The Carrie and Marvel crossover continues here. After the battle with Sinister in X-C 2 Carrie finds herself still alive but on Asgard where she was saved by Thor as she was brought in to heal. But soon after learning of her teacher Charles Xavier's disappearance, she and the Avengers soon face another new, if not similar threat to the world lead by the demonic Azazel. He currently sets in motion for the destruction of the Avengers and the X-men as a new and destructive telekinetic rises from his own grave by a powerful force hellbent on redemption for HIMSELF......Andrew Detmer. Now Carrie must, for the second time, team up with Earths Mightest Heroes to save Xavier, her Kurt and the whole world from this new threat.


  • Chloë Grace Moretz - Carrie White
  • Dane DeHaan - Andrew Demter
  • Robert Downey Jr. - Tony Stark (Iron Man)
  • Chris Evans - Steve Rogers (Captain America)
  • Hugh Jackman - Logan (Wolverine)
  • Chris Hemsworth - Thor
  • Mark Ruffalo - Bruce Banner (The Hulk)
  • Alan Cumming - Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
  • Patrick Stewart - Professor Charles Xavier
  • Tom Hiddleston - Loki
  • Scarlett Johansson - Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)
  • Jeremy Renner - Clint Barton (Hawkeye)
  • Sebastian Stan - Bucky Barnes (The Winter Solder)
  • Jason Flemyng - Azazel
  • Paul Rudd - Scott Lang (Ant-Man)
  • Liev Schreiber - Victor Creed (Sabertooth)
  • Paul Bettany - Vision

(More to come....)


After the following credits of Marvel studios and MGM the screen cuts to an empty graveyard at night zooming at one tombstone with the name "Andrew Detmer" on it......but then a dark purple lightning (Thanos's power) striked towards the grave sight and then......a hand burst out of the ground then rose.....Andrew Detmer (Dan Deehan) with his eyes black and anger in his blood

Later he walked the streets in a hoody as he walked pass a gang of thugs who just looked towards him smirking and fallowed him

Thug: Hey pal. You're walking in our turf. But if you want to use our street you're gonna have to pay the tull.

Andrew didn't repsond and just walked on

Thug: Hey buddy! Did you hear me?

He grabbed him but Andrew growled with his eyes glowing purple (Thanos's will or something like that) and used his telekinesis to kill the the thugs by tying them to street lights pushing them in windows by force and making cars run themselves running them over

Andrew: No one....messes with me again.

Unaware that another street guy but really an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. under cover saw the whole thing and spoke into his radio

Agent: Get me Directer Fury. Tell him we have another telekinetic.

-Tittle Sequence: Avenegers: Chronicles-

In the realm Asgard Carrie (Chloe Grace Moretz) woke up in the healing room where Thor (Chris Hemsworth) brought her to heal and how saved her from the castle collapsing and told her everything

Carrie: So your friend Heimdall saw me at the castle and you pulled me out with your rainbow bridge?

Thor: Correct. I brought you here into the healing room to treat your injuries from the fight.

Carrie: What about---ugghh Chris....?

Thor: We didn't see her. She was probably crushed by the collapsing.

Carrie: Maybe.....*To herself* But I doubt it.

Odin from behind (Anthony Hopkins): I make my summons to you and you ignore them again?

Thor: She is a friend.

Odin: She is mortal.

Thor: I brought her here to treat her injuries.

Odin: She does not belong here in Asgard anymore than a goat belongs in a bankrup table.

Carrie: Did he just---call me a goat? Who do you think you are?

Odin: I am Odin Allfather. King of Asgard. Protector of The nine realms.

Carrie: Oh. A king huh? Well I'm---

Odin: I know who you are. Carrita White.

That left Carrie stunned for if Odin knew who she is then he knew of her dark past

Carrie: Then--you know of.....

Odin: No more tragics of my doings. Since then I been devolping peace for the Nine realms.

Soon a gaurd came in a rush

Guard: Thor sir. Heimdall requests your precences. And the mortal's.

Carrie was a little stun still

At the bifrost

Heimdall: The bifrost has been having diffitcult errors. We may have to look into some damage control before we can use it again.

Carrie: But.....I got to get back home. The X-men---Kurt will be worried about me. I got to get back to them.

Thor: We'll get you home. We just need to fix the bifrost first. It shouldn't take long.

Carrie looked towards the pathway in the bifrost worried for her friends even more worried for her love Kurt

Back down to earth in a research lab In New York Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Dr. Pym (Michael Dougless drove in by a semi truck and they brought boxes in only for a light to be turned on them to see they had a visiter

Scott: Mr. Stark?

Tony (Robert Downway Jr.): Hello Scott.

Scott: So are you hear to arrest me?

Tony: Normally I should. Least from Ross's orders. But this is business.

Pym: Well the famous Tony Stark. I see you on tv but....too short in person.

Tony: So am I short from your angle? Or I am without the suit?


Scott: Don't mind him Stark. What's this about.

Stark throws him a file and Scott caught with one hand and opened and opened to read it

Scott: "Andrew Detmer"?

Tony: Record's show he was another telekinetic like the other two. Only.....he wasn't inherrited like them. Some kind of alien technoligy from a cave gave him his powers. Oddly he's suppose to be dead but.....after two nights ago.....that rumor was short lived when an agent spot him tare a few punks inside out.

There was a moment of silence till......

Scott: Tell Fury....I'll be there.

We cut later to Banner's cabin as he (Mark Ruffalo) came in with a grocree bag to see......

Romanoff (Scarrlet Johnson): Living up to the country now?

Bruce: Natasha? *Puts bag down* How did you find me?

Natasha: You're not that hard to find. Not to me.

Bruce: Yeah well Nat--

Natasha: Bruce this ain't about us. I don't want to start another fight with Miss Ross again but.....Fury wanted you to take a look at this.

She gives him the same type of files as Stark gave to Lang and Bruce put on his glasses and read the file

Bruce: Another telekinetic?

Natasha: They keep popping up I know. This one's a little different. He gain his abilities from some alien activity. The kid also had some problems as our friend Carrie did....only his problems caused him to nearly burn down a city.

Bruce: What does Carrie think of this guy?

Natasha: *Sighs* Carrie's dead.

Bruce: Wh-what?

Natasha: She was killed during a mission the X-men were on. Which brings me to another situation. Charles Xavier had been reported missing. Possibly kidnapped. The mutant: Raven Darkhome. Aka Mystique was recently upprehended for questioning. So far we got nothing out of her.

Bruce: And you and Fury want the other guy to beat answers out of her?

Natasha: Heh no. But.....S.H.I.E.L.D. has had sources of another mutant Mystique is working for. But I can tell you more if you're willing to help again.

Bruce gave Natasha a look and was a moment of silence

We cut to a helicopter flying towards an island and later when it lands who steps out was non other than.....Azazel (Jason Flemyng)

He was greeted by one of his men

Man: Afternoon sir.

Azazel: Is our guest secured?

Man: Yes sir. He's in our best secured facilities.

Azazel: And my son?

Man: We found him in some church. However the drug you made has made him more obidiant we already sent him after Barnes. Azazel: Excellent.

Later down in the facility Azazel lead by his men came down to the facility where a huge domb held.....

Charles Xavier!!

Azazel approached with his arms behind his back smirking

Xavier soon came into focus and saw Azazel

Xavier: Azazel.....

Azazel: Surprised Professor? I thought you would be.

Xavier: Where are we?

Azazel: In our hidden base. Somwhere in an unknown island to humanity. When I had Mystique bring you here and impersonate you for your precious chumps I had time to track down another old friend of yours. Come on in son?

Who stepped out of the shadows was......Andrew

Xavier: Andrew!

Azazel: Detmer yes. As I was told you offered him a place in your little school. But....didn't go so well did it?

Xavier: But how is he alive? He was impaled three years ago.

Azazel: A mutial friend was kind enough to grant him new life. Now that he's here. I have what I need to eliminate the Avengers before I deal with the X-men.

Xavier: All this time you and Raven been plotting. Is this really worth the loss of your son?

Azazel: My son....will know his right place. As you should have a long time ago.

Azazel was about to walk away till......

Xavier: Just encase your curious.....he did turn up to be a well young man.

Azazel slowly turned his head towards him

Azazel: Maybe more than any of us realize.

He walked out as Xavier made eye contact with Andrew

We cut later where Capetian America and Bucky were looking in for clues on Andrew at his old house

Bucky (Sebastian Stan): Looks like the remaning family moved out after this guy with out with a bang.

Caps (Chris Evans): Either that or they're all dead.

Bucky: I still don't think it was a good idea for you to bring me along Steve. I mean if Stark saw us.....

Caps: Doen't matter. We been through this Buck.

Buck: I know. I just.....

Suddenly they heard movement and readied themselves

It was quit for a moment.....till.....

Out of no where Buck was kicked down from behind and Caps swung his shield but the unknown figure dodged it and pounced Caps down and the figure was......Kurt???

Kurt (Alan Cumming): Guten tag.

He jumped up and Buck tried to shoot him but used his teleportation to dodge the bullets then appeared and swung his tail knocking Buck down the stairs

After he fell The Brainwashed Nightcrawler grabbed him and teleported

Rogers: BUCK!!

We cut back to Asgard where Thor was showing Carrie around who was in a same type of dress Jane wore in The Dark World

Thor: Asgard was built by our elders many millianums before. My grandfather Borr Allfather drove darkness out of the nine realms. As my father brought peace to the cosmos.

Carrie: I was told differently but.....your story does intriguet me a bit.

Thor: The warriars three the lady Sif and my brother fought for the great of Asgard and the reast of the realms for many generations. But.....

Carrie: Your brother? Loki?

Thor: Loki.....was found by my father in the Yodimhem after the battle with the frost giants. Loki.....was not as bad as everyone may think. Loki was twisted by my aragonce and he had no idea of his true herritage....until my exile to Earth. Loki died by help saving the nine realms from the dark elves.

From behind

Loki (Tom Hiddleston): Or did he?

They turned over

Carrie: *Gasps*

Thor: Loki....

Loki: Calm yourself brother. I didn't come here to fight. I can't even anyway. I'm not even here.

Thor: Then how are you--oh wait an image of yourself?

Loki: Correct.

Thor: Then how are you alive? I saw Malikith's monster---oh wait. Another one of your tricks?

Loki: You know me too well. I actually come to say goodbye.

Thor: What?

Loki: I retired from trying to become a king. I sort of.....well after I tricked you into thinking I was dead I paid a visit to earth with another....twisted plan. But then I met your friend.....Darcy.

Thor: Jane's intern?

Loki: Yeah.....see I posed as a college student to gather scientific knowledge to gain power.....but Darcy sort of.....soften me up thing lead to another and......well you get the picture.

Thor: And so.....things have changed for you?

Loki: Indeed. So.....I wish you the best brother.

Thor was just about to tear up.....then he nodded and soon the image of Loki disapeared knowing his brother finally found peace with himself beyond his dark deeds he gave a small smile

Carrie: Thor? Are you ok?

Thor: Yes. I---

before Thor could finish his sentence a guard came by.....again

Guard: Your majesty? Heimdall asks for your precences again.

At the bifrost

Heimdall: While repairing the bifrost I had time to look down at Midgard to see your mortal friends need your help.

Carrie: What's happened? Are the X-men alright.

Heimdall: They're fine. It's the Avengers that need your help. There's another telekenetic on the loose also a mutant demon is using it to cause havoc.

Carrie: Is it Rachel?

Heimdall: No. Apparently someone new. However one of your X companians was kidnapped just before I had Thor bring you here. Your teacher Xavier was taken.

Carrie: Professor Xavier?? Where is he?!

Heimdall: He was taken by a shape shifting mutant. 

Carrie: Mystique.

Heimdall: She was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. but hasn't given anything out yet.

Carrie: I'll make her talk! Thor we should go.

Thor: We will. Heimdall give me a destination.

Heimdall: Capetian Rogers and an agent are awaiting your arrival at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ.

Carrie and Thor stood together as Heimdall plugs in his sword to open the bifrost and they were transfered to Rogers and Agent Ross (Robert Patrick)'s postion

We cut to where the bifrost shot down to the field appearing Carrie and Thor as it fadded

Caps: Thor. It's bee too long.

Thor: Indeed it has.

They shook hands and it didn't take long for Rogers to notice Carrie

Caps: Carrie? Holy sh**! I thought you were dead.

Carrie: What?? Course I'm not dead. Who said I was dead?

Caps: Everybody.

Carrie: Huh??

Thor: Look now's not the time for this. Who's this?

Caps: Agent Ross. He's one of the head of the agentcy.

Ross: It's an honer.

Carrie: Ross??

Carrie paused into thought for she knew that last name belonged to the boy that took her to prom "Tommy Ross" and couldn't help but to ask

Carrie: Excuse me....Agent Ross? Did you ever had a young realitive name Tommy? 

Ross: *Sighs* He was my son.....

Carrie gasped softly for she felt horrible for hearing that knowing what happen to him THAT night

Carrie: I'm sorry.....

Ross turned away not saying a word as Caps and Thor made eye contact

At Avengers HQ

Carrie Thor and Rogers walked in where Stark Barton (Jeremy Renner) Banner and Romanoff awaited them and it didn't take long for them to noitce especially Stark noticing Rogers

Tony: Steve.

Steve: Tony.

Tony: And....Carrie? Aren't you suppose to be.....

Carrie: Yeah I been getting that a lot.

Rogers: Listen Tony we don't got time for this. So why don't you give us the results.

Tony: Afraid I might try to kill your friend for killing my parents.

Natasha: Hey. Whatever your issues are with each other you can settle them after this. Now the rundown?

Tony: *Sighs* Friday? Give us the run down on Andrew Detmer.

Friday: Right away, sir.

The screen on the window came on came on revealing the file on Andrew

Friday: Andrew Demter. Age: 17. Parents: Deseeced. Abused at the age of 16th. Detials and scetchy show his powers are formed from alien source unknown. Power type: Massive emount telekenesis.

Carrie: Oh god.....

Tony: Hmm.....alright now give us the detail on this.....Azazel mutant guy.

Carrie: Mutant?

Friday: Azazel: The demonic mutant of the Neyaphem race.

When Carrie looked at Azazel's face on the screen she couldn't help but to notice.....a small resemblence between him.....and Kurt.

Carrie: *To herself* Kurt.....

Friday: He was the leader of the warriars of the Neyaphem gaurdians but reported: Exstinct. Till.....Azazel's appearance recently. Location

Carrie was a little stunt.....she was quit till for the longest moment till.....

Natasha: Carrie? You ok honey?

Carrie: Huh? Yeah...I'm just....I'm worried about Rachel and Kurt. I need to see them.

Tony: Well Rach is in New York with far they been.....

Friday: Sir? I'm sorry to interupt but there's just been recent activity in New York City.

Tony: Give me a run down.

Friday: Criminal Identity: The Green Goblin. Alter ego: Unknown. The object that was stolan was a sample of the Super Soldier serum. 

Something on that had Rogers puzzeled Carrie however......was worried about Rachel

Carrie: Rachel's in New York....and if that guy is there too.....I got to get to her.

Tony: Hold it hold it, kid. I think Rachel will be safe with Pete I trust him. Besides if you're worried that much....*To Romanoff and Clint* Can you two go take a close investigation? I need to make sure Pete doesn't hurt himself.

Clint: No problem.

Romanoff: Don't worry Carrie. We'll insure Rachel is alright. We'll even tell her you're alive.

Clint: If we're not too distracted.

Romanoff: Really?

Carrie: Come on guys.

Clint: Sorry kid.

Romanoff: We won't be gone for long. Just stay out of trouble.

Tony: Not good at it. But I'll try.

Rogers: That'll be a first.

Tony frowned at him a little annoyed at him

Then soon Black Widow and Hawkeye made their way to the elevater to set off to New York the doors closing had Carrie more worried

(See the back ground story with Romanoff and Hawkeye at Spider-Man: Right Hand Of Power)

After they left Carrie was abit shakey about everything and with the others still talking no one noticed she wondered out of the room and headed out downtown

We cut back to Azazel's island where he fallowed by Andrew and Kurt came back in the facility where Xavier was held and didn't take long to notice him

Azazel: Hello Professor. Rest well?

Xavier: Azazel end this madness now and release me. This doesn't have to be this way.

Azazel: On the contrary, it does. For a few more in surprises in store.

Kurt still brain washed stepped foward from behind Azazel 

Xavier: *Gasps* Kurt!

Azazel: You see Charles Kurt has embraced his....."True" nature and has extanded his rightful MY side.

Xavier: You've taken his own freewill. Azazel how could you do that to your OWN son?

Azazel: No, Professor. YOU took his freewill you held him from his real purpose. And like any father would do I opened my son's eyes. And now for the next surprise.

He snapped his fingures and they brought in.....Buck tied on a stretcher

Buck: Where the hell am I?!

Azazel: Charles, meet Sargent Bucky Barnes. He was a war hero during World II. However HYDRA had made him into the ultimate warriar which sadly.....turned him and the Caps into criminals. For abserve. 

He held out his hand and one of his men gave him....."The book"

Azazel: Longing. Rusted. Seventeen. Daybreak. Furnace. Nine. Benign. Homecoming. One. Freight car.

Suddenly Buck's face went completly emotionless and stared up to the sky engaged: Search and Destroy

Azazel: Solider?

Bucky: Ready to comply.

Azazel: Mission report. December 16th. 1991.

They released him from the restraints and he stood emotionless

Azazel: Andrew? There's a helicopter waiting to take you down to the mainland. To go have some fun. Solider? You'll be riding with him.

Xavier: Andrew, listen to me. It's not too late. End this and come with me to the school.

Andrew: Save it. I'd rather be a hurricane than be at some school to be mistreated again

Xavier: You won't be.

Andrew: Too late to suck up.

Xavier: You don't understand. There was once another student of mine who had the same problems as you. She grew strong and brave to the end. You have more in common with her than you know.

Andrew stood there in silent till......he just turned away and went on board to the chopper and took off

We cut later where Carrie walked by in the outscurts of town then.....she looked towards a bar and see's.....a familiar bike parked by the sidewalk by it 

Carrie: *Gasps softly* He's here.....?

She went in to looking around around with many bikers playing pool and drinking and country music playing

Then Carr looked over at the bar and saw......

Logan (Hugh Jackman): Another hit, bub.

Bartender (Stan Lee): That's five already. You should've been dazed by now.

Logan: Don't put it on my tab.

Carrie: Logan?

He looked over and was just to see the stunned to see the girl he thought was gone standing across the room

Logan: C--Carrie?

He dropped his glass shattering on the flour spilling the alcolhol around Logan approached her slowly and after a short silent moment.....he grabbed her in a tight hug

Logan: I thought you were---

Carrie: Yeah. I'm getting that a lot.

He pulled off and said

Logan: Where have you been all this time? We all saw the castle fall on you.

Carrie: It didn't really fall on me. I was pulled out by Thor and brought to Asgard. And restored me back to health. I wanted to come straight home afterwards by the bifrost had some errors. Where is everyone?

Logan: Back at the mansion. Rebuilding it. I had to stay here with Kayla cause....Scott lately has been....I don't know how to describe it, but it's clear he doesn't trust me.

(That'll be brought out more in another story)

Carrie: And Kurt?

Logan: He left.

Carrie: What??

Logan: When we thought you were gone, he was broke the hell down. He couldn't bare it....and so he left.

At that point, Carrie couldn't help but to bare her head down in sadness. She knew that Kurt wouldn't take the news well, but.....she didn't know he would take it THIS badly.

Carrie: My poor Kurt......we got to find him and the Professor.

Logan: You know he's missing?

Carrie: Thor's friend Heimdall filled me in. He see's all. But.....first things first, we should get back to Tony.

Logan: Stark? Ughh for Christ sake...

Carrie: Come on. Ik you don't like him but he and the Avengers are the only ones that can help us.

Logan: Well....alright....but first we need to make a stop somewhere....I been fallowing my leads and....I'll show you when we get there. *To bartender* put that on my tab.

He put a 20$ flat on the bar table as he and Carrie walked outside and went to the bike (his bike)

Carrie: Can't believe you're letting me on your bike.

Logan: Don't get used to it, kid. I don't have any seatbelts on this expected. Here.

He handed her his helmet and she put it on.

Logan: Don't lose it; it's the only one I've got.

Carrie nodded and held on to him and Logan turned the ignition and the bike rummed then they road off but unaware that......they were being fallowed by an unknown figure on his bike

Figure: Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.

Whatever IT was, it quickly proceeded after them.

Back at Avengers HQ, Stark had his arms crossed as he stared idly at the screen displayed over the window as it showed some sort of reading alien symbiote (Later explained in Spider-man: Alien Activity)

Tony: Friday? Could there be a connection between this new telekinetic and this.....other possible alien activity?

Friday: The answer is unknown, sir. Although, the readings do show a slight link between the readings in the cave and the meteor crashlanding in Central Park west.

Rogers: Willing to bet there's more than meets the eye to this alien stuff.

Tony: I'm betting on Loki.

Rogers: What makes you think he's behind this?

Tony: Come on. He's had a strong connection with aliens when we faced him in New York. The odds are if he looked into Carrie's powers and sent that meteor to expose the other kid know, it makes sense.....well, at least to me.

Rogers: Yeah, to YOU it does. But that's Impossible. His file said this event occurred on 2012. Carrie's event happened a year after. And one more other then, the time he actually attacked us was TWO YEARS BEFORE the events with Andrew.

(That's the inconsistency problem with the timeline now)

Tony: Well, then it's possible he sent the meteor shower.

Thor: Unlikely.

The two quickly turn over to see the God Of Thunder in their presence, with a.....somber expression on his face.

Thor: Loki has since then given up his greed and lust for power.

Rogers: How do you know that for sure? He is one with tricks.

Thor: And he is still my brother. He came to visit me and Carrie in Asgard. Told us goodbye. Saying he's starting a new life. I know my brother well and he was not tricking. Our mother's death in the hands of Malikith had effected him more than all of us. It could have changed him.

Rogers: Sure you're not falling under his spell or something?

Thor: Everyone deserves a second chance, Rogers. You would know that better than anyone when it comes to your friend.

Tony: Thor I get he's your bro. But didn't I hear something that you threaten him once?

Vision (Paul Bettany): *Walks in* If Thor.....speaks the truth of his brother.....then perhaps it's wise to believe what he says. Loki may have been an inament threat once.....but.....he helped Thor defend the nine realms in many ways.

Thor: And in his last act he helped me fight Malikith.

Tony: Would you even say this if you were still Jarvis?

Vision: Course I would, sir.

Then suddenly the alarm went off

Friday: Sir, there's a situation down in san frincisco.

Tony: Give us satilite visiual.

Friday shows visiual on the screen of.....Andrew attacking the city with his powers

Rogers: I think that's our man.

Thor: What are we waiting for then?

Tony: Where's Banner?

Rogers: He went off to the main hellicarrier to gain more info on Mystique.

Tony: Damn.....let's just suit up.

Later we cut to Logan and Carrie riding on his bike passing the sign "Welcome to San Frincisco"

(Uh oh....)

Carrie looked around as they rode till......a flying ruble came flying at them

Logan: WHOA!!

He turned the bike sideways crashing it on a near by wall on a building

Carrie: Ugh....what was that?

Logan: GET DOWN!

He pulled her head down as more ruble came flying above them

Carrie: What in the.....

She looked over down the road to see......Andrew causing destruction Carrie frowned and approached him

Logan: Carrie NO!

Suddenly he was pounced on from behind by......

Sabretooth (Lieve Schieder): Jimmy boy!

Logan: Victor! You seriously need a new goddamn hobby.

Victor chuckled then Logan pressed out his claws then came another slash attack duel between the two rivaling siblings

Meanwhile it wasn't long till Andrew saw Carrie on the other side and frowned and both approached one another clutching their fists

Carrie saw people panicing and running in doors

Carrie: Get inside! It's not safe.

As soon as the two telekinetics stood face to face with one another staring dead at one another

Carrie: I know you....

Andrew: As I know're like me.

Carrie: In a way. But I don't harm people....not anymore.

Andrew: I was told about you. About your gifts. Your curse.

Carrie: Then you know I'm not one to be triuphled with. They call me the Angel of Havoc.

Andrew: But Azazel told me of yor weaknesses for humans....for your X friends.....Xavier himself told me---

Carrie: What--what?! You have the Professor?!

Andrew: Him....and some blue hairy demon....

Carrie: Kurt?!?!

Carrie unleashed her fury at Andrew but he unleashed his begining the battle of force

They crashed through buildings demolished streets and pushed on each other by force

Loagn and Victor were still at each other slashing healing and growling

Victor: Give it up Jimmy. We've been doing this for years now. Sooner or later one of us will have to bite it.

Logan: And that someone's gonna be you bub.

The fights continued till......

The Avengers arrived!!

Capetian America from a roof top Iron man blasted between Logan and Victor

Iron man: Sorry to interupt but this family meeting's over.

Logan: For you it will be one day.

Ant-man in small size ran towards Carrie and Andrew while SHE had him by his shirt

Carrie: Where are they?!

Andrew: Why don't you GOOGLE it?!

He pushed her off her by force but then......Ant-man grew into human size and kicked Andrew square across the face, knocking him out for only a short while as Thor landed besides Carrie, just in time?

Thor: Are you alright?

Carrie: I've had worse.

From the rooftop Caps watched down till......he heard a gun click and slowy turned around and slightly gasped

Caps: Buck.....??

Ignoring his statement, Buck quickly fired his gun at the Captain.....leaving him no other choice.....

Captain: Not again with this.

.....but to fight back.

It became pretty clear that there wasn't gonna be a decisive winner with them as they kept blocking, reversing and counter-attacking everything they had in them. Unfortunately, as Caps dropkicked Buck back away from him, he suddenly got caught in a pulsating force.

Except it wasn't Carries.

As the camera revolves around down below him, it showed Andrew gripping onto him fro behind, almost as if he was choking him.


Caps threw his shield knocking Andrew down then the controled Buck grabbed Rogers from behind Carrie saw and gasped and turned to Thor

Carrie: Thor, quick. Give me your hammer.

Thor: What?? But.....I don't think you'll be able to lift it.

Carrie: It's worth a try now. Now give it to me!

Thor thought Carrie didn't know what she was asking for but he slightly handed her the minmojr and Carrie......DID lift it

Thor was surprised then Carrie threw it knocking Buck out

Everyone stared at her oddly after that and didn't take long for Carrie to notice

Carrie: What??

We cut later when everyone was at the helicarrier and Andrew Sabretooth and Buck were in secured facilities Stark was a little intence knowing the killer of his parents was aboard the carrier and......Carrie came in to visit an OLD friend in the interigation room

Mystique: Well.....look who's still alive.

Carrie: *Sits* I'm hearing that a lot. I need answers.

Mystique: About Charles?

Carrie: And about Kurt.

Mystique: Kurt?!

Carrie: And this Azazel guy. I was told he's the one who has them. Has Kurt under some mind control. Andrew mentioned he has them. And that you're the one who took the Professor before Sinister attacked us. Now....Where ARE they?!

Mystique: *Sighs* there's an island in the south of the indian ocean. It's under some cloacking energy for plains and jets are unable to detect. Not even your black-plane nor this hellicarrier.

Carrie: You said it was in the south of the indian ocean.

Mystique: And you think you can find it by fallowing the ocean?

Carrie: You'd be surprised of what I'm cabible of, Raven.

Mystique: DON'T call me that! She's dead!

Carrie: I don't believe that. Neither does the Professor. He told me you two were friends once.

Mystique: That was a long time ago.

Carrie: And he still cares about you. Think about it one day.

Carrie left leaving Raven confused

Later in the main control room Rogers Stark Banner Logan and Lang were discussing on what to do with Andrew Victor and Buck Stark made up his own mind on Buck and Rogers kept declying on that

Tony: Honest opinion...I don't recomine Barnes has a premotion on this.

Steve: He's not himself he wasn't.....that night.

Tony: You know I am sick and tired of you defending him. If he has no control of himself why did he STILL run when those events took accured?

Steve: That's the part you're not listening to. If you'd stop jumping into conclution...

Banner: Guys, guys, come on. There's no need for this. Plus I don't think Barnes is our main concern at this point.

Thor: Agreed. Detmeter is our primary objective. We need to know what exactly has been making him tick.

Logan: Maybe the same as Carrie. She had a relapse herself but the Professor found her.

Tony: : Hey no offence Logan, you're not even part of this team. I mean you kinda hate us so why help with this?

Logan: Maybe let one of MY teamates in your group and someone has to make sure none of you get her killed. Mainly you.

Thor: Enough! This does not help with our situation.

Carrie soon came in and caught the comtion and the only ones that notice her was Banner and Logan

Rogers: I'm not one to cause rants...but I can't tollerate your judgementals on Buck during this chrises.

Tony: I TOLD you. Barnes murdered my parents and I was never gonna change my mind about him.

Rogers stood up just as Stark and Logan and Banner looked at Carrie

Banner: Run.

Logan: Now.

Rogers swung his shield at Stark knocking him off the balcony but he turned his watch as a pack of his suit came attatching on to him flew back on Carrie ran as the brawl came on and....came across Ant-man examing Barnes in his cell

Carrie: Scott??

Scott: Ohh...sorry I was just uhh...examing Barnes on his....

Carrie: Nevermind that now. We need to take a jet and find that island Mystique mentioned. And bring him.

Scott: What?? But what if he--

Carrie: If the professor is on that island....he can help Buck snap out of his trance. And possibly help Kurt if he's there.

Scott: Uhh...sure alright. I'll round up the others and....

Carrie: No! Only the three of us. Your powers can help you get around anywhere big or small....I need you as my second eyes.

Scott: I don't know if this is such a good idea.

Carrie: The professor's Buck's only hope. And I have to get Kurt back.

Scott: I--

Carrie: Scott. What would you do if your daughter was on that island?

Scott sighed softly taking a minute to think about Carrie's question at that moment....he nodded

Mean while the Capetan and Iron man continued their brawl they crashed through walls and smashing through objects punch and beating till Thor's hammer was thrown and it hit Iron man making him fly off across the room and Logan pinned Caps to a wall pointing his claws at him

Caps: Get off me!

Logan: Shut up and listen bub! I get what it's like not be fond of that rich tin man but this issue you two got going on has to stop. They're lives at stake. And this pointless brawl doesn't help with any damn thing!

Caps: But--

Logan: But it up your ass! Or shove your shield up it. (Lol) My friends Charles and Kurt are out there. And this brawl of yours might get them killed! Now knock it off.

Caps sighed and cutting to Thor and Iron man

Iron man: Stay out of this!

Thor: I cannot do that. This rivalry between you and Rogers is meaningless.

Iron man: His friend killed my--

Thor: My mother died too.

Silenced till....

Thor: The dark elf Malikith killed my mother. She died protecting Jane. Her death effected Loki more than any of us for SHE was the only thing that made him good inside. Now that she's gone....Loki left his dark ways behind and found a new home. I am truely sorry for your loss Stark. But now vengeance is corrupting you. Let it go before it's too late.

Iron man sighed softly and as he left the room he noticed out the window a jet was flying off (The same jet Carrie Scott and Buck were on) and had a suspicous feeling on something...

We cut later at the jet where Scott was piloting (surprisingly) and Carrie had the out cold Buck restrained to his seat, inder the assumption that he wouldn't escape if he was still in his trance. After leaving him there, she went up to the cockpit area and then sat besides Scott.

Scott: Look; if we can't detect this island on the radar, how will we find it?

Carrie: We're above the Indian ocean. Raven said it was south from here. We should keep a close eye out.

Scott: And how can you possibly--?

Carrie: Kurt and I have a bond--in a way....We can always find each other. By faith.

Scott: You're pretty tight on that. But just to be--Wait a minute.......there's a fog up ahead.

Carrie quickly looked forward through the windshield to saw the fog and that gave her the urging feeling that their destination was just behind that blanket of fog up ahead.

Carrie: Keep on.

Scott: What?! But we won't see a damn thing in that fog.

Carrie: Keep. On.

They way Carrie was commanding Scott, especially with the demeaning tone in her voice and the shifting change in her eyes made it clear that it was dumb for Scott to argue any further. He wouldn't stand a chance either he kept on.

(Good choice)

As he accelerated the jet only a few feet forward, it pressed onward, passing through the endless blanket of fog as it blinded the screen, but as it cleared itself to a first person view then.....

They found THE island.

Scott: I'll be damned.

Carrie: You're welcome.

A few minutes later, they had landed CAUTIOUSLY. Soon as they opened the hatch, Carrie came out in her X-men uniform just zipping it up and started looking around her. Turns out the island wasn't so much of an island as it was more like a facility.....Sunkist to Strikers island. Except it was less menacing. At that point, she was followed behind by Ant-Man in his full costume, helmet and everything.

Ant-Man: we gonna find your teacher and your boyfriend on an island this big? Plus, that fortress entrance is no doubt heavily guarded.

Carrie: Well.....can't I shrink down to YOUR level?

Ant-Man; This the only suit I got.

Carrie: *sighs* could.....shrink down and squeeze through that pipe. I'll have to find another way in.

Ant-Man: So this means a race to the lair, huh? Then the challenge is on.

He shrinks himself to "Flea" size

Ant-Man: *High pitched voice* Eat my dust!


He quickly made a beeline into the pipe and ran down it as Carrie went to her left, but in the jet.....

.....Buck, still in his trance, suddenly woke up.

(Ohh crap....)

We then cut a minute later where Ant-Man was in a vent and he kept on ranning 'till he found a vent where he overheard a phone conversation from......Azazel

Azazel: Phase 2 is in the bag now. Once phase 3 is complete, the Avengers won't be too much of an issue. That's what we have the boy for. Once he eliminates the Avengers, we can focus on the X-Men. Since a relible friend of mine manged to create a raging fever of them with one his clones, the X-men will surely be torn by each other.

Ant-Man: *High pitched* Crap! I got to find Carrie and fast.

Later, Carrie manged to find a way in and roamed the halls without being seen till.....

She felt a precence from behind and then.....

The hypnotized Kurt teleported and attacked but Carrie turned around at the last possible second and pushed him back with her powers as Kurt fell through another hall, causing Carrie to ran after him.

But the hall was suddenly empty.

Carrie: Kurt! Kurt?

He was nowhere to be seen....which means no doubt he teleported.

Carrie fallowed the tunnel to a lab and looked around

Carrie: Kurt?

Suddenly she saw the elevator across the room beeping then a second later.....the doors opened then who step out was.....the Winter Solider stepped out.

And he immediately starts to shoot at Carrie. But luckily, she blocks the bullets.

Unfortunately, her powers started running low and that gave Bucky the opportunity he needed as he kicked Carrie back, forcefully propelling two of the bullets into her. She withers in agony as she looks at the blood, slowly leaking out of her.

Carrie: Argh.....

She once again stood up, only for Buck to grab her and then throw her down again. But that's when Carries eyes went black.

Carrie's powers increased for a split second as she FLEXED her arms, causing the gun to just slip out of Bucks hands and then she pushed Buck back, causing his head to bounce off the concrete wall, effectively knocking him out.

Carrie once again began groaning in pain from the shots she took earlier. Suddenly sensing duct tape from a mere distance away, she had to manually take some from one of the few tables and wrap it around her abdomen to cover her wound. Yet, blood still leaked through it, albeit not as much a sudden before.

She then trudged on forward until she felt a presence nearby, booming through her head. She followed it into the main hall until she found the dome where Xavier was being kept in.

Carrie: *Gasps* Professor!

Xavier: What? Carrie??

She limped over and looked for the controls to the dome

Carrie: Hold on, I'm gonna get you out.

Xavier: Carrie! Look out!

She looked over to see Kurt attack her again, but immediately, she pushed him back again by force and......tried to reason with him

Carrie: Kurt, it's me. Carrita!

Kurt hissed for he attacked again but what was left of her powers she used them to hold him back

Carrie: Kurt! Don't do this!

Xavier: Carrie, just get out of here!

Carrie: No! Not without you two!

Her powers were running low again so Carrie's eyes went black again pushing him back knocking him out and she fell on the flour

Carrie: Ugh....

She crawled back to the control room and luckily hit the right button releasing the professor

Xavier since he didn't have his wheal chair manged to crawl to Carrie and helped her stand

Xavier: You alright?

Carrie: I'm not sure. Listen can you help Kurt?

Xavier: I believe so. Help me up.

Carrie wrapped Xavier's arm around around her neck then Carrie carried him to Kurt who was out cold

Xavier tapped his arms on Kurt's head and managed to break the mind control over him with his telepathy then.....Kurt gasped while waking up as Carrie smiled with tears

Professor: Kurt....

Kurt: Oh...Schieza....wha---professor? *Gasps* Carrie??

Carrie: Yes! Kurt it's me Mien Geilbte!

Kurt teared up and rushed to Carrie then embraced each other in a tight hug

Kurt: Oh thank the lord! I thought I was never gonna see you again.

Carrie: That's what I thought of you too.

Kurt: But---how did you survive? And---where were you all this time?

Carrie: It's a long story, Kurt. I don't even know where to start......I just knew that I had to find you. I love you Kurt.

Kurt: And I love you, Carrtia.

We cut later when Buck woke up and he was finally out of his trance but woke up with a bad headache

Buck: Damn! My head....where am I?

Iron man: Right where I want you!

He looked over to see Iron man who fallowed Carrie and Scott earlier and pointing his power gloves at him about to blast him

Iron man: And this time Steve ain't here to cover your ass!

Buck: Wait, Tony please! Listen....I know I caused you pain. It was my fault. If I had any control of myself of course I never would have.....your father---was a good man. And I know I can never take back what I done....but I am....truely sorry. And I know it won't mean anything.....but I want you to know.....that I am.....

Iron man: Sorry won't change anything!

Bucky: You're right. And I know I don't deserve your forgiveness for anyone's that matter. Not even Steve's. What I done to you is what I will pay for for the rest of my entire life. And....I really am....Sorry, Tony.

It was a moment of silence as Iron man stood there pointing his gloves and then.....

He let out a soft sigh and lowered them

Iron man: This changes nothing. Let's just find the others and get out of here. But stay out of my way.

Bucky sighed and nodded and fallowed Iron man to find the others

We cut to Azazel's office where one of his men came rushing in

Man: Sir! We have intruders in the facility. They got the Professor plus we've had sightings of the Iron man landing on the island.

Azazel: Get a full force down to the lab. No one leaves alive.

We cut back to Carrie Kurt and Xavier where they both helped him up and soon the doors opened and no one came in.....or did they....

Kurt: Where---

Ant-man grew back in human size

Ant-man: Guess you beat me. But we got to make tacks soon.

Carrie: What---?

That's when the alarm went off and everyone slightly panicked

Xavier: They know we're here!

Kurt: Everybody grab hold, quick!

Just as everyone to Kurt the doors across the room opened and in slow mode Azazel walked in and made mild eye contact with Kurt just as he was teleporting and then.....

They were gone

In normal mode Azazel grew a little angry but had no time to go after them all he knew was it was now.....up to Andrew to finish the job

Outside Carrie and Kurt carrying Xavier with his arms around their shoulders headed back to the jet fallowed by Ant-man where they later met up with Stark and Buck

Carrie: Mr. Stark?

Tony: Yeah big surprise but no time to get excited.

Xaiver: Mr. Stark.

Tony: Professor.

He pressed on aboard the jet as Buck readied the systems and Kurt and Carrie helped the professor into a seat and strapped him in

Carrie: You good?

Xavier: More so...

Kurt: So where to now? Back to the mansion?

Stark: Uh...fat chance right now blue boy. We have to get back to the hellicarier before we do anything else. We still got that Demeter kid there.

Xavier: Andrew? *Closes eyes* Carrie. We need to get him back to the mansion as soon as possible. There are things we have to clear from his mind.

Carrie: What??

Tony: Well hold up Profs. He's under S.H.I.E.L.D. custody now.

Xavier: I will pay for his bail myself. He has important info that may help on a few details that may help both the X-men and the Avengers.

They soon took off and made their way back to the hellicarrier

Back there in Andrew's cell his head was filled up with memories of his past the tourtments he suffered the destruction he caused his death even.....Thanos riving him and suddenly his eyes started to POP open and turn instantly black

The hellicarrier started shaking

Banner:What in the name of.....

Rogers either we landed and didn't know it and just an earthqauke or we had a tip on the carrier.

Thor: I doubt it's any of the above.

Logan: *Rushes in* Carrie's not on this ship. Nor is that Buck guy Stark nor Lang.

Rogers: What?!

Suddenly Andrews cell was busted open by force and Andrew walked out with rage in his eyes he even busted open every cell he passed even releasing Mystique and Sabretooth

Banner: This ain't no earthqauke.

Thor: It's him.

Thor holds out his hand and his hammer came flying in it and flew straight up then suddenly Victor pounced on Logan from behind.....again and they both went fell down the stairs Banner and Rogers looked down then.....the main doors exploded and Andrew emerged from the smoke

Rogers: Alright kid, it's time for your nap.

He took his shield throwing it but Andrew stopped it with his telekinesis and launched it back at him hitting his head he fell Banner looked towards then Andrew pushed HIM down the stairs with Logan and Victor

Down there Logan and Victor stood face to face again

Logan: I'm really sick of your bullsh** Creed.

Victor: One of us is gonna have to go down then. By the other.

They were about to fight till....Banner landed in pain and....a little ticked off....(Oh.....boy....)

Banner: That kid.....has really....pushed my.....BUTTENS!

He soon turn green and grew big and buffed he was the Hulk again

Victor: Whoa....check out the big brocholi.

Hulk looked at him frowning and PUNCHED him out the window but outside he landed in water (He lives)

Logan: Whoa.....nice.

Hulk: Hmph. Hate brocholi.


Andrew then stood infront of the main windows out to the view then he held out his hands taking control of the helicarrier heardling towards a town below......Chamberlain

Carrie and the others in their jet saw it happening and looked towards the old town that filled her life in darkness.

Bucky: Good lord.

Carrie: My home...

Scott: Going in stealth mode

Once it was switched to stealth mode another jet came flying out of the carrier it was Mystique making her escape and she flew off

Andrew was forcing the carrier speed down towards the town where Ms Desjardin (Judy Greer) was back home from shopping and didn't notice the hellicarrier coming

Inside Logan and Caps had to take cover but Thor and Hulk jumped right out and just in seconds before the carrier crashed Thor caught Desjardin and pulled her out of the way

Desjardin: What the hell?!

Thor: Fear not mortal woman. You are harms way.

Desjardin: D--do I know you?

That's when Logan and Caps burst out and Logan healed as Rogers barely had scratch

Desjardin: Mr. Logan?

Then Hulk landed down on his feet roaring making Desjardin scream at his appearance till.....

The jet landed and out came Stark Ant-man Buck Kurt carrying Xavier and last Carrie

Desjardin: Carrie??

Carrie: Ms. Desjardin?

Desjardin: B--but I heard you were----

Carrie: I know. I know.

And then soon out of no where Clint and Romanoff reappeared in the nick of time

Clint: Sorry we're late. We had a little....goblin trouble.

Romanoff: Don't forget vampire.

Iron man: Well better late than never. How's Pete?

Carrie: And Rachel?

Romanoff: They're both fine.

And then the wrecked hellicarrier began to shake and everyone stared dead at it

Caps: Something tells me our friend's not done playing.

Iron man: Yeah, neither am I.

Carrie: Someone get Ms. Desjardin to safety.

Bucky: I'll take her. Come with me Miss.

Rita stopped dead in her tracks as she stared at Buck feeling frozen and her heart speeding thinking:

Where have you been all my life?

Then.....the front of the wrecked carrier blows up then Andrew drumatically stepped out and the Avengers all stood ready

Andrew: You idiots stay out of my way and no one gets hurt!

Caps: Sorry, kid. But we can't allow you to harm more innocent people.

Iron man: So you either surrender or it's YOU who gets hurt.

Andrew roared and pushed half of them away by force but Carrie pushed back with her own force forcing Andrew to fly across the ruble

Thor flew up and created a storm to make distraction but Andrew looked up and pushed him down by his powers Thor flew off dropping his hammer

Andrew approached it and grabbed the hammer but.....couldn't lift it

Andrew: What--?

He pulled harder even used his powers but no matter what he did he couldn't lift it like Carrie did but then.....

Logan jumped down roaring with his claws out and swung them but Andrew dodged each swing till.....he SLASHED his arm

Andrew yelled out and pushed him off by force

Carrie: Logan!!

She jumped down and faced dead at him with an angry face

Andrew: You and I....are not so different. Not only do we have the same powers....but the same lives.

Carrie: What'd you getting? You hurt my friend.

Andrew: These people aren't your friends. They only want to use you. Like they used me. And once they're done they'll either cast you out....then kill you.

Carrie: That's how it started....But things change.

Carrie used full force but Andrew pushed back and it a massive fight of power

Hawkeye tried to get a clear shot but with all the movement telekinetic energy around he couldn't get right aim

Clint: Damn!

Carrie and Andrew force punches made massive impacts around the place

Till.....Hulk grabbed Andrew by the leg and smashed him down like he did to Loki

Carrie: Whoa....nice one, big guy.

Hulk slightly grinned till.....

Andrew made an outburst making Carrie and Hulk fly across the crater and he levitated up but then Kurt teleported behind and wrapped his tail around his neck

Kurt: Guten tag!

That gave Hawkeye to shoot his arrow and stunned Andrew for a quick second

Then Thor threw his hammer hitting Andrew and he flew into an abandon building

Caps: Now's our chance. Come on!

Caps ran into the building fallowed by Carrie Logan Kurt Iron man and Romanoff

Inside they looked around the place

Kurt: Where is he?

Carrie: He's here somewhere...


A massive force was blown they all lost their balance then Andrew approaching with everything shaking around him

Andrew: You're all thorns in my sight! It's time to die!

He soon held his hands causing the ceiling to tumble till Carrie held out her hands holding him at bay with her powers but Carrie's powers were beginning  to were running low again from the fight from earlier she soon fell on her knees still trying to hold him off

It seemed like all was lost.....until....Andrew was zapped from Loki?!

Andrew was stunned and passed out

Logan: Tie him up quick!

Kurt: Hopped over and tied Andrew's hands and feet together

Capetian America and Iron man (Both): Loki?!

Loki: Whoa whoa....easy!

Caps and Stark were about to attack till.....Thor stepped in between them

Thor: Wait....he's not here to hurt anyone.

Capetian America: Get out of the way Thor.

Thor: I cannot. He's my brother and I told you he's given up his dark ways.

Caps: Thor he--

Thor: I respect you want to help your friend Barnes. Please respect I wish to help my brother.

After that Rogers took a moment till.....he stood down

Carrie: Not that I'm ungreatful Loki.....thanks but.....why?

Loki: I needed to inform you all especially you brother that most of you may know that young Andrew Demeter was originally dead.....but recently the one who gave me the Jetari.

Capetian America: What do you mean?

Carrie: Loki....what exactly are we dealling with?

After a moment of silence.......

Loki: Thanos

(End Credits)

Post Credit Scenes

At Xavier's school for gifted youngsters the mansion was neary fully rebuilt and in Xavier's office Cyclops (James Marsoen) and Storm (Halle Berry) had.....a visitor

Agent Ross: Director Fury wishes you and your group to have your own power by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Storm: And what happens if we don't sign.

Agent Ross: This isn't a law inforcement. You can still have your free will. S.H.I.E.L.D. just wishes their support to your professor like the Avengers. 

Storm: Well.....I don't know.....

Scott: Do it.

They both looked towars him

Scott: Magneto keeps saying a war is coming. If there is a war coming.....we need all the power and support we can get.

And then.....



Basically everyone


(Coming soon)


  • X-C 2: Rise Of Sinister
  • Avengers: Fever Of Rage
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