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Golden Avalon scabbard of Excalibur
Kanji アバロン
Rōmaji Abaron
Type Holder Magic
Magical Scabbard
User(s) Arthur Pendragon (Formally)
Arthur "Uther" Pendragon
Samuel (Returned it to Jade)
Jade "Artoria" Pendragon
Arthur "Pendragon" Nightwing (Alternated Dimension)
Weapon Used Caliburn
Avalon is a powerful and magical scabbard, it said that the one who wears it, is immune to all physical attacks and would not age, or catch any illness, virus or diseases, but not to magic attacks and magic related illnesses and diseases, starvation and dehydration.
~ Caliburn explaing Arthur about Avalon

Avalon is very powerful, magical scabbard, said to the scabbard of Caliburn and Excalibur. Arthur found the Scabbard in a cave, off to the north. It also said in legends, that Avalon grants the wearer nigh-immortality, immune to all physical and would halt the aging process, and immunity to all known illness and diseases, except for magic attacks, magic related illnesses and diseases, dehydration and starvation. It was originally owned by Arthur Pendragon during the late 5th century when he pulled Caliburn from the stone.


  • In the original timeline, Avalon was not stolen from King Arthur, but in the alternated timeline, it was in fact stolen, and with that Mordred mortally wounded Arthur and sent him to Equestria,
  • In Arthurian Legends, Avalon was in fact Caliburn and Excalibur's scabbard that granted immortality.
    • Avalon is also the name of a legendary island that is also the resting place of King Arthur.