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An depiction of St George killing a Dragon with Ascalon
Kanji アスカロン
Rōmaji Asukaron
Title/Alias Spear of the Saint
Dragon Slayer
St George Spear
Holy Spear
Holy Sword
Type Holy Sword
Holy Spear
Magic Weapon
Holder Magic
User(s)/Owner(s) Ariel (Formally)
St George (Formally)
Michael (Formally)
Issei Hyoudou
Xenovia Quarta (Temporarily)
Yuuto Kiba (Temporarily?)

Ascalon is a legendary Holy Sword or Spear forged by God for the Archangel Ariel to combat against the Darkness. Even though Ascalon is a Holy Sword/Spear, it's also known has "Dragon Slayer" because it can slay Dragons and cause immense amounts of damage on Dragons..


  • Ariel
  • St George
  • Michael
  • Issei Hyoudou
  • Xenovia (Temporarily)
  • Yuuto Kiba (Temporarily?)


  • The word "Ascalon" comes from "Ashkelon", a coastal city in Israel
  • Ascalon is a spear or a sword used by Saint George to slay Dragons.
  • Most often, Ascalon is always depicted has a spear more then a sword.
  • Ascalon is able to change form either a spear or a sword.

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