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Opening Credits

Michael Shires Pictures 1992-2009 Logo.png

Michael Shires

Beauty and the Beast
Animation Stuios

in association with
Williamson Entertainment
Melvin Films

David Kellogg

Martin Jarvis

Michael Caine

Jason Alexander

Tim Curry

Demi Moore

Atomic Betty
and the
Galactic Guardians

Closing Credits

Directed by
David Kellogg

Produced by
Peter Williamson Marvin Kellaway
Graham Collingwood James Phillipson

Associate Producer:
Chris Michaelson

Executive Producer:
Michael Shires

Written by
Bruce Thompson
James Herbert

Music Score by
John Debney

Based on the Characters Created by
Ken Griffith

Production Design by
Doug Scheib

Art Director:
Maurice Nelson

Director of Photography:
John Hora, A.S.C.

Film Editor:
Michael Kahn, A.C.E.

Paige O'Hara

Wallace Shawn

David Odgen Stiers

With the Voices of
Jodi Benson

Jaleel White

Matt Hill

Kenneth Mars

Rob Paulsen

Jess Harnell

Jesse Corti

Catherine Disher

Scrolling Credits

Supervising Producer:
Richard Kenny

Supervising Director:
Thomas A. White

Animation Directed by
Chuck Johnson

Animation Character Design:
Brian Cosgrove Jon Doyle
Paul Harrison Margaret Riley
Mark Stacey Mike Whaite

Animation Storyboard Artists:
Jon Doyle Jez Hall
Andy Roper Paul Salmon
Stephen Simpson

Animation Layout Artists:
Chris Randall Margaret Riley
Paul Salmon Vincent James
Dan Whitworth Ed Williams
Andy Roper

Animation Background Artists:
Beverly Bush Brian Cosgrove
John Geering Stephen Hanson
John Millington Nick Pratt
Andy Roper Keith Scoble
Ben Turner

Supervising Animation Directors:
Mike Henn Glen Keane
George Kenny Mike Williams
Russ Mooney James Baxter
Ron Myrick

Charlie Downs Eileen Dunn
M. Flores Nichols Stan Phillips
Tom Ray Neal Warner
Karen Peterson

Ink and Paint Supervisor
Warren Johnson

Effects Animation
Graeme Rowley Don McManus
John Brown James Michaels
Bernard Germanetti Ed Augustin

Animation Camera
Frank Hardie John Aardal
Ralph Migliori Graham Sharples
Ron Jackson

Second Unit Director:
David Wallace

Production Supervisor:
Ken Phillipson

Production Manager:
Thomas Musker

Production Co-ordinator:
Bernard Edwards

Production Assistant:
Terri Gauskin

1st Assistant Director:
Andrea Taylor

Camera Operators:
Mike Genne Bob Stevens
Mike Brewster Martin Foley

Camera Assistant:
Paul Smith

Special Effects:
Roy Huckerby

Set Designer:
George Eckert

Set Decorator:
Marvin March

Executive Music Producer:
Chris Mountain

Lighting Director:
Rob Kitzman

Camera Team:
Tony Etwell Ross Oglethorpe
Tristan Mullane

Joe Smythe

Sonny Burdis

Rigging Gaffe:
Mike Chambers

Elisabeth West

Online Editor:
Matthew Hall

Dubbing Mixer:
Ian Tapp

Script Supervisor: Lissa Ruben

Production Accountant: Alan Cassie

Supervising Art Director: Brian Bailey

Music Supervisor: Richard L. Wallace

Music Co-ordinator: James Davies

Second Assistant Director:
Richard Whelan Callum McDougall

Casting by
Michael Wallace


Mr. Torbett
Martin Jarvis
Mr. Silver Michael Caine
Principal Manager Jason Alexander
Mother Nature Demi Moore
Nightmare Fever Tim Curry
Mr. Torbett Junior Wallace Shawn
Billy No Mates David Odgen Stiers
Mrs. Smith Paige O'Hara
Betty Barrett/Atomic Betty Jodi Benson
Sparky Jaleel White
Robot X-5 Matt Hill
Admiral DeGill Kenneth Mars
Baker Rob Paulsen
Chums Jess Harnell
Solider Man Jesse Corti
Penelope Lang Catherine Disher
Junior Galactic Guardians Cathy Cavadini
E.G. Daily
Tara Charendoff

Creative Producer:
Richard Celador


Executive in Charge of Production: Jim Organisation

Director of Production: Dickie Bamber

Assistant Set Decorator: Marina Morris

Script Editor: Patrick Barrett

Still Photographer: Alex Bailey

Electrician: Chris Bailey

Rigger Trainee: Vincent Bloor

Matte Artist: Mary Spargo

Supervising Editor: Robert T. Gills

Assistant Editor: Roy Hill

Post Production

Post Production Supervisor: Mike Stern

Post Production Manager: Bob Strew

Post Production Co-ordinator: Ernest Nelson

Post Production Assistant: Doug Smith

Visual Effects

Visual Effects Supervisor: Roy Field

Visual Effects Designer: Richard Bain

Visual Effects Producer: Alan Church

Special Effects

Special Effects Technician: Paul Slootweg

Special Effects Supervisor: Brian Smithies

Animatronic Model Designer: Vince Abbott

Special Effects Compositor: Jules Findley

Senior Special Effects Modeller: Paul Stephenson

Special Effects Trainee: Alistair Williams


Set Supervisor: James Smith

Set Dresser: James Walsh

Creative Consultant: Paul Winchell

Stunt Co-ordinator: Riky Ash

Makeup Artist: Lynda Armstrong

Hair Stylist: Suzanne Stokes-Munton

Hairdresser: Daphne Vollmer

Sound Designer: Gary Rydstrom

Supervising Design: Ray Butler

Recreation Supervisor: Larry Houston

Creative Consultant: Davis Doi

Supervising Manager: Larry Parr


Orchestrations: Michael Young
Conducted by John Debney
Music Editor: Emery Kennethson
Music Recording: ScreenMusic International
Voice Director: Andrea Romano
Mixer Supervisor: Thomas Claster
Music Created by Robert Crissman
Sound Effects by Wellington Productions, Inc.

Main and End Title Design by
Saxon/Ross Film Design

Opticals and Titles by
Paific Titles

Visual Effects by
Industrial Light & Magic
Skywalker Sound

Grip and Lighting Equipment by
Lee Lighting Ltd.

Special Effects Company by
The Magic Center Company
Moving Picture Company


Foley Artists: Pauline Griffiths
Jenny Lee Wright
Re-Recording Mixers: Scott Millan
Tom Meadows
Scott Millan
Sound Effects Editors: Michael H. DePatie
Michael Tomack
Bruce Elliott
Heather Elliott
Richard Allen
Associate Sound Editor: Martin Cantwell
James Boyle
Jonathan Miller
Supervising Sound Editor: Nigel Galt

Assistant to the Producer:

Kevin Rogers

Color Timers:

Terry Claborn
Jim Passon

Special Thanks

Ron Lynch

Negative Cutting by:

Michael Shires Studios Negative Cutting

Technical Constulants:

Peter Michaelson Chris Wallace
John Tartakovsky Brian Trueman
Robert Wallace Jimmy Hibbert
Peter DeVito Bruce Thompson
Chris Spencer James Howard
Roy Shires James Anderson
Sarah Shires Robert Stevenson
Emily Shires Chuck Johnson
Charlie Barks Max Thomas

Visual Development

Virgil Geopper Eric Dodgers
George Get Carols Alfonso
James Rogers Dan Whitworth
Jack Deakin Jean Flynn
James Thomas Andy Roper
Eric Johnson Ryan Budweiser


Tom Carlisle Craig Payne
Cherise Miller Brian Torres
John Bennett Keith Johnson
Kent Barnes Michael Hitson
Paul Gillis Peter Schreiber

Kathryn Parrell Don Smith
Sarah W. Armstrong Robin Stevens
Don Austen Larry Smith
James Murray Brad Williams
Mike Quinn Mari Kaestle

Marcus Clarke Sue Dacre
Michele Fabian-Jones Pat Garrett
Jane Howell Ronnie Le Drew
Frances Patterson Kip Rathke
Patrick Comerford Brian Herring
Jim Eustermann Eric Fiedler
Bruce Spaulding Fuller Jim McPherson
David Penikas John Robles
Dianna Smith Karen S. Spiegel
Bill Sturgeon Tommy Williamson
Wes C. Caefer

Robin Borman William A. Campbell
Linda Henrikson Mitchell Ray Kenney
Murray Lantz Barbara Matera

Francis Wright Richard Coombs
Simon Buckley

Custome Design by
Polly Smith

Producer of Vistual Effects:
Thomas G. Smith

Music Recorded and Mixed at

Sony Pictures Scoring Stage
Newman Scoring Stage-Twentieth Century Fox Studios
The Village
Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage M

Filmed at
New York City
Los Angeles, California


"Atomic Betty Theme"
Music by George Rogers

"Seven Days a Week"
Words and Music by
Danny Janssen and Austin Roberts

"Who Do You Think You Are"
Music by Andy Watkins and Paul Wilson
Written and Performed by Spice Girls
Produced by Absolute

"I'm Every Woman"
Music by Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson
Produced by
Narada Michael Walden Louis
Biancaniello David Cole
Robert Clivillés
Performed by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Appears Courtesy of Arista Records, Inc.

Assistant Constulants

Ralph Bruckheimer Ed Benninger
Ed Benedict Clayton Darling
Bernard Matthews Yoram Patterson
Kevin Kinney Al Zimmer

Animation Production by
Akom Productions Company

Mixed and Recorded in a

Smbmovie thx.png

THX Sound System Theater

Original Soundtrack Available from

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American Humane Association monitored the animal action.
No animals and/or talking objects were harmed in the making of this film.

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