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Arthur "Pendragon" Nightwing
Kanji アーサー「ペンドラゴン」ナイトウィング
Romaji Āsā `pen doragon' naitou~ingu
Age 500,000+
Height 1.8288m (6'12ft)
Eyes Gold
Hair Blonde
Species Pureblood Vampire
Titles/Alias Strongest Vampire
Holy Vampire
The Strongest King
Father Vampire
Affilations Nightwing Clan
Four Vampiric Nations
Dimensional Lord
Status Alive
Rank Vampiric Prince (Formally)
Vampiric King
2nd Generation Vampire
Relatives Eve (Originator)
Omicron Nightwing (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Many Descendants
Abilities Holy Magic
Light Magic
Blood Magic
Weapons Caliburn
Kingdom Nighwing Kingdom (Kingdom Has No Name)

Arthur "Pendragon" Nightwing (アーサー「ペンドラゴン」ナイトウィング, Āsā `pen doragon' naitou~ingu) is a fictional character. Athur is a legendary vampire in history, culture, mythology and folkore, and is one of the most famous Vampiric Kings in vampiric history.





  • Holy Magic - Due to Arthur's connectivity to God, he can perform holy magic without any drawbacks. His skill in it is repressive, has he can compressed a beam of holy light to cut anything that is both angelic and demonic oirigin.
  • Photokinesis (Light Magic)-
  • Chronokinesis (Time Magic)
  • Hemokinesis (Blood Magic) -


  • Arthur "Pendragon" Nightwing is the alternated vampiric form of Arthur Pendragon.
  • Arthur is related to one of God's first Humans Eve, But in the show Supernatural, Eve is in fact a Leviathanwho gave birth to the first monsters, the Alpha's.