Ashlee Boyd in "Square One".

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October 9th, 1978



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Hair color

Dark Red

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Chronological and political information

Criminal Investigation and Forensics Bureau


Junior Detective

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Stealth Force Mode

Ashlee Boyd is a main character in the American Crime Drama, Law & Order: Miami.

Ashlee Boyd is played by actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.


Born in October 1978 in Detroit, Michigan, Ashlee Boyd grew up in a wealthy family and after graduating from high-school with honors, she was accepted into Yale University, where she aspired to be a Defense Attorney. After graduating from Yale, Ashlee traveled to Miami where she did most of her work as an attorney. Over a period of time, however, Boyd saw that she was defending people who rape, murder and steal from people everyday, so she decided to quit and become an officer of the law. She eventually became a junior detective and was imported into the Criminal Investigation and Forensics Bureau, where she now works as a respected member of the team.

Ashlee has two daughters: a 11 year old, Ella and a 9 year old, Samantha.


Favored Weapon

FN Five-Seven


  • Boyd had apparently met CSI Horatio Caine before her career as a detective. (Panic Attack)
  • Has a personal fear of spiders. (Failure)
  • Suffered from PTSD after her brutal attack by Tyson Valdez. (Fallen)
  • Is good friends with Detective Aishia Dupree. (Biblical)
  • Supposedly has romantic feelings for Detective Carlson. (Haunting)
  • Thought of Captain Griffith as the "father of the CIFB". (White Death)
  • Almost died from her brutel stabbing by Tate Wilson (Battle Scars)
  • Has relationship with FBI Special Agent Bobby Williams who is Ella and Samantha's biological father (Family Reunion)
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