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Attack of the Killer Carrots is a science fiction horror comedy film it starring John Lapus, Bella Sana, Danny Glover, Mall Arnold, Karla Johnny, KJ, Melody Ruins, Vine Lapis and Barbara Crampton. a sequel to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes


a carrot rise in the earth and it grow and growing who she eaten a people or pets


  • Bella Sana as Dr. Georger Daughter
  • Melody Ruins as Dr. Jenny
  • Karla Johnny as Dr. Cloner
  • Mall Arnold as Dr. Tomatoes Destroyer
  • Danny Glover as Dr. Johnny
  • KJ as Melodi
  • Melody Ruins as Dr. Jacky
  • Vine Lapis as Lapus Georger
  • John Lapus as Dr. Georger
  • Barbara Crampton as The First Eaten


  • The First Eaten- she eaten by a giant carrot
  • Dr Georger- the carrot jump at her and explosion her head
  • Dr. Jacky- Jacky get killed by a carrot by stab
  • Lapus Georger- partly she get eaten
  • Dr. Johnny- Johnny get some a antidote and a carrot just explosion at her
  • Dr. Cloner- eaten alive
  • Melodi- Melody get killed by a giant carrot


Dr. Jenny, Dr. Tomatoes, Dr. Georger, Georger Daughter