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{{Owner|Pokemon Trainer Ashton}}{{Character_Profile|image1 = 250px-035Clefairy (1).png|real_name = Clefairy|gender = Male|eyes = Dark Blue|measurements = 2'00"|hobbies = Laying around all day, and playing video games|games = Featured in all Pokemon Games}}'''Ashton's Clefairy '''is just a Clefairy who is owned by Ashton.
== Personality ==
=== Likes ===
* Eating
* Sleeping
* Laying around
* Battling (on some occasions)
* Socializing with other people
=== Dislikes ===
* Working
* Jerks
* That Useless $400 Juicer
=== Traits ===
Clefairy summed up in one word is a lazybones. He just sits around all day and does noting except watch anime and play video games. It's obvious that her personality is exactly like his trainer's personality.
[[Category:Pokemon owned by Pokemon Trainer Ashton]]
[[Category:Pokemon owned by Pokemon Trainer Ashton]]

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