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*Arthur "Uther" Pendragon is the author's character from Fairy Tail Fanon.
*Arthur "Uther" Pendragon is the author's character from Fairy Tail Fanon.
*Arthur's magic "Gates of Albion" is based on Gilgamesh's ability "Gates of Babylon" from fate/Zero.
*Arthur's magic "Gate of Albion" is based on Gilgamesh's ability "Gates of Babylon" from fate/Zero.
*The light spell "Heavenly Etherion" was inspired by the Etherion, but is extremely inferior to it has its only takes out the radius of 500-1200.
*The light spell "Heavenly Etherion" was inspired by the Etherion, but is extremely inferior to it has its only takes out the radius of 500-1200.
*The Light spell "Caliburn" was inspired and based on Fate/Zero when Saber used an ability of Excalibur to destroy Castor's monster.
*The Light spell "Caliburn" was inspired and based on Fate/Zero when Saber used an ability of Excalibur to destroy Castor's monster.

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Arthur's Anime Appearance

Arthur's Live-Action Apperance

Arthur "Uther" Pendragon
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 2.0066m
Weight 150Ib
Eyes Anime: Red
Live-Action: Hazel
Hair Anime: Blonde
Live-Action: Brown
Blood Type O
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Ten Holy Saints
House of Pendragon
Dimensional Council
Previous Affiliation Wastland Bandits
Occupation Wizard
Ten Holy Saints
Rank S-Class
Team Ambrosius Team (Arthur/Jade) (Formally)
Partner Jade Aurelianus (Formally) (Deceased)
Base of Operations Fairy Tail Guild
Status Deceased
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Unknown Father
Unnamed Wife
Jade "Artoria" Pendragon (Daughter)
Owen Pendragon (Ancestor)
Arthur Pendragon (Ancestor)
Shiro "Arthur" Pendragon (Descendant)
John Pendragon (Descendant)
Samuel (Descendant)
Alias/Titles The Strongest Holy Sword Wielder
Strongest Male Swordsmen of Fairy Tail
Child of Prophecy
Male Erza
Reincarnation of King Arthur
Magic Requip: The Knight
Sword Magic
Light Magic
Gate of Albion
Weapons Caliburn (Formally)
Durandal (Formally)
Ascalon (Scabbard, Formally)
Hikarinotsurugi (Formally)
1000+ Swords (Formally)


What do we do now, we are in the middle of a wasteland, and i'm facing the Dragon my ancestor's wizard fought against. Please, lend me your power Caliburn
~ Arthur asking Caliburn for assistance

Arthur Uther Pendragon (アーサーユーサー・ペンドラゴン, Āsāyūsā pendoragon) is fictional anime OC character from Fairy Tail. Arthur is a wizard of Fairy Tail and the descendant of King Arthur Pendragon. He is a well known Knight throughout Fiore due to his power and the weapon he possesses when doing jobs. He joined Fairy Tail after the Acnologia incident, and tries to help the guild. Over time, he become well known and soon, became the strongest male swordsmen in Fairy Tail, earning him the title Strongest Holy Sword User of Fairy Tail. He is also the former arch-enemy of Mephistopheles, and are now a rival of Mephistopheles.


Arthur has golden hair and red eyes, and is always seen wearing golden plated armor chest armor, golden shoulder guards, gauntlets and leggings with the pendragon crest on the shoulder guard. He would also have scars on his chest, arms and legs due to him being in the wastelands, and the purpose of the armor, to hide it from others.

While in the Live-Action film, Arthur has brown hair, wearing an white button shirt, jeans, and black shows with Hazel eyes. He would have Caliburn sheathed in Ascalon on his back, while Durandal, Hikarinotsurugi, and the 1000+ swords are in his Magic Pocket Dimension.


Arthur has a cheerful personality, able to cheer up the whole guild when times are tough, and he use Caliburn to make some form of fire works during certains festivals. He is also very serious and strict exactly like Erza if they are doing a job, but is mostly serious on Erza. A rumor spread that he had a crush on Erza, and he would get very angry and serious, just like Erza.


  • Caliburn - Arthur's strongest sword is Caliburn, a 6 foot golden broadsword that is said to be King Arthur's first Holy Sword and the strongest out of any sword in existence. It said that its sharpness, destructiveness, and hardness is not rivaled by anything, even Excalibur somewhat pales in comparison. The sword needs immense light element to wield, and that's he and his ancestor are the only ones that can wield it.
  • Durandal - Durandal is a Holy Sword of Destruction, and said to be on par with the Excalibur. This sword is said to possess destructiveness that has no rival (Exception to Caliburn) and can destroy a whole area if the user concentrates their magic into the blade.
  • Avalon - Avalon is one of Arthur's legendary magical items and the scabbard to Caliburn. It said the scabbard grants the wearer near-immortality with the exception of magical attacks, dehydration and starvation.
  • Hikarinotsurugi - Hikarinotsurugi is an golden sword that was located in a old ruin under the deserts. the sword is said to be an blade of a unknown Wizard Saint. When Arthur had obtained it, he stated it felt like Caliburn in turns of energy, however the sword energy is unknown and so is its origin. Arthur has also yet to unlock the swords magical abilities.
  • Arubionkī - Arubionkī is a golden key that is required to use the magic Gate of Albion.



Arthur is Fairy Tails's strongest male swordsman, capable of slicing with precision and with swiftness. With his high agility, strength and stamina, he can break through a enemies barrier with his legendary Holy Sword Caliburn.


Arthur is capable of using Requip magic. Not has efficient has Erza Scarlet, but  he is still able to change armor in 5 seconds in battle and can deflect oncoming attacks while doing so.

Light Magic

Arthur's mastery of Light is not rivaled has he is capable to control the light of the sun itself, and his light magic is able to destroy demonic beings or evil spirits.

Light Magic Spells

Lux Solis is a light spell that allows one to fire arrows of light at a target from their.

Radium Luminis is a S-Class light spell that compresses and release light into a single point that's able to slice anything, other then magic infused items and weapons. This spell requires enormous amount of magic energy and only used for last resort.

Caelestis Devesation is a light magic spell that would rain balls of light from the sun itself. The spellis a S-Class, and is one of the strongest spells Arthur's has.

Heavenly Etherion is a S-Class light spell and is one of the 2 legendary spells exclusive to Arthur has he made it. For this spell to work, it requires an incantation.
"Coeli supra mundum et homines"
"cadit et sanctis omnibus tenebris lucem accendit lumen"
"Gladius Dei omnia concordare perspicuus sursum"

Caliburn is a A-Class light spell that requires Caliburn, the spell allows the user to slash light from the blade, and destroy anything in its path. The spell's strength determines the distance, further away the target, weaker it gets. Even thought its a A-Class, Makarov and some few Wizard Saints themselves say its seen has a S-Class.

Immense Stamina

Arthur possess immense stamina that allows him to use his sword for longer periods of time, and allows him to sprint for long times before tiring out. He can also use stamina and transfer it in Ethernano for him to use with magic. When he was in the wastelands, he would use his immense stamina to overpower the beasts, even knocking some of them down.

Immense Endurance

Arthur has natural immense endurance, has he was raised in the wasteland, he was taught to have enough endurance to handle immense heat. Even though Caliburn kept him cool. He was shown to be very durable has he can still after the Dragon used its roar, however he used Caliburn to weaken the roar.

High Agility

Arthur possess high agility so he can quickly dodge attackers since he was raised in the wasteland and was taught that if you fight, dodging. He was able to dodge many magical attacks.

Immense Speed

Arthur speed is far for normal has he was able sprint 130m in 3 mins, and was able to wall during an mission. His speed also allows him to get away extremely fast, and with hus agility was able to dodge most incoming attacks.


Arthur has high-intelligence and knowledge about magic energy and the Lost Magics has he explains to Jade that Ethernano is the term used for magic particles that dwells in all organisms, and that all living have these magical boxes, where its contained that limits one magic energy, and when one runs out their body gathers it from the atmosphere around them. He also stated to Jade there is a second box called "Second Origin" which boosted the person magic power enormously.



Arthur was born and raised in the Wastelands outside of Fiore. He was a former bandit, has he had to steal to survive, Over the course being the Wasteland, he hads to battle many beasts and monsters, including a Dragon and losing Jade. One time when setting camp, he saw something in the distance, some large. He got to get a closer look only it the land infront of him. It was a Dragon, the dragon named was Ophis, who is known by the Flame Dragon God. Ophis asked him if his name was Arthur Uther Pendragon, and he nodded only for the Dragon to fly off once again. He just stared at the dragon before walking in its direct. After 2 months of walking and battling beast, he son found grass and trees, and that was when he first saw a kingdom called Fiore. When he entered Fiore, he set down the body of Jade and dug her a grave, then using Caliburn, made the grave holy so no evil, demonic or darkness related wont go near her, only the kind-hearted and good will come near.


Dark Guild Ambush

Fairy Tail

Derpy's & Carrot Top's Journey

~Under Construction~


Jade, my will to fight is for my friends and those i care deeply for, I'm sure you will find yours.
~ Arthur to Jade

Caliburn, this mushroom is not poisonous right, somewhere i heard is there is a certain mushroom that makes you grow one of your head.
~ Arthur to Caliburn


  • Arthur "Uther" Pendragon is the author's character from Fairy Tail Fanon.
  • Arthur's magic "Gate of Albion" is based on Gilgamesh's ability "Gates of Babylon" from fate/Zero.
  • The light spell "Heavenly Etherion" was inspired by the Etherion, but is extremely inferior to it has its only takes out the radius of 500-1200.
  • The Light spell "Caliburn" was inspired and based on Fate/Zero when Saber used an ability of Excalibur to destroy Castor's monster.
  • Arthur was thinking about trying to become an Wizard Saint, and would always been seen in the Fairy Tail library when not on a mission, so he can learn on leadership skills, judgmental skills etc.
  • Arthur once asked Erza out, but turned him down has she said he is not his type.
  • Ambrosius Aurelianus was a war leader who is also known has Merlin Ambrosius.
  • Jade was one of Arthur's closest friends while in the Wastelands
  • Arthur's spells are in latin which is often affiliated, associated with magic.
  • Arthur Uther Pendragon was based and inspired by King Arthur, who ruled Great Britain between Late 5th to Early 6th century, and original wielder to Caliburn.
  • Durandal is a Holy Sword used by Charlemagne Paladin: Roland who said to use it to fight off 100,000 Muslim soldiers and is one of the Matter of France.
  • Arthur's physical appearance is that of Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero.
  • Arthur only seen 2 Dragons.
  • Arthur is known for being exactly like Erza in terms of anger.
  • Arthur's favorite type of women is those are have perfect body, red hair, uses swords and somewhats acts like a adult, but also have a cheerful, and a childish personality.
  • the affiliation Arthur is in, the "Circle Saints" was inspired and based on both the Wizard Saints and the Knights of the Round Table.