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Aurora Lisa Browning is a supporting character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans and its spin-off series, Hartman.

Biography & Personality

Born in New Orleans, in October 2012.


  • Max Browning (father)
  • Chloe Hartman (mother)
  • Jack Hartman (brother)
  • Daniel Browning (half-brother)
  • Thomas Browning (uncle)
  • Anna Browning (aunt)
  • Jason Hartman (nephew)
  • Patrick Browning (grandfather, deceased)
  • Deborah Fuller (grandmother, deceased)
  • Norman Hartman (grandfather, deceased)
  • Aurora Hartman (grandmother, deceased)
  • Karl Hartman (great-grandfather, deceased)
  • Marlene Hartman (great-grandmother)
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