Artsy Patsy

Artsy Patsy is a Shires Junior Show focuses on a Creative Young Girl named Patsy, based off the Play “Patsy’s Art”.



  • Patsy Delancey (Voiced by Katherine Dillon’s Daughter, Kate Dillon in her First Voice Role)
  • Yoyo Delancey (Voiced by Shiloh Nelson)
  • Clarissa Delancey (Voiced by Kathy Najimy)
  • Dylan Delancey (Voiced by Wayne Knight)
  • Francisca (Sounds provided by Jessica DiCicco)


  • Tamara Winkett (voiced by Emma Shannon)
  • Nancy Delancey (Voiced by Andrea Martin)
  • Lina (Voiced by Kitana Turnbull)
  • Ruby and Jay (Both Voiced by Hannah Nordberg)
  • Chris (Voiced by Ian Chen)
  • Callie Winkett (Voiced by Marca Leigh)
  • Fred Winkett (Voiced by Rob Riggle)
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