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Assassin's Creed III is a 2018 action film based on the 2012 video game, starring



The plot of the film begins in the present day, with Desmond, his father William, Rebecca Crane, and Shaun Hastings finding the Grand Temple in a cave in Turin, New York. Using the Apple of Eden to access the structure, Desmond activates a large portion of the equipment, as well as an apparent timer to the event expected on December 21, 2012. His mind then falls into a fugue state, at which he is returned to the Animus and bleeds back to Haytham Kenway, father to Connor.

Haytham murders an Assassin at the London Royal Opera House, stealing a medallion, which Haytham and his associates speculate might be a key to a storehouse of "those who came before", and dispatch Haytham to the British American colonies to find it.

After preventing an attempt by a crewman named Louis Mills to turn him over to a trailing ship while he was on board the Providence, Haytham arrives in Boston. Upon reaching Boston, he is tasked with finding five men faithful to his cause: Charles Lee, William Johnson, Thomas Hickey, Benjamin Church and Jonathan Pitcairn. Upon finding these men, he kills a slave trader named Silas Thatcher and frees a large group of Native American slaves belonging to the Kanien'kehá:ka tribe in the process.

One of these Kanien'kehá:ka, Kaniehtí:io, agrees to help Haytham on the condition that he kills General Edward Braddock, the man responsible for capturing the Kanien'kehá:ka tribespeople. After tracking his movements, Haytham slays Braddock as he retreats from battle at Fort Duquesne. Haytham and Kaniehtí:io then travel to the entrance of the Grand Temple, however Haytham is disappointed to find the medallion he possesses cannot open it. In this moment, the pair reveal their romantic intentions towards each other, and shortly after, Charles Lee, Haytham's second in command, is singled out for his help and recruited into Haytham's Order. It transpires, however, that Haytham and his associates are actually Templars.

In the modern day, this event surprises Desmond to the point that he ejects himself from the Animus, as his mind attempts to absorb the facts. On his attention returning to the Temple, Desmond engages in a brief fight with his father, as he feels like he is treated as a pawn, and results in William punching Desmond in a short bout of anger. Once the tensions between the Assassin team cool down though, Shaun gives Desmond a choice: to explore the Grand Temple or return to the Animus.

The story then switches to Ratonhnhaké:ton. After playing hide and seek with his childhood friends in the forest near to his village, the young Kanien'kehá:ka encounters Charles Lee and his associates, who forcibly informs Ratonhnhaké:ton that he wishes to speak to the village's elders. On the Kanien'kehá:ka boy's return, he discovers his village burning, ultimately causing the death of his mother.

Some years later, a teenage Ratonhnhaké:ton is told by a village elder that the reason no-one is allowed to leave the nearby valley is because they are there to protect the Grand Temple, and shows him a crystal-like sphere, which activates at his touch and allows him to communicate with Juno. Juno informs him that he and his village are guardians of the Grand Temple, and that current probabilities indicate that unless he leaves, his village will be destroyed and his people slaughtered. After showing the Kanien'kehá:ka teenager the symbol of the Assassins, she tells him to leave the valley, find Achilles Davenport, an Assassin, and convince the elder, embittered fighter to train him.

After accomplishing this by protecting the Davenport manor from bandits, Ratonhnhaké:ton adopts the name "Connor" on Achilles' suggestion, and the pair set off to collect supplies to rebuild the decaying Davenport Homestead from Boston. Here, Connor comes into contact with Samuel Adams, after Haytham attempts to frame his son for the event dubbed the Boston Massacre, to which he is required to clear his notoriety through Adams' advice.

On his return, Achilles presents Connor with the Aquila, a ship he can use to patrol the Eastern American seaboard. As Connor learns the art of being an Assassin, he is brought into the cities of Boston and New York, as well as a large open area called the Frontier.

After being made a full-fledged member of the Assassin Brotherhood by Achilles, Connor sets out to eliminate the Colonial Templars. William Johnson is first assassinated after he attempts to purchase the land on which Connor's people reside, and Connor's next target is Jonathan Pitcairn, who leads the British forces at Bunker and Breed's Hills. After Pitcairn is dealt with, Connor next targets Thomas Hickey, whom Connor discovers is plotting to assassinate George Washington.

Connor finds Hickey, however after a brief scuffle, both are thrown into prison. However, Hickey isn't detained for long, since he is freed through Haytham and Lee's influence. In this regard, Connor is framed for the plot to assassinate Washington and is sentenced to the gallows, but Achilles and his fellow Assassins manages to free Connor at the execution. Connor then takes off after Hickey, who is present, and manages to assassinate him before the Templar can kill Washington.

With Haytham, Lee, and Benjamin Church still at large, Connor fears they still plot to eliminate Washington. Connor meets with Washington, who informs him that Church has stolen goods vital to the Continental Army and has fled. Connor agrees to pursue him and, in the process, finds his father, Haytham, as well.

Haytham reveals his own pursuit for Church, who has betrayed the Templars as well, and the two agree to set aside their differences for the time being to find Church together. Upon traveling to the Caribbean via the Aquila and pursuing Church's ship, Haytham and Connor locate Church and kill him, before the two then travel to meet Washington.

Here, Haytham discovers a letter that reveals Washington has ordered the removal of all the indigenous tribes from the land, as a number of which have supported the British. In the letter, one of the tribes to be removed is the Kanien'kehá:ka, despite Connor's own tribe showing a completely neutral attitude to the conflict. On this, Connor severs his ties with Haytham and Washington and takes off to protect his tribe's village.

On arriving, Connor finds the village to be safe, but also discovers that the Clan Mother has dispatched several tribesmen to turn back the Continental troops sent to purge the village. Connor neutralizes them non-lethally to avoid conflict, however he is forced to assassinate his closest childhood friend, Kanen'tó:kon, who had been influenced by Charles Lee.

Following this, Connor becomes torn in his mission to eliminate the Templars, with the thought that he could convince his father to follow the Assassin ideals. With this, Connor sets off to pursue Lee, who has been disgraced by Washington and had taken refuge in Fort George. On the assistance of Lafayette, Connor infiltrates the fort, only to find Haytham. His father reveals that Lee has escaped once more with Haytham's medallion, and the pair engage in battle. Now accepting that his father will not be convinced, Connor kills Haytham, who refuses to repent in the end.

As Desmond plays these events out in the Animus, he is occasionally taken out in order to find power cells crucial in the process of exploring the Grand Temple, in which the efforts take Desmond to locations including Manhattan and Brazil. During these trips, he encounters Daniel Cross, an Assassin-turned Templar who was responsible for nearly wiping out the Assassin Order in 2000, by killing its modern day Mentor and initiating a widespread purge of the Assassins.

While exploring the Temple, Juno tells Desmond the events that led up to the first cataclysm that scarred the Earth, and it is during one of these lectures that Desmond reveals how Lucy's death by his hand was no accident, and that he chose to kill her after the Apple of Eden revealed to him that she was a triple-agent and intended to take the Apple to Abstergo Industries.

When a third power cell is located in Cairo, William offers to locate it instead, while Desmond continues to search for the key to the Grand Temple's inner barrier through Connor's memories. However, William is captured by Abstergo and held in their Roman facility, the same one that Desmond was kept at when they detained him to view Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories.

Through a video message, Dr. Warren Vidic demands Desmond bring the Apple of Eden to him in exchange for William. In response, Desmond infiltrates the laboratories, where he encounters Daniel again. As Daniel corners Desmond in the laboratory that he was kept in prior to his initial escape, the Templar begins to suffer from the Bleeding Effect, as a result of being "raised" in an Animus and reliving the memories of his Russian ancestors, Nikolai and Innokenti Orelov, therefore causing him to briefly speak Russian.

Daniel then flees from the room in panic, with Desmond in pursuit. After a short chase, Desmond assassinates Daniel with his Hidden Blade and rescues William, after using the power of the Apple to control a nearby security guard into killing Vidic.

Back in the past, Connor pursues Lee once more. After eavesdropping on a ship's captain to ascertain Lee's location, and chasing the Templar through a vessel under construction, the two come to a stalemate after falling through a section of the ship, due to a fire that breaks out.

During this time, Connor is impaled in his waist by a broken piece of the ship, and Lee asks Connor why he continues to persist, even though the Templar Order follows a cycle of their power waxing and waning. Connor replies "Because no one else will," and shoots Lee in the chest, preventing the Templar from finishing him off. A badly wounded Lee then escapes across a nearby lake via a ferry, with an injured Connor in pursuit. Finally, Connor finds Lee in a pub, to which the pair takes one last drink before Connor finishes the job by stabbing Lee in the chest.

Connor takes the medallion from Lee's body, and several months later, he returns to his tribe's village only to find they have moved elsewhere. He then locates the crystal sphere, presumably left behind for him to find. In the vision that it shows him, Juno reappears and instructs him to hide the medallion where no one else will find it. Connor does so, burying the medallion in the grave of Connor Davenport, Achilles' deceased son and his namesake.

Now with the knowledge of the medallion's location, Desmond retrieves it and uses it to access the confines of the Temple. Here, he and the others find Juno's apparition, who instructs Desmond to activate a pedestal which will save the world from the ongoing solar flares. However, Minerva's apparition suddenly appears and reveals that by doing so, he will also die and inadvertently free Juno from captivity, allowing her to begin her conquest of the world. She explains that Juno was sealed long ago during the war between the First Civilization and humanity, when she plotted to use the machines designed to save the world against it.

Minerva, prodded by Juno, then shows Desmond that if the Sun were to unleash its power on the world, he and several more would survive in a post-apocalyptic world, in which he would become a religious icon whose ideals would be mistranslated and lead the world to continue its perpetual cycle. Believing the world would stand a better chance fighting against Juno, Desmond instructs the others to leave to prepare for the oncoming struggle. After they leave, Desmond then activates the pedestal, taking his life and saving the world. From there, Juno appears and tells Desmond that his part has ended and now it is time for her to play her part.

In an epilogue, Connor takes down the portraits of the Templar members in the secret basement and burns them, signifying the end of his journey. In addition, his return to his home village is detailed further, as upon his arrival, Connor spoke to a hunter that had been camping there, who revealed that the new United States government had sold the land his village rested upon to settlers, in order to settle war debts. Connor also travels to the pier in New York, where he witnesses the last of the British Regulars leave America for good. However, at this same encounter, Connor sees evidence of the slave trade present in the newly formed nation, right next to the pier of citizens cheering at the departure of the British.


  • Michael Fassbender as Desmond Miles
  • TBA as William Miles
  • TBA as Shaun Hastings
  • Jamie Chung as Rebecca Crane
  • TBA as Ratonhnhake:ton
  • TBA as Achilles Davenport
  • TBA as Robert Faulkner
  • Milla Jovovich as Deborah Carter
  • TBA as Stephane Chapheau
  • TBA as Jamie Colley
  • TBA as Ducan Little
  • TBA as Louis Mills
  • TBA as Clipper Wilkinson
  • TBA as Jacob Zenger
  • TBA as Warren Vidic
  • TBA as Daniel Cross
  • TBA as Reginald Birch
  • TBA as Haytham Kenway
  • TBA as Charles Lee
  • TBA as William Johnson
  • TBA as Thomas Hickey
  • TBA as John Pitcairn
  • TBA as Benjamin Church
  • TBA as Nicholas Biddle
  • TBA as Edward Braddock
  • TBA as Godfrey
  • TBA as Catherine
  • TBA as Terry
  • TBA as Diana
  • TBA as Warren
  • TBA as Prudence
  • TBA as Myriam
  • TBA as Maurice
  • TBA as Oliver
  • TBA as Corrine
  • TBA as Lance O'Donnell
  • TBA as Lyle White
  • TBA as David Walston
  • TBA as Ellen
  • TBA as Timothy
  • TBA as Juno
  • TBA as Jupiter
  • TBA as Minerva
  • TBA as Kaniehti:io
  • TBA as Kanento:kon
  • TBA as George Washington
  • TBA as Benjamin Franklin
  • TBA as Lafayette
  • TBA as Samuel Adams
  • TBA as Benedict Arnold
  • TBA as Israel Putnam
  • TBA as Paul Revere
  • TBA as Silas Thatcher