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Ash and the Insanity: The Final Evil is a 2005 American Supernatural Slasher Horror film written by Ivan Raimi & Sera Gamble. Directed by Katt Shea and produced by Sam Raimi it serves as the final installment of the initial film series of the Evil Dead. It stars Bruce Campbell, Charles Dance, Mila Kunis, Brian White, Alison Lohman, Daniel Gillies, Nick Frost and Rosemary Harris.

Released theatrically on October 29th, 2005 to middling box office success and mixed critical reception, it has since gone to garner a cult following.


In Albion, Michigan teenage S-Mart worker Danni is picked up by her high school friend Kelcie and brought back to her house as her parents are departing for Tennessee, leaving her with a package that arrives with her name on it.

Kelcie's boyfriend Jack arrives that night and the three find the parcel to contain the flesh bound book entitled the 'Naturom Demonto' and an accompanying tape player. Jack plays the tapes and is soon possessed by a Deadite which leads him to stab Kelcie in the basement as a horrified Danni looks on.

Danni then in the upstairs kitchen immolates him causing him to run outside and collapse dead in front of Danni's parents who are arriving home. In the basement Kelcie resurrects as a Deadite and is hacked to death with the knife used to her kill her by Danni. Danni's parents witness this and she is then arrested.

From there following the events of the previous film (The Tapes of Kandar) a severely burnt Ash Williams is framed in the death of Lizzie Boorham's friends and media professor as well as Lizzie herself who is found dead on a mountain pass road, the result of stab wounds.

Ash in the years following is being redirected from an institution in Tennessee after being declared criminally insane, transferred in present day 2005 to Caplan State Psychiatric Facility in Michigan (his homestate).

There Danni is being admitted the day of his transfer, where the teen and adult wards are forced to merge due to the hospital's current renovations.

Ash maintains his innocence and is able to befriend institution guard Foreman while being antagonized by guard Helden.

Ash is kept in seclusion from the other patients and Danni is integrated into the teen ward which comprises of fellow adolescent patients: Donnie (an ADHD suffering parent murderer), Cassandra (who struggles with psychosis), Jensen (a schizophrenic), Fiona (a cannibal diagnosed with an extreme eating disorder), Janine (a bipolar assault and battery charge), Javier (a narcoleptic), Rhys (a suicide risk), Donnelly (a pathological liar), Coop (a pyromaniac), Travis (a recovering drug addict) and Justin (a manslaughter case with aspergers).

The hospital is run by director Jeanie Ivers and head doctor Leonard Stance.

Local orderly Kevin is revealed to be the half brother of Donnie who plans to release him and the night of him disabling the security system Professor Knowby's tapes and the Naturom Demonto are delivered to the hospital. Helden intercepts the book and recordings, unknowingly releasing the Deadites into the hospital.

Ward doctor Marcher is possessed and pursues his associate doctor Noble to an elevator, tearing his face off as the power goes out. Noble's body is then possessed and they proceed to kill the adult ward inmates as Ash escapes. Ash kills the two with the aid of Foreman as Helden is eviscerated and then possessed.

Helden traps everyone in the hospital by re-enabling the security system and damaging it in the process. Outside Ivers tries to re-enter the hospital and is attacked by Helden, who she runs down with her car in the parking lot: killing him. She is then taken over by the lead Deadite the Shaitan.

Inside Kevin locks the teenage patients (including his brother Donnie and Danni) in the teen ward. As they go to gather in the group therapy common room Coop is trapped in his room leading to Javier, Travis, Rhys and Justin breaking in to save him. There he is found strung up by his spine by Ivers who attacks and is killed by Kevin and Donnie. Justin is then possessed and impales his arm through Javier before beating Travis to death. Their bodies rise as Deadites and as they advance Rhys, Kevin and Donnie kill them with explosives.

As they come to the common room Rhys commits suicide by slitting his throat. Danni begins to hack his body as his body is possessed, and is aided by Cassandra. Ash and Foreman make their way to the group initially being attacked by the group. It is revealed that each teenage patient is an assembly of Deadite survivors before their admission and a cult comprising of people from their lives: including Danni's parents are led by Dr. Stance who plan to remove the threats as they plan to unleash the Shaitan and his Kandarian demon legion.

They are split up by Stance who offers himself as a host to the Shaitan. Fiona and Janine end up in the kitchen where Janine overwhelmed surrenders herself to the Deadites and possessed induces Fiona to violently throw up her insides. Janine attempts to then fight the possessing Deadite, establishing control enough to plunge herself onto a boiling fryer and die. Donnelly winds up seemingly alone in the hydrotherapy area and is scalded to death by a Deadite controlled Jensen who plunges with him into a boiling tub.

Foreman and Ash in the adult ward find the massacred other patients emerging as Deadites resulting in Foreman being torn apart while creating an explosion allowing Ash to escape. He arms himself with a shotgun hidden the security quarters. Kevin guides Donnie, Danni and Cassandra into the maintenance tunnels below the hospital where he planned to guide Donnie to his escape. They are met by Dr. Stance and his various followers (including Danni's parents). Ash arrives and shoots through killing many of them, as Danni kills her parents, but in the process is fatally stabbed. Ash uses his final bullets to blow apart Stance's head as Donnie, Kevin and Cassandra escape to the outside parking lot.

Ash remains with Danni as she dies in Ash's arms, him then using his his shotgun to commit suicide.

Outside Donnie, Cassandra and Kevin face off against the final Deadites: Donnelly and Jensen. Cassandra is killed as in Kevin's car with Donnie as Donnelly causes them to crash against a telephone pole. Donnie escapes and immolates the car killing Donnelly. Kevin then beats Jensen to death leaving him and Donnie to escape in Ivers' car.

The film ends as Ash's soul manifests in the maintenance tunnel about to proceed towards a white light which Danni walks through, however the Deadite that had controlled the body of Jason Voorhees latches to him, and pulls him back toward the dark end of the tunnel: into hell.


  • Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams
  • Charles Dance as Dr. Leonard Stance
  • Mila Kunis as Danni Hampstead
  • Brian White as Kevin Hansen
  • Malcolm Barrett as Donnie Hansen
  • Rosemary Harris as Jeanie Ivers
  • Alison Lohman as Cassandra Gorman
  • Daniel Gillies as Jensen Tafferty
  • Nick Frost as Foreman
  • Meritt Wever as Fiona Graham
  • Krysten Ritter as Janine Douglas
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda as Javier Ortega
  • Matthew Gray Gubler as Rhys Matchett
  • Ben Whishaw as Donnelly Shiel
  • Ben Foster as Coop Brenton
  • Zach McGowan as Travis Grady
  • Jason Segel as Justin Whittmore
  • Casey Siemaszko as Helden
  • Ted Raimi as Dr. Noble
  • Gene Jones as Dr. Marcher