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Attack on Elmore 4 is an upcoming movie, being based off of the show The Amazing World of Gumball. The release date on the film is currently unknown, but could release by August 2022.

The movie is marked to be the fourth installment from the original Attack on Elmore film, which was released on June 8, 2019, and the successor to the movie's threequel, being released on July 10, 2021.


Full production on the movie began on July 21, 2021 and ends on an unknown date.

Pre-production stage (preparations) lasted from July 21, 2021 to August 5, 2021.

Middle production stage (filming green screen videos of Damian and other human actors [part of film]) lasted from August 6, 2021 to August 12, 2021.

Post-production stage (editing/animating/voice acting) lasts from August 13, 2021 to an unknown end date.


July 18

On July 18, 2021, LeapFrog announced that a fourth installment of the Attack on Elmore film franchise is currently being planned to become official.

It is currently unknown when production on the film would start, but the possible production start date could either be between late 2021 and early 2022.

July 21

On July 21, 2021, LeapFrog hired Jack Thorne as a screenwriter for the film.

9:20 PM AZ Time

At 9:20 PM in Arizona Time, Kyla Rae Kowalewski (voice actor for Anais Watterson) established an agreement with LeapFrog, in which finalized and commenced the marking of the official release for the movie to be set sometime in 2023 to avoid viewers from waiting longer.

July 23

On July 23, 2021, LeapFrog announced an official logo/symbol for the film would be designed.

At the same time, they noted down a synopsis for the film, followed by a possible reschedule for the script being written.

9:02 PM AZ Time

At 9:02 PM in Arizona Time, several more people were hired for the installment's development, specifically the crew from the previous films in the franchise.

July 24

On July 24, 2021, LeapFrog informed Jack Thorne about the reschedule of the movie's script being written.

The date of the script being first written has been rescheduled to July 25, 2021.

July 28

On July 28, 2021, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise and Christian Bale were hired to act in the film.

July 31

On July 31, 2021, production on the film's script completed, however the "Title Card" portion hasn't been filled out yet, as a movie title card would be designed and animated once the finalized movie name is confirmed.

On the same date, LeapFrog announced the specific dates on when the entire production of the fourth installment would begin. It states production would begin in August or September 2021.

The production end date is currently unknown.

Aug 3

On August 3, 2021, LeapFrog finalized the realistic detail on the movie's production starting date. It states production on Attack on Elmore 4 would begin on August 6, 2021.

The production end date is currently unknown.

Aug 6

On August 6, 2021, production on the film officially began.

Aug 10

On August 10, 2021, LeapFrog announced a short film based off of the movie would be released soon, with the inclusion of Ronald McDonald (RackaRacka variation / portrayed by Michael Philippou).

Aug 12

On August 12, 2021, LeapFrog notified the RackaRacka twins that production on the new Attack on Elmore short film began, and was predicted that production would end within a few weeks or months. The short film is under the name Behind the Ronald.

8:25 PM AZ Time

At 8:25 PM in Arizona Time, Damian Marin announced he would be taking a temporary break from production on the film to focus on school, which is known to start on August 16 as Damian enters 8th grade.

Fortunately, production will be able to continue without him.

Aug 13

On August 13, 2021, LeapFrog officially finalized the current working movie title "Beyon-doption" to become the official name for the film.

Aug 15

On August 15, 2021, Damian Marin briefly returned to production to only request a rewrite on the film script, as he is hoping for a post-credits scene since that Attack on Elmore 4 isn't the final installment in the series.

Sep 21

Following the announcement by Cartoon Network about The Amazing World of Gumball movie and new series being greenlit, LeapFrog notified other production companies behind the film franchise that Attack on Elmore 4's release date would be pushed to 2022, along with an official greenlit for Attack on Elmore 5.

Sep 24

On September 24, 2021, Damian Marin predicted that Attack on Elmore 4 would release by August 2022.

4D compatibility

Attack on Elmore 4 has been officially planned to become compatible being a 4D/4DX film, beside it being 2D and 3D. Select movie theaters that support 4D/4DX film with effects could present the 4D version of the movie. Normal movie theaters might only show the film in 2D and 3D.

Working titles

Attack on Elmore 4 (July 18, 2021 - July 23, 2021)

Attack on Elmore 4D (July 18, 2021 - July 20, 2021)

Attack on Elmore 4: Agent Adoption (July 24, 2021 - July 31, 2021)

Attack on Four-e (August 1, 2021 - August 2, 2021)

Present day title

Attack on Elmore 4: Beyon-doption (August 3, 2021 -)


The Wattersons have moved to San Leandro for a temporary vacation, but they don't know what they have transferred to could be such a hazard.

Gumball gets kidnapped during his sleep with his siblings by working agents, as he is sent to an adoption center, filled WAY down to the core with dangerous psychotic people who attempt and wish to harm Gumball.

Damian and the Watterson family call out for all of their friends to help save Gumball, threatening to fight back against the adoption center agents through various challenges.


Gumball just got "cat"-napped to be put on death overkill.

Man, they are really breaking apart the meow.






[Scene begins with a black background]

[Green colored text stating LEAPFROG PRESENTS fades in and stays for 4 seconds before fading out]

[Blue colored text stating IN PARTNERSHIP WITH WARNER BROS. & WARNER ANIMATION GROUP fades in and stays for 4 seconds before fading out]

[Gray colored text stating AND LEGENDARY PICTURES fades in and stays for 4 seconds before fading out]

Temporary Move

[Scene fades in slowly to show various camera angles of San Leandro, California for several moments before cutting to show an up-close view of a road as the Watterson family car drives past the camera]

Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd plays in background

[Scene shows a montage of Nicole driving the Watterson family throughout the area for several minutes before parking next to a house before showing a time-lapse montage of the family unpacking]

Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd fades out and ends

Gumball: Whoo. We're all done now.

Damian: [comes up to Gumball] Yep. [yawns]

Gumball: Um, are you tired?

Damian: [begins to feel sleepy] Oh, I-I'm not tired at all.

Gumball: Then why do you look sleepy?

Damian: [yawns] Oh, I-I d-don't know. [slightly shakes] I.. I-I j-j-just f-f-feel...

[Damian falls to the ground; sleeping]

[Gumball looks down at Damian with no expression]

Damian: [wakes up] Aaah, just kidding! Heh. I was joking about being tired and sleepy.

Gumball: Okay then?

[Scene fades to show the house at night time before showing the interior]

[Gumball, Darwin, Anais and Damian are all tucked into bed]

Nicole: Alright kids, goodnight. Sweet dreams. Don't let the- you know the saying.

Damian: Will bed bugs even bite us?

Anais: [thinks] Hmm. I don't know. We'll have to check tomorrow.

Damian: Okay then.

Richard: Good night, my precious children.

[Richard hugs the four as Gumball and Darwin blush]

Anais: [sighs] Oh man, you guys.

[The four all go to sleep as the room lights turn off and Nicole and Richard leave the room; the four all go to sleep before the scene zooms out of the house as it fades to black]


[Scene continues to show a black background as an alarm sound is heard for a few seconds before Agent A. speaks off-screen]

Agent Adoption: [whispering; cathedral] It's time...

[Scene cuts to show Agent Adoption, with his two friends (Mr. E-Spouse and Spokesman Belonging), along with his other agents as they are shown in a car, speeding over to the house the Watterson family lives in instead of Elmore; before the scene shows the agents, with ski masks on and blood on their bodies as they burst through the door and kidnap Gumball]

[Agent A taps Gumball's head for attention]

Agent Adoption: [makes a pretend cute face] Rise and "cease", you little pussy.

Gumball: [slightly opens eyes; groaning, moaning, yawning] W-wh... what?

[Scene shows a face-to-face view of Agent Adoption, holding a baseball bat]

Agent Adoption: I didn't want to do this in the first place, little bud.

[The bat hits Gumball as the camera cuts to black for a few seconds]

Bad by Michael Jackson plays in background

[Scene cuts to show Gumball being thrown in a black garbage bag as Agent A ties the bag and soon after picks it up and runs off with his other agents]

Agent Adoption: [whispers] Alright, I got him, let's move! Move. (x4)

[Scene shows the agents running out of the room, taking a few other items in the process before Agent A becomes the last to leave the room as the others are outside it, before Agent A slams the door loudly and violently]

[Scene cuts to show the outdoors as the agents run towards the car as they throw Gumball in the trunk of the vehicle; Agent Adoption starts the car and the vehicle drives out of the neighborhood and into the street at full speed]

[Several minutes in the sequence, the scene shows Agent Adoption in the car calling for backup]

Agent Adoption: [talks over a walkie-talkie] Notifying all units, origin is from the Adopt a Cat Adoption Center building. I need more cars for our security purpose, we have captured another feline. His name is Gumball Tristopher Watterson. Gumball is 12 years old, and is a blue colored feline. Feline breed unknown at this time. All units, respond with notice. All units. Thank you for your patience.

[Scene cuts to show the exterior of the car with an aerial view of the vehicle as more cars travel behind the car in the front as they all drive forward before police cars are shown, attempting to pull them over]

[Agent A notices them as he turns around to briefly look at them]

Agent Adoption: Son of a bitch.

[Camera shows Donut Cop in one of the police cars]

Donut Cop: Stop your vehicles for the name of lord sakes!

[Agent Adoption pulls out a bazooka and aims it towards Donut Cop]

Agent Adoption: How about you learn how you can do your job better according to The Amazing World of Gumball Fandom Wiki on the internet, you little piece of girly colored frosted dipshit!

[Agent A shoots a bomb out of the bazooka as the bomb hits Donut Cop, as the car explodes in the process before the other police cars explode and crash into each other]

[Agent A and some of his agents cheer for a brief moment before a face-to-face camera view of Agent A is shown]

Agent Adoption: [wickedly] Take that, rounded Dunkin Donut Target logo looking ass. [evil smirk]

Bad by Michael Jackson cuts/ends

[Scene cuts to black]

Where's Gumball?

[Scene cuts to show a face-to-face view of Damian waking up, worried and frightened before he gets up and notices Gumball missing]

[Damian finds a note as he reads it out loud]

Damian: Dear Wattersons, Gumball has been kidnapped by not the one and not the only, me. If you want to find out my identity, you'll have to come to me first, where ever I would be at. I hope that you can accept that Gumball could potentially be gone from this universe forever, unless he makes it out alive. If you want, you can find some clues on the way. Hope you can succeed unless this is actually a troll. From, still me.

[Damian takes his eyes off of the note and finds a clue; which specifically is a portion of makeup, plastered onto Gumball's bed that has a fingerprint of Agent Adoption]

Damian: [happily chuckles] Wow. I- I just found my first clue!

[Josh and Blue from Blue's Clues and You! appear behind Damian as they sing with an instrumental version of the "We Just Got a Letter" song from Blue's Clues]

Josh: We just found our first clue, we just found our first clue, we just found our first clue, wonder what is next! [pulls out small notebook] Alright, so it looks like we have found a fingerprint in makeup, which matches to a secret agent named-

[Damian interrupts Josh]

Damian: First of all, you didn't find it Josh. I did. So that means I should get all of the credit. Maybe you thought wrong because you're probably blind or deaf or something. Second, you guys can go out now. I don't need some silly children's mystery show here in this household.

[Damian pushes Josh out of the bedroom window as the scene cuts to show Josh falling to the ground]

Damian: [from window] Oh, and take your canine with you too.

[Damian throws Blue out of the window as it lands in the road]

[Scene cuts back to show the bedroom as Damian walks away from the window before a car is heard striking Blue with blood and gore sounds in the background (no blood or gore visible)]

Josh: [off-screen] OH MY GOD! BLUUUUUE!

Damian: [thinks] Hmm, I wonder what other clues I can find. But first...

[Damian violently shakes Darwin's fishbowl to get Darwin's attention]

Damian: DARWIN WAKE UP! (x5)


Damian: DARWIN! I have a serious thing to show you! Just please remain calm and look right over here. [points to Gumball's bed as Darwin faces it]

Darwin: Wait, where's Gumball?

Damian: [shrugs] I don't know. I woke up to no sign or trace of him. I did hear footsteps and running, even the door slamming!

Darwin: And there's even makeup on the bed? No wonder Gumball decided to be a woman.

Damian: Really?

Darwin: It's a joke dude. [slightly giggles] But seriously though, where is he?

Damian: Looks like this calls for... [quickly moves his head to look at the camera with a serious look] a law and order.

[The Law and Order meme sound plays in the background]

Darwin: Dude, this is a serious issue here!

Damian: Alright, I'll stop.

Darwin: Where did you think he went?

Damian: I don't know, dude! I didn't see any of it because I was literally sleeping, so do you think I would have an excuse for where he is?

Darwin: Okay, I'm sorry. But I'm just worried about Gumball. He's my only brother and my fully-fledged friend. We're both buddies forever from beginning to the end.

Damian: I know.

Anais: [walks down the bunk bed stairs; tired and exhausted] Guys, what's all that noise? I'm trying to take a good night's sleep.

Darwin: Well, apparently, Gumball is missing!

[Anais looks at Gumball's vacant bed]

Anais: Oh, he's gone. Where is Gumball?

Damian and Darwin: We don't know.

Anais: Well, we have to find him. We have to go save him.

Damian: That sentence that you just said proves your positivity towards Gumball, right?

Anais: [sighs] Yeah, sure.

Darwin: Good. Now, we have to go save Gumball!

Anais and Damian: YEAH!

[Darwin, Anais and Damian run out of the room and towards their parents' room]

[Scene cuts to show Nicole and Richard sleeping]

Richard: Oh Nicole, you feel so sweet.

Nicole: You too, honey. [purrs happily]

[Room lights turn on]

Darwin, Anais and Damian: Wake up! (x8)

Nicole: [wakes up in frustration] What do you kids want? Shouldn't you be sleeping? It's the middle of the night!

Richard: [wakes up calmly] Huh?

Darwin: Sorry Ms. Mom and Mr. Dad. But anyway, Gumball isn't in his bed! We don't know where he is!

Nicole: Oh sweetie pie, he should be in his bed as always.

Richard: Gumball's gone? Maybe he went out to Joyful Burger or something. Heh.

Nicole: Stop playing stupid, Richard.

Richard: Aw, come on! I'm just playing! [briefly laughs]

[Damian comes up to Richard and slaps him across his face]

Damian: Hey, listen here, dick! This is no time for making jokes! [walks away from Richard]

[Richard sighs sadly but suddenly returns paying attention with serious matter]

Nicole: Anyway, can you three show me your bedroom so I can observe?

Darwin: Sure, follow us.

[Nicole and Richard follow the three as they all exit the room and enter the Watterson children room]

[Damian points to Gumball's bed with the note and the fingerprint still visible]

Nicole: Oh man, you're right. Where is he?

Richard: I'm starting to feel worried.

Nicole: Don't be, honey. He has to be somewhere around the house.

[Scene cuts to show a montage of the Watterson family looking all around the house for Gumball, but to no avail as mystery music plays in the background]

[The background music fades out as the montage ends]

[The Watterson family gather up together as they worriedly talk amongst themselves]

Damian: He's not in the backyard.

Darwin: He's not in the bathroom.

Anais: He's not in the kitchen.

Nicole: He's not in the laundry room.

Richard: He's not at Joyful Burger.

[Everyone looks at Richard; annoyed]

Nicole: Richard!

Richard: Okay, I'll stop! As a serious answer, I didn't find him in the living room.

Anais, Damian, Darwin, Nicole, Richard: WHERE IS GUMBALL?!

[The five all start whimpering and worrying about Gumball]

Darwin: I can't believe Gumball is gone! [begins to cry]

Damian: Actually, he was kidnapped.

Anais, Darwin, Nicole and Richard: Wait WHAT?!

Damian: Yep. The note stated that he was kidnapped. Or should I say... [turns his head to face the camera] "cat"-napped. [sarcastically smiles]

[A joke drum sound effect plays in the background]

Damian: [sighs] Yeah, that wasn't funny.

Nicole: [worries] Oh, I hope my poor son is okay.

Richard: I feel the same way. Gumball is our special little cat. [hugs Nicole]

Damian: Anais?

Anais: Yeah?

Damian: Do you really show care for Gumball?

Anais: Kinda, I guess. In this case, I seriously do show lots of respect and care for him, in hopes he is home safe and sound.

Damian and Darwin: [sighs in relief]

Nicole: We have to get him back.

Darwin: But how?

Damian: I know how! Maybe the police can figure out!

Anais: Okay, I guess.

[Scene fades to show the front door being knocked as Nicole answers before Donut Cop enters in the home]

[Donut Cop is seen with burns and bruises on his body as Damian, Darwin and Anais looks at him weirdly]

Damian: Um, sir, what happened to you?

Donut Cop: Well, I just came back from a car chase. The driver totally... [quickly turns to face the camera] blew me away. [sarcastically smiles]

[Brief silence]

Donut Cop: Wow. No drums now, huh?

Damian: Oh, I get it. [laughs briefly before realizing] Wait, we're you bombarded?

Donut Cop: Yeah, basically. Even my backup crew.

Darwin: Oof.

Donut Cop: Yeah. Anyway, show me the clue.

[Scene cuts to show Donut Cop entering the Watterson children room as the fingerprint and note still appears visible, as the cop observes the fingerprint before another note lands next to him]

[Donut Cop reads the note]

Donut Cop: Dear Wattersons, I feel like you're going to get bored that you won't know where I am. So I guess I'll just say that I'm at the Adopt a Cat Adoption Center just several blocks away.

[The five are seen gasping in shock as Donut Cop continues reading the note]

Donut Cop: If you guys can make it in time, Gumball will be freed, well, technically. If not, I guess Gumball's soul will be beaten out. From, still me.

[Donut Cop drops the note in complete silence as he turns around to face the Watterson family, worried]

Donut Cop: Listen guys, if you're going over there, you'll have to be careful. It's one of the most dangerous adoption centers on the planet.

[The Wattersons look at each other in horror]


Donut Cop: I know guys, it's terrifying, but its accurate. You might as well be prepared, because it wouldn't be a good idea to just leave Gumball there. So good luck, because I'm not going to end up healing tonight, bitches! [escapes the room and runs to his car and drives off]


Anais: I know, right? I heard one time that a cat was decapitated there!

[Nicole, Richard and Darwin gasp in shock]

Darwin: I heard one time they put a cat down!

[Nicole, Richard and Anais gasp in shock]

Nicole: I heard one time that they fed a dog a cat.

[Richard, Darwin and Anais gasp in shock]

Richard: I heard one time they took a cat to Joyful Burger.

[Nicole angrily hisses at Richard in annoyance]

Richard: Okay, sorry.

Damian: We all know what this means. [stares at the camera with a serious expression before the scene changes]

Vroom All The Way

[Scene cuts to show the Watterson family in their car as Nicole is seen as the driver; the car drives at a fast speed towards the adoption center]


Darwin: Ms. Mom, please slow the car down!

Nicole: I won't, unless we want to get there on a late notice!

Anais: AAAAAAHHHHH! The acceleration feels like it has become over the limit!

Darwin: You said it, sis!


[Darwin and Anais hug each other; scared and frightened]

Darwin: Y-yy-yes m-mom.

[Scene cuts to show the adoption center building as the Watterson family car parks next to the structure with an extreme halt as Darwin, Anais and Damian almost fly out of their seats]

Damian, Darwin and Anais: WOAH!

Richard: It's okay guys. Nicole is just a little upset. She just really wants Gumball back, that's all.

[Nicole gets out of the car and slams the door shut with extreme force before opening the door to the back seats as she grabs Darwin, Anais and Damian and throws them all out of their seats violently]

Nicole: Come on guys, we're all going in!

[Nicole walks away from them angrily]

Darwin: MOM! Please calm down!

Richard: Please, honey. Just calm down. You're frightening the kids.


Richard: Don't worry, my children. I'll be with you on this. [picks up Damian, Darwin and Anais, hugging them in the process as he walks into the building]

Darwin: Thanks, Mr. Dad. [hugs Richard]

Richard: Aww!

Adoption Introduction

[Scene cuts to show a dark room as the room lights turn on one by one, revealing Gumball tied up to a chair, as Agent A comes up to him with a ski mask on, and begins to communicate]

Gumball: [attempts to escape, but fails] Aaaah! What the what? Wh-who are you?!

Agent Adoption: Oh. You must be wondering. My name is... [removes ski mask, revealing Agent A's real face] Agent A, as in the letter A, for Adoption.

Gumball: [struggles escaping] So your name is Agent Adoption?

Agent Adoption: Oh my, such a good guess. And a correct cat.

[Gumball's face turns happy]

Agent Adoption: And welcome to your new home! [walks away from Gumball]

[Scene shows a face-to-face view of Gumball as he is electronically untied from the chair as a large prison themed bar slides across him as inmates (known to be Gumball's enemies) appear next to him as Gumball's face turns into a frown]

The Nutcracker Suite by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky plays in background

[Gumball then turns around to face the inmates as they prepare to harm him]

Inmate (Sal Left Thumb): You ready? [sniffs grossly]

Gumball: Uh, yeah. T-totally. Heh. [begins to sweat; worried] B-but first, how about a trick, huh? Heh heh. Um, this one is the cartwheel.

[Gumball proceeds to do a cartwheel, but almost fails]

Inmate (Jamie Russo): Eh, but it mostly doesn't count. Let's get him.

Inmates: Charge.

[The inmates proceed to run towards Gumball, cornering him, as the inmates physically harm Gumball by punching, kicking, head locking, slamming, throwing, breaking his bones, etc. with Gumball screaming in pain]

[Scene cuts to show Nicole, Richard, Darwin, Anais and Damian quickly sprinting to find Gumball in a frustrating manner before hearing Gumball screaming]

Damian: What was that noise?

Anais: That must be Gumball! Let's go save him!

[The five all run towards the cell Gumball is in as they all watch Gumball being beaten up by his inmates in horror]

Nicole: [gasps in horror] Oh... o-oh my god. G-Gumball.

Richard: OH NO!

[The inmates continue to physically hurt Gumball for several more moments with blood splattering on the walls before they all stop and walk away from him]

The Nutcracker Suite by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky cuts/ends

Inmate (Rotten cupcake): Heh. That'll show you, lil' pussy. [spits on Gumball before walking away]

[Sad piano music plays in the background as Nicole, Richard, Darwin, Damian and Anais all run up to Gumball, as they all see him in critical condition; Nicole picks up Gumball and carefully removes him from the cell, holding him in her hands]

Nicole: G-Gumball, my poor baby. [begins to break down into tears] W-why would they do something like this to your beautiful and precious little body?

Gumball: [coughs out blood; groaning] M-mo-Mom. H-help m-me, p-please.

[Richard comes up to Gumball, showing affection towards him in a depressing way as Nicole transfers Gumball to Richard]

Richard: [hugs, kisses and pets Gumball] Shh... shh, shh, shh... It's okay. You'll be alright, Gumball.

[Gumball purrs sadly]

[Scene cuts to show Damian, Darwin, Anais and Richard beginning to cry along with Nicole before the scene cuts to show them, about to leave the building before Gumball disappears; showing Agent Adoption with his other agents as Gumball reappears in Agent A's hands]

Agent Adoption: You aren't going anywhere with this little guy.

[The Watterson family turn to face Agent Adoption in shock]

Agent Adoption: Wanna have him back? You might as well follow this requirement...

[The camera moves closer to Agent A's face]

Agent Adoption: Challenges. [smirks wickedly]

Damian: Aw shit.

[Scene cuts to black]

Title Card


Time to Save

[Scene shows all of Gumball's friends running in the street towards the adoption center to rescue Gumball]

[The camera cuts to show an up-close view of the characters]

Penny: Oh my goodness, this is just awful.

Carrie: I can agree on this situation.

Rocky: I hope that Gumball will be okay over at that violent place.

Teri: Don't worry Gumball! We're all coming for you!

Molly: I feel scared and worried for little Gumball.

Idaho: [panting] Don't... panic... Gumball...

Banana Joe: Damn, Idaho. You literally feel worn out.

Idaho: I know.

Penny: [begins to cry] G-Gumball. W-we're all coming for you.

Carrie: Penny, just relax. I'm sure Gumball will be fine.

[Scene glitches/transitions to a new scene]

Listen Up!

[Scene shows Damian, Anais, Darwin, Nicole and Richard tied up to chairs, as Agent Adoption walks around them]

Agent Adoption: Alright, guys. Listen up. The things I say are seriously important, so I am making this clear to you that what I am saying to you is mandatory.

[Damian raises his hand up]

Agent Adoption: What do you want?

Damian: What if you said that your wiener was too small? Would that make it important?

[Everyone stares at Damian; surprised]

Everyone (besides Agent A): OOOOOOOH!

[Agent Adoption walks up to Damian angrily]

Agent Adoption: Wow. I've gotta say. You got me there. But do you know who else has got you?

Damian: What?

Agent Adoption: These guys.

[Agent Adoption walks away from Damian as Mr. E-Spouse and Spokesman Belonging are visible on the screen, preparing to fight Damian]

Damian: Damn it, I'm screwed.

Agent Adoption: You're so right, smartass. Now, while my two friend agents do their business...

[Scene cuts to show Mr. E-Spouse slamming Damian's face with a sledgehammer before untying him from his seat and proceeds to throw, kick, punch and abuse him as Spokesman Belonging joins in as everyone tied up watches in horror, before cutting to reshow Agent Adoption's speech]

Agent Adoption: I shall tell everyone on a solution for all of this situation to stop for good. You all will have five challenges to complete before you can get your empty-headed cat of yours back! If you do not complete all of them... [grabs Gumball and holds him] then this cat... can kiss... [grabs gun] his ass... [points gun at Gumball] goodbye. [evil smirk]

[Everyone tied up watches in shock]

Nicole: No...

[Scene cuts to show the door to the same room being smashed open, revealing Gumball's friends]

Penny: WHO'S IN HERE?!

[Gumball's friends gasp in horror as they see Gumball's family tied up to chairs with Agent Adoption, holding Gumball, pointing a gun at him]

Penny: [angrily] HEY YOU! [quickly walks towards Agent A] YOU BETTER NOT SHOOT MY PRECIOUS LOVE, GUMBALL!

Agent Adoption: Oh, what's this I see? Some newcomers, eh?

[Agent Adoption drops Gumball and the gun on the ground as he begins to walk towards Gumball's friends]

Agent Adoption: It seems like these guys might be interested too.

[Idaho throws a rock at Agent A]

Idaho: You shut your mouth and give Gumball back to us!

[Scene shows Carrie]

Carrie: Idaho's right. This amazing world would be basically nothing without Gumball! So, you know the drill, unless you want to be possessed!

Agent Adoption: [comes up to Idaho] Ah yes, a little potato I can shred up and turn into McDonald's french fries. [comes up to Carrie] And a ghost. [sarcastically] Oh, I'm so scared. [angrily] Yeah, no wonder the Ghostbusters didn't come after you yet.

Agent Adoption: [to the tune of the Ghostbusters theme] What will I say? F**k these ghosts.

[Agent A walks away from the two]

[Carrie gasps in shock and begins to growl]

Agent Adoption: [briefly thinks] You know what? I'll give Gumball back...

[Gumball's friends quietly cheer]

Agent Adoption: ...after you do these challenges! Lock them all up!

[Agent Adoption summons and throws Gumball's friends to the wall as they are all electronically locked]

Agent Adoption: Listen you all, you DO only have five challenges to complete, so if you want to abandon Gumball, then your asses might as well get the hell out. If not, then get ready... [chuckles and laughs wickedly]

[Scene transitions out with a thunderstorm effect]

[Scene shows a black background with various murdering tools on-screen with their sound]

[A knife is briefly shown on-screen as a stabbing sound is heard]

[A chainsaw is briefly shown on-screen as a chainsaw sound is heard]

[A gun is briefly shown on-screen as a shooting sound with people panicking sounds is heard]

[A noose is briefly shown on-screen as a hangman's noose sound with angry chanting sounds is heard]

[A baseball bat is briefly shown on-screen as a bat hitting something sound is heard]

[The baseball bat disappears and only black is shown before fading back to a new scene]

Challenge #1: Dodgeball

[Scene cuts to show a ginormous gym room, having a similar look and design to the Elmore Junior High gym with Gumball's family and friends all watching from a room next to it, with Damian and Jamie looking at each other from a distance in the gym room with Agent A and his other friend agents in the back of the room]

Agent Adoption: Alright. This first challenge will be a game of dodgeball. Damian and Jamie, will be competing each other to see which one wins. If one person wins, they will have the accessibility to transfer to the next challenge. If one person loses, they will be tortured by our inmates. This challenge is mandatory for anyone who want Gumball back. BUT, will I immediately give him back?

Everyone (but Agent Adoption): No.

Agent Adoption: Correct! There is four other challenges to succeed through before he returns home safe. Now, does anyone have any questions?

[Everyone is seen not raising their hands as Damian looks around for a brief moment before facing the camera]

Damian: This is literally school students when teachers ask them this in a nutshell.

Agent Adoption: Damian, shut the hell up!

Damian: Well excuse me! I'm just vibin' over here, you adult sized prick.

Agent Adoption: SHUT UP!

[Damian silences with no expression]

Agent Adoption: Ready? Set! Go!

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor plays in background

[Scene cuts to show a montage of Damian and Jamie throwing dodgeballs at each other; within the first few moments, Damian gets angry as they both continue playing for a few more minutes before the montage ends]

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor cuts/ends

[Camera moves up-close to Damian]

Damian: [angrily] ENOUGH!

Jamie: Catch this! [throws dodgeball at Damian]

[Damian catches the dodgeball]

Damian: Catch THIS! [throws dodgeball towards Jamie before running towards her]

[The camera shows the dodgeball moving towards Jamie as Damian runs towards her, all in slow motion]

[Scene (now in normal speed) shows Jamie from behind her catching the dodgeball as Damian punches her in the face hardly]

Damian: Take that, bitch.

[Everyone besides Damian and Jamie gasp in shock]

Damian: Now, time for some business. [whistles for attention]

[Scene shows the gym entrance doors being opened,with smoke coming out from it before it fades out, revealing the RackaRacka twins (Michael and Danny Phillipou) on-screen]

Michael: Someone called?

Damian: I did.

[Michael and Danny walk up to Damian]

Danny: What's the issue?

Damian: The issue is a cow, and she's over there. [points to Jamie]

[Michael and Danny both look to face Jamie before the two walk towards him]

Michael: Hey, cow.

[Jamie looks at the two]

Danny: Want some of this, lil' bitch?

[Danny proceeds to kick Jamie in the face]

[Scene cuts to show a montage of Michael and Danny harming Jamie (throwing, slam dunking, punching, kicking and head locking, ripping off her antlers and stabbing her with them for several minutes before the montage ends]

[Scene shows Michael and Danny move away from Jamie as she is shown in critical condition]

[Jamie proceeds to continue staying alive as she attempts to stand up while groaning]

Damian: [notices] UUGGGH! [walks towards Jamie]

[Damian lifts Jamie up with his hand, then takes out a knife and slices Jamie's neck (no decapitation) with the weapon as tons of blood sputters out of it before Jamie is stabbed in the stomach multiple times before thrown on the ground with even more blood on the floor as she lays there, dead]

[Damian walks away from her and towards the two as Michael and Danny watch and compliment him]

Michael: Damn, you got her ass good man.

Danny: Yeah bro!

[Damian high-fives Danny and Michael]

Damian: Yep, you know I did. Now, what's the next challenge, adoption guy?

[Agent Adoption watches in horror before the scene changes]

[Scene changes to show Damian with the inmates]

Damian: Aw come on, how is this fair?!

Agent Adoption: Because I wanted Jamie to win!

Damian: That isn't fair. You're just being greedy.

Agent Adoption: Oh, I don't think this is greed, this must be... punishment.

Damian: That makes no sense.

Agent Adoption: Too bad, so sad. Goodbye. [walks away]

[The inmates proceed to harm Damian by punching, kicking, head locking, slamming, throwing, etc. for several moments before the scene changes]

Challenge #2: Bus Ride (Crash...)

[Scene cuts to show a school bus in an empty parking space]

Agent Adoption: Alright. Your second challenge is to survive a school bus crash with a chainsaw placed in the interior of the vehicle. If anyone dies on the vehicle, I wouldn't give two shits.

Anais: There's no way that anyone can survive in a school bus with a chainsaw!

Agent Adoption: [comes up to Anais's face] Oh wow, thank you, smartass. You really did brought my hopes up high! [walks away from Anais]

Anais: [facepalms] My god...

[Scene cuts to show everyone on the school bus except for Agent A, Mr. E-Spouse and Spokesman Belonging as the school bus is seen driving in the road]

Damian: Okay, now I feel worried.

Darwin: I know, we all are, dude.

Anais: I feel the same way too, even when you killed Jamie.

Nicole: Yeah, that felt muscular of you.

Damian: Yeah. Heh.

[Gumball's friends walk up towards the Watterson family]

Penny: Darwin, I feel scared.

Darwin: Me too. We all do, basically.

Penny: Hopefully we can all make it out alive.

Darwin: Yeah, and speaking of making it out alive, we all have to figure out how we can escape this place. We all have to think of some way to get out of here because we are not staying here forever!

Watterson family and Gumball's friends: [angrily] YEAH!

Damian: That's the spirit! We have to think fast before it's too late!

[The chainsaw strikes Damian's head as his eyes jolt in the process]

[Everyone on the school bus turns to face Damian; gasping in horror]

Damian: Eh, heh. D-don't worry guys. I-It's gonna be okay for me. I'll j-just get this thing off.

[Damian proceeds to pull the chainsaw out from his head successfully as it shows a big wound on his head with blood flowing from it and throughout his face as his eyes water]

[The Watterson family and Gumball's friends all watch in horror]

Damian: W-what? [jolts] What's w-wrong?

Darwin: Dude, y-your head. [points at Damian's wound] It-It's b-bleeding.

Damian: O-oh. It is? W-well n-no wonder.

[Damian begins to close his eyes as he falls to the ground; unconscious; as the wound continues to bleed, the Watterson family and Gumball's friends look at him; terrified]

Carrie: Holy crap, who did this to you Damian?!

[Agent Adoption is heard laughing wickedly off-screen as everyone turns to face him]

[Scene shows Agent Adoption]

Agent Adoption: So, planning to escape from me, aren't you? Well, have fun with that, because you only have three challenges left, and NOTHING WILL EVER GET IN MY WAY-

[Scene shows the school bus front flipping once in the air before landing and crashing, causing explosions, fire, bursts and people onboard to bump into each other and fly into certain places with injuries occurring, before the scene cuts to a different scene after many minutes of this sequence]

[Scene cuts to show the inmates attacking everyone that was onboard in prison besides Agent A]

Challenge #3: Hangman In Real Life

[Scene cuts to show a dark room]

Mr. E-Spouse: Alright, so apparently, Agent A was fatally killed, so now we're taking the spotlight for him.

Darwin: It still sucks, but at least he's gone now.

Spokesman Belonging: For this next challenge, you all will be playing hangman.

Anais: That sounds like a fun game to play, right Darwin?

Darwin: Yeah!

Spokesman Belonging: In real life.

Everyone (besides Mr. E-Spouse and Spokesman Belonging): WAIT WHAT?!

Darwin: Dude, I don't wanna play hangman in real life!

Anais: That would be dangerous and harmful for us to play!

Mr. E-Spouse: [feels bad; sighs] You know what? You guys are right. I would feel horrible for hosting the game. Besides, it would require decapitation and slicing off body parts and gluing them back on on a hangman's noose, which would feel stupid and terrible to do, so let's just move on.

[Mr. E-Spouse walks away sadly before running back in the scene with a gun]

Mr. E-Spouse: [points gun] SIKE!

[Mr. E-Spouse shoots Darwin's arms as it blows off Darwin's body with blood exploding and flowing from it]

Darwin: [screams hysterically in pain]

Gumball's friends and the Watterson family: [worriedly] DARWIN!

[Darwin continues to screech in pain and agony as he cries along]

Challenge #4: Extreme Battle

[Scene changes to show the gym room with Gumball's friends and the Watterson family (except Darwin, who is watching from a distance) and Mr. E-Spouse and Spokesman Belonging facing each other from a distance]

Mr. E-Spouse: Now this challenge, is more of an intensity.

Richard: I don't know what you mean by that, but you are going down for dismembering my poor Darwin's arms.

Nicole: My husband is right! Darwin is one of our beautiful and special children in our family, and you can't take that away from us, you sick bastard!

Mr. E-Spouse: Well, you know I had to do it for a reason.

Carrie: Why? Is it because you hate him so much? Huh?

Mr. E-Spouse: Oh no, it's not that. It's because that he'll eventually be a... [camera moves closer to E-Spouse's face] Goldfish cracker.

Penny: Are you saying YOU WANT TO EAT DARWIN?!

Mr. E-Spouse and Spokesman Belonging: Affirmative.

Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin plays in background

[Scene shows the extreme battle against Mr. E-Spouse and Spokesman Belonging vs Gumball's family and friends starting as they all begin to attack each other in various techniques/ways for many minutes before the scene cuts to show Gumball's family and friends winning the fight with Mr. E-Spouse and Spokesman Belonging dead, before the scene shows black]

Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin cuts/ends

[Agent Adoption is heard speaking off-screen in a black background]

Agent Adoption: [off-screen] The final challenge is here, people. This is your one and only chance to participate into, so that you can save Gumball. This challenge is and has been called "Find the Key". Gumball has been locked up in a safe somewhere, and you have to find where he is at. To bail him out, you need the correct key. If you don't find him in time or forfeit, Gumball will vanish from existence. Ready? GO!

Challenge #5: Find the Key

[Scene cuts to show Gumball's friends and family gathered around]

Damian: Alright everyone, this is it. This is the finale for this entire disastrous adventure we have been on for a while. Remember, we can't mess up because this is our ONLY chance.

Anais: Let's all split up and go find that key!

Everyone: YEAH!

[Scene shows a 3 minute montage of individuals that were split up finding the key and finding Gumball before Damian finds it first, ending the montage]

Damian: Alright everyone, gather around. This is the big moment!

[Damian unlocks the safe with the key and opens the door of the safe as Gumball jumps out and wakes up as everyone gasps happily]

Gumball: [stretches; opens eyes] Aw man, wow. What a great sleep!

Everyone: [happily and emotionally] GUMBALL!

[Everyone proceeds to hug, kiss and show positive gestures and affection towards Gumball as most begin to emotionally tear in joy]

Damian: Come on everybody, let's go home.

Gumball: Wait a second, where's Darwin?

Damian: Oh, he's right here.

[Darwin is shown with no arms]


Darwin: They were blown off from my body. My poor precious arms are no more, dude.

[Gumball hugs Darwin as they both sob]

Penny and Carrie: Poor little guy.

Damian: Well, don't worry Darwin. We can get you hospitalized.

Darwin: [quits sobbing] Really?

Damian: Yep.


[Darwin runs up towards Damian; briefly hugging him as Damian hugs him back]

Damian: Alright, now let's all get out of this torturing place now.

[Damian secretly plants an explosive in the building as everyone exits the structure before the scene shows a wide angle view of the adoption center as it explodes entirely as the screen freezes]

Last Saying

Damian (as narrator): Well, this is it for the film. Darwin has his arms back, Gumball's family had moved back to Elmore, and all of his friends are relieved now. I think its about time for me to say that this has been another happy ending, and in fact, I'm wondering if this ending is more emotional than the Attack on Elmore 3D ending, in which, you know, I was reunited with the Watterson family. Gumball is the important guy for this amazing world of his. Heck, who knows? Maybe this important guy can visit new discoveries if a fifth installment comes out. We'll just have to wait and see.

[Scene slowly fades to black; ending the movie]

5... What?

[Scene cuts to show the Watterson family driving]

Gumball: Um, mom, where are we going?

Nicole: Oh honey, we're going somewhere to make another one.

Darwin: What other one? What are you talking about?

Nicole: [wickedly chuckles] Well kids... [looks at the camera] you'll see. [smirk]

[Scene shows a building with a black door with the number five in yellow as the Watterson family car drives through the door, breaking it]

[Scene cuts to black]


  • OUTDATED AFTER 9/20/2021: Attack on Elmore 4 is marked as the first film in the Attack on Elmore franchise that isn't released on a yearly schedule.
  • Attack on Elmore 4 is marked as the first film in the Attack on Elmore franchise that didn't have a post-credits scene in the script for fifteen days.
  • Attack on Elmore 4 is marked as the first film in the Attack on Elmore franchise to have its release date changed.
  • On August 2, 2021, Mic Graves (Attack on Elmore 4 director) noted to LeapFrog that after reviewing the movie's script, he believes that the movie's name might not live up to the franchise's future installments.
    • Almost immediately, the company responded, stating that it either may be uncertain or depend on whether future sequels would attach accurately to the movie's name.
  • A possible fifth installment was referenced at the end of the film, however at the time, a fifth installment was unconfirmed until it was greenlit on September 21, 2021.
  • Ronald McDonald (RackaRacka variation / portrayed by Michael Philippou) was going to make a brief cameo in the film, but it was scrapped and will be put in the upcoming short film based off of the movie instead.
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