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King Arthur
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Pendragon, Breton, Dragonborn, Chosen One, Dragonborn

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4th Era

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Dragon Crisis

  • Battle of Helgen
  • Skirmish of Black Fall Barrow
  • Battle of the Western Watchtower


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Raise soldiers! Raise against the Thalmor and the Empire!
~ Arthur to the Stormcloaks.

King Arthur Pendragon (also known as the Last Last Dragonborn, King of Camelot and the High King of Albion) is the main protagonist of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and its expansions, Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Albion.


Early Life

Birth & Childhood

Before Arthur was born to king Uther Pendragon and Ygrayne of Cornwall in the mid 5th century. His mother before being with Uther was the wife of Gorlois of Tintagel, Duke of Cornwall. When they visited Camelot, King Uther fell madly in love with Ygrayne, and soon attempted to force court her in Camelot. However, she refused and quickly told her husband. Soon after being informed, Gorlois and Ygrayne left the kingdom without being told leave.

This gave the excuse of war by King Uther against the Duke. Uther then asked Merlin to help him enter the Castle of Tintagel, and soon the Wizard had made potions that turned Uther into Gorlois. As the Duke, Uther was able to enter the castle and into the bedchambers of Ygrayne and slept with her. As it soon turns out, Gorlois was killed at his castle at that same night.

Soon after the war, Ygrayne is then courted to King Uther. However, after knowing Arthur wont be as strong as he'd liked. He then asked Merlin again in aid. However, in return, he wishes for Arthur and that his identity and birth a secret. Accepting the offer, when Arthur was born, Merlin took the newborn away from Ygrayne, and traveled to Tamriel where he is raised by Sir Ector with his son, Kay in Ector's Farm.

Dragon Crisis


Awakening after being knocked out, Arthur found himself in a carriage with Stormcloaks. Heading to a fort called Helgen, where he will be beheaded, regardless he was not part of the Stormcloak rebellion. When it was his turn to be beheaded, a black dragon appeared from the sky, and started to attack. The Imperials taking full concentration on the dragon, he follows a Stormcloak he was on with the carriage, and wad told to follow the tower up. Doing so, the dragon breaks part of the tower, killing a Stormcloak soldier as well. Jumping from the hole, and into the yard of Helgen, he follows until he entered the Helgen Keep, where he finds the very same Stormcloak he was with. With his assistance, they were able to escape Helgen

Before the Storm

After escaping Helgen, he joins Ralof to Riverwood where he gets help, and is pointed to the direction of Whiterun. Arriving at Riverwood, he told Ralof to go on ahead as he sells the equipment he has gotten, all the while noticing a pair of robes. Liking the design, he buys the robes all the while getting a Longsword, which he has called it "Caliburn". Having his own weapon, he heads to Ralof where he listens in on the events, and hearing that he is friends to Ralof, Gerdur and Hod helps in getting the items he would most likely need.

Before he left for Whiterun, he enters the Sleeping Giant Inn where he met with a women called Recorder, who seemingly called him the "Dragonborn". Not knowing what she meant, she muttered about not being that point, but dismisses it as she said it shall be remedied later on. She then soon later ask to tag along an, and he accepts. Having company would be good seeing he be doing this alone. As such, he and Recorder then head towards Whiterun.

On they were there, it start to rain around the time they see a group of warriors battling a giant. Wanting to help, he and Recorder ran, and was able to down the giant. Due to the feat he and Recorder presented, Aela suggested them joining, but he politely declines, and so did Recorder. She then told them to at least think on it before leaving. Entering Whiterun, and due to the rain, they entered the Bannered Mare where he rents a room for the two so they may sleep the night away.

Upon awakening, he finds that Recorder was already up, and was downstairs in the main area. Heading and fetching her, the two exit the inn, but only to find it still rains. But nevertheless, they still head to Dragonsreach to speak to the Jarl. When he told him on the dragon in Helgen, the Jark soon takes him to his Court Wizard, Farengar Secret-Fire where he explains on the Dragonstone, and needing for his research into the dragons. Agreeing to which the Wizard find his straight forwardness to his liking. He tells him to head to Bleak Falls Barrow and soon left.

Bleak Falls Barrow

Leaving Whiterun, and returned to Riverwood, he and Recorder rented a room at the Sleeping Giant Inn due to the time, and had a good rest for the next day.

Upon awakening, he asked Recorder on what does she think about Skyrim, and she responded with chaotic creatures such a dragons, and the Thalmor. Which he noted some things he despises such as the Thalmor. But rested, and well physically, the two venture to Black Falls Barrow to collect the Dragonstone.

Along the way to Black Falls Barrow, he and Recorder had battled 3 bandits on the way. While Recorder dealt the a male bandit, Arthur was able to easily overcome the female bandit, easily disarming her with Caliburn, and quickly beheading her. After he was done, he noticed that Recorder had killed the other two. Impressed on her ability for combat, they continue where they reach the front of Black Falls Barrow, where they battled more bandits. The two had easily killed the bandits, and they walked inside

Upon entering, they encounter two bandits. In swift movement, Arthur easily slash at their necks, almost instantly killing them when he impaled Caliburn into both of their skulls. Recorder noted on his brutality, and found it quite a attracting aspect. Due to the that he was meant to be a gentle man, and kind at heart, but in combat, he shows a brutal side when messing with him. Continuing in the ruin, Recorder noted the books, but Arthur only scoff, and said their old. As the two gotten deeper, another bandit is spotted and Recorder was going to assassinate him only for Arthur to stop her and she looks at him in skepticism and he points.

As the bandit pulls the lever, he is barraged by poison needles which killed him instantly, and Recorder was rather shocked to see that and thank Arthur for stopping her to which he nodded. Looking at the lever, notices the pillars with the animals on it, and on above the door also the same thing but two. As he looked, he notices the pillar on the ground lever, and figured it out. He goes to turn the pillars on the floor, and was able to solve the puzzle. Recorder pulled the lever which opened the gate before them, and they walked through it.

As they walked down the spiraled stairs, they are attacked by skeevers, a large rat carrying the Ataxia disease. Due to their small size, and weakness, they easily killed them, but Arthur inflicted with the disease. Ignoring the disease as it was not life threatening, they two continued

As they walked, they hear a voice of someone calling for help. The two race down to see the entry point blocked by web to which he Arthur easily slice through. As they entered, a giant Spider appeared from its next on the ceiling. Knowing this is gonna be a tough battle done alone, Recorder stayed be hide, and write down the action before her. Arthur using Caliburn battled against the spider, cutting its legs, all the while defending from its large, and rather poisonous fangs. Eventually, Arthur is able to kill the beast but impaling its head.

After killing the spider, Arthur goes to speak with the dark elf trapped in webs. The Dark elf them about the Hall of Stories, and an Golden Claw. Agreeing, Arthur cuts him loose, only for him to turn is back, and entered deeper into the ruin in swiftness greater then him. Following, Arthur finds him dead has he set a trap to release.

Getting the Golden Claw he possess, and also his journal, he and Recorder continued further into the cryptic ruin, while battling the Draugar along the way. Using Caliburn, and with Recorder's keen eye for her markswomenship, they two are able to get pas most of the Draugar to the a large area

After entering the area, Arthur sees a glow on the ruinic walls and as he got closer, a glow form as something enters him. Not knowing what happened, he turned from it, and sees the coffin and got closer to it. But the lid bursts out, as an Draugar Lord emerged from it. Knowing this is going to be a tough for both him and Recorder, the two got into their stance to attack. With the combined efforts, the two are able to kill the Lord, and collect the Dragonstone.

Returning to Dragonsreach, he hands thr dragonstone to the court wizard, and after the Hoursecarl Irileth on a dragon sighting. The Dark elf then told Arthur and Recorder should come as well, and when the Jark told him he needs his help. He agrees and goes to the Western Watchtower.

Dragon Rising


Personality & Traits

Skills & Abilities

Arthur is a highly trained professional swordsmen, and is one of scarce who is able to wield a divine construct. During his time around Skyrim, trying to stop the Dragon Crisis, he has demonstrated profound mastery over Caliburn, capable of swiftly using his blade in a elegant strike of combat. He is able to rountinely redirect the melee assaults of weapons, and quickly deflect incoming projectiles. Due to enchantment done by Merlin, he is able to block any forms of magic and send a large wave of condensed magika. After Caliburn is destroyed, and Merlin had taken him to the Lake of Avalon, onto the island of Avalon, he is gifted with Excalibur. With this Divine Construct, he was able to absolutely block and deflect any forms of magic attack with ease and not even have any scartches on the sword. With Excalibur, he wields the power to actually kill immortal beings such as vampires, werewolfs, and even possibly divine beings such as the aedra and the Daedric Princes. He would be able to send destructive wave of divine energy that would eradicate to painfully harm anything he sees as a enemy or foe.

Arthur physical conditioning represents the peak of human evolutation. He is more durable, more faster and react to anything, stronger and more enduring. He is able to lift well over 7 times his own body weight, and capable of regenerating from most minor wounds to even sprained and bruised injuries and heal in seconds to a few hours. His is more agile, able to quickly dodge incoming attacks and react to faster then your average human. His is also highly intelligent, being one of the tachicians during the Skyrim Civil War.

Being the Dragonborn, Arthur is able to use the thu'um without the training required by others. He is able to take in any word of power, and absorb the souls of slain dragons to gain the required knowledge. He appears to a highly proficient in the Dragon language after Merlin taught him the the language in Grand Library.

Character Card

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  • Arthur Pendragon is based and named after King Arthur, a legendary British leader who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries.
  • His last name, Pendragon or Pen Draig (Middle Welsh pen[n] dragon, pen[n] dreic; composed of Welsh pen, "head, chief, top" and draig/dragon, "dragon; warrior"; borrowed from the Latin word dracō, plural dracōnēs, "dragon[s]") literally means "Chief-Dragon" or "Head-Dragon", but in a figurative sense, "chief leader", "chief of warriors", "commander-in-chief", "generalissimo", or "chief governor" distinctly refers to the dragons.