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Artie & Merida is a 2003 American computer animated comedy-drama fantasy epic adventure film directed by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Ron Clements, John Musker, Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, produced by Don Hahn and written by Tab Murphy. The first Pixar film to be added in Walt Disney Animated Classics as a mistake.

The film features the voices of Justin Timberlake, Kelly McDonald, Julie Andrews, Dustin Hoffman, Zach Braff, Richard E. Grant and John Cleese, with Rupert Everett, Kiefer Sutherland, Geoffrey Rush and John Hurt. The film was a "romantic love story" according to John Lasseter, the film had also took place in London where the country had set. The film had a computer-generated imagery characters while the background settings are live-action like Dinosaur.

The film was premiered in El Captain Theatre on September 17, 2003, In Leicester Square in London on October 9, 2003 and released on November 7, 2003 the same year as Brother Bear. The first also Pixar film to be released two films a year in 2003 with Finding Nemo. The films songs by Phil Collins and Bryan Adams, while score composed and conducted along with produced music by Hans Zimmer and John Powell.

The first Pixar film to be rated PG along with later Pixar film The Incredibles. The first Pixar film to be released in 3D footage, along with presented effects with digital and visual.



  • Justin Timberlake as Artie Pendragon
  • Kelly Macdonald as Merida


In 1999, when Toy Story 2 was released, Pixar made the film that was in development and production. Pixar hired Andrew Stanton to direct, after he directed Finding Nemo.



In June 2002, Disney/Pixar prepared a special teaser trailer for the film to show before Lilo & Stitch, during its initial theatrical release. The preview was later shown in screenings of Disney's Treasure Planet in November 2002.



Home media

The film was released on DVD and Video on February 9, 2004. The film was also released on Blu-Ray in March 2007.


  • The first Pixar film to release two films a year in 2003, in which Pixar would later release in 2015, with Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur.
  • Also, the first Pixar film to have an 1:39.1 aspect ratio, which CinemaScope had kept this footage. The film had also kept this ratio which later The Incredibles use this widescreen footage. The DVD and TV version of the film have an 4:3 aspect ratio, with the frame was matte for the rest of the film.
  • The second Disney film to release two films a year in 2003, the first was films release in 2002 was Lilo & Stitch and Treasure Planet.
  • At about 171 minutes, this is the longest and first Pixar film to date.
  • Like Finding Nemo, this is the last Pixar film to be on DVD with pan and scan with fullscreen and widescreen versions of the film. The film has also had a widescreen aspect ratio.
  • Originally, Drew Barrymore and Elizabeth Perkins were considered to voice Merida.