Attack of the Megalodon is a 2013 SyFy Channel original movie.


When a Megalodon shark attacks and sinks an oil rig in the Pacific ocean, it is up to a marine biologist and a team of fishermen to stop the creature.


  • Sarah Lieving as Dr. Jennifer Robbins (A Marine biologist)
  • Adrian Paul as Sean Clayva (The captain of fishing boat "Karen")
  • Rib Hillis as Harfield (Sean's first mate)
  • Anthony rogers as Duncan (The captain of fishing boat "Lysette")
  • Richard couch as Hamilton (Duncan's first mate)
  • Richard Grieco as Todd (A member of Karen)
  • Vanessa Lee Evigan as Christine (A member of Karen and the only other female in the group)
  • TBA as Davis (A member of Lysette)
  • John Rhys-Davies as Dr. Kurtzman (A member of Lysette and the group's doctor)
  • TBA as Cheung (A member of Lysette)


Davis - Eaten by the Megalodon when he leans against a railing on Lysette while taking a cigarette break.

Hamilton & Cheung - Eaten by the Megalodon when they try to escape on a lifeboat.

Todd, Kurtzman, & Duncan - Incinerated when the Megalodon causes Lysette to explode.

Christine - Eaten by the Megalodon when it leaps out of the water at her.

Harfield - Eaten by the Megalodon when it knocks him into the water.

Sean Clayva - Eaten by the Megalodon while unsuccessfully trying to blow it up with a gas tank.


Dr. Robbins



A sequel is in production, in which the Megalodon begins attacking Hawaii and Dr. Robbins teams up with a new crew in order to stop it.

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