Wart: So Rangers is going to find which box contain the full cell. Impressive. I had a plan! If the Rangers found a full cell, then the cell get heating up and destroy the city! Yes. (He looks up on the computer) Yes, here's a monster that heating up. That I know where it is. (He walks to the X-Vault cabling) It's in the X-Vault, that I have a key to unlock to. (He unlocks the X-Vault.) Yes, just what I need. (He picks up a card, put it on the pot and pressed the button. Then the camber door opens and out comes the brown monster)

Fireor: I am Fireor, ready to serve the Queen.

Wart: Never mind about the Queen Wispwax. Now, you're the strongest fire Monster of the Monster Prions

Spot: Guys, look!

(Fireor and some Cyclobots came in and surround them.)

Fireor: Give me the full cell and no ones get hurt.

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