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Arthur Pendragon
Arthur (Magi).jpg
Biographical Information
Kanji アーサー・ペンドラゴン
Rōmaji Āsā pendoragon
Also Known As Chosen King's Canditate (選んだ王の候補, Eranda ō no kōho)
Physical Description
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Family Uther Pendragon (Father)†
Igraine Pendragon (Mother)†
Morgana le Fey (Half-Sister)
Allies Merlin
Djinn Räum
Occupation King Vessel
Affiliation Camelot
Manga Debut
Anime Debut


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Arthur Pendragon is the central protagonist of The Future King, and a brief but major character in The Wizard of Avalon.

Arthur is a Dungeon Capturer and a King Vessel after capturing Gremory, the Djinn of the 40th Dungeon. He is also a descendent of the Fanalis through his mother, Igraine.

At birth, he was taken by Merlin from his mother, Igraine Pendragon. He was then given to a farm owned by Sir Ector in the Parthevia Empire. However, when he turned 5 years old, his farm was invaded by bandits lead by Edward Teach who killed Ector and taken him and Kay and sold as slaves.



Before Arthur was born to king Uther Pendragon and Ygrayne of Cornwall, his mother before being with Uther was the wife of Gorlois of Tintagel, Duke of Cornwall from Albion. When they visited Camelot, King Uther fell madly in love with Ygrayne, and soon attempted to force court her in Camelot. However, she refused and quickly told her husband. Soon after being informed, Gorlois and Ygrayne left the kingdom without being told leave.

This gave the excuse of war by King Uther against the Duke. Uther then asked Merlin to help him enter the Castle of Tintagel, and soon the Wizard had made potions that turned Uther into Gorlois. As the Duke, Uther was able to enter the castle and into the bedchambers of Ygrayne and slept with her. As it soon turns out, Gorlois was killed at his castle at that same night.

Soon after the war, Ygrayne is then courted to King Uther. However, after knowing Arthur wont be as strong as he'd liked. He then asked Merlin again in aid. However, in return, he wishes for Arthur and that his identity and birth a secret. Accepting the offer, when Arthur was born, Merlin took the newborn away from Ygrayne, and traveled to Parthevia Empire where he is raised by Sir Ector with his son, Kay in Ector's Farm.


As he grew up, Arthur is raised alongside Kay as Ector's son. He is taugh academics, learn how to talk and swordsmenship. As he grew, he visited a girl who he began to have feelings for.

However, one day, the farm was sacked by bandits when Arthur and Kay was only 9-10 years old, with Ector fighting against the bandits. However, Ector was slaughtered by Edward Teach who left the seas to get people for slaves.


As a slave of the noterious Blackbeard, he is treated with hard work labour on board the Queen Anne's Revenge with little to no food, water and mistreated with the others.

Tower of Heaven

Some day, when Arthur only turned 12 years old, he is sold to the Tower of Heaven where he worked to create a some type of tower in the middle of the Sea of Monsters, where he is beated with the people who did not workj hard enough.

During this time, Arthur met a Fanalis girl named Ezra. Eventually, he befriended others and became close friends to each other.




Physical Abilities

Super-Genius Intellect

Rukh Manipulation

Magoi Manipulation

Metal Vessels


  • Arthur is a descendent of the Fanalis, however he inherited his father's blonde hair, but he inherited his mother physical strength.