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Arthur holding the Arubionkī
Kanji アルビオンキー
Rōmaji Arubionkī
Title/Alias Key of Destiny
Key of Albion
Key of the Gate of Albion
Roles/Purpose Using the magic Gate of Albion
Owner(s) Arthur Pendragon
Arthur "Uther" Pendragon

Arubionkī (アルビオンキー, Literal English: Albion Key, Viz/Dub: Key of Albion) is a special "Golden Key" that is one of the 2 things need to use the magic Gate of Albion.


It's later found out that the Arubionkī is actually an Royal Arms created by God for the Gate of Albion during the Albionian Great War between King Arthur and the Anglo-Saxons in 5th-6th century AD.

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