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Arthur (NCR Ranger)


Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Arthur Pendragon
 Current Alias The Storyteller
 Editorial Names
 Affiliation U.S. Army, NCR Army (Defected), Ponyville Guard, Equestrian Royal Guard
 Base of Operation Ponyville
 Identity Semi-Public
 Citizenship American
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Army Captain, NCR Captain, Knight
 Gender Male
 Eye Color blue
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Blond
 Unusual Features
 Origin Mundus, Human
 Universe Earth-9999
 Place of Birth
First Appearance
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Arthur Pendragon (also called the Storyteller, or the NCR Legend) is an Army veteran during the Resource War and the Great War in 2077, and also a NCR Veteran in 2280 after escaping cyro-sleep.

Ever since then, he has travelling the wastelands of the planet, telling many stories of the distat past before the war, eventually becoming known as the Storyteller. All the while, he ad joined the NCR Army, and was among their most skillful members until he defected, and helped the Lone Wanderer to disorganised them. After helping the Lone Wanderer, he eventually locates Vault 122, where they were testing inter-dimensional travel where he ends up in the MLP Dimension, and eventually befriended Cougar, and the ponies and eventually became one of the only 2 humans on Equus.

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