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Atlantis 3 : Attack of the Sabre Tooth is a 2016 3D American/British/South African sci-fi action computer/traditionally animated movie directed by Allias Salmon, with produced by Don Hahn. This is the third installment of Atlantis films, this is the third sequel of 2003's Atlantis: Milo's Return and 2001's Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It was released by Walt Disney Pictures, Allias Salmon Studios, DisneyToon Studios, and Toon City Animation Inc.

The film featured Michael J. Fox, Cree Summer, Don Novello, Jacqueline Obradors and Corey Burton reprise their roles. Claudia Christian reprise her role as Helga. Tress MacNellie, Kelsey Grammer, Blake Clark, Sam Eliott and Jim Cummings all did the new voices in the film. The film was released in 2016

It was also third and final installment of the Atlantis trilogy.


In the opening scene, Allias, a sabre tooth cat is exploring the jungles. He smells humans. In the opening scene, Kida is narrating how Atlantis returns to its culture, the crew returns on the plane with Whitmore are Audrey, Vinny, Helga, Rourke, Cookie, Mole and Packard. Whitmore tells the crew that a sabre tooth tiger is coming, Helga stated that she married Sweet and had four children. Later, Rourke hired a jeep and a truck, to find the jungles of Atlantis. When they arrive, Allias attacked the jeep along with the others killed. Milo, Helga, Rourke and the crew escaped to the saftey in the jungle. As they arrive, they head to the jungles, Meanwhile, Allias is searching


  • Michael J. Fox as Milo James Thatch, a linguist and the main protagonist.
  • Cree Summer as Kidagakash Kida Nedakh, Milo's love interest.
  • Kelsey Grammer as Commander Lyle Tiberuis Rourke, the former leader.
  • John Mahoney as Whitmore
  • Jacqueline Obradors as Audrey Ramirez, a Spanish mechanic.
  • Don Novello as Vincenzo "Vinny" Santorni, a bomber and an Italian expert.
  • Claudia Christian as Lieutenat Helga Katrina Sinclair, a German woman who is one of the deuteragonists.
  • Corey Burton as Gaetan Molière, a French geologist
  • Tress MacNellie as Packard, a woman operator
  • Blake Clark as Jebidiah Allardyce "Cookie" Farnsworth, a cook.
  • James Garner as Rourke (unused recordings/archive audio)
  • Leonard Nimoy as Kashekim Nedakh (archive recordings/unused audio)
  • Phil Morris as Sweet, a Doctor. He only appear in flashbacks.
  • Idris Elba as Allias, a sabre tooth tiger.
  • Dustin Hoffman as Chakashi
  • Clancy Brown as Edgar Vulgud
  • Jean Gilpin as Inger Allyson
  • Thomas F. Wilson as Ashtin Carnaby
  • William Morgan Sheppard as Erik Hellstrom
  • Jeff Bennett as Sam McKeane
  • Samuel E. Wright as Allias’ dad
  • Christopher Lloyd as Thaddeus Thatch
  • Seth Macfarlane as a Spider
  • Frank Welker as Allias (roaring, growling, snarling), Obby, mammoth and Lava whales.
  • Dane A. Davis as Allias (Growls)


Development and production started in early 2014,


James Newton Howard was hired to return the score of the film. Lebo M, who did vocals for The Lion King, did vocals and songs for the soundtrack. The job of composing the score was offered to John Powell, but he turned it down because of his work on Charlton Park: The Movie and Bailey and Megan.

Hans Zimmer will score the film.


  • Allias has the same design as the Sabre tooth tiger from Wild New World.
  • This was Leonard Nimoy's last role, 8/12 weeks before the film's release.
  • This was the first Atlantis film to be in 3D. Also, it was also released in IMAX 3D.
  • Originally, Joshua Sweet was originally going to appear in the film, but was cut. If he did, Phil Morris would’ve reprise his role.
  • Production began in 2012, with the cast from the previous films reprising their roles
  • Allias' roaring vocals were a mix of a lion, tiger, leopard, cougar, bear, panther, cheetah, woolly mammoth, elephant, rhinoceros and a Tyrannosaurs Rex. Also, Allias has the same roars as Aladar, Kron, Carnotaurus, and Bruton from Dinosaur and Sulley from Monsters Inc.
  • Rourke, Helga, Kashekim, The mercenaries and the Atlanteans from the first film will appear in the film.
  • Packard is the only character not to smoke at all.
  • Allias' movements were based on a lion, tiger, cheetah, leopard, jaguar, panther, bear and a dinosaur, were design by Glen Keane, who did the design of Tarzan.
  • There is actually an error that Allias is telling Ash that he will bite the humans head. Jaguars do not kill humans, mostly big cats asphyxiate their prey by biting their throat, most likely, jaguars kill them in the brain.
  • Idris Elba was cast following his performance on Zootopia.
  • Allias has the same scar as Shere Khan and Scar from the Lion King.
  • Like the two predecessors,
  • Cookie is the only actor to get replaced by an actor, the first is Milo’s Return. Out of respect for Florence Stanley, Packard is now voiced by Tress MacNeille.
  • Takes place sometime after the events of Journey to Atlantis and obviously Milo’s Return.
  • Some of the characters that didn’t appear in the film were
  • The film’s teaser trailer was debuted in front of.
  • Like Shrek Forever After, this film is the final instalment.
  • Production began in the year of 2014 and ended in 2015.
  • Cookie is now voiced by Blake Clark, who voiced Slinky in Toy Story 3. Also, Jim Varney and Steve Barr also do the voices in the first two films. The same character that got recasted were Laverne in The Hunchback of Norte Dame 2, Fillmore in Cars 2, Nemo in Finding Dory, Dash in Incredibles 2 and finally one of the girls in Despicable Me 3.
  • The poster of the film, DVD cover and promotional marketing were Joshua Sweet were featured but in the final film. Sweet was the permanently the featured character in all of the covers, posters, DVD covers and video game covers.
  • Michael J. Fox reprise his role as Milo from the first film.
  • Michael J. Fox, Claudia Christian, James Garner and Leonard Nimoy are the only cast members from the first Atlantis to reprise their roles in the film, but Garner recorded his lines before he died and Nimoy reprising his role from the first film before he died in 2015.
  • The film has positive reviews
  • Packard’s voice actress Florence Stanley passed away, so instead of written Packard out of the film, like Doc Hudson in Cars 2.
  • James Garner died in 2014, after recording Rourke’s lines when he finished the recording of the role of Rourke. Also, Leonard Nimoy records his lines as Kashekim in January 2015, before he died in February. This is dedicated to his memory.