Ashlee "Ash" Williams is the central character and principal protagonist of the Evil Dead film series. This page refers to the version which appears in the Evil Dead reboot timeline. Ash appears in every film in the reboot series and is played by Jennifer Lawrence.

Ash was an average college student who joined her friends on a weekend trip to Camp Crystal Lake during Spring Break. While there, however, they discovered the Naturom Demonto, the Sumerian Book of the Dead. Having read aloud from the book, the gang accidentally unleashed the angry spirits of the dead, who began to terrorize them. They then found that the book contained a prophecy warning that when five souls had been taken, a demon called the Abomination would rise from Hell. After her five friends died at the hands of the Deadites, Ash was the only one left to face the Abomination when it emerged. In the battle, Ash lost her hand but replaced it with a chainsaw, which she then used to slay the Abomination.

Some time later, Ash was approached by Dr Maggie Burroughs to join her support group for those who had survived unnatural evils. The group was attacked by Jason Voorhees and fled to Washington, where Maggie revealed her true intentions to join the ranks of Jason and Michael Myers by killing those they could not. She teamed up with Freddy Krueger, who had retrieved the Naturom Demonto, and helped him to unleash an army of Deadites.

Ash rallied the survivors to do battle with the Deadites in a fight that stretched across the capital. Freddy and Maggie retreated into the Oval Office, but Ash commandeered and crashed through a wall, flattening Freddy and blasting Maggie. However, Freddy escaped and crawled outside, where Lori Campbell was attempting to close the portal to Hell with the Narutom Demonto. Freddy approached her to kill her just as the particle flow was reversed and the Deadites were sucked back through. Ash arrived just in time and blasted Freddy in the chest with a shotgun, sending him tumbling through the portal. In the aftermath, Ash found Freddy's battered hat in the rubble and picked it up, saying "Groovy."

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