The Atlantic Sea Devil (Melanocetus Diablos) is A Species Of Sea Devil Anglerfish In The Family Of Melanocetidae, Which Means "Black Large Sea Creature" In Greek. They Live Deep In The Atlantic Ocean, But They Also Live In The Pacific. M. Diablos Lived Since The Late Cretaceous Period, Making Them Living Fossils. The Species Is Least Concern Thanks To Successful Conservation Projects That Occurred In The 1970s. 
Atlantic sea devil by alphax9 db7nbgo-fullview

A Atlantic Sea Devil

Historical Background

The First Specimen Of M. Diablos Was Discovered By The Famous Charles Darwin Off The Coast Of Africa. 


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Feeding And Hunting

Unlike Others Of Its Kind, Atlantic Sea Devils Hunt In Packs. 


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M. Diablos Is Least Concern Thanks To Successful Conservation Efforts In The 1970s. It Is Not A Food Source To Humans And, Therefore, Is Not Hunted By Them. 

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