

Peter: It's kind of weird how....they still haven't given you an actual chance of redemption by letting you help them on some of their stuff, regardless of how many times you came to their aid.

Rachel: Same thing with you.

Peter: That's besides the point........You know that apart from your sister, I was the ONLY ONE who believed and trusted in you? Every single of these guys kept saying that I was CRAZY to recruit a former 18 year old serial killer.

Felicia: Oh, so what; you dated a murderer now?!

Peter: Hey hey hey, you SHUT THE HELL UP! Ok, I'm not talking to you!

Again this side of Peter rather frighten Rachel as much as it impressed her because it's the first time he ACTUALL made a valid, if not unitentional points

Peter: What if I didn't take you in at all? Would you have liked that? Exactly. Diffrent story, right? Becuase if you had gone back to killing that would been all on you. And if you......if you had died......

He takes Rachel's hand in order to show her the ring on HER hand that he had gave ger a few days after he "died" trying to add more to his point

Peter:......THIS......US......would've been for nothing.

At that point Peter just calms himself down as he puts both his hands on his hips and just looks away not wanting to make any more drastic points that might further build up the tension between them

But Rachel......seemed to understand now

Rachel: You've lost so much......and you didn't want to loose me.

Peter just turned back to her and nodded slightly

Rachel: Oh m-Oh my god, Peter, I-I'm so sorry. Peter I'm deeply sorry. I---

Peter: There's no need to apologize,

Rachel: No. It's were my role model whenever I need guidance just happened to be the one everytime even when things didn't work itself out. It's just.....I just wanted to be like you,

Peter: Well....I wanted you better than ME.


Peter:......because you and Felicia have one thing in common: You both deserved a better man than me

At that point the two girls looked at him in utter shock as Peter picked up his suit off the flour and just walks out of the room

But that's when he bumped into Iron man who hovered infront of him and he was more speechless than everyone else

Peter: Mr. Stark....

His suit opened up and Tony just walked out and approached him

Tony: You really know how to make a performance.

Peter: This wasn't a performance.

Stark raised an eyebrow as they heard rapping songs and looked up to see Deadpool up to a balcony just to see him sitting on the rails drawung with crayons shaking his legs

(Yep like he did in the movie)

He soon noticed them staring at him

Deadpool: Oh hey guys. Guess victory goes to us?

Stark: Please tell me you were not hooking up with Pete here the whole time.

Dead: Uh....well.....the reason he's what you're looking at. So technocly......

Stark: Oh for god's sake.

Peter: WITH a reason. Yes. He did revive me with the assex serum. It healed my wound and restored my pulse. And I needed his help to watch Rachel.

Stark: Well somebody needed to be watched over besides attractive aunt. She's been staying with Pepper and me since YOUR sudden demise. And......

Just before Stark finished his speech they were walked in Caps and the others who escaped from Thanos

Tony: Steve.

Caps: Tony.

We finally cut back to Carrie and Kurt we're in they're in the middle of the woods and she held him with his arm around her and ducked tape on the side from his missing ear

Carrie: We'll set up camp here. Just relax.

Kurt: Carrie....I'm really sorry about earlier.

Carrie: It's ok. I understand.

She gently set him down to a tree

And Carrie on the other hand did a new trick with her powers

(Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1 reference)

She created a telekinetic barrier with her powers to protect them incas any skrulls or any danger came along or worse and later that night the made a large tent to settle and for Kurt to hopefully regain his strength

At that point Kurt just laid flat on his back next to the tent as the leaves and dirt scuffled onto him doing very little to break his metal state

It wasn't long till Carrie joined him as she laid next to him

Kurt: *Sighs* You know.....*Chuckles mildly*.....I always wanted to ask you when and how your life got so complicated the way it is now.

Carrie: Well at that's hard to give you a definite answer.....cause everything got complicated the second I was brought into this world. I've always been molded into someone elses image the moment my feet ever touched ground. And to most others....I was nothing to them.

Kurt: Hmm.....that makes two of us.

Carrie: How did it get for you?

Kurt: Well.....from what I learned from the truth about my past somehow.....I think my mother.....Mystique.....she was trying to save me from angry mobs from our villiage that wanted to kill me. Fearing I'm some spawn of the Devil himself even though....I kinda am......given my Vater's wrap.

Carrie: You turned out better than him.

Kurt: Yeah....I was.....Mystique floated me to some river and that's when the circus found me. They trained me to perform when they found out about my powers and at first the circus was runned by an abusive ring master.

Carrie: Oh god.....did he hurt you?

Kurt: Ja. But....what was worse friend Lidda? You remember her?

Carrie nods

Kurt: See? The ring master was her uncle. Her parents died when she was young and HE'S been abusing her too and got her to perform for him of her abilities.

Carrie: That's awful.

Kurt: Ja. But one night....this minister running a Christine school brought his students there for a field trip and he came to me and....he helped me look up to HIM. I visited his church in Boston to help find redemption and for awhile I was no longer afraid of that ring master. Lidda and I and a few others at circus had to fight....but he was killed by one of the loose animals. And after that our nice maniger took over the circus....but then....that's when I was abducted by Stryker and made me attack the president. Then Jean and Storm found me later at the same church in Boston.

Carrie: Woah woah woah.....hold on, they made you attack the president? When was this?

Kurt: I don't remember when, but it must've been during the late 80's or something....

Carrie: You-they tried to make you attack Ronald Reagan?

Kurt: Yep.

Astonishment was one word to describe how Carrie felt at the moment, but other than that, nothing had really changed. At that moment, Carrie just laid back down again as she grabbed onto Kurt's hand and grasped it tight.

Kurt: You know.....I meant nothing by what I said earlier. That was all just a spur of the moment.

Carrie: Kurt.....come on. You don't need to do that. I understand why you said it, ok? Cause it makes sense. It’s mever easy being more then what we are or want to be. But, I never wanted to abandon our friends and those who cared. You get that, don’t you? Kurt: Course I do. Look.....we’re gonna find a way back.

Astonishement was one word to describe how Carrie felt at the moment but other than nothing had really changed At that moment Carrie just laid back down again as she grabbed onto Kurt's hand and grasped it tight

Kurt: You know....I meant nothing what I said earlier that was all just a spur of the moment

Carrie: Kurt....come on. You don't need to do that. I understand why you said those things ok? Cais it makes sense. It's really not easy being parents and heroes at the same time.....and trust me I thought of the same thing from time to time. But.....I never want to abandon our friends either.

Kurt: Nor do I.....really. Look.....we're gonna find a way back. My teleportation may not get us there faster I mean the reason why I got us lost ealier.....cause I didn't focus on a certian location. gives me a hard time to focus where to go.

Carrie: It's alright. We'll find them. And we'll find Noah. Wherever he is. I hope to the Lord he's alive and safe.

We cut to Logan's limbo while he's driving and Kay;a still sick but came anyway was on shotgun with Laura and Xavier in the back and what Laura had in her hands

Noah: *Coo's cuetly*

Laura: Yes. You're such a sweet little baby aren't you?

Xavier: Logan? How exactly we gonna find Carrie?

Logan: We'll go to chamberlain see if she's there with her friend Sue first.

Kayla: *Clears throat painfully* It's---a long drive from here.

Logan: I KNOW that. But the jet is destroyed when those damn boneheads attacked the mansion.

Kayla: I still think.....*Coughs* We should have called them though.

Logan: We don't got phones no more.

They soon stop for gas and the only ones that got out was Logan and Laura Xavier took Noah and he asked Kayla

Kayla: Why don't you tell him what you got?

Kayla: What??

Xavier: Your canser,

(Sadly yes)

Kayla: I--I didn't actually know till now......*Coughs* I did suspected yes.....but I was afraid if any of them found out they'd probably struggle too much to find a way to stabilize it. Idk.....*Coughs*

Xavier: You do need to tell them.....if it gets terminal.

Kayla sighed heavily and coughed excessively as she tried to find a comfortable position to lay in shotgun area af the car......

But then......

Lightning quickly strikes above the gas station as a huge thud rocks the area and pushes the limbo back while Xavier and Kayla were still in it

The sudden shift and effect caused Logan and Laura to come outside to see a HUGE purple figure  embodided with armor and armed with gauntlet over his hand

Once he turned over to her right it became obvious what and who he was

Laura: Y-you.....

Thanos: Me.

Logan: So you're "HE" huh?

Thanos: guessed correctly. I suppose I should get down to business. You see this?

He lifts up his infinty Gauntlet that was wrapped around his left hand

Thanos: I need to finish what what Loki could not. And you.....*Points to Laura*.....will tell me where the other stones are.

Logan quickly snaps his head towards Laura as it became obvious that she was the one being targeted possibly the rest of the family she knew what would happened if she refused......but she knew better than to fall into the hands of the enemy

Laura: Never.

Thanos:.....Hmm....I was expecting that. So maybe.....maybe THIS will make you think twice.

He quickly claps his hands and the next thing you know a lightning bolt.....come from outta nowhere and hits the gas station knocking Logan and Laura back in the process

But luckily Kayla and Xavier were safe.

However, the bad news was more to come. Cause that lighting strike

Guess who appeared out of the lighting strike


Laura: Lonny?!?!

Thanos: Attack.

Out of his control Lonny blasted at them Logan and Laura had to duck back in the gas station

Employ man: Whoa....what's going on out there?

Logan: Get out of here!

The man hesitated


The man ran as Laura nodded in confusion

Laura: Lonny....what happened to him....what's he doing.....

Logan: This is just like Jean when she rosed from her death I think Lonny's under some influence by that mother f**ker.

Lonny burst in all powered up and emotionless

Laura: Lonny! It's me! Laura! Don't you reconize me?

He blasts her again but misses her

Thanos: It's no use little girl. He's under MY control. I will set him free.....IF you do as I say.

Laura: Rrrrr.....he died saving us but most unfairly! Because of Toomy.....and YOU! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!

She let out her claws and yelled out charging at Thanos

Logan: LAURA NO!!

She didn't hear his response and immediately went for an attack, but.....

(I don't know how they explain this)

....when she tried for an attack, he didn't flinch.

Seriously, no response, no movement, NOTHING. It was as if she never hit him at all.

Laura: What?

Confused but unwilling to give up, she kept trying to hit him, in practically every area on his body that she could see, only to no avail. He still felt no pain, and it was like he was impenetrable.

Thanos: this all the daughter of the Wolverine head to offer?

Laura yelled ferociously again as she went for ANOTHER attack, but Thanos quickly responded by HOLDING HER UP IN THE AIR (yes, he has telekinesis too; check Wikipedia)......

.....and slowly but surely, as the bones started contorting in very uncomfortable positions, he finally SNAPS BOTH of Laura's arms wide apart.


Logan: LAURA!

As she landed on the pavement hard with no leverage to break her fall, Logan was about to make the same mistake she made until Lonny got in the way and blasted him back, scraping him off the side of the pillar.

Logan: *’’’breathing heavily’’’* Just so you know.....I hope that b__ch Hargensen is regretting this decision.

He charged again, and even though he got some measure of offense on him, Lonny didn't even have to try. Once Logan had him locked up in a sleeper hold (for some reason), he tossed him over his shoulder, and fired a lighting bolt at him which sent him crashing over the top of his limo and sent him crashing down.

It knocked him out almost instantly.

Kayla: Wha--Logan!!!

She was just about to get out of the car, but as soon as she open the door, Thanos SLAMMED it back shut.

Thanos: ‘’’STAY.’’’

Kayla had no choice but to obey him, while watching Laura suffering slowly and more quickly with each second, struggling to get back on her own two feet with no arms to help her cause.

(Both her arms were snapped)

Unable to regain her balance, Kayla and Xavier had to watch as Thanos once again telepathically lift Laura up against her will and pull her straight to his face.

Thanos: Like I was be more specific with you: ‘’’WHERE ARE THE STONES’’’?

Laura: Might as well.....kill me now. Cause you're not getting anything from me.

Thanos: Hmph......then you will die.

Thanos was just about to strike but thunder clashed at them for some reason as a storm lifted

Thor appeared from the sky and he blasted lightning from his hammer at Lonny which broke his trance from Thanos

Lonny: Wha.....where---where am I?

He looked up to see Laura in trouble and.....

Lonny: LAURA!!

He blasted energy (Which still he has from absorbing it's power in Bloodlines) striking at Thanos which did had effect on him only like a bee sting on him he dropped Laura but when she fell Thor caught her then Thanos turned angry

Thanos: Damn you god of thunder! You'll pay for this!

He disappears

Logan soon came back out and see's Thor holding his daughter

Logan: Laura!

Thor: She'll be fine.

When Lonny approached Logan got defensive at first till.....

Lonny: Whoa whoa! Mr. Logan it's me this time.

Thor: I broke Thanos's hold over him.

Laura smiled with tears and got down from Thor's arms and grabbed Lonny in a tight hug

Logan: You sure he's better?

Thor: Positive. I was sent to find you and Carrie anyway by Fury. With a war to rage every single Avenger on deck

Logan: First off blonde boy. I'm not an Avenger. Never was. I may have helped you guys from time to time but that was only for Carrie. Second I have no goddamn idea where she is and Third! I am f**ked up! This ass in the hole has got me in so much right now I can't think through right now! I'm just gonna find Carrie to make sure she's alright and THAT'S IT!

Thor: But what happened to her?

Logan: How the hell should I know? Just tell Fury to stick it up his ass......cause I'm done with this sh**.

He walked passed Thor to get to Laura and Lonny then.....

Thor: I can help you find her.

He stopped dead in his tracks

Thor: It'll be easer.

Logan didn't know what to make of the response but seeing how Thor has had some history with Carrie himself, it seemed fair enough. The least thing he could do is.....go along

But he didn't really know for sure until he looked down at Laura being tended to her broken arms by Lonny and she just.....

She just gave him.....the eyes.

(Puppy dog eyes)

He desperately tried to ignore it, but it was clear that Laura wasn't letting up

(Real Steel reference)

Logan: Argh....are you kidding me with those eyes?

Laura Mm mm.

Logan: Argh.......damn it!

He looked towards Thor again with a demeaning glare on his face and that's when he gets his answer.....

Logan: We find her and then we get the hell out of dodge, understand?

Thor: Fair enough.

We then cut back to the Hellicarrier where midest of calm and melody Desjardin was sitting near a desk in the main control room just minding her own business

But that's also when on the balcony above Bucku was up there looking down on her and he just couldn't help but to look down

Clint: Hey.

Bucky: Hmm?

Clint: Figured you could use some company.

Bucky: Oh be my guest.

Clint just lean down on the rail seeing Desjardin just sitting there then turns to Buck

Clint: Everything ok with you and readhead?

Bucky: Yeah why?

She looks a little moody down there.

Buck: She's just stressed out.

Clint: Hmm....

Bucky: She has been.....a lot more moody than usual. I first thought it was her old student she was worried about. But.....for two months now she's......

Clint: Pregnant?

Bucky: What??

Clint: It's just a guess....

Bucky: Yeah, but I would know if she was.....

They looked down to her again just to see Desjardin look up to them

Buck backed up a little surprised but grinned and waved at her and Desjardin mildly smiled and waved back

At that point, she gets up from the desk and walks off. Bucky then looks back towards Clint.

Bucky: Guess it's only a matter of time.

Clint: Trust me, when it comes to the end of the world, the people you care about always matter. Just promise you'll see it for yourself soon.

Clint basically patted Buck on the back as he continued to stare out into space, just wondering about what his next potential move is gonna be.

It then cuts down to Rachel just staring blankly out of the window in the lab until she heard footsteps coming up from behind. She didn't know WHO it was, but she knew someone was there.

Rachel: Not now.

The camera revolves behind her to see that it was Steve.

Steve: I just needed to ask you if you've seen Carrie.

Rachel: It's practically been a day already and I haven't got a text or phone call or anything.'s Liz and Michelle?

Steve: We got them home.

Rachel: Good. Cause I don't think I can take losing anyone....only to have them abandon me again.

Steve: I think you're being a little too fixated.

Rachel: Fixat-on what?

Steve: Peter.

Rachel: Wh--*’’’sighs’’’*. Peter had some points, ok? I get that. But that still doesn't change the fact that he left.

Steve: I strongly believe you’re Overreacting here.

Rachel: How am I—?!

Steve: You’re doing it again.

Rachel: I---

Steve. Listen. I thought I lost everything when I woke up from the ice. Buck. Peg.

Rachel: Who's Peg?

Steve: She.....was one of the worlds best war heroes.....she was even special. And loyal. She was.....everything to me.

Rachel: You loved her?

Steve nodded

Steve: When they told me she was still alive I felt everything came rushing back.....only to loose her again.

Rachel: I'm very sorry.

Steve: Anyway....don't waste this life not forgiving anybody.....all cause they didn't come around for....Idk an eternity. A hiberbation in the cold made me miss my days and I lost everything. You got chances. Don't waste them.

Rachel took a minute to sink in his advice then looked over across the room to see Peter and Stark talking

And wouldn't you know it....

They were practically talking about the same thing near the end of that conversation

Tony: Don't you THINK you got carried away?

Peter: Ok.....I think it's safe to say I blew the fuse off that one. I was just trying to prove a point.

Tony: Yeah you proved it so well.....the's not really how it goes. All I'm saying is you're both being a little selfish

Pete just got up then Stark raised his hands

Tony: Whoa whoa pump the break.

He sat back down

Tony: Letting your feelings get in the way of this is what I meant by that. Work it out somehow.....otherwise I'll have another broken couple to council in

Peter: Wait what?

Tony: I know. But you'll understand when you're older.

He pats his shoulder and walks away as he leaves Peter just outside to his thoughts as he processed what he had done and what else he was gonna have to do to get back in the good graces of others until....

Rachel: *Clears throat*

Peter jumped back slightly for he wasn't expecting anyone to be watching him

Peter: You heard all that, huh?

Rachel: Rogers and I were just having the same conversation.

Peter: But do you think they're right?

Rachel: I--really don't know......but then again, I find it hard to bring myself to care......Peter, when you died, a large chunk of me went with you and I dreamed of nothing else than.....being able to see you again. But.....being alive the whole time and not....coming back to tell me truth, instead of having Wade guard me like a watch dog.....that's......kinda pathetic on your behalf, you know.

Peter: Bit of a last minute decision, ok? Look, you have every right to be mad. But I don't want us to fight. Like I keep trying to say, I thought you needed a break......because you deserve better than what I was putting you through.

Everything in the room grew silent, all except for the rapid measures of heartbeats between the stricken couple.

Rachel: You know what......maybe you're right. Maybe I DO deserve better. Maybe we DO need a break.

Rachel turned away and was about to walk out until.....

Peter: Rach!

She looked back at him and there was was an awkward moment of silence between them.

Peter: I-I’m Sorry.

Rachel didn’t bother saying anything back to him. She just turned back around and walked away again......leaving Peter just standing there in the middle of the hallway.......

.....all by his lonesome.

Cut to a few hours later at night back at Carrie and Kurt's tent, and Kurt was asleep (or at least tying to sleep) with a bandage over his blown-off ear side.

Carrie was sitting outside by a fire a few feet away from the tent to take a look old memory. She took this moment to levitate this locket pocket that contained a pic of her, Kurt and Noah inside......

Once again, this sight brought a small tear to her eye as she smiled and chuckled.

But she soon snapped out of her trance to look over to the other side

(Another Deathly Hallows reference)

She walked over towards the end of her telekinetic barrier and on the other side a skrull was sniffing at it and was puzzled that it couldn't get through it and couldn't see Carrie through it

(Clever Carrie. The X-men taught you well)

The skrull soon got board and left as Carrie stood in there stunned in shock as she see's it go

Carrie: Oh god....

She sighs heavily in relief and later lays back down near the tent and looks back at Kurt. She breathes mildly but smiles anyways as she kisses his cheek

Meanwhile, a few miles out from where they were, lighting suddenly starts to crack up in midst of the night sky as thunder soon followed shortly afterwards




With each sparkle and each crack the lighting soon got louder and louder until.....Thor came out of the sky and landed with a flash impulse....along with Logan by his side

Unfortunately the effects of him going through all of that pizzazz with Thor had him woozy especially since he was getting WAY too old for this

Thor: You ok?

Logan: We never speak of this to anyone. This never happened.

Thor Very well

At that same intance, Lonny came through as well, with Laura by his side.

Laura: Woah....head-rush.

Lonny: It happens.

Logan: Alright, alright, alright....which way is which?

He was about to walk in one direction, but then he stumbled down to a knee

(Don't worry he's not sick or anything)

Laura did aid him anyway

Thor: I'm not sure. I'll search the skies.

Thor flew straight up as Laura laid him down

Laura: You should rest.

Logan: *Sighs* I can't.....

Lonny: For once.....don't be stubborn.

Logan gave him a dead stare in the eyes

Lonny: Lie back. I'm powerful enough to take a watch.

Logan was not in the mood to argue so he did as Lonny said and slowly fell asleep

Laura: I got him. Can you check on my mom and Mr. Xavier and little Noah?

Lonny: No problem.

Laura: And Lonny?

He looked back at her

Laura: How did you get back?

Lonny: I--I don't know really......but.....I'm sure it had something to do with that Thanos guy. He had me trapped in some,,,,,crystal or something......the powers I absorbed from the the tasseract kinda......linked me to him since he gave this Loki guy it. I guess that's how he controlled my mind earlier.

Laura: I'm afraid to say it's more complicated than that.

As Lonny moved in closer to listen to Laura's explanation, we transcend up to the skies as Thor just stays up there, watching, monitoring, checking for any and all signs that could lead to Carrie.

Thor: Come on, come on....

Suddenly, he felt a strange impulse.....and it, for some reason, felt familiar.

But it didn't give him a good feeling, for it was a strong power, an unbelievable power.

The power.....of ONE of the Infinity Stones.


Thor: Oh no.....hope I'm wrong about this......

He quickly flew over to Carries location and after a few seconds, he crash-landed next to her barrier, and since the landing effect was so loud, it actually woke her up.

Carrie: Huh? Wh-what?

At that point, she actually sees Thor just outside of her barrier.

As soon as she saw him just on the outside of her barrier, Carrie tried to get his attention the best she could......

Carrie: Hey! Thor! Hey, right here!

.....but she forgot she had her barrier put up.


And because of it, Thor couldn't see her.

As Thor just walked around, he felt himself step over something unusual. More usual then the common unusual. He had to lift his foot up to see for himself.....that he had found of the few Infinity Stones.

The only problem was it was a very VERY FAMILIAR ONE. One he hoped he'd never had to see again.

The Space Stone.

(The same one that powered the Tesseract)

Worried about what power the stone possessed and what Thanos could do with it if he gets his hands on it, he quickly gathered the stone and grouped it tightly in his hand; and JUST when Carrie took down the barrier, Thor had already took off and flew back towards where Logans location was.

Carrie: THOR!!!

Sadly, Thor was already gone when she shouted out for him.

She just about fell into tears and soon put the barrier back up which tired her out even more than it already had done, since her powers were rapidly going down.

Knowing that another day was to come, she came back inside the tent and lied back next to Kurt and soon fell into a rather deep sleep as she did her best to block out the rest of her tears.

Carrie: *’’’sniffles softly’’’*

The very next day, the remaining Avengers (Steve, Tony, Romanoff, Clint) were in their jet, soaring through the skies, determined in their search to find Banner

(He's still in captive by did he move him?)

Stark: How we even gonna find him? He could still be at the freaking moon, for all we know.

Rogers: We'll go there if we have to....we still got that ship we build at the new HQ.

Clint: But we haven't had a chance to test it yet. Plus, we're ALREADY IN a jet, so what's the point in that?

Deadpool: ’’Kinda got a bit of a point there?’’

Everyone immediately bolted heir heads back as Deadpool had made yet ANOTHER unprecedented appearance on his own merit in front of them.

Clint: Ok, who are you?

Deadpool: ’’Wrong time to ask that, Katniss.’’


Natasha: Can someone tell me WHY this tomato is even crashing with us in the first place?

Clint: Be glad he isn’t here to hear that.

Tony: It’s mostly to keep Pete and Rach company. They’ve both screwed the pooch before, don’t want it to happen again.

Clint: But tell me why we broought this tomato?

(Better hope Wade didn't hear that)

Tony: Because Pete's too busy working out problems. But I got Vision and Wanda to watch them.

They flew on and cut to the carrier Vision was cooking spaghetti and Wanda was cutting vegies just when Rach and Pete walked in at the same time from different entrances and gave each other an awkard glance but turned away

Wanda: You.....guys hungry?

Peter: I---guess.

Vision: Mr. Stark thought it would help you two with your stress and perhaps....we could sit down and see a movie

Rachel: I'm....not really that hungery.

Wanda: But you hadn't eaten all day.

Rachel: I'm just.....worried about Carrie. She hadn't since yesterday morning.

Wanda: Thor's looking for her.

Vision: And knowing him he will find her in due time.

Rachel: We sent him yesterday.

Peter couldn't help but to listen to Rach's braking down voice

Peter: that I think about it, I'm good too.

Rachel: Yeah, I'll pass.

The two of them both walked out the same ways they came in, causing Wanda and Vision to look at each other in concern

Rach and Pete ended up waking right by next to each other, still maintaining the same always silent treatment that'd been going on since late yesterday. But then again, what did they expect from one another?

They once again gave each other that thousand yard stare, expecting SOMEBODY to actually speak up and say something.

No one did.

At that point, Rachel started to slightly walk ahead of him as she increased her speed by power-walking. It wasn't long until Peter got the gist and started to catch up. They both kept increasing and maintaining their speeds for a time until Rachel just flat out clocks Peter in the face with her elbow and just starts running.

Peter: Ugh.....Rachel!

He gets back up on his feet and chases after her, desperately trying to catch up.

Unfortunately, Rachel was FAR more ahead then he thought as she actually managed to get down to the lower hanger bay, where the jets are and.....

(Guess where I'm going with this)

....she basically hijacked one of the flight jets and tried to take off with one of them......

.....which would've been easy if she actually knew how to fly. Rachel: Ugh, alright then.....

But it turns out she didn't need to learn as she used her telekinesis to hack the module controls so she could fly it without having to touch anything.

As the jet slowly removed itself from the hanger bay, Peter got outside just in time to see it take flight so he wasn't that late. But then again, he also heard the afterburners about to go off.

Peter: NO!!!

He immediately shot out a huge spider web on top of the hull of the jet and zipped himself up there just as Rachel took the jet off into hyper-speed and it took off with Peter hanging onto the hull for dear life.

(Getting close to the elevator scene)

Peter: RACHEL!

He slowly starts to slip off his web and falls back a little before catching and gripping onto one of the wings of the jet.....and it didn't take long for Rachel to spot him from the rearview mirror.

Rachel, acting pretty much out of animosity play this point, immediately did a barrel roll, spinning the jet around in a corkscrew direction and further making it difficult for Peter to keep his grip.

Peter: Ahhhh!

Unfortunately, Peter accidentally lauded a ricochet web from his wrist, causing it to bounce literally all over the top of the hull, severely damaging the outside of the jet.....

....and soon enough, it hit Peter square across the face causing him to lose his balance and fall off the jet completely.

But Peter wasn't going out like this.

Peter: Holy s__t! Karen!

Karen: ’’Yes, Peter?’’

Peter: Can I get the suit on, please? Hurry!

In little to no time at all, the Iron Spider suit latched onto him from head to toe as he quickly used his wings to catch his balance and land safely. a bitter sweet cost.

Spider-Man: Ugh.....Karen, can....can you tell me where Rachel's headed?

Karen: ’’Who's Rachel?’’

Spider-Man: I'll....tell you more on her later. Just tell me where the jets headed.

Karen: ’’ is currently enroute to Oscorp. Based on the damage inflicted to the hull, it will more likely crashland there in approximately 2 minutes.’’

Spider-Man: DAMN IT!

We cut back to Carrie and Kurt where they're packing up their gear and about to travel

Carrie: Any chance you can teleport to the mansion yet?

Kurt: I don't so. Without knowing where we are it'll be hard to get a direct pinpoint. If we find a town or any city limit I might get more focus. Depending how my hearing condition won't jeopardize my focus. 

Carrie: Then let's waste no time. We should move.

Kurt: I did manage to get this working.

Kurt held out a radio and he turned up the volume just to listen to..... tragic reports as they walked on through woods fields corn fields long grass train tracks even deserted high ways

Reporter on radio: Sources report that these natural disasters caused by these weird skeleton creatures. Many lives have been lost. Families torn apart. Many are feared dead. and captured by these monsters. However many people are hoping and preying the Avengers will help us soon. Until then.....may God be with us all.

They stopped to rest by the highway to get some shade from the heatwave (wherever it was). Carrie was sweating and out of breath and Kurt reached for his bag and gave his poor wife the last bottle of water.

Carrie: Is this the last of the water?

Kurt: Yeah.

Carrie: Kurt, we’re gonna need the rest of this.

Kurt: You need it more than me Miene Geilbite.

Carrie smiled and took it

Carrie: Danke Ihnen.

Kurt: Bittechine.

Carrie took a sip trying to save some for him then eyed at a sign saying: "Jacksonville 5 miles away"

Carrie: Jacksonville.

Kurt: What?

Carrie: My dad's old town. We can go there see if we can try and contact the others.

Kurt: We could Ja. But it's five miles away.

Carrie: We can get there faster if you can teleport us there.

Kurt: Carrie....I--Idk....

Carrie: Mine Geilbte. I have faith in you.

Kurt stood there for a moment till he and Carrie held on to one another they both prayed in German and wouldn't you know it....

They teleported and found themselves in Jacksonville

Carrie: Haha! You did it! You did it!

They laughed and hugged each other and went on their way

At that point in time, it cuts over to Oscorp where on the outside there's nothing happening.....until that same jet cuts through the clouds as it was clearly gonna crash into the roof, if not into the building if Rachel didn't get out.

Rachel: Come on, come on, come on! Level out, level out!

She once again forced more power onto herself than she was earlier, directing the jet to slow down further as it actually crushed some of the metal of the side, but eventually......she landed the jet square in the roof, but luckily it didn't blow up to smithereens.

Rachel: *’’’breathing heavily’’’* Ok....ok....ok.....

She gets out of the jet sluggishly and starts dragging herself away, trying to find a way inside, cautiously of how much she had left and anything else.

Rachel: Ok....wh-where's the way in?

She looked around closely until she spotted one on her far left. She immediately tries to pick up her pace and run inside, unaware that Spidey was still on her tail.

Spider-Man: Karen, is that her?

Karen: ’’Hmm.....yes.’’

Spider-Man: What is she doing?

Karen: ’’Hard to tell from this angle, Peter.’’

He sees her go inside.

Spider-Man: Oh boy.......guess I gotta go in.

By the time he lands next to the demolished jet, we’re already inside of Oscorp and lo and behold......Liz and Michelle just so HAPPENED to be there as well. Turns out this trip to Oscorp was based on a project they both had to admission their college fundings.......

.....and after their recent interview with Harry, they both made their way towards the elevator.

Liz: I don’t know about you.....but Harry seems more intelligent then his father was. Guess that’s what the genes do to you.

Michelle: Well, he does have that boyish charm.

Liz just pressed a button to open an elevator as they chatted on and soon Rachel came from the other side and saw them

Liz: Wh-whoa....

Rachel: Thought you just saw a ghost?

Liz: N-no. Just wasn't expecting you to be here.

Rachel: Yeah. Wasn't expecting to be here either.

She walks inside the elevator as the doors close heading down to the bottom level Unfortunately despite being just her Liz and Michelle in the evelvator it felt more as if she was inbetween a rock and a hard place....and not just mentally 

Michelle: Umm.....ants in your pants?

Rachel: N-no. I'm just anxious ok? I feel.....I feel like my hearts ripped out

Michelle: Meaning?

Liz: Michelle, let her explain.

Rachel: I thought that I.....for the longest time that I--

At this point, she was choking on her words at this point. She couldn't get any of her words out to get her point across and it was really starting to frustrate her.

Rachel: I guess what I'm....trying to say is—

Before she could finally get her words out, the elevator abruptly stops.

Nobody pressed the button. It just stopped all of a sudden.

Rachel: Uhh, I-I didn't press anything.

Liz: Don't look at me.

Michelle: Ditto.

At that same instance, the lights blew inside of there.

Liz: *’’’screams’’’*

Rachel: Relax! Ok, we're gonna be fine.

(No, you're not unfortunately)

At that point, the power from without the entire building starts to flicker and go out and everyone started panicking....all except for Spidey who detected the disturbance from inside of the vents.

Spider-Man: That's.....not good.

Karen: ‘’I can agree, Peter.’’

Spider-Man: Check the power supply below.

Karen quickly used her camera A.I senses to quickly cut down to the bottom of Oscorp to check the power disturbance and wouldn't you know it?

She saw Skrulls.

Spider-Man: Oh come on! MORE of them?

Karen: ‘’I'm afraid that's not the half of it.’’

At that point, she zooms her camera to outside as Spidey saw.....Skrull ships heading towards Oscorp.

Spider-Man: Crap! Rachel must've given herself away.

Karen: You should tell her how you feel.

Spider-man: Later.  I gotta be a hero again.

So Spidey finds a place to land to safely and quickly burst out of the vents.....only to be surrounded by a bunch of skrulls

People from all over Oscorp gathered around in astonishment and fear, seeing Spider-man back and him being surrounded by these......skeletons.

Karen: We appear to be surrounded.'’

Spider-Man: Obvoiusly right; but not for long.

Karen: What do you mean?

Spider-Man: me a favor and activate Enchanted Combat Mode 

Karen: Combat mode: Activated.

His eyes runned up and glown blue and jumped up in the sky, letting out the webs under his arms before coming back down to unleash his fury.

Back up in the elevator, it was just about to lose it's balance 

Michelle: We're gonna die!

Liz: No, we're not! Just hang on!

Just as the railing broke free of the elevator, it fell causing the girls to scream. But Rachel wasn’t one step ahead as she stopped it momentarily with her telekinesis. wasn’t going to last long. Her powers and her MIND can only handle so much weight, and this thing was REALLY heavy; it felt like she was lifting three 50 weight plates.

Liz: What's going on---

Rachel: I---can't.....hold it any---longer!

Spidey soon beated up all the skrulls then opened a vent and came in the shaft

Spider-Man: Is she in there, Karen?

Karen: Yes. Along with two others. Both female.

Spider-Man: Alright, Pete. You got one shot at this!

As bolted up in the air once more, Rachel's energy was draining fast to the point where she was about to lose her grip. But it happened. She passed out, letting go of her grip and causing the elevator to go back into free fall yet again. The girls screamed till......

Spider-Man: Spider web!!!

Peter quickly shot an actual Spider web from his wrist as it latched onto the elevator as it slowly down dramatically.

But just like the last time he caught an elevator, he slipped through and fell down the shaft with them, causing the elevator to go into free fall once again, and it was panic mode again.

Spider-Man: NO!

Thinking ever so quickly, he shot multiple spider web above him as it latched onto the ceiling in the shaft as the elevator slowed down, slowed down, slowed down.....

....until the elevator finally came to a slow yet very close stop altogether.

Spider-Man: *sighs in relief*

Karen: Congratulations, Peter. You are 99% percent successful.

Spider-Man: 99 per—Ugh. Never mind.

In the elevator, Liz and Michelle just stood back up from their recent fright fest to see that the elevator had stopped moving. They both looked at Rachel who was still knocked out, so they knew it couldn't have been her.

Michelle: Wha--the hell just happened?

Liz: I honestly don't kn--

Suddenly, the same thought was going through heir heads: Is someone holding the elevator up for us?

So they looked up through the hole in the elevator and.....

.....they see Spider-Man looking down at them.

Spider-Man: Feels good to be back, isn't it?

Liz: Wha--Spid-Spi-Spi.....

Michelle: Spider-Man?

Spider-Man: Don't worry, I got you.

As he reached out his hand, one at a time, they took his hand and he pulled him out as he got them both out of the elevator shaft.

While the elevator still hung from the ceiling, Spidey looked down below him to see Rachel still out cold in the elevator.

Spider-Man: Rach......

He dived down through the shaft and just looked over at her, although it looked like she was far from alive. After all he put her through, he felt like he owed this to her.

Karen: Is this her?

Spider-Man: Hmmm-Mhmm......

He took this time to picked her up slowly as he just stared deeply at her and just lifted her unconscious head up.

Karen: This is your chance, Peter. Kiss her.

Everything was just going rather slowly for him, but then there was rumbling. It was once again panic mode for him as the elevator was tipping yet AGAIN.

Spider-Man: Ahh, give me a break!

He held on to her tightly and as he jumped out with another web zip-line, the elevator fell loose and collapsed down to the bottom levels in an endless cloud of smoke. Liz and Michelle were surrounded by Oscorp security along with other bystanders who watched in confusion and amazement..... Spider-Man emerged out of the confines of the elevator in one piece with Rachel still in his grasp. He just looked down to the unconscious Rachel in his arms as her eyes slowly opened mildly, gazing rather unfocused at Pete.

Rachel: *whispers*.....P-Peter.....

Spider-Man: I’m here this time.

Before she could say anything, she dozed off and passed out again.

Spidey just looked down at her with all these conflicting emotions rushing and passing through him as it became more apparent now that even though his absence was necessary, he still didn't have the right to leave her either way.

It hurt so much he actually shed a tear underneath his mask as his voice started to break up, saying.....

Spider-Man: I'm sorry.

He lets go of the web and then boosts up back to the top floor with his wings and with Rachel still unconscious in his grasp, he made it back to the top floor.

He carefully placed Rachel down near the elevator doors, and just turned back towards everyone.

Spider-Man: Is everyone alright?

Liz: Y-yeah. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Michelle: Hey, man. You rock.

Just as he was about to respond back, another Skrull ship came up from behind through the windows and as soon as everyone saw it, they backed the hell up.

Spider-Man: Karen?!

Karen: Behind you.

The Skrull skip set its sights for the CIVILIANS and blasted a high velocity energy shot at them, but at the last fraction of a second, Spidey puts up a web shield, gets in the way go the blast and once it hits him, it goes through the web shield and sends him flying back as he crashes into wall, and knocking him out.

The civilians including Liz and Michelle backed up in shock and terror to see Spidey absorb a hit like that especially so hard. Just when the ship was about to launch ANOTHER blast at the civilians, it started to malfunction....oddly.

It kept doing this for a few seconds until finally the ship seemed to shut itself down and just EXPLODE.

They all just covered their eyes and averted away until they realized it wasn't there anymore. That's when they hear the heavy breathing over in the left of them and they turn around to see Rachel, barely using the last of her energy to blow up that same ship.

Rachel: Those bastards have officially pissed me off.

She then turns slowly around behind her as she sees Spidey knocked out from the effect of the blast a few seconds ago. Like always, it was horrifying because he wasn't moving.

Rachel:, no, no, no,, no.....NO!!!

She quickly rushed over to his aid with Liz and Michelle and everyone else not far behind gathered around Spider-man's body

Man: Is he ok?

Liz: Somebody check his pulse!

Rachel was already on it as she already placed her hand on his chest in order to catch his pulse that way using what was left of her powers

The news was good.

Rachel: Thank God. He's still breathing.

Michelle: Somebody wake him up then.

Rachel: I wouldn't do that.....

Before she could try and explain, she accidently tripped on his leg and her elbow hit his spider symbol on his chest and.....


.....his suit started to open up just like Iron man's suit......but it didn't open all the way.

His mask the only thing that stayed fully attatched, yet it was the only part of him not metal

So....with everyone gathered around and unwilling to back away, Rachel slowly reached for the mask and SLOWLY.....(and I do mean SLOWLY)......pulled it off revealing the wall crawler none other....

.....than Peter Parker.

Everyone except Rachel gasped and backed up at the sight of it, especially Liz and Michelle who were DUMBFOUNDED as hell having just learned about this NOW.

Liz: I-I-I-I-I don't believe it.

Michelle: No-no way.....

Man: He's.....just a.....kid. No older than my son.

Michelle just stood there in shock, not moving a damn muscle. Same thing with Liz, but still least with her, it all made sense now.

Finally, after a few seconds, Peters vision started to come back into focus as he woke up from the previous encounter. But the first thing that he noticed......

......when he touched his face.......

.......he noticed his mask was gone.

As soon as he realized this, he freaked the freak out and backed away from everyone, knowing how serious it was, with his identity in risk of being exposed.

But......Liz......surprisingly knelt down in front of Peter as she calmed him down, putting both of her hands on his face.

Liz:’s alright.

Peter: Wha—how—�???

Liz: Because at least, now I can understand why it’s you.

Rachel: I think you need this.

She handed him his mask he took it and looked up at everyone.

Rachel: No one's gonna tell anybody.

Peter softly grinned feeling his heart beating when Rachel said that and just when he put the mask back on the suit ltached back on to him

Liz: It's good to have you back Spider-man.

Rachel: You have no idea.

She wrapped her arms around him then the camera rotated towards Michelle and she was frozen in shock till.....

(Homecoming reference)

Michelle: WHAT THE F----?!?!?!?!


We cut back to the Avengers HQ where Stark Rogers Clint and Romanoff suited up and loaded things off the ship they built

Clint: I still don't know about this Tony. We never tested this ship.

Stark: Then it looks like we're running a field test. Bruce is stuck up there and he needs our help.

Rogers: Time to initiate launch.

He initiated the launching sequence and the jet fuels blasted out and soon they headed off to space

We finally cut to the space fortress where Banner was dazed and shocked and barely able to stand at the moment 

The skrulls have done a hell of a good job phyiscally rendering him incapible of changing

Bruce: Ughh.....

From the control room Thanos could see the action on his screens

Thanos: Has he made progress?

Skrull: So far we're able to contian his transformation it'll be hard before we can get a mind prob on him.

Thanos: Do what you must. The slight way the Avengers will fall is if they fought what they fight for.

Second skrull: My lord. A second scanner picked up a ship heading our way.

Thanos: I've finally drawn them out of hiding. Prepare the boarding party. No doubt they've come for their green pet.

The skrulls carried out his orders as Thanos looked at the screens seeing Banner struggle and he smirked

The Avengers ship landed on the moon Clint and Romanoff wore space gear to breath Iron man kept his mask on and Caps were some type of mask on his mouth to breath

Iron man: Am I the only one properly dressed here? Just asking.

Black Widow: Bruce won't be saying much if we don't hurry our asses.

Iron man: I got that covered. Friday where is he?

Friday took her precious time scanning through the facility didn't take long to track him

Friday: He's being kept in one of their few energy cells; at this rate they've stopped his transformation. But they're trying to exract even MORE from him. 

Hawkeye: Not gonna happen

Capetian America: We gotta split up again. Me, Natasha, will stay low keep the fighting down here.

Iron man: Fair enough. I'll stay high see if I can get him first.

Tony immiediately flew up and quickly made his way to the base with the others desprately tried to keep up

Iron man didn't bother to settle for the invation as he immeditatly flew up quickly made his crashlanded inside and fired at the surrounded skrulls and flew deeper into the facility

Meanwhile Captian America Black Widow and Hawkeye burst through the doors and immediately made a barrier of their own as they pushed and shot any skrulls they saw while getting in minor confrontation with them

And Thanos was watching ALL OF IT......and was LOVING IT

Thanos: Hehehehe come to me my preys. Initiate the brain wave.

Skrull: But sir he's not under our prob's control yet.....   Thanos: DO IT!

Feeling it was suiscude to argue with Thanos he initiated the mind prob on Banner's head and it made him change into the Hulk under Thanos's control

That's when Iron man busted in blasting every skrull he see's but the Hulk soon came out attacking him

Iron man: Whoa whoa Bruce it's me--oh--I mean Hu---

Hulk grabbed him by the legs Tony tried flying off but Hulk held him down and slammed around

(Spoiler alret if no one seen Thor Ragnorak: This would be a good time for Loki to say: "That's how it feels!" Lol)

Iron man: Ohh....Friday detect damage

Friday: Damage retention at 45%.

Iron man: How bout that?

Just as he was getting back up Hulk grabbed him again but rather rather dirty yet crafty move Tony prolled his boots foward as he clocked Hulk in the cahones (The area where the sun doesn't shine) as he then turns himself and boots him on the rad as well

But that did VERY LITTLE to knock Hulk woozy he turned back around and punched Iron man six ways to Sunday sending him flying through a bunch of walls....

.....until he went through another wall getting in the Captians way

Iron man: Ugh...s__t!

Captian America: Language.

Iron man: You serious right now?

Black Widow: Well you both started it. But what the hell you doing back here?

Iron man: Long story, but....boss baby's awake.


Suddenly Hulk burst through more walls in a hurry and once again started attacking Tony in a frenzy

Somehow Caps got the host that he's really not himself almost in the same way back with the fight with Ultron he was under Wanda's mind control

With little options he quickly threw his shield at him only for Hulk to dodge it as the shield suddenly went haywire and started wrecking s__t up all over the base

Not willing to wait for what would happen next Hawkeye just suddenly fired a bunch of arrows up high for the sole purpose of distracting him allowing Black Widow to stun the big guy with her shock sticks....

.....but barely did anything

Hulk just burst and roared and kept attacking and everyone tried to hold their own till.....the Capetian spotted the mind prob on him

Caps: That's it. Barton! Get to a higher postion and shoot at the bugger on his head! Hurry! 

With no time to loose Clint rushed up to a higher vantage point as the other three held him off as much as they could

Iron man: This better work or we'll be eating moon dirt for dinner!

Capetian America: It's all we got for now.

Hulk swung his fists and the others dodged but getting tired

Up high Hawkeye aimed his arrow trying to to get a good look at his mind prob and then......

Hawkeye: Got him.

.....He fires three arrows at the same time as two of them knocked Hulk down to his knees and the third one BLEW the mind probe off his head

Hulk let out a firery agonizing loud roar that damn near shook the entire facility on it's roots that even Thanos himself could hear from where he was

Skrull: Sir?

He turned away from the monitors facing the walls behind him for this wasn't even close to the end of him he still needed the infinty stones for his gauntlet and he knew.....they would lead him right to them whether they knew it or not

Skrull: SIR??

Thanos: Let them go.

Skrull: WHAT?!

Thanos: They have what I'm really after. I need to make sure I have them right where I want them,

At that same intance Hulk was just groaning and panting softly yet deeply enough to know he was still active

Capetian America: Is he still in there?

Natasha: Only one way to find out.

Iron man: Lullyaby?

Natasha: Not with Betty Ross in his mind.

Capetian America: Wait guys look.

They see Hulk shrinking down back to his human form and it wasn't long till they got him back to the ship

Caps was wondering why none of the skrulls attacked afterwards and that began his suspection that Thanos is after something else

The Avengers soon took off back to earth

We cut back to Jacksonville where Carrie and Kurt in a disguise for him to blend in public roamed around looking for a way to call their friends

Kurt: So where do we go now?

Carrie: We could try my father's old apartment. See if we could call the others for help.

They kept walking till Carrie stopped dead in their tracks where her eyes caught something that had her attention

Kurt: Was ist los? (What's wrong?)

Carrie pointed up to a building showing a sign "Fortune Teller Carolyn White"

Kurt: "Fortune Teller Carolyn White"? Wha.....a relitive of yours Miene giellibite?

Carrie: Ja. She's my grandmother. Who I think I got my powers from. I told my momma long ago a week before the prom that it was passed on from her but it skipped her. Cause she married herself in the family. Maybe she can help us.

They came in looking around seeing sorts of voodoo and hex stuff by a table.....

Carrie: G--grandmother?

Voice: Come in my child. Gather to see your future?

They saw a hooded woman sitting at the table with a crystal ball

Woman: For I.....

She pulls down the hood revealing to be Carolyn White (Sissy Spacek)

Carolyn:....I can see....that you haven't forgotten me.

The response put a smile onto Carries face, for some reason. Even though she had never met her grandmother face to face, she was glad that she had the chance now.....for she not all of her family had been taken from her. God had given her another chance.

Carrie: H-h-hi.....Grandma.

Caroline couldn't help but to smile as well as she finally got up from behind the table and hugged her granddaughter tightly.

Carrie: H-he's gone, Grandma......*sniffles*.....Daddy's gone.

Caroline: I know, I know of this......I warned him of her. One time too many.

Something about that statement confused her rather than shock her.

Carrie: Wait.....*pulls off from the hug*.....if you told Dad about Mom, then must've known about her.....condition?

Caroline: Condition......THAT, my child, was no condition. That was schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder.

(Which were the ACTUAL symptoms that Margaret had)

Carrie: Which sounds like a CONDITION.

Caroline: Lets just say.....your mother wasn't willing to accept her sickness.

Kurt: That was never gonna end well.

The slight interruption caused Caroline to turn towards Kurt, still bundled up in that jacket and hat disguise.

Carrie: Oh, umm.....sorry. Grandma, this--this is my husband, Kurt.

Caroline: Kurt.....Kurt.....Wagner? The Nightcrawler?

(Oh s__t, she knows of him)

Carrie: Y-yeah......

Caroline: *sighs* Come here, need to hide in front of me.

Kurt came closer to her and a little nervous and Caroline looked closely at him then turned to his missing ear

Caroline: My dear boy. You are merely a victim to one sided mishap.

Kurt: Ja. Those things tore off my ear when they attacked our mansion.

Carrie: And it's why we came here Grandma. We need a phone to contact our friends. Plus with the disaster happening out there we have to our son. Do you have one?

Caroline: I'm afraid not my child. But.....I can help you find them.

Kurt: How?

Caroline: Through my crystal ball.

Carrie: Can you really tell the future?

Caroline: From time to time my child. Most can get clouded. However in your moment of need I can predict something.

Caroline waved his hands around the ball and smoke was inside 

Kurt: I only saw this on tv.

Carrie: Well either way it's our only hope.

They held their hands just as Caroline spoke.....

Caroline: I see...I see....your old friend James in your old home town looking for you. Along with a sick woman and diagnosed with cancor two children with special gifts a psychic old man....and your child is with them.

Carrie: Logan's in Chamberlain?!

Kurt: And our sien (son) is with them?

Carrie: *Hugs Kurt in tears* Thank you God.

That unfortunately, is when she suddenly stopped.

Kurt: What?

Carrie broke off the hug again as she turned towards her grandmother, for she didn't want to say what she was about to say.

But with the weight of the world possibly in the balance, she had to take chances.

Carrie: Grandma.....

Caroline: I can see you are needed dearly.....for those heroes have made something extraordinary out of you. Your evolution is unlike the stuff of legend.....and it will be needed against this threat.

Carrie: But will I see you again?

Caroline just bent over slowly as she placed both of her hands on the side of Carries face, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Caroline: possible.

The two of them hugged each other for a last time as they slowly broke away from one another. Carrie nodded at Kurt as he intertwined his hand with hers, concentrated REALLY hard and the two teleported away as Caroline just waved goodbye.

Meanwhile in Chamberlain, Logan was just driving the limo with Kayla riding shotgun again, still covered up in that blanket and Xavier, Laura, Lonny and THOR in the backseat.

Everyone was silent for a time.....until Lonny just had to ask Thor a question:

Lonny: So you're not from here?

Logan: Don't.

Thor: Don't what?

Logan: Do NOT ask questions you don't wanna know the answer to.

Thor: Well, I'm sure he wanted to know what the answer to that--

Logan: Hey, just shut up, ok? We're on here on "business", if I could call it that. We just gotta.....

Right before he could say anything else, Carrie and Kurt suddenly teleported into their limo as they suddenly reacted to the shock and saw everyone in the car with them.

Kurt: Wait. Laura, Charles?

Carrie: L-LONNY?!

Lonny: Nice to see you too.

She quickly hugs him tightly as she suddenly felt the limo stop rather abruptly.

Carrie: Logan....

Logan: Jesus Christ, you almost gave me a heart attack. Where the Hell have you been?

Carrie: It wasn't me, ok? We both got surrounded at the mansion and neither of us knew where to go, so we had to go until we got some help.

Kurt: Although, they took a part of me with them.

He showed him his latched up broken ear.

Logan: Jesus.....sighs.....but at least, I know that you're ok.

Carrie: Yeah......I wish I could say the same for Kayla, though.

She coughs.

Lonny: What do you mean?

Carrie: She's sick.

Logan: Carrie, I-I know that, but.....

Carrie: No.

At that point, she takes the time to whisper the truth into his ear and his face was just.....emotionless after hearing that. He quietly sits behind the wheel, not moving at all.

Thor: Is he alright?

Xavier: Logan.....

Kayla: L-Logan....I-I wanted to.....I wanted to tell you.....

She was expecting Logan to just SNAP then and there, but here's the shocker.....

Logan didn't get mad. Not at all........ But he was still broken inside and was silent till....

Logan: I did had a goddamn feeling about it.....I just didn't let myself see it.

Carrie: Logan....

Logan: Let's not get into it....Let's just go home.

Carrie then heard baby cries and finally saw Noah in Laura's hands

Carrie: NOAH!

Laura smiled and handed her the child and Carrie just held her baby tight not wanting to let go as Kurt held them both together

Logan was just about to hit the gas but the sky caught his and Kayla's attention

Laura: Daddy?

Logan: Yall might not want to look at your windows

The group did anyway Kurt and Carrie carrying Noah followed by Thor and the kids came out of the limbo and looked up to see....UFO's hovering in the skies

(More like Thanos and his skrulls ships)

Thor: Thanos.

Carrie: What does he want?

Thor: He wants the stones.

Kurt: What stones?

Thor: If I told you now, it'd be too late.

All of a sudden, one of the few ships seemed to sense Thor's energy and it quickly turned itself around to face him

Kurt: It sees you.

Carrie: Thor, get out the way. It SEES you!

He doesn't listen that well.

Thor: You want this?! *holds up the stone* You'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands, then!

One of the ships fired and Thor easily deflects the blast, damaging a part of the pavement road in the process.


At that point, all the rest of the ships turned towards him and all pointed their energy blasters DIRECTLY at him.

Seeing he was "outnumbered" (like that hasn't happened before), Carrie simply slapped Thor in the back of his neck.

Carrie: You had to say it.

Thor: Say what?

Kurt: It'll have to wait. Look out!

Seems half of the ships began blasting all at once given that Thor showed them he had one of the stones

Carrie held the blasts back with her telekinetic field but with no time to make it hold it's own she had to hold it herself and it would soon drain her powers

Carrie: I can't hold it for long! Everybody get out of the limbo!

No time to loose everyone fled with Logan carrying Kayla Thor carrying Xavier Kurt teleporting all three of the kids (Lonny Laura and Noah) then Carrie let off her hold then ran in the last second then the limbo BLEW up by the blasts

We cut to back to the hellicarrier where Hill rushed into the control room

Hill: Sir! We got a code: 101 in Chamberlain Mane in sector 12.

Fury: Have Rogers and Stark report back in yet?

Hill: No sir. We're even waiting word on Parker and Lang.

Fury: Track them all. I'll get Wilson Maximoff Vision T'Challa and Barnes up and ready. And hurry!

We cut to the Avengers ship as it JUST flew back down to earth and it was above clouds over the pesific ocean

Banner was still out as Natasha was aiding him and Clint came sitting next to Rogers piolting the ship

Rogers: How's he doing?

Clint: Still out like a light. The sooner we get back to the carrier the better.

Steve was just about to speak till......over the hirazing they too saw the ships

Clint: Holy sh**!

Tony: Friday. Where are those things going?

Friday: Straight to Chamberlain Mane, sir.

Romanoff: That's Carrie's home town.

Roger: Ok, people let's go!

They flew on to Mane

By the time, we cut back to Maine, the ships were still present in the area and were still trying their damnest to shoot at Carrie and the others, even though Thor was the one holding one of the Infinity Stones.

The amount of blasts soon attract and frighten the mere number of bystanders as some of them run for the hills and cower into and behind buildings while others were getting blown up off the face of the Earth.

Logan: You'd think these jackasses would have lost their license for "Destruction Policy", huh?!

Carrie: Not the time, Logan!

Lonny: Incoming!

He detected another blast coming from behind, so he got in the way and absorbed the blast before launching it back at that ship, blowing it to smithereens.

Thor: I'm not so much of a runner, guys.

He blasts at another ship.

Carrie: I'm aware of that, but unless we find a counterattack, THIS is the only plan we got!

Logan: Are you kidding me?! THIS is the plan?!

Apparently, it WASN'T when a black van suddenly bolted in their path and stopped them from moving completely.

It seemed as if they were tracked, but they were actually in luck. As soon as the doors of the van opened, Bucky stuck out and shot out of the van with a modified RPG, packed with some of the weapon particles that came from the W.M.Ds at SHIELD.

He kept reloading mad fast, with ship after ship after ship going down like a massive decline from a business chart.

Lonny: Woah.....

Bucky: Heard you needed help. Get in.

Carrie was the first to get in the car along with Lonny and Laura, but then she remembered something.

Carrie: Wait.

She turns to Kurt.

Carrie: Mein Libeling, I need you to take Logan, Charles and the rest back to the HQ.

Kurt: But I don't know where it is.

Carrie: Charles will tell you where. He knows. And trust me, I will be fine. Nothing will happen to me.

She kisses him softly and quickly pulls away, noticing how drastic the situation was dramatically increasing.

Carrie: Go.

Kurt just stood there frozen.

Carrie: GO!

He doesn't hesitate to wait as he held onto Logan, Xavier and Kayla as they quickly teleported out of Maine and more importantly, out of harms way.

As for Thor.....

Carrie: Get in.

Thor: No, you go along. I'll see if I can drive them away from you. I have what they want.

Carrie: *sighs* In that case, go ahead and light the bastards up.

Thor nodded silently as he swung his hammer around and took off into the air, causing some of the ships to shift their attention and go after him.

At that point, knowing the rest of the Skrull ships would still be on their tail, Carrie quickly closed the doors of the van as Buck restarted it and drove off with the ships on their tail.

Bucky: They still following us?!

Carrie: Still tailing us!

Desjardin: Can you make this van go faster, Buck?!

Bucky: Not that simple, Rita! I could use some cover fire though.

Lonny: Already got that covered.

Carrie: Wait. Ms. Desjardin, you can help out too.

Desjardin: But Carrie, I've never fired a gun before.

Carrie: Then you're about to have no choice.

She hands her the RPG......

....and while she wasn't fond of firing any weapons whatsoever, she eventually mustered the guts to take it just as Lonny yelled out:

Lonny: DRIVE!!

More of the ships flew down shooting at them  but Buck drove off as Rita began shooting them back but hadn't had a good aim

Back on the Avengers ship they were just over Chamberlain but then.....

The Nightcrawler appeared with Logan Kayla and Xavier which startled the others

Kurt: Hehehehe.....Guten Tag.

Tony: Well look what the cat dragged in.

Logan: Oh hell. I so did not sign up for this.

Kayla: Logan not now...*Coulps*

Xavier: Kurt take her to sit down.

He helped her over to the seats as Logan and Stark had some eye to eye rivalry then Rogers met Xavier's

Rogers: Professor.

Xavier: Capetian.

Clint: What's going on down there?

Logan: I'll tell you what's going on. A f**king alien invasion is taring that town apart and it tried shooting us! And I am not at my best strength now cause my girl's sick my kid's down there along with my friend! And I am in a s**ty way to pop!

Tony: And you tell me to watch my mouth.

Steve: As do you.

Xavier: Let me see what I can do. Logan?

Logan helped Xavier over to Banner still knocked out and he clamped his hands on Banner's head

He slowly closed his eyes as he focused his will power of the depths of Banners head, as he easily processed through......

.....and soon enough......

Bruce: bolts up; breathing heavily

......he gets up and suddenly gets all defensive until Logan stops him.

Logan: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Watch it, bub. We don't want to dissect you, ok?

Bruce quickly looks around to see the others looking at him oddly. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for him to understand what was happening since he remembered being kidnapped from earlier.....

Plus.....he noticed he wasn't wearing the same clothes from earlier.

Bruce: So.....they're here.

Steve: Yep.

Bruce: Someone's not willing to wait for us, huh?

Logan: OBVIOUSLY not. The least we CAN do is get some goddamn muscle to even out the situation.

At that point, Banner just looks outside of the window to see all the ships surrounding the area.

Bruce: So.....code green?

Clint: Pretty much.

Natasha: Yes.

As it cuts back down to the chase scene, Desjardin was starting to finally get her aim in as she barely locked onto a ship and fired.

Surprise, surprise, surprise, it hits the ship.....and it goes down.

Desjardin: Ah-ha! I got it! I got it!

Carrie: Keep going.

Desjardin: Oh yeah, right.

She once again locks onto another ship and shoots again as Lonny provides some cover fire of his own. But unfortunately, one of those ships get a lucky shot off as they blow off both of the vans back wheels.

Bucky: Argh!

Carrie quickly checks the scraping out of the window and sees the wheels were busted.

Carrie: Buck, wheels are capped.

Bucky: Yep, I noticed!

But that, unfortunately, was the least of their troubles as Laura spotted another potential problem up ahead.

Laura: Bridge.

She keeps pointing ahead.

Laura: Bridge, bridge, bridge. THERES A BRIDGE!

Bucky sees the bridge up ahead, but sees that due to the rapid destruction, a good chunk of it was destroyed, leaving this gal in hole in the middle of it.

Bucky: We got more incoming!

Desjardin: We got a DOCK full of incoming!

Bucky: That's not what I meant! The bridge up ahead is destroyed.

Without even considering the next option and while looking back at the ship, Buck suddenly puts the van into turbo and puts the pedal to the medal.

In other words, he just goes faster.

Bucky: Carrie, might wanna give me some air support. I'm bout to jump the gap.

Carrie: But Buck, I'm out!

Bucky: S__t.

At that point, Buck just had to make due with what he got. He goes faster just as they get to the edge and they SOAR through the air in slow motion as the van tries to make it to the other side.

Thanks to last minute split second timing, they do make it to the other side.

But their angle upon landing was off and as a result, the van ended up spinning and crashing out of control with all of them still inside.

Carrie had th children covered Desjardin was out cold but alive however Buck on the wheal still wounded

Carrie: ok?

Lonny and Laura nodded as Noah cried

Carrie: Hey shh *Holds him* Momma's here.

Buck: Ugh...

Carrie: Buck?!

Buck: Don't worry about me. Let's just get the hell out of here!

Carrie heard marching noises and looked out the broken window and saw skrulls approaching

Carrie: Oh sh**!

Buck: *Ignores his wound and picks up Desjardin* Let's move!

Buck kicked open the door carrying Desjardin running out fallowed by Carrie holding Noah fallowed by Lonny and Laura

They ran till Buck's wound had him fall and Carrie looked back and tried to help him up, but to her surprise, Buck resisted.

Buck: Just go.

Carrie: W-what?

Buck: You heard me..... I don't know if I can go on....

Carrie handed Noah to Laura and aided Bucky

Carrie: Buck listen to me you can't give up now! We got to meet up--

Buck: You don't understand... *Shows her his wound* This is it for me.

Carrie: *Gasps* No! Buck....

Buck: life got f**ked up in 1991. Rita here.....turned that around. And if it weren't for you Carrie....I never would have met her.

Carrie: *Tears up* Buck....

She looked down and looked at Desjardin  and just like she sensed Sue's pregancy she even sensed hers too

Carrie: Oh's a girl.

Buck: What??

Carrie: You don't know?

Buck looked at his love too and figured it out and smiled brightly and the skrulls were coming closer

Buck: GO! 

Still unwilling to let him go out like this but with little options left to speak of, Carrie still was not ready to let him go like this.

So she did him a favor.

She channeled a bit of her Godly energy and focused on that said wound. It stung at Bucky a little bit since he wasn't expecting it, but before he even knew, his wound was suddenly stitched up and "healed" and the blood stopped gushing out.

Bucky: did you....

Carrie: It's a complicated story, ok? But now is not the time, come on!

She took hold of Buckys hand as they trudged through the relentless amount of ruble and asphalt everywhere to catch up to the others, but unfortunately...... the time they caught up with the others, they saw that it wasn't so easy.

It was practically an ambush.

Skrulls surrounded all of them at every corner with their Chitari-like weapons pointed at them and with all of them with their backs to one another, it looked as if there was no escape this time.

Bucky: S__t.

Desjardin: Got any more bright ideas, Carrie?

Carrie: If I was still full, I'd still oblige. Lonny?

Lonny: I'm out too.

Laura: *breathing heavily* What now?

As timing would have it, nobody had to say anything after that, as a SHIELD jet immediately shooting at all the other Skrulls down in the area to the sudden surprise of the others.

They immediately look up as they see the hatch open up and they see HULK crashing down in slow-motion with Captain America on his back.

The moment they both crashed down, they immediately started tearing through the numerous number of Skrulls.....

Carrie: I'll be damned.

Bucky: Why they always have good timing?

Carrie: Doesn't matter now.

They both smiled slightly at each other as they left Desjardin, Lonny and Laura somewhere to hide as they went back towards the battle.

For a good chunk of the battle, Hulk just kicked, pummeled and smashed any Skrulls evolving around him and his back, while Bucky and the Captain initiated their famous double team assault and Carrie barely holding up a good defense with only a fraction of her powers restored.

After a total of 9 to 11 minutes, most of the Skrulls were either dead or they retreated. As for them, they were completely exhausted from how much of a fight the Skrulls put up.

Carrie: Ugh.....

Bucky: That was.....that was brutal.

Captain America: Too brutal at times.....looks back at him......just like in the old days.

They both chuckle mildly, before Carrie taps the Captain on his shoulder, causing him to turn around.

Captain America: Carrie.

Carrie: Cap'n.

Captain America: See you've been busy with these guys.

Carrie: I know, right? They're already pissing me off.

Admist their talk, an injured Skrull was just getting back up on its feet, snarling with its teeth seething in agony. At that moment, it spots Desjardin, with Lonny and Laura behind her. Seeking the opportunity, the Skrull grabbed the nearest Chitari gun up close to him, and aims the gun directly at her.....

......but not before Buck notices

(Wonder Woman reference)

Bucky: NO!!!

At the last second, Bucky picks a Chitari gun, gets in the way of the blast, and shoots at the Skrull.....while taking the shot at the same time as it impales him clean through, knocking him halfway across the pavement.

Desjardin: NO!!!!

As soon as the others heard the scream, Captain threw his shield at the Skrull, decapitating his head clean off before Hulk landed on him, crushing his body into bits since.....the Skrull was kinda like a bony skeleton.

Hulk: Puny Skrull.

After that interference, Carrie, and the Captain ran to Buckys aid as Desjardin lifted him up with tears literally pouring out of her eye sockets. She was torn up to see the man she loved inches closer to deaths doorstep.

Desjardin: No. No, no, no, no, no, no. Please, no. Bucky.....

Bucky slowly opens his eyes, despite being blurry from taking the shot, to see Rita and the others looking over him, worried.

Bucky: H-hey.

Carrie: Don't "Hey" me. Get him up, we're taking him back to HQ.

Bucky: No.

He grabs her arm tightly, using whatever grip he had left in his metallic arm.

Bucky: I'm....I'm done.

Carrie: W-what?

Captain America: No, Bucky. Come on. I've already lost you once in this lifeline. I'm not ready to let you go yet.

Bucky: Ne-neither was I.....But then I realized....I realized it doesn't matter.....because I'm still here.....and I'll still be with you.....'till the end of the line.

Steve couldn't help but to flinch as soon as he heard him say that, for the end of the line meant this moment, right now. One of his friends, shot down and crippled near deaths doorstep.....waiting for his chance to die.

Unfortunately, Desjardin wouldn't allow that.

Desjardin: No, no, no. No, Bucky. This isn't the end, you're gonna be alright. You know why? You know why you're gonna be alright?

There was this awkward silence before she ushered......

Desjardin: Because you're gonna be a father, ok? You're gonna be a father......because we're having a baby......*chuckles mildly*'s a little girl......and she's going to need her father to be there by her side, so you need to stick through this with me, ok? You need to come back to need to come back to us. Cause she needs you.

Bucky: *breathing heavily* No.....she....needs YOU.

He points to her heart, as she quickly grabs and grips his hand.

Desjardin: You said you'd leave no one behind.

Bucky: C-call it....a....a soldiers....sorrow.......

Overwhelmed, he sheds a tear of his own as he placed his metal arm onto the side of her face, wiping the tears away from her eyes as Desjardin, for the last time, leans close to him and presses her lips against him, kissing him softly. He willingly kisses back before his arms stopped functioning, his body started to erode and his face became stone cold frozen, with his eyes as the only exception as they were left open.


.....The Winter Solider had been put to rest.

Desjardin: Bucky, no. No, no, no, no, no, no! No! Please, no!

Captain America: Buck......

Both Caps and Desjardin were in distraught over Buck's lifeless body

Carrie was braking down too more in thought her godly powers would heal him.....but only his wound

But unfortunately the sorrows were short lived as a shear blast coming down from above at the center of Chamberlain

Sue (Gabriella Wilde) From her end got out of her car while driving home from shopping saw it too as did a crowd around her

Lidda (Jamie Chang) at Kurt's circus saw it too on tv Even Pete Rachel Liz and Michelle back in New York

Even Stan (Stan Lee) at the comic store saw it on his tv too

And up in the hellicarrier the Avengers with Fury were suited up already and came in with Hill in a rush

Hill: Sir, we're recieving more activity in Chamberlain

Fury: Put it on visiual.

Hill turned on Stark's visual screen on the main window showing the news broadcast

And then...

.....every channel around the world went statically making weird noises

(Man of Steel reference)

Then a voice on saying:





That message was being broadcast around the world in all languages and then....HIS voice spoke on the static

My Thanos.

Despite hearing the name WELL OVER a few times now every it's unheard it's like the very first time all over again it really went to show how much more impact THANOS had on the people of earth than Loki or Ultron

Many MANY years ago a former entity of mine was was given a simple task on my behalf: get me the tasseract and open the doors for MY world to enslave and enforce upon YOURS. Unfortunately it was more than just his stupidity that cost him dearly. It was mostly cause of your precious protectors. Earth's "Defenders".....

He pauses....

.....and suddenly the static quickly dissolved into mere pictures and images of any and ALL of the Avengers and the X-men (EXCEPT for Carrie and Rachel) All of which he holds responsible

These extraordinary beings shed their blood and sweat and sacerfice their bodies for you yet you humans to continue to slaughter each other in droves while they idly fret. A throne wouldn't suit me ill as it would do him. But since you have been deemed UNRULY you have alson been deemed UNWORTHY of such existence. In the end.....

Suddenly the screens cleared up as we finally see a clear visual of Thanos on screen holding up his gauntlet....with the Space Stone embedded in one of the few ports in it've ALL been MARKED for DEATH. So I will see to it MYSELF.

And the screens cut cut back to static and just manually shuts off......

~To be Continued/End Credits~

Mid-Credits Scene

Pete and the three girls walked down the hall after seeing Thanos's broadcast 

Rachel: Pete, what are we gonna do? We can't fight this guy

Peter: That's why we need the Avengers.

Rachel: Idk if the Avengers are any match for him either.

Peter: Well then....I guess we need the X-men too.

Rachel: They may be enough either.

Liz: Uh guys....sorry to interrupt but....

They came beside Michelle just to get shocked at what they're seeing

Liz: Are those....

Rachel: I think so...

Peter: Harry must've started a collection. Making him a target

The camera zooms at two infinity stones behind a sheer glass

~Cuts out~


  • Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) - took a shot from a skrull

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