Assassin's Creed School:The Ticket,Is an 1997 novel.It is about student's learning how to be Assassin's.However,One Student,Noel Brown,And his two friends encounter an big beast one night which makes them think that the teachers are hideing something.


Harry and Jane Brown are talking and Jane asks if Harry wants to act an father for her newly born son Noel.Harry says yes and then an banging noise is heard.Harry opens the door,And the evil Assassin in history,Lord Reamistone,Kills Harry.Jane runs with Noel and defends herself and Noel.Reamistone kills Jane and trys to kill Noel.However,An dying Jane kills Reamistone,Which results in the house blowing up(To UnAssassin's)

Noel,Now 11,Does not have an clue about his past and he lives with aunt Patricia and her husband Tommy.They treat him with no respect and he does not get what he wants like their son Brian and daughter Vera.An letter arrives and Noel learns he is going to Marplespoon,An High School for Assassin's.

Noel then enters an Assassin alley to get his stuff and he runs into Sam,Who is an friend of Harry and Jane.He tells Noel that Harry and Jane were Assassin's,And that Jane had killed the most powerful Assassin in history.Sam helps him and then tells him that he can stay with him.

When he go's to the train,He befriends Frank Turnsley,And finds out Frank lives has an big family.They run into an girl named Lily Greene,Who asks if they have seen her cat.They say no and Lily tells them that her parents are not Assassin's.Frank tells Noel that means that she might be smart.

When they arrive,Sam leads the newcomers to the School.They run into Darren and his friends Jimmy and Ross.They hulimate Frank.When they get there,They learn that they have to be sorted into four houses.Either Frimistone,RavenFul,Xenabrownstone or Farristone.They are sorted into RavenFul,Along with Lily.

During their first class,"Defending against the unknowen forces"Noel and Frank are paired up with Lily and Penelope and they have to duel each other.Noel and Lily seem to get it right,But Frank and Penelope do it the wrong way.

During "Items for Assassins" Noel and Frank are fed up with Lily being right with everything.In Halloween."More to be added".

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