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Australian Dragon: Justin Lang is an American animated television series. It was produced by Holloway Television and created by Lizzie Watters.


After protecting his best friend, Justin Lang later finds out that he is the next-in-Line Hero Called The Australian Dragon.

Voice Cast:

  • Samuel Vincent as Justin Lang
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Susan Lang
  • Terry Klassem as Moon Park
  • Colin Murdock as Councilor Andrew
  • Richard Newman as Jonathan Lang
  • Tony Sampson as Mr. Carter
  • Matt Hill as Bill Morton
  • Scott McNeil as Henry Rotwood
  • Ian James Corlett as Long
  • Nicole Oliver as Haley Lang
  • Janyse Jaud as Dora Derceto
  • Dale Wilson as The Devil Dragon
  • Michael Donovan as Eli Excelsior Kangarus
  • Kathleen Barr as Daisy Hunnicutt
  • Brian Drummond as Nigel Thomas
  • Jay Brazeau as Frank Nerk


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