Avengers: Animated is an American animated superhero TV series based on the Marvel Comics characters of the same name, as well as the 1999 animated series.


When Ultron comes after his creator, Hank Pym AKA Ant-Man, Pym activates an old S.H.I.E.L.D. project, the Avengers Protocol, which gathers a group of superheroes to form a team called the Avengers. Pym is joined by his wife, Janet Pym AKA Wasp, Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye, android Vision and new superhero Samuel Wilson AKA Falcon. Together, they are the Avengers, the Earth's mightiest heroes.

Voice Cast


Khary Payton - Samuel Wilson/Falcon

Dee Bradley Baker - Hank Pym/Ant-Man

Danica McKellar - Janet Pym/Wasp

David Kaufman - Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Jeff Bennett - Vision


Peter Jessop - Ultron

Peter MacNicol - Egghead

Dwight Schultz - Kang the Conqueror

Steve Blum - Baron Zemo


  1. The Avengers Protocol, Part 1 - With Ultron after him, Hank Pym assembles a team of superheroes called the Avengers to help him.
  2. The Avengers Protocol, Part 2 - Android Vision turns on Ultron and joins the Avengers.
  3. Kang - Kang the Conqueror escapes from imprisonment and sets out to recover a powerful relic from Egypt while the Avengers race to stop him.
  4. Comes a Swordsman - Hawkeye's old mentor, the Swordsman, reappears, but it turns out that he isn't fighting on the side of good anymore.
  5. Remnants - The Avengers investigate mysterious activity at France's main nuclear testing facility, located on an island. They soon learn that Ultron is involved.
  6. Command Decision - Baron Zemo attempts to intercept a high-tech weapons shipment. Hank begins to doubt his leadership when Captain America arrives to help.
  7. To Rule Atlantis - The Avengers must assist Namor in battling Attuma, who is trying to seize control of Atlantis.
  8. Shooting Stars - A satellite is blased out of orbit by the Zodiac gang to prove they aren't messing around when they hold the Earth to ransom. A familiar face arrives to help in the form of Iron Man.
  9. Visionary - Vision allows himself to become bait for Ultron in order for the Avengers to locate his lair.
  10. Eggstreme Vengeance - Egghead sabotages Hank Pym's Pym Particles in order to destroy his rival.
  11. The Sorceress' Apprentice - Scarlet Witch must face the Grim Reaper.
  12. Earth and Fire, Part 1 - Ultron gathers the Avengers previous enemies to begin disrupting Earth's magnetic fields.
  13. Earth and Fire, Part 2 - The Avengers have their final showdown with their gathered enemies.
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