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Attack on Elmore is a 2019 CGI/2D theatrical movie based off of the show The Amazing World of Gumball. The film was first released on June 8, 2019 in the United States.

The movie received 693 trillion USD in the budget and 134.7 trillion USD in the box office, marking it as one of the most popular movies of 2019.

The film was officially rated PG-13 by the MPA and 13 by the ULMRS.



In 2016, LeapFrog came up with an idea for a movie based off of the Cartoon Network television show The Amazing World of Gumball to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

Just a few weeks after Ben Bocquelet announced he would be leaving production after season 6 of the show ended, he requested to become the producer for the film. Unfortunately, he stated that he would be a one-time producer for the production for the movie, meaning that if sequels come out after the first film, he wouldn't be part of the production as he states he decides to move on from Gumball.

2017 - June 4, 2019

Full production on the movie began on May 3, 2017 and ended on June 4, 2019.

Pre-production stage (preparations) lasted from May 3, 2017 to January 25, 2018.

Middle production stage (filming green screen videos of Damian [part of film]) lasted from February 11, 2018 to August 9, 2018.

Post-production stage (editing/animating) lasted from August 10, 2018 to June 4, 2019.

Working titles

The Amazing World of Gumball Movie (May 3, 2017 - January 5, 2018)

Gumball's Five-O (January 6, 2018 - January 15, 2018)

Elmore (January 16, 2018 - January 24, 2018)

Present day title

Attack on Elmore (January 25, 2018 -)


Elmore just got real.

Elmore is in danger! Oh, the inhumane... can the city be saved? I don't know, you watch it yourself and find out yourself. Not trying to be mean, but you know... heh.


The movie begins with the 2016 LeapFrog logo, but then the logo turned orange and was on fire and the whole background was in flames. It then zooms out to the crew panicking and at the end, a random crew member broke the camera.

The Little Airplane logo appeared. Then, when the rocket blasted off, instead of an adult working at the station saying the countdown, what sounded like Chucky from Child's Play is heard counting down from 3 to 1, then the rocket takes off, but a couple of seconds later, the rocket explodes and falls down and destroys all of the equipment for the rocket. People were screaming for help and in pain. The camera then glitches hardly and the logo ends.

The Warner Bros logo appeared, but the studios at the reflection of the logo was replaced with the city of Elmore being attacked with bombs and exploding the city. At the end of the logo, the "A WARNERMEDIA Company" tagline glitched out. The logo then fades out.

Then the Legendary Pictures logo was shown and it was in horrible condition. The symbol of the logo was blue and the flame going across the logo was in red instead of orange. At the end of the logo, the entire logo glitched and the logo became corrupted and the logo turned into all kinds of distorted shapes and became stretched out. Once the logo stopped corrupting and being distorted, it fades out.

A black screen with texts saying "LEAPFROG PRESENTS", IN PARTNERS WITH LITTLE AIRPLANE, WARNER BROS AND LEGENDARY PICTURES" appear. The text fades out and the black screen fades into the Elmore military base. Text in code saying at the bottom-left corner "E l m o r e M i l i t a r y , 9 : 5 2 A M" appears in the "typewriter in animation". The text then fades out.

The Military Planes

The boss tells all the soldiers that they have to take their planes built by Boeing as seen when the camera moves and shows the planes the soldiers will be taking to make a base in Los Angeles. One soldier asked to use the restroom, but the boss refuses to let him use it, so he ordered his men to go on their planes while the soldier zoomed quickly to the restroom without permission while the boss told the men what to do. He then zoomed into his plane and the boss paused his talking and told him where he was. The soldier told the boss that he was at the restroom because he had to go so badly. The boss sighs and continues talking.

After he finished, all the planes took off. The soldier who was riding the plane wasn't controlling the plane correctly because he forgot what his boss told him what to do. His plane was corrupting a bit while malfunctioning as the soldier screamed for help. The camera shows the engine that makes the plane fly explode and the back of the plane gets caught on fire. He yelled for help, but it was no use. The plane then hardly exploded 3 times as the plane then fell down and landed onto Elmore. When the plane landed, it exploded some buildings and houses and in slow-motion, the plane scraped the road and was moving to the right really fast. The plane then hit a geyser that made the plane fly into the air. The plane then landed on the road again twice. One time when the plane bounced onto the road and the second time, the camera moved to the plane and it exploded setting it on fire. People screaming and kids crying can be heard in the background, as well as the suspense rising sound when the camera. The camera glitches out and the black screen appeared again. The Attack on Elmore logo appeared with no in animation. The sound that was put into the scene of the logo appearance was from CInemaSins (got permission from as well).

What's Happening?

The camera then showed The Wattersons' house with the news on the TV playing in the background. Gumball, Darwin, Anais and Damian were watching the news. The news broadcasting the incident of a military plane crash in Elmore. Darwin then made a September 11th joke before the scene cut.

The camera then cuts to the plane that was destroyed with the injured body of Soldier 1. Soldier 1 tries to get up but to no avail before Zach (identical version of Gumball) coming up to him and pulls out a knife. Before the knife met the soldier's skin, the scene cut to black.

Getting Ready

The camera showed The Wattersons' house and it is nighttime outside. Nicole puts her children to bed and Nicole then went out of the room. Richard entered and hugged and kissed his sons goodnight, then left the room. Damian went to sleep, then the camera fades out.

It cuts to outside as a time-lapse is shown of the moon moving and the sun coming up. Then, the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams plays as it then cuts back to Damian sleeping and it is daytime and the camera rotates as Damian gets up and he gets ready for a new day. It then shows a montage of him getting ready and doing the following: brushing his teeth, spraying with deodorant and getting clothes on (not shown) and going outside.

It cuts back to the house as Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole and Richard wake up and go out as well.

The Asteroid

While Damian was walking outside the house, an asteroid is shown falling into Elmore. Damian had the ability to fly, so he flew into the sky to stop the asteroid. The camera shows Damian banged onto the asteroid and trying to stop it, but it was no use. The Wattersons were shouting at Damian to try to stop the asteroid, but he can't because it's too strong. He screams as the asteroid pushes him while he hangs onto the object. The camera cuts to The Wattersons' house as the asteroid hits the house and the house explodes. Damian is then seen underground still hanging onto the asteroid. More houses get exploded and The Wattersons' house run away. The last house explodes and one piece flies over, affecting the camera. The scene turns black and ends.

Attacking Begins Now

Planes are seen in the air with Zach and his clones as they begin to shoot down explosives that would bomb the entire city. The Wattersons run away as Gumball trips and falls into a hole before The Wattersons and Damian fall in with him.

Nicole ends up finding a door which leads to a so-called "paradise" room filled with helpful supplies. Nicole confronts and apologizes Richard after she insulted him and created a temper.

Anais watches Daisy the Donkey as Daisy tells Anais to make a sandwich as it secretly contains poison in it. Gumball felt unconsciousness as he took a bite and everyone sprints out of the door to save him.

When the Wattersons made it to the hospital, the doctors performed successful surgery on Gumball before Zach blocks the exit, blowing up the building before the entire city explodes to its destiny.

The End

It then fades to the city of Elmore and it is shown destroyed. The camera shows The Wattersons sitting on the roof of a building. Damian is then seen with The Wattersons as he sits down with them. The narrator tells the audience that Elmore is destroyed and can't be built for a while until the attack is truly finished, which reveals that it could take many years for the attack to be halted and that the attack is still going on. The Wattersons are shown in horrible condition. They have scars and blood coming out of their heads and ears. Their bodies are bitten and blood is squirting out a little bit on their noses. Richard has a red and black beard. Gumball and Darwin had their tails scratched and Nicole and Anais only had scratches on their faces.

Two airplanes that were from Elmore Military flew past by The Wattersons and it cuts back to the whole city of Elmore. The two airplanes fly away. The first airplane flies to the left and the second airplane flies to the right. The movie ends with text saying "CERCA", being the word "close" in Spanish, flies into the screen while rotating and turning into a line before the credits begin.


After the beginning credits, the teaser shows the kindergarten in Elmore and it is in perfect condition even though it is probably been destroyed by the nuclear bomb in the movie. One kindergartener is walking, pretending he is guarding the place. A noise that comes out of nowhere scares the kid and he is running away, screaming. A monster, in which contains corruption and glitch elements and effects demolishes the area before the camera glitches to black.

Logo Ending

The 2016 LeapFrog logo is shown still in flames as it melts completely. The logo then glitches and flicks the Little Airplane logo. The Warner Bros logo glitches out and the Legendary Pictures logo starts to disintegrate, then the logo fades out and ends.


The Military Planes

[The movie starts at the Elmore Military]

Boss: All right men, we will take the planes to Los Angeles to make a base. Make sure that you know the basics of planes. We will all do it efficiently, and no one will halt this mission from us-

Soldier 1: Excuse me sir, but can I go to the bathroom really quick?

Boss: Soldier, there is no time to take a goddamn piss. We have to go on the plane now.

Soldier 1: But I really-

Boss: NOW!!!

Boss: Let's move it! Let's move, move, move, move, MOVE!

[All of the soldiers get on their planes]

Boss: Alright men, now in order to control the planes, you'll need to-

[Soldier 1 zooms into the bathroom, then zooms into his plane]

Boss: Sir, where have you been?

Soldier 1: I was using the bathroom.

Boss: [sighs] You really are my only asshole. You know what? Screw the teaching. Now, soldiers, take these planes to the base. You, soldier (Soldier 1), get on your plane!

All soldiers: Sir, yes, sir!

[Soldier 1 enters plane; The planes take off]

Soldier 1: It's so much fun riding the plane.

[Plane starts to corrupt and malfunction]

Soldier 1: Oh f***, I think this plane is breaking apart from its system. I need to control it correctly.

[The camera zooms into the soldier's brain and a flashback of the boss saying "Make sure that you know the basics of planes" is shown, then zooms out]

Soldier 1: No, I can't! I can't (12 times). I GODDAMN CAN'T!

[The camera shows the engine inside the plane explode, then shows the back of the plane on fire]

Soldier 1: Oh no, this is bad!

[The camera shows the entire plane exploding hardly three times, then the plane falls out of the sky]

Soldier 1: Oh crap! Shit [x6]!

[The plane lands on Elmore and scrapes the road while moving straightly right in slow-motion while on fire]

Soldier 1: Ugh, I... can't... feel-

[A geyser shoots the plane into the air, then the plane bounces and moves right and lands, exploding the plane and setting it on fire, people crying and screaming is heard while the camera zooms at the plane]

What's Happening?

[The camera shows The Wattersons' house and the news is playing]

[The camera shows the TV what is on the news, revealing that a plane crash in Elmore occurred]

News man: Important story. Elmore Military plane crash fatally kills plane pilot and caused destruction on the street. Truly sad.

Gumball: Darwin, this really is sad. I'm confused and surprised.

Darwin: I know, right?

Anais: Guys, we know. And it was a plane crash. I need to learn more on this.

[Anais researches on a smartphone]

Damian: I don't believe that plane crashed because outside, there are just some retarded people just act dramatic.

[Anais leaves the room unhappily with no answer as Damian, Gumball and Darwin stare at the camera, confused]

Darwin: What? You know al-Qaeda would be chill with this situation if there were buildings-

Gumball: DARWIN! That's offensive to the people who were in the September 11 incident!

Darwin: Well, um... [stutters] Alright, yeah, you're right. There's probably thousands watching this film, and maybe some of them are probably pissed at us right now. So, I guess we have no choice, but to-

[The scene gets interrupted by a dark grey screen with white text saying This film has been unapproved for making an offensive joke. Thanks a lot, script.]

[Scene fades to the demolished and burned plane with the injured body of Soldier 1 shown]

Soldier 1: [coughs out blood] Oh man. W-what hap- [coughs even more] happened?

[Zach is seen in the distance, grinning wickedly at the screen as he slowly walks up to Soldier 1, pulling out a knife]

Zach: I've recrudesced.

Soldier 1: What?

[Scene cuts to black before the knife met the soldier's skin as blood-curdling screams and murdering sounds are heard in an cathedral form]

Getting Ready

[Nicole gets her children get ready for bed]

Nicole: Ok, good night kids!

All except for Nicole: Goodnight mom!

[Nicole walks out of the room as Richard enters]

Richard: Goodnight kids!

All except for Richard: Goodnight dad!

[Richard walks out of the room]

[Damian sleeps, then a time-lapse of the sun coming up and the moon going down]

[Damian wakes up as the camera rotates and gets ready while the Pharrell Williams song "Happy" plays in the background]

[Damian then goes outside as well as the rest of The Wattersons, then an asteroid is seen]

Damian: Oh crap. I didn't expect this, besides its not even a resort to enter through, so eh. [shrugs]

[Damian flies into the air and hangs onto the asteroid, trying to stop it]

Nicole: Look at how bright this day is! It's a lovely morning!

Richard: Yep.

[The Wattersons notice Damian]

Darwin: Gumball, look!

[Gumball looks up and sees Damian]

Gumball: What the what dude! Where did an asteroid come from?

Darwin: I don't know.

The Wattersons: Come on! Stop it! Stop the asteroid!

Damian: I'm trying guys, but it's too heavy!

[Damian fails to stop it and flies off of the asteroid as it hits The Wattersons' house, causing it to explode and geysers to blow up, making The Wattersons away and the rest of the houses explode and more geysers are seen blowing up]

[The last house explodes and one piece is seen flying into the air and landing on the camera]

Attacking Begins Now

[Entire city of Elmore is shown, planes are seen flying with clones of Zach (identical version of Gumball]

Zach: Alright several me, it's time to take action. That asteroid was good enough, but I think we can do more than that. Right?

[Zach clones cheer wickedly]

Zach: Alright then, let's wreck this baby!

Zach clones: Yeah!

[Scene cuts to Watterson family and Damian running away from the disaster]

Nicole: Don't worry everyone! Everything will be okay. Let's find a place, you know, somewhere safe.

Richard: I've never been this worried since The Grieving.

Anais: Guys, I never even expected this!

Gumball and Darwin: We know! Us neither?

Anais: [sighs]

[Scene cuts back to planes bombarding the city, shooting down dangerous explosives in the process; after cutting back to the Wattersons and Damian finding their car]

Nicole: Don't panic everybody! We'll just get in our car and drive off. It's simple.

[Nicole attempts to unlock her car but it stays locked as it fails to unlock]

Nicole: Damn it! It won't open! What the hell?!

Gumball: What? It won't open?! WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYY-

[Darwin covers Gumball's mouth]

Darwin: We've got to keep running.

Richard: I'm tired though, and I just want to go home and eat sausages.

[Nicole proceeds to slap Richard across the face angrily; Richard looks at Nicole with a frightened and sad look]

Nicole: Hell no, Richard! Screw that shit! Because you know what?! On this day, you think you can escape and stay home all day thinking it is just a normal not-so-catastrophic moment at all? Do you think that inside your pink girly male 40 year old obesity fat doofus look of yours says YOU should get away from us like this? You really think that, don't you?!

Richard: [smiles again] Heh, it was kind of funny when you said "cat"-astrophic. [laughs]

[Gumball is heard laughing off-screen with Richard]

[Gumball stops laughing as Nicole proceeds to slap Richard harder multiple times as Richard starts to cry in pain]

Nicole: SHUT UP!

Damian: [angrily shouting as he slaps Nicole with extreme force] NICOLE! JUST. STOP. SLAPPING. YOUR. HUSBAND. AND RICHARD, YOU SHUT THE HELL UP! [calms down] Guys, this really isn't the time to-

[Damian gets interrupted from the sound of a loud explosion]

Darwin: [screams] What was that?

[Damian looks in the distance to find planes bombing the city with explosives coming towards them, before zooming onto Damian, shocked]

Damian: Run.

[The Watterson family then notices what is coming towards them as they run along with Damian]

Gumball: [cries] I can't believe this!

Damian: I know, right?! [pulls out megaphone] EVERYONE, GET THE HELL OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW! SOMETHING IS COMING! [puts away megaphone]

[Scene cuts to all neighborhood residents rushing outside before panicking as the camera pans out, showing the entire neighborhood with explosives and damage occurring]

The Wattersons: [screaming in fear]

Damian: I don't want to be here anymore, we got to move!

Nicole: Well, at least move to a different neighborhood would be better! [pants]

Damian: Are you out of your mind?! What if the entire city was destroyed? Huh?

Nicole: Okay, I'm sorry! I'm just scared to death right now and I don't know where to go!

Gumball: [falls into hole; screaming before hitting the ground]

Nicole: Gumball! Are you okay?

Gumball: [grunts] Yep, and I found this hole to protect ourselves with! Get in guys!

Darwin: Alright dude, we're coming!

[The Wattersons drop their selves down to the bottom of the hole as Anais puts a big lid over it]

Nicole: [hugs Gumball] Don't worry. We're safe. [lets Gumball go from her hands]

Darwin: Where do we go though now, Ms. Mom?

Nicole: Well my darling, I will figure out as soon as a cat can scratch a lottery scratcher, or maybe a person. Heh.

Darwin: Anyways, Gumball, what do you think will even happen out there?

Gumball: I don't know, but man, was it scary out there.

Anais: [walks towards the two] Guys, I'm concerned about the city. I hope it's not going to be a big wreck.

Gumball: Well, we'll have to find out soon, but until then, we're all safe, even you.

[Gumball and Anais look at each other smiling]

Nicole: Hey everyone, I found a door!

The Wattersons: [happily complimenting Nicole]

Richard: I wonder what's in there. You can open the door, honey.

Nicole: Gladly. [opens the door to reveal a ginormous room inside]

Richard: Oh man! This place looks... perfect for bunnies! [giggles as he runs off excitedly]

Gumball: Oh dad. Anyways mom, this place looks awesome!

Nicole: I know, it does. Come on kids, I'll show you around.

Darwin: This is going to be epic!

[Scene cuts back to Elmore being bombarded]

Zach: I hope you people like eggs! [evil laugh] [drops egg manually]

[Mr. and Mrs. Robinson is seen running away when an egg falls on Mr. R's head]

Mr. Robinson: Wh-what the heck? An egg? Just an egg? [slams egg on ground] Come on, couldn't come up with something else, you prick?!

Mrs. Robinson: [gibberish yelling]

Mr. Robinson: [confronts Mrs. R] Um, maybe don't take it from me... please... maybe?

Mrs. Robinson: Meh.

Mr. Robinson: [angrily] Damn you, gibberish crap.

[Scene cuts back to Zach]

Zach: Oh look, people are trying to drive huh? Well, what if their fancy cars ate my "B-Bs"?

Driver 1: Oh you mean like the Bart Simpson commercials where he eats those Butterfinger BBs?

Zach: Oh man, what are you in? 1990s ass? [laughs wickedly]

[Zach drops bomb on Driver 1 car as the vehicle explodes, creating a wave which bursts a few other cars surrounded into explosions and flames]

Zach clones: Woohoo!

Zach: Good job you guys. Let's keep it coming.

[Planes fly away as it cuts back to the Watterson family and Damian; Richard and Nicole are seen sitting down privately]

Nicole: [sighs] Look Richard, I... I-I'm sorry for snapping at you. It's just that.. I'm worried sick about what's going on right now. I'm not mad at you, I was just a little frustrated because I don't want anything to happen to us. The same goes with our kids. Our children are important and special to us, and if we didn't have them, it would make this situation harder. Our kids are just, clever, if you understand what I'm saying. What my main point is though, is that I love you. If you were gone, I would be nothing. I need you, please. I apologize for the insult and for my temper. The least that you can do for me is to just... please stay. Please.

Richard: [slightly smiles] Thanks. I'm sorry as well for thinking wrong in the first place. I guess we really do need each other.

[Nicole and Richard hug each other before Gumball shows up moments later]

Gumball: Mom, Dad? What are you two talking about?

Nicole: Oh, we're just calming ourselves. That's all.

Gumball: Ok then. [winks, then walks away while whistling]

Nicole: Oh Richard, isn't our son great to have?

Richard: It sure is honey.

[Scene cuts to Gumball, Darwin and Anais roaming around the place]

Gumball: [talking to Darwin] Look at all of this stuff, dude!

Darwin: I know right? It's incredible.

Gumball: Like dude, look at this big boy, for example. [presents big television to Darwin] This is a TV-

Anais: [shocked in notice] Did you say there's a TV here? I get it first! [quickly grabs remote and turns on Daisy the Donkey]

Daisy the Donkey: Welcome to the Daisy the Donkey show! Today we are going to do a fun activity. It will surely make you have a good time.

[Scene cuts to Gumball and Darwin up close facepalming]

Gumball: My god...

Darwin: You really had to do that, didn't you?

Gumball: [sighs] Look dude, I wanted to show you the TV just for you to get excited about it until our sister took it over. It's not my fault!

Darwin: Yeah, that does make sense.

[Cuts back to Daisy the Donkey]

Daisy the Donkey: Now, let's start. First, get two pieces of bread and rip the crusts off because crusts are gross.

Anais: No, crusts aren't gross! But whatever. [Anais gets two pieces of bread and rips crusts off]

Daisy the Donkey: Next, get a knife.

Anais: Huh? A knife? I don't know why Daisy would say that, but maybe we're making a sandwich, so I'll just get one anyway.

[Anais gets a knife]

Daisy the Donkey: Next, grab peanut butter, any liquid you like, pour both in a mixing bowl and stir for about a minute.

[Anais grabs peanut butter and a drink with label saying USE WITH CAUTION, not noticing the warning, then mixes]

Daisy the Donkey: Then, get the knife and smear the mix onto the bread.

[Anais smears mix onto bread and puts the two pieces of bread together]

Daisy the Donkey: Now you are all done! You made a sandwich! NOW GIVE IT TO GUMBALL! [angry demonic voice]

Anais: Okay then? [comes up to Gumball with sandwich] That was weird. [says quietly] Hey Gumball, I made a sandwich, just for you!

Gumball: Oh, thanks. [takes one bite of sandwich before gulping/swallowing it, then coughing rapidly] W-w-wha- [coughs] what i- [coughs] is this?! [coughs out blood] Oh- [coughs and chokes] g-g-gosh! [slams his fist on the ground] A-a-aa- [chokes rapidly as his skin turns purple before passing out]

Anais: Oh no! Gumball, what happened?!

Gumball: [slightly coughs]

[Nicole, Richard, Darwin and Damian enter the scene]

Nicole: Anais, what was all of that- [gasps in shock]

Richard, Darwin and Damian: [gasps in shock one by one]

Nicole, Richard, Darwin and Damian: GUMBALL!

Gumball: [groans and coughs]

[Nicole bends her knees down and picks Gumball up with her hands, worried]

Nicole: G-Gumball... My poor son. Are you okay?

[Gumball tries to speak but slightly chokes as doing so]

Darwin: [hugs Richard] I'm scared Mr. Dad. I hope Gumball will be okay. [whimpers]

Richard: I know, me too. I love my precious blue cat with all of my heart, and I hope so too he will be healed. [hugs Darwin]

[Nicole gets water and forces it to swallow through Gumball's throat to revive him, but was unsuccessful]

Nicole: Gumball, come on! [shakes Gumball] Come back! [begins to sob]

[Nicole hugs Gumball as she cries out his name, petting him in the process]

Darwin: [sniffs, about ready to cry] W-what even happened to him anyway?

Richard and Anais: I have no idea. Hah! [points at each other] Jinx. Double jinx. Triple jinx. Trix! Bunnies! Daisy! Horses! Ears! Cats! Animals-

Darwin: SHUSH! Just shut the hell up you two! This is serious! [stomps on the ground whilst talking]

Damian: Exactly! There is no time for playing games.

[Everyone except Gumball focuses the TV as gunshots are heard from it as the scene cuts to show Daisy the Donkey being shot with a gun with stuffing flying everywhere as Zach comes up to the TV screen]

Zach: [laughs wickedly] Hey Nicole, how's Gumball doi- [notices Gumball's passed out body] Oh, your son is dead and you're sad about it? Wow, what a baby. Heh. Like what? Is Gumball so important that if he goes anywhere near death, you would freak out badly? [chuckles] Well, have fun with that, pussy! [laughs maniacally before the signal from the television cuts off]

Damian: My god, that asshole! We have to go get him before he does anything else!

Nicole: WAIT! What about Gumball?

Damian: We'll just take him to the hospital. Now, let's go! Come on! [runs out the door as everyone else follows him]

[Scene then shows the empty bottle that contained the liquid mixed with the peanut butter with the label on it as it pans to the bottom of the object with black writing saying POISON]

[Scene cuts to The Wattersons and Damian running to the hospital]

Darwin: Anais, what even happened to Gumball?!

Anais: I think he choked.

Darwin: How?

Anais: Well I gave him a sandwich and somehow he started to cough.

Darwin: What even was in that sandwich?!

Anais: Just peanut butter and a liquid that was- Wait a second...

Darwin: What?

Anais: Oh no... Oh no. No! (x10) I think I know what that was that I put in the sandwich.


Anais: I think it was poison.

Darwin: Really? Poison? As if I'm a first timer of knowing how that kills people.

Anais: I know right? But seriously though, if Gumball is dead, that would mean I'm a murderer! [starts hyperventilating]

Darwin: Anais, just calm down. It was probably an accident, maybe you didn't know you put poison in the sandwich.

Anais: Well alright, but if I'm in court and they say I did it on purpose, then they are stupid for not knowing.

Darwin: Okay then. Let's just hurry up before Gumball flies into heaven.

[Scene cuts to Zach noticing the Wattersons and Damian rushing to their destination]

Zach: Oh, look at this guys. The "Pooper"sons are heading somewhere with their dead son? Not for long, they aren't. [chuckles as Zach pulls out a gun and attempts to aim and shoot at Gumball]

[Scene cuts back to the Wattersons noticing bullets shooting down from the planes]

Richard: What's happening? Why is it raining bullets? There's no shooting here, right?

Darwin: Ugh, where are they coming from? [looks up to find Zach shooting bullets down towards them]

Darwin: Oh great. Zach is bach at it a-gach.

[Nicole, Richard, Anais and Damian looks at Darwin in confusion]

Darwin: Okay, I guess never mind? [confused]

[Scene cuts to Elmore Hospital as the Wattersons and Damian burst through the entrance of the building and into one of the rooms]

Nicole: Bandage doctor, we need you to help Gumball. Inspect him and make it quick.

Bandage doctor: W-what the hell... Can you explain to me what happened to him?

Anais: So I gave him a sandwich that I made from an activity and gave it to Gumball. When he bit into it, he started coughing and choking and then he passed out.

Bandage doctor: What was in this sandwich young lady?

Anais: Peanut butter and poison.

Bandage doctor: What a monster you are. You should be in jail right no- I shouldn't even be talking to you at all right now. God.

Anais: It was an accident, okay?!

Bandage doctor: That's what they all say. What should I do about it anyway? Heh.

Anais: [growls angrily as the growl gets louder]

Nicole: [points at both Anais and Bandage doctor] Forget about your conversation you two! Now please, check his heartbeat and do all of that extra stuff.

[Bandage doctor proceeds to check Gumball's heartbeat as it appears flat]

Bandage doctor: He's dead. He's just straight up dead.

Nicole: What?! This can't be real. [calms down] Try doing CPR on him, do something!

Bandage doctor: Well, we can try to get out what he choked on which is currently stuck in his throat with surgery, then we might try reviving him with CPR.

Nicole: Sounds good. Come on kids, let's wait outside.

[Montage plays out as Nicole, Richard, Anais, Darwin and Damian wait for Gumball for about half a minute before ending]

Bandage doctor: I'm back.

Nicole: Is Gumball okay?

Bandage doctor: Well, we felt like that Gumball was dead forever since that it took us a while to revive him using CPR, but he's alive.

[Everyone except for the bandage doctor relieves]

Nicole: Thank god. Well, what about the choking part?

Bandage doctor: Yeah, about that. It appears he choked on a large bit of a sandwich since he didn't really chew on it too much, probably just a couple times he did so, but he's okay really, and yes there was poison in it. Next time, tell your son to chew more when he's eating so that you guys don't have to worry.

Nicole: Alright then, well, thanks for your help.

Bandage doctor: My pleasure.

[Bandage doctor leaves as Gumball comes up to the Wattersons and Damian]

Nicole, Richard, Darwin, Anais and Damian: Gumball! [happily]

[Nicole, Richard, Darwin and Anais hug Gumball in excitement and relief as Damian watches, smiling]

Nicole: Aww! I'm so glad you're okay!

Richard: Me too!

Darwin: I missed you so much dude!

Gumball: I missed you too Darwin.

Anais: Hey Gumball, I'm sorry for what I gave you to eat was poisonous. Besides, I didn't know I even put poison in there, but now, it's all over.

Gumball: It's okay.

Nicole: Now, let's all get out of here quick before Zach and his clones find out where we're at! [Nicole starts running as the rest follow her]

[Zach's plane crashes from the ceiling of the structure and blocking the exit, causing electrical sparks to fall]

Gumball: Oh no!

Zach: [chuckles as he cracks his knuckles] Well, it looks like you made it to your [pulls out movie poster for Final Destination (2000)] "final destination". [evil laugh]

Darwin: W-what do you mean? [shaking in fear]

Zach: Oh my, well let me show you, my Charles Darwin guy.

Darwin: Huh?

[Zach jumps out of the plane and pulls out a knife with dried up blood on it as he comes up to Nicole and slashes a small portion of her neck as blood gushes out with Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Richard and Damian watching in shock]

Darwin: MOM!

Nicole: OW! What the hell?! [covers neck with hand before hissing at Zach and growling angrily at him as she comes up to him]

Nicole: Stay there and don't move guys. [to Richard, Anais, Darwin, Gumball and Damian]

[Nicole attacks Zach, ripping his clothes and unsuccessfully attempting to stab him with the knife until Zach throws a strong explosive on the ground as it makes a beeping sound that gets faster as it keeps beeping]

Damian: CRAP!

[Zach gets in his plane and flies off with his clones following him]

[Damian runs outside the building, with the Watterson family following him as the bomb goes off, exploding the entire hospital and sending out a strong wave of chunks that are then seen hitting and destroying other objects and buildings]

[Scene cuts to hundreds of cars driving extremely fast, trying to get away from the catastrophe, with car crashes, traffic, etc., before showing Doughnut Sheriff in his car speeding as his car runs out of gas]

Doughnut Sheriff: Come on, bastards! Don't have all day, you know! [notices his car is running out of gas] Oh no, I'm almost out of gas! I better get to the gas station and-

[Scene cuts to Doughnut Sheriff waiting for his car to receive enough gas from the gas pump]

Doughnut Sheriff: [looks at viewer] Ah, isn't wasting money on gas for your car fun to do for a literal living? I mean, think about it. It totally isn't shit. Oh man... [closes his eyes in a sarcastic relaxed manner]

[Behind the gas station, a big chunk of the Elmore Hospital structure hits and blows up the gas convenience store in the background as Doughnut Sheriff looks behind him in shock]

Doughnut Sheriff: Um, and on second thought, maybe another thing to wait for is not to wait for my car's gas to be full, but to get out of here! [hyperventilates as he rushes to his car and drives out of the area as gas continues to flow through in and out of the pump]

[Scene cuts to an aerial view of Elmore as Zach and his clones are seen]

Zach: Drop it?

Zach clones: Drop it.

[Scene cuts to a wider aerial view of the city as the planes drop nuclear explosives onto Elmore as it creates a mushroom cloud with destruction and debris spreading out throughout the entire radius of the city, destroying everything before the screen glitches out to black]

The End

[Scene fades in to Elmore, completely destroyed and wrecked, with The Wattersons sitting on the roof of a building as Damian comes to sit down with them]

Narrator: Elmore is finished. Everything in Elmore is just obliterated. No more malls, no more shopping, no more theaters, no more school and no more homes. It is all destroyed to the point it gets a similarity to that ghost town in Ukraine. Other than that, it looks like that it might as well take a while until the pain halts.

[The Wattersons (in horrible condition) are shown as two airplanes fly by them]

Narrator: Well, whatever happens, we won't forget how something beautiful can turn into hell. It's just life for people nowadays. At least, for now, let's just say that we might need a little renovation. But, you now know already, that this was an attack on Elmore.

[Two airplanes fly away from each other, ending the movie]


[It cuts to the kindergarten which is in perfect condition even though it should've been destroyed by the nuclear bomb, and a kid is pretending to guard the place]

Kindergartener: I'm so glad to be a kindergartener!

[A noise is heard and the kindergartener runs away, screaming]

[A monster with corruption elements destroys the area with its elements spreading throughout before causing the camera to glitch to black]


The sequel, being called Attack on Elmore 2: Glitchiness, was officially released into theaters on July 15, 2020. The second installment was marked to be the final movie in the series due to loss of interest on the show it was based on, however interest on it revived in May 2021, in which a third installment was released.

Film removal

Unfortunately, this film was unable to succeed thoroughly. About 3 days after its release (July 18, 2020), Attack on Elmore 2 was pulled from being shown at all movie theaters across the United States for a few reasons:

  1. LeapFrog (the distributor and one of the production companies that established the film) accurately realized that the sequel had very poor reception (examples: some theaters weren't able to show the whole film at all and instead the first installment or a different film, some theaters had either some or most of the picture from the film being temporarily obliterated from the film reel, very little to none theaters rarely showed the full film, etc.)
  2. Haters on the film franchise randomly bombarded the audience reviews with horrible ratings, forcing a 2.7/5 on Google reviews, although right now, it received a 4.6/5 on Google reviews.
  3. Fortunately, the movie was viewed over 85 million times across the country, but however, the film only made around $500,000 USD in the box office because of the terrible connection of the film reel (poor reception) that movie theaters had.

Because of this, the film company (LeapFrog) had to re-release Attack on Elmore 2 out on streaming services, DVD and Blu-ray the following week prior to its release in theaters.


Attack on Elmore 3D was officially released into theaters/onto streaming services on July 10, 2021.

Fourth film

Attack on Elmore 4 is currently being formulated at the moment, in which no further detail is available yet, however, one aspect that was given out about the film is that it is currently being planned to become compatible being a 4D/4DX film, beside it being 2D and 3D. Select movie theaters that support 4D/4DX film with effects could present the 4D version of the movie. Normal movie theaters might only show the film in 2D and 3D.

The release date on the film is unknown at this time, however the movie could be released sometime in 2023. The reason it might not be able to come out in 2022 is because of The Amazing World of Gumball Movie being set to release that year.

As of July 25, 2021, the official script for the film began being written.


  • Attack on Elmore was given a PG-13 rating, however some articles, including a few MPA employees claimed the film "too intense". After review, the Motion Picture Association gave the production companies a warning that the movie could've possibly gotten an R rating, but still kept the current rating.
  • LeapFrog (the company who wrote the film's script) was almost sued for making a September 11 joke, however, to make it less worse, in response the corporation stated that they did not mean to create a joke based on a serious matter. The only reason the joke was in the film was that the script was technologically hacked by an al-Qaeda member who put in that joke in American English. The company did not notice the hack until they re-reviewed the script, attempting to change it, but couldn't since it was finalized. The hacker was then sued and had to pay $500,000 USD/ULD for the ruins.
  • On streaming service versions of the film, in the beginning of the movie, a false warning was given and read out to the viewer(s) stating that the film was "too intense" for anyone at age 13 and up, however parents denied this. In late-2020, the warning was removed.
  • This movie marked the first time Zach Watterson reappeared on Gumball-related content in 5 years after the American release of The Amazing World of Gumball TV episode The Name.
  • Attack on Elmore was awarded fourth place for Favorite Movie behind Spider-Man: Far From Home in the 2020 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.
  • Airings of this movie on television normally have the rating TV-14 DLV, although at times some TV channels would make the film air with the rating TV-MA LV because of the warning from the MPA to the companies in which produced and made the film worrying station maintenance.
  • In the United Leaps, this film was classified as rated 13 in theaters and Orange on television. It also contains the following descriptors:
    • Level IV (High) Action
    • Level I (Mild) Humor
    • Level II (Moderate) Blood
    • Level III (Strong) Language
  • References the movie created include:
    • The movie created a reference to the 2000 film Final Destination in a scene where Zach visibly pulls out a movie poster for the film.
    • Driver 1 mentioned Bart Simpson from The Simpsons, additionally Butterfinger BBs, a product.
  • Goofs/Errors:
    • The Warner Animation Group logo was not present in the movie, although WAG is one of the production companies that animated the film.


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