Avalanche Horror is a 2015 horror film, this stars Josh Hutcherson, Sienna Guillory and Olivia Wilde.


A man and his friends went to Mt. Everest to find his best friend/childhood crush when she went missing after an avalanche. They now must survive the avalanche and find her.


The movie opens with


  • Josh Hutcherson as Marcus TBA/The man who is looking for Jenny
  • Sienna Guillory as Julianne "Julia" Barlow/Jenny's sister who help Marcus to find Jenny
  • Olivia Wilde as Jennifer "Jenny" Barlow/Marcus' best friend/childhood crush and Julia's sister
  • TBA as TBA Barlow/Julia and Jenny's father who help Marcus and his friend to find Jenny




The Opening Scene

Marcus try get Julia to know where is Jenny and end up Marcus kidnapped Julia

  • Julia: Nobody know about this.
  • (Marcus grab Julia and Julia scream)
  • Marcus: I know.
  • (Julia scream)
  • Marcus: Shut up, you horrible bitch.
  • Julia: Marcus, I don,t wanted trouble.
  • Marcus: Julianne, you let get trouble.
  • Julia: Julianne is part of my full name, call me Julia.
  • Marcus: No.
  • Marcus: You will not tell me where is Jenny, I am go to hard way.
  • Julia: What.
  • (Julia scream)
  • Julia: Marcus, don,t do this.
  • Marcus: Where is she, she went missing.
  • Julia: She was on holiday.
  • Marcus: You are lair, Julianne.
  • Julia: She told me, she go to Mount Everest with her best friend.
  • Julia: I try to call her, she was missing after Avalanche.
  • (Marcus get Julia out)
  • Marcus: Then.
  • Julia: I don,t know.
  • Marcus: I am go to Mount Everest to find her, you are go with me.
  • Julia: Oh no, I am not.
  • (Marcus hit Julia with the bottle and Julia groan)
  • (Marcus put Julia in the bag)
  • Marcus: Oh yes, you are.
  • (Marcus push the bag to the bin)
  • (Marcus run)
  • The binman: A bag.
  • Marcus: Is mine, I drop it.
  • The binman: OK, don,t drop it.
  • (Marcus put the bag in the van)
  • (Julia groan)
  • Marcus: OK, Julianne.
  • Julia: Julia.
  • Marcus: Whatever, Julianne, I got your stuff.
  • Julia: How we go to Mount Everest.
  • Marcus: Your dad got a plane.
  • Julia: Yes, why.


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