Attack of the Killer Donuts 2: The Killer Cupcakes is the sequel to the first movie. In this movie, the Killer Donuts have to team up with the humans to stop the Killer Cupcakes.

Movie Description

The Killer Donuts are back, but when a new threat known as the Killer Cupcakes arrives and begins to drive them out, humans and Killer Donuts have to work together to save both sides from perishing.

Clip (Switching Sides)

This is the part where the Killer Donuts became good.


The two police officers kick the door down and enter with guns ready.

One Killer Donut was alone in the building and was started when the police officers walked in.

Killer Donut: What do I do?

Officer Roberts: Did you hear that?

Officer Hammerstein: Hear what?

Roberts: Someone is crying.

The two walk into the next room and see the donut crying. While she had no eyes, the sounds gave it away.

Roberts: Oh shit. Quick, get ready.

The two raised their guns.

Roberts: You’re going down, you...

Killer Donut: Just get it over with, please! *Sniff* I don’t deserve to live.

The two officers lowered their guns.

Roberts: Why are you able to talk?

Killer Donut: We always knew how to talk, but we didn’t want you to know.

Hammerstein: Okay, okay. We won’t shoot you. Just calm down.

The Donut starts to calm down.

Roberts: Tell us what’s wrong.

Killer Donut: Our kind is dying out. We won‘t survive.


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