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Canterlot, Equestria




Mr. Sol
Prince So
Swordsman God

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5th July


Prince of Equestria

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Pony/Human Hybrid





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Arthur Sol is one of the Nine Worthies chosen by the 12 Dragon Gods. Arthur is also referred to as the Pendragon by the dragons in Equestria. Arthur is the oldest son of Prince Christopher Sol and Fluttershy, and older brother of Artorius Sol. Arthur is well know for being the most powerful humam on Equus, with physical strength surpassing that of the Wizard Saints, and even the Alicorn princesses.


Powers & Abilities


  • Immense Strength
    • Can Lift over 10 tons
    • Constriction and/or Crushing
    • Strength Combat
    • Supernaturally Dense Tissue
    • Supernatural Endurance
    • Supernatural Leap
    • Supernatural Stamina
  • Enhanced Speed
    • Accelerated Metabolism
    • Accelerated Perception
    • Accelerated Thought Process
    • Enhanced Agility
    • Enhanced Reflexes
    • G-Force Adaptation
    • Slow-Motion
    • Speed Throwing


  • Supernatural Swordsmanship: Arthur is seen as one of the most skillful and powerful swordsman on the planet. Having such a mastery degree, no one can rival him but a few gods. Having precision and easily slicing at weak-spots of enemies.
    • Reality Slicing: Arthur is able to slice absolutely anything in existence.
      • Absolute Attack: Arthur's uses attacks that cannot be blocked by any means.
        • Alpha Ragnarok: Arthur is able to obliterate concepts of any shape or form.
        • Defense Break: Arthur can bypass any defenses, regardless of the substance, or ability.
        • Genetic Cutting: Arthur can slice others at a genetic level.
        • Intangibility Cancellation: Arthur can easily negate the intangibility or fluid-like nature of beings in order to deal great damage to them.
        • Irreversible Destruction: Arthur can inflict damage and destruction that cannot be repaired or healed from its destroyed state, regardless of anything else.
        • Soul Mutilation: Arthur can inflict immense and irreparable amounts of damage to the soul of any being.
      • Cutting: Arthur can cut entities or objects no matter their hardness.
      • All forms of Severing
        • Dimensional Slicing: Arthur can slash through the dimensional barrier.
        • Space-time Slicing: Arthur can easily slice through the space-time continuum.
      • Boundary Manipulation
        • Reality Perception: Arthur can slash through illusions and dreams of any level in level, dispelling and returning himself to reality.
        • Reality Restoration: Arthur can slash through any reality distortions, and return it to its original state.
        • Subjective Reality: Arthur can slash the boundaries between reality and illusions.
    • Counter: Arthur can counter almost any attacks by using his own physical force against them in addition to his own attack power.
    • Deflection: Arthur can deflect all forms of attack.
    • Multi-Weapon Wielding: Not shown, but it is said that Arthur is able to wield more then 2 weapons at a time.
    • Pulverization: Arthur can easily pulverize anything in existence where not even the cell, particle or atom remains.
    • Vacuum Blade: Arthur is able to project a slash air from any blade that is able to slice into any physical objects, regardless of hardness or substance.
    • Vorpal Shockwave Emission: Arthur is able to project the slashing effect of any bladed weapons.
    • Demonic Weaponry: Arthur is able to wield any unholy swords without any backfires.
    • Divine Weaponry: Arthur can wield any divine weaponry of any kind. This will also allow him to wield God Weaponry and Holy Weaponry. Currently, he wields two Holy Worthy Weaponry.
    • Empathic Weaponry: Arthur can utilize any weapon that only one can use.
    • Magic Weaponry: Arthur can wield any magical weaponry with ease.
    • One-Man Army: Arthur power in the sword is s great, he is as deadly as a vastly superior force.
    • Sentient Weaponry: Arthur is able to possess weaponry with intelligence and sentience.
      • Sentience Inducement: Arthur is able to induce sentience and intelligence in any weapons, allowing them to have a personality and a gender-base voice.
    • Soul-Bound Weapon: Arthur is able to gain weaponry that is unique to only himself from his very soul.
    • Supernatural Combat: Arthur possesses fighting skills way above the natural capacity.
    • Weapon Empowerment: Arthur can gain strength and power from any weapon he wields. Meaning he could have the potential to wield a weapon that can have him possess Omnipotence.
    • Weapon Enhancement: Arthur can enhance any and all weapons to Nigh-Omnipotence.
    • Weapon Proficiency Touch: Arthur can easily use anything of everything as a weapon, and use it quite deadly then most would expect.
  • Transcendental-Genius Intellect
    • Encyclopedic Knowledge
      • Answer Intuition
      • Claircognizance
      • Panmnesia
      • Extrasensory Perception
        • Hyper-Awareness
    • Expert Tactician


  • To use most of the sword-base abilities, Arthur must wield a sword capable of withstanding such immeasurable power the abilities possesses. The only known swords to be able to withstand it are the Worthy Swords and the Holy Sword, Excalibur to a degree. If he attempts to use a ability (example: Reality Slice) with a iron sword, the said-sword would be sliced into nothing, not even the particle or atom of the sword remains.

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