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Arthur: All Grown Up is an American/Canadian children’s animated TV show. It premiered on August 31, 2020 on the TV channel Null. The show is the second spin-off of the successful PBS children's animated TV series, Arthur.

About the show

The show will focus on Arthur Read and the gang going to Middle School (Lakewood Middle School), D.W. and her friends going to 3rd grade, and Baby Kate going to preschool.


  • Arthur Read - the main character of the show. His appearance is the same like in the main show, but he goes to bed at 10:00 PM now instead of 8:00 PM. He and Francine are in love with each other in this show. He is an aardvark.


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Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Pilot March 2, 2020 (YouTube)

August 15, 2020 (Null App)

Arthur and his friends are getting ready to graduate from Lakewood Elementary School, but Arthur is disappointed the he is leaving because he will miss the memories and teachers he had there. Francine and Buster try to comfort him. Pilot episode. TBA

Season 1

Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
All Grown Up August 31, 2020 Arthur and all of his friends (Francine, Buster, Muffy, Binky, The Brian, and others) finally have their first day at middle school, and find out they get their old teacher back at the school, Mr. Ratburn! First episode ever (excluding the pilot). 1
Restraining Order September 1, 2020 George gives Arthur a restraining order, which means if he goes within 16 feet of George in the school, Arthur will get "serious jail time". However, after George gets annoyed by Buster, he has a fight with Buster in the classroom. Arthur knows he can't violate the restraining order or he will go to jail, but he decides to get between George and Buster to stop the fighting because he doesn't want his two friends (George is Arthur's friend from Arthur's point of view) fighting. After he stops the fighting, George takes the restraining order paper out of Arthur's pocket, and Arthur's cries because he thinks he will go to jail. However, it turns out he is removing Arthur from the restraining order, and instead is adding Buster to it. 2
Brian's Double Trouble September 2, 2020 The Brian makes up a lie that his friends are the ones who mixed the milk with Apple Juice in the cafeteria, making his friends end their friendship with him. 3
The Money Loss September 3, 2020 After numerous negative reviews are sent to Muffy and her dad's company, Crosswire Motors, they lose their money and become poor. Due to this, Muffy and her dad open up a garage sale. 4
Gamed September 21, 2020 D.W. completely destroys the game cartridge of Arthur's favorite video game, The Adventures of Bionic Bunny on purpose. Arthur gets a new game cartridge, but he must keep it up high to prevent anyone from breaking it. 5
New Clothes September 22, 2020 After Arthur outgrows his clothes, his parents tell him to sell it. However, Arthur misses his clothes, so he sues it. One of the strings starts knocking things down in the house, giving Arthur more chores to do. 6
Act of Violence September 23, 2020 D.W. accidentally spills ketchup on the floor. Ms. Morgan then sees James with a red bruise on his knee, and D.W. standing next him. As a result, Ms. Morgan sends D.W. to timeout and she must prove her innocence. It is found out that the "blood" on the floor is actually the ketchup, and the red spot on Jame's knee is also the spot of ketchup from the floor. 7
Mayor Arthur September 24, 2020 Arthur is chosen to become the temporary new mayor of Elwood City after the other mayor suffers a broken leg and hand. Arthur can now do whatever he wants and has control over Elwood City. Although his time as temporary mayor expires, Arthur enjoys what he can still do as a preteen. However, Brain wonders what it would be like if he were temporary mayor. 8
Arthur's First Real Kiss October 16, 2020 TBA Similar plot to the book Arthur's First Kiss, just with it being an actual kiss in this episode. 9


Starting in March 2018, rumors have spread that Arthur could have another spin-off, but on a "different channel". Null officially announced on May 27, 2019 that they have received permission from PBS to make a second spin-off of the show titled Arthur: All Grown Up and ordered 15 episodes for the first season. Additionally, in the announcement, they stated that they started production on a pilot episode of the spin-off that was released on Null's YouTube channel on March 2, 2020 and was released on the Null App on August 15, 2020.

Null announced on August 16, 2020 that the show will premiere on August 31, 2020 at 5:00 PM EST on the original Null TV channel.

It premiered on August 31, 2020 at 5:00 PM EST on the regular Null channel.

On September 18, 2020, Null renewed the show for a second season that will contain 20 episodes, totaling 35 episodes. The season is expected to premiere in 2021.

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