Assassin's Creed: Collection is a 2015 title for the Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4 that contains Assassin's Creed, II, Brotherhood, Revelations, III, Black Flag, Rogue, and Unity. It is one of the most glitch-filled titles available for any system and is not meant for light-hearted players. It makes drastic changes to the Assassin's Creed formula.


  • All hints and objectives have been took out of the game to increase mystery
  • Cutscenes have been removed so you can make your own story
  • All characters have been changed to models of Desmond so that it would be less work for developers
  • Characters can no longer remove their hood as the systems can't handle it
  • All characters are named Desmond so the voice actors don't have to memorize as much lines
  • Buttons change for moves everytime you do them. For example, at one moment you may be pressing B to counter but in the next you may have to press the power button.
  • You now have a 2 second limit to make a move/press a button
  • There is no save feature
  • You must play the game nonstop or the game will restart itself
  • Features that fans claimed to be boring in past titles (like the Haytham missions) have been made longer
  • The character Juno is the only other original character in the game besides Desmond
  • 7 of the 8 games must be purchased for $80.00 or you will not be able to continue
  • Desmond missions themselves have been entirely removed
  • All of the sequences except for the first can be purchased as DLC

Wii U exclusive features

Unfortunately, Ubisoft had to make some changes for this version due to hardware problems

  • The graphics will run at 2p SD
  • The frame rate will be 10fps as it is more cinematic
  • Some pivotal characters in the games like Ezio have been made invisible so the Wii U doesn't explode from having to process so many characters


The game had a rushed and swift development cycle, taking a measly 3 months to complete.

It was originally going to be an entirely new game titled Assassin's Creed Victory until it was discovered that it was impossible to make a new original title in the series.

One of the workers on the game had the universally praised idea to make the entire game with Desmond models so fans would get the game faster. The idea was quickly approved and the development for an amazing game followed.

Several screenshots of the game were leaked showing Desmond on the ship, the Jackdaw, and Desmond on top of a building in colonial America. This led many to believe it would be an entirely new game until it was officially shown off at E3 2015.

The game's codename was Assassin's Creed: Excellence Redefined until about halfway through the conference, the genius name of Assassin's Creed: Collection was thought of by a member of the audience.

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo were all puzzled about the game but they gave the game a "go" on their systems.

After the first trailer was shown off in the game, everyone started applauding the lazy graphics on the Wii U version and the fantastic lack of a save feature. There was a surprising standing ovation when Ubisoft revealed the game would be released the day of the conference for the low price of only $90.00!

DLC Packs

Several DLC packs have been confirmed for the game, excluding the previously-released packs including every sequence from every Assassin's Creed title. 

  • Drunk Pack: Desmond will stumble around every location and at times the screen will go black, causing the game to crash. Sometimes citizens (Desmond models) will come out of crowds to shoot the player since he is acting drunk. The pack is coming April 13 for $75.00.
  • 'Catherine Kerr Pack: The famous bartender from Assassin's Creed III's Green Dragon bar is being added as a playable character. She will not have any weapons and will have the ability to walk. Ubisoft workers said, "It is very hard to make Catherine walk as the PS4 and Xbox One almost crashed from this feature." The pack is coming May 11 for $90.00.
  • Freedom Dies Pack: Fans were disappointed that the critically-acclaimed Freedom Cry pack would not be appearing (originated in Black Flag) but Ubisoft recently revealed that the Freedom Dies pack would be arriving. In the game Adéwalé will be on a journey to a slave camp owned by Sleeping Beauty and will be stuck in a limo the entire time with chains on. At one point, Olaf the snowman will arrive to explode the limo and it will be impossible to complete the rest of the pack. The pack is coming May 29 for $78.00.
  • Glitchy Time Pack: Unfortunately, there were less glitches in the game than there were in Assassin's Creed Unity so Ubisoft has decided to add a pack that fully expands the glitches. Desmond and Catherine models will sometimes start break-dancing in public, prompting enemies to stab you several times. Ubisoft says more than 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 glitches are going to be added. The pack is coming June 17 for $95.00.
  • Lickshpittle Pack: This pack adds Godfrey as a playable character. He will have the amazing ability of being able to breathe on enemies, causing them to attack him. Also, every single word in the game (including NPC dialogue) has been replaced with the word "Lickshpittle." The pack is coming July 3 for $80.00.
  • Blade Pack: This highly anticipated pack will add the hidden blade as both a weapon and playable character in the game. "The hidden blade was basically an impossible task to put as a weapon until we discovered the A button on our keyboard that would allow us to add it," says an Ubisoft spokesperson. The hidden blade character will have the ability to look at someone and kill them, including NPCs. Every time you kill an NPC, you are desynchronized. The pack is coming July 17 for $100.00.
  • 'United Tyranny Pack: Just like Black FlagFreedom Cry pack, the Tyranny of King Washington pack will be returning...but this time, all of the presidents will be in the game including Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. The only word they will say is "f***." Every time they say it, you die. Ubisoft has encountered complications with the White House about putting Barack Obama in the game but they're sure it will arrive. The pack is coming August 4 for $99.00.
  • Aveline de Grandpré Pack: The title may fool you but no, Aveline will not be appearing as playable. Instead, her face will randomly appear on the screen, slowly melting. The screams of Desmond will be heard in the background as blood fills the screen and intestines splatter everywhere. The pack is coming August 26 for $77.00.
  • Freddy Fazbear Pack: There have been many requests for Freddy and friends (Five Nights at Freddy's) to make an appearance in the game. At long last, they will. All of Desmond's weapons have been changed to cameras and the telephone the Phone Guy uses. Desmond himself has been replaced by a naked endoskeleton. The animatronics will randomly appear. The pack is coming September 13 for $111.00.
  • Flappy Pack: Flappy Bird will be appearing as a playable character and the enemies will be replaced by pipes. Flappy Bird can not touch a building or the ground or he will die. You have to touch the ground every time you start, so it is impossible to survive. The pack is coming September 17 for $92.00.
  • Blood and Gore Pack: Blood and gore is finally being added to the Assassin's Creed series but Desmond, Catherine, Godfrey, the hidden blade, the naked endoskeleton, and Flappy Bird will not be able to use it. Instead, enemies and citizens will randomly walk up to you and rip each part of your body off, eat it, and then use the bones as a knife to rip your guts out. Ubisoft said, "It was a true pleasure to make this pack." The pack is coming October 31 for $88.00.
  • Super Advanced Graphics Pack: The final (confirmed) pack is the Super Advanced Graphics pack that will turn everything into the graphics of E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial on the Atari 2600. GameSpot has praised the pack, saying, "It truly represents the video game industry as a whole right now." The pack is coming November 12 for $1,000,000,000,000. Critics say it is worth the full price.


The game comes in a small plastic bag without a case; only the disc is in it. This is due to Ubisoft stating that it is extremely hard to make game cases these days with the lack of originality in the games themselves.

The digital version of the game costs an extra $100 as it was "very difficult to make the game digital. It's just too big."

Upcoming iOS / Android version

After the massive critical acclaim for the game, Ubisoft revealed that they are working on a phone version. A screenshot was shown of the game with a pixelated Edward Kenway next to a non-pixelated woman.

People were shocked to find the game doesn't have Desmond as a model anymore but Ubisoft has now revealed a statement regarding the issue:

"Desmond is being replaced with Edward Kenway. There will be one Edward in the game and the rest of the characters will be women. I think it's rather exciting to play in this great new format! I can't wait to see you give it a shot!" said the lead game designer.

The game is set to feature one mission and will be released for $99.99 in May 2015.

Canceled PlayStation Vita / 3DS versions

Another trailer was shown off for the game, this time for a portable version on the PSVita and 3DS systems.

The game ran at 1080p HD on both systems, accorsing to Ubisoft, but the trailer was widely panned by critics. One critic that didn't want his name to be public said, "The graphics were way too advanced for a next-gen game. It looked way too polished. Ugly, rehash, cinematic: that's what we want and that's what we'll demand!"

The game was later canceled by Ubisoft after it was revealed to be too hard to make.


Assassin's Creed: Collection received outstanding critical acclaim and has since become the best rated game on Metacritic, surpassing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The lowest score for the game was a 10 and the highest score for the game was an "over 9,000." Here's what the critics had to say (refused to let us have the name here):

"Collection is what every developer should look at and say: now that's a masterpiece. It's that good. It's that awesome."

"How could you not like this lovely pasta of a game?! The graphics are stellar, the DLC is stellar,'s all stellar!"

"People may praise the Xbox One and PS4 versions, but the Wii U game is where it's at. Best graphics and frame rate I have ever seen!"

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