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Assassin's Creed: Revelations is a 2017 action film based on a video game, starring



After the events in Rome which resulted in Lucy Stillman's death, Desmond Miles entered a comatose state and awakes in the Animus' Black Room after being put back in the machine by his father William Miles and Harlan T. Cunningham. While Shaun Hastings stayed in Rome to attend Lucy's funeral, William and Rebecca Crane monitored Desmond's condition while they head for New York. Within the Black Room, Desmond met Subject 16 Clay Kaczmarek, who explained that in order for him to awake once again, Desmond must relive what's left of his ancestor's memory until a Synch Nexus triggered. Entering the portal, Desmond relived the memory of the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze, now in his early 50's, as he made his way to Masyaf.

In March of 1511, Ezio traveled to Masyaf after he discovered a letter by his late father regarding the secret library of the Assassin Mentor Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, that contained his invaluable knowledge, hidden beneath the old Assassin fortress. There, he was greeted by a battalion of Templars led by Leandros, whose forces managed to overwhelm Ezio in a fight. In the midst of his execution, Ezio escaped and made his way back into the fortress. He later found the entrance to the library, but learned that it needed special keys in order for it to be unlocked. The Templar worker mentioned that the Templars found one of the keys beneath the Ottoman Sultan's palace, while speculating that the book held by Leandros will lead them to the others. Ezio set out of the fortress to take the book from Leandros, and eventually killed the Templar captain at Atlas Village after a long chase. After obtaining the book, Ezio set out for Constantinople, where the rest of the keys were hidden.

By May, Ezio had arrived at Constantinople, where he met a young man before docking, and was greeted by the leader of the local guild, Yusuf Tazim, right after his arrival. Yusuf gave Ezio a tour of the city, introducing him to the guild and showing what's left of the Byzantine empire within the city. Ezio also received a Hookblade and was taught how to use it. Later, Ezio assisted with defending and retaking some of the city's Assassin Dens from the Templars.

After helping the guild recruit a few new initiates and being taught how to use bombs, Ezio went to the first location of the keys: the old trading post of Niccolo and Maffeo Polo, now a bookshop owned by Sofia Sartor, a woman whom Ezio first saw at his ferry to the city. After an introduction, Ezio found an entrance into the Yerebatan Cistern, where he found the first key along with a book and an encrypted map that lead to rare books that held the location of the other keys. Ezio made a deal with Sofia; if she helped decipher the map, he'll let her borrow the books.

In the midst of his search, Ezio helped Yusuf save the Ottoman prince from a planned assassination. Dressed as a minstrel, Ezio managed to stop the assassination, which earned him the favor of the prince; the same man whom he met on his way to the city, Suleiman I. Ezio later met with Suleiman in order to learn the perpetrator of the attack, whom they suspected was the Janissary captain, Tarik Barleti. Tailing Tarik, he soon found out that he met with Manuel Palaiologos, the former heir of the Byzantine throne. With this knowledge, Suleiman had Ezio assassinate Tarik. However, in his dying moment, Tarik revealed that they were to ambush Manuel after gaining his favor. Before dying, Tarik entrusted Ezio to continue his plan, and set sail for Cappadocia.

In between his tasks for Suleiman, Ezio continually searched for the books with Sofia's help, all the while gaining her favor and assisting her with some errands. Ezio grew fond of Sofia's company, but he could not reveal his affiliations or occupation to her, for he feared that it would endanger her. With each book, he was able to retrieve one of the keys from one of the many secret locations, and with each key, he was able to relive some key moments of Altaïr's life.

The first key showed his heroic efforts in 1190, where he saved Masyaf from an attack by the traitor Haras. The second key detailed his Mentor Rashid ad-Din Sinan's pyre and Abbas Sofian's failed rebellion with utilizing the Apple of Eden, which Altaïr later retrieved. The third memory detailed Altaïr's fall from power in 1228; after defeating Genghis Khan's army with his son Darim and wife Maria, Altaïr found out that Abbas usurped command from Altaïr's appointed proxy Malik, and his son Sef murdered by Swami, Abbas' right hand man. Altaïr confronted Abbas and his loyalists, but was overcome with rage and used the Apple for revenge, which caused the death of both Swami and Maria. In the wake of this incident, he left Masyaf with Darim before Abbas could apprehend them. The fourth key showed Altaïr's return to power in 1247, with the help of several Assassins who grew tired of Abbas' rule; Altaïr returned to power after Abbas' death by his hands, where he used his newly crafted weapon.

All the while reliving Ezio's last memories, Desmond had several encounters with Clay in the Animus Island, also overhearing conversations between his dad, Rebecca, and Shaun. Desmond also relived his own memories in a very different simulation, wherein he reached the core of the Animus. There, a recollection of his life was told; Desmond grew up in a small community called "The Farm," but soon fled due to his parents' strict rule. There he drifted from place to place, eventually settling in New York, and found a job as a bartender at a bar called Bad Weather. His recollection lasted up until his capture by Abstergo.

After the destruction of the Great Chain and securing the ship of Piri Reis, Ezio arrived at Cappadocia by March of 1512. There, he met with Tarik's informant Dilara at the city of Derinkuyu. After parting ways, Ezio learned that Dilara was captured by Palaiologos' men, held by Shahkulu, Palaiologos' partner. Ezio rescued Dilara, though she left to save what was left of her men from Shahkulu. In the city, they learned that Shahkulu planned to beat one of Dilara's men, Janos, to death. Ezio stopepd the public beating and killed Shahkulu after a tough fight. Afterwards, Ezio planned to burn the fake artillery given to Manuel by Tarik, which will cause the artillery's authentic gunpowder to explode.

Ezio was successful in infiltrating the city's armory, and managed to cause an explosion that ensued enough chaos to draw out Manuel Palaiologos. After a chase through the city, Ezio managed to corner Manuel and killed him before he could escape by the harbor. Ezio managed to obtain the last key from Manuel. Just then, Ezio saw Prince Ahmet, uncle of Suleiman and whom Ezio saw on several occasions, on a ship with the Byzantines. Ahmet revealed his true role as the Byzantine Templars' true leader. There, he threatened Ezio into handing over the key, and after the Assassin's refusal, Ahmet threatened to hold Sofia Sartor captive. Despite Ezio's warnings, Ahmet went ahead and set sail back to Constantinople. Hurriedly, Ezio escaped the burning city and made his way back into his boat, and on the way back, he relived the fifth key's memory of Altaïr's life.

The fifth key revealed Altaïr's twilight years in 1257; Niccolò and Maffeo Polo were preparing to leave for Constantinople, to establish a guild, after their stay in Masyaf. At the time, the invading Mongols drew near the city. Altaïr gave the brothers his Codex as a parting gift, and escorted them out of the city with Darim, defeating any Mongol who drew near by using his Apple of Eden. As the brothers left on their horses, Altaïr gave him the keys, which he asked to be hidden for the one who would seek out its message.

Ezio later returned to Constantinople, hurriedly making his way to Sofia's bookshop. There, he found a platoon of Assassins dead, as well as Yusuf, which had a message for Ezio attached unto his corpse. With rage, Ezio made his way to the Harbor of Theodosius and stormed the area with the guild's many apprentices. He found Ahmet, and threatened him for Sofia's location. However, he only agreed to release her when Ezio meets him by the Galata Tower. As Ahmet left, Suleiman revealed himself to Ezio, who asked him to stop his uncle's ambitions, without killing him if possible.

Ezio later met with Ahmet after appointing a new leader for the Turkish guild. Ahmet had one of his men hold Sofia by the edge of the Galata Tower. Pressured into a decision, Ezio gave the keys to Ahmet and went to Sofia's rescue. However, the woman was only a decoy, and the real Sofia was about to be hanged somewhere else. Ezio hurriedly made his way to her, and managed to save her. As Sofia recovered, Ezio saw Ahmet's carriage leaving the city. Ezio then got on a carriage with Sofia and chased after Ahmet.

Chasing Ahmet through the city's countryside, Ezio managed to catch up with Ahmet, eventually causing his carriage to fall, along with Ahmet and himself. As they fought while falling, Ezio utilized his parachute to save himself and Ahmet, managing to land safely. Ezio retrieved the keys while contemplating what to do with Ahmet. As he did however, Ahmet's brother Selim I arrived with a platoon of Ottoman guards and Janissaries. Surprised, Ahmet ordered the troops to stand down in the name of the sultan Bayezid II though unbeknownst to Ahmet, Selim has been crowned his successor. He then proceeded to murder his brother by pushing him off the nearby cliff. Meeting with Ezio, Selim threatened to have the Assassin killed if he returns to Constantinople, sparing him only due to Suleiman's good word. Ezio's rage was only stopped by Sofia, and as Selim left, so too did Ezio and Sofia, heading for Masyaf.

After returning to Animus Island one last time, Desmond became witness to the Animus' scheduled deletion time, seeing everything dissolve in front of him. Clay, knowing full-well what's going on, embraced Desmond one last time and then pushing him into the portal, saving him from being deleted by sacrificing himself. Desmond then relived the last of Ezio's memories.

Ezio and Sofia arrived at Masyaf, with Ezio explaining the history of the Assassins and its creed along the way. There, Ezio reflected upon his life and decided to retire after learning the contents of the library, with Sofia. Arriving at the library's door, Ezio utilized the five keys and managed to solve the puzzle. Ezio made his way inside, and soon found the library; void of books or anything, except for the remains of Altaïr. His corpse held one last key, where his last major memory was imprinted.

By the end of 1257, Altaïr had emptied the fortress and had all of his Assassins dispersed. Meeting with Darim one last time, Altaïr ordered him to leave so that the fortress will be empty when the Mongols return, him staying within the library along with the Apple. Embracing his son one last time, Altaïr locked himself in the library, placing the Apple on a pedestal. Altaïr then sat on one of the chairs, holding his last key and imprinted his memory before dying at the age of 92.

After reliving Altaïr's final memory, Ezio went to inspect the Mentor's Apple of Eden by the pedestal. Ezio decided it best for the Apple to stay where it lay, before finally laying down his arms as a sign of his retirement. There, the Apple activated, as Ezio called out to his descendant, Desmond Miles. Ezio admitted and accepted his existence as a conduit for a message not meant for him, asking Desmond to make the bloodshed in his life mean something. As an apparition of Desmond appeared, Ezio touches him, triggering the Synch Nexus.

Within the Nexus, Desmond met Jupiter. There, the ultimate fate of the First Civilization was revealed.


  • TBA as Ezio Auditore da Firenze
  • TBA as Altair Ibn-La'Ahad
  • Michael Fassbender as Desmond Miles
  • TBA as William "Bill" Miles
  • TBA as Shaun Hastings
  • TBA as Darim Ibn-La'Ahad
  • TBA as Tarik Barleti
  • TBA as Leandros
  • TBA as Sahkulu
  • TBA as Clay Kaczmarek/Subject 16
  • TBA as Abbas Sofian
  • TBA as Piri Reis
  • TBA as Laetitia England
  • TBA as Maria Thrope
  • TBA as Yusuf Tazim
  • TBA as Warren Vidic
  • TBA as Al Mualim
  • TBA as Jupiter
  • Jamie Chung as Rebecca Crane
  • TBA as Animus
  • TBA as Sehzade Suleiman
  • TBA as Haras
  • TBA as Dilara
  • TBA as Manuel Palaiologos
  • TBA as Sofia Sarto