Asian Forest Dragons Are A Species Of Dragon And Avian Reptiles Which Lived From The Early Pleistocene To Late Pliocene


Much Like The Aquatic Dragon The Asian Forest Dragon Had A Long Serpentine Body And Short Wings, However The Asian Forest Dragon Used Its Wings To Glide Through The Air Other Than The Sea It Is Also Has Longer Horns Than The Aquatic Dragon.

A Male Asian Forest Dragon Can Grow To Be 64.5 Feet In Length, While Females Can Be 58.7 In Length, When Hatched An Asian Forest Dragon Can Be 27.8 Feet In Length, Once In Adolescent/Teenage Stage Theyre Half The Size Of A Female


A Dragons Diet Mainly Contains Of Small Mammals Such As Wild Pigs Or Deer.



AsIan Forest Dragons Have Small Wings Like The Aquatic Dragon But Instead Of Gliding Through Water The Forest Dragons Wings Alow It To Glide Through The Skies.

Nocturnal Vision

Forest Dragons Have Special Eyesight That They Used To Stalk Helpless Prey During The Night.


Many Asian Forest Dragon Fossils Have Been Found In China With Many Bitemarks And Scratches On The Bones Showing How These Dragons Didn’t Have Very Easy Lifestyles.


The Asian Forest Dragon Went Extinct During The Late Pliocene Due To Cold Climate Change, But Millions Of Years Later Another Species Of Dragon Would Be Found In Europe

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