Arkham VR is the first scary episode of Batman: Wrath Of The Villains. The simulation events are non-canon because of the deaths and ending. The events in VR are computer-generated.


While hanging out in the Batcave, Robin finds a VR training machine but is told by Nightwing to stay away from it. However, Robin ignores him and uses the machine but suffers a nightmare from it and ends up predicting an alternate future where he's Batman.


The episode starts with Tim Drake (Michael Cera) and Richard Grayson (Andrew Garfield). Tim sees a machine and goes to check it out but is stopped by Richard. He warns Tim to never touched that machine because it's dangerous but they decided to name it the Arkham VR.

At night, Tim decides to check it out. With the help of Jason Todd (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), he goes to the machine and starts it.

In the simulation, he starts off as a younger Bruce Wayne but is in first-person view. He sees Thomas (Kevin Conroy) and Martha Wayne (Grey DeLisle) walking him home but they encounter Jack Napier (Cameron Monaghan), who shoots the couple and warns Bruce that's what happens when he tries to be hero.

The next morning, Robin wakes up but instead he's an adult now (he is voiced by Kevin Conroy in the simulation). He is approached by Alfred (voiced by Martin Jarvis), who reports that they have a situation and must explain it downstairs. He is given a key to the piano and plays it, which takes him to the Bat-cave and is given the Bat-suit.

In the Bat Cave, he sees a tape and watches the video. In the video, Jason Todd (voiced by Troy Baker) has been captured and tortured by The Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill). Then Joker just shoots and kills him, even taunting Batman about dragging everyone into this little game of Joker's. Then Alfred appears and brings bad news, Damian Wayne (voiced by Matthew Mercer) and Nightwing are both missing. At the case files, it's revealed that Bruce Wayne had died of injuries during an Arkham incident with the Joker but Robin accidentally killed The Joker and avenged Bruce. However, Robin is infected with The Joker's contaminated blood and is believed to be transforming into the clown. He checks character files and locates Nightwing in a alley but Damian is still missing. He goes to the Bat Garage and flies the Bat Wing to the alley.

At the alley, he finds Nightwing but sadly the hero has been killed. He scans the area and finds out that Nightwing was beaten to death by an unknown assailant. The injuries were a broken jaw, broken arm, broken ribs, and broken neck. However, a witness is identified as a member of Penguin's crew.

At the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin (voiced by Nolan North) is torturing a guard who didn't guard the Lounge. Tim defeats him and interrogates him but is informed that the witness was killed in some explosion inside the Lounge.

At the morgue, he investigates the body and finds out that Damian is held captive at an explosive factory on top of Arkham Asylum.

At the factory, the enemy is revealed to be a man that resembles Joker. Damian is trapped in a cage and is guarded by Killer Croc. He goes to save him but gets trapped as well. They try to help each other but Killer Croc attacks Damian. Tim tries to save him but Croc kills Damian and knocks out Tim, who is now guilt-ridden.

When Tim wakes up, he finds himself in a elevator and is actually in Arkham. He investigates the facility but has an hallucation. Much to his shock and horror, he killed Nightwing, captured Damian, and blew up the Iceberg Lounge. He finds out in the mirror that this happened because he is possessed by The Joker but he just laughs maniacally and the mirror lights turned off.

The next day, he wakes up and finds out that it was a nightmare, much to his relief. He is only happy that the events never happened. He is relieved to find out that everyone is alive. They show him the machine but he refuses. Batman (Kevin Conroy) just shrugs and takes it away so it can be destroyed. However, Nightwing and Batgirl (Mila Kunis) realizes that Tim used the machine and that Jason helped him. They angrily question them but the scared sidekicks run away in fear while the angry heroes give pursuit. Batman just laughs but him, Lucius (Samuel L. Jackson), and Alfred (Martin Jarvis) flinches when beating noises are heard. Then a beaten up Tim announces to the audience that was the end of the story and waves to audience, wishing them a "Happy Halloween and good night." Then him and Jason continue running for their lives before the episode ends.


  • This is the first time the events of a Batman episode were non-canon.


(Robin sees the Arkham VR)

  • Robin: (impressed) "Woah, Virtual Reality machine. Man, Bruce knows how to buy cool things."

(Robin goes to touch it but is stopped by Nightwing)

  • Nightwing: (worried) "Tim, you must never touched that machine."
  • Robin: "Why?"
  • Nightwing: "A few months ago, me, Batman, Alfred, and Lucius invented this thing for training."
  • Robin: (surprised) "You invented it?"
  • Nightwing: "Yep but something went bad and Batman was just scared."
  • Robin: "He was?"
  • Nightwing: "Yes he was and that's the reason why we once saw him being hospitalized for a couple of weeks."

(Barbara arrives)

  • Barbara: "Hey what's up?"
  • Nightwing: "Look what Tim found."

(Barbara sees it)

  • Barbara: "Tim, you found that?"
  • Robin: "Yeah and it's awesome."
  • Nightwing: "You haven't tried it and you're not going to."
  • Barbara: "Why?"
  • Nightwing: "You don't know what happened to Batman last time?"
  • Babbara: "No."
  • Nightwing: "He was scared.
  • Barbara: (concerned) "Oh my, I guess you shouldn't use it Tim."
  • Robin: "Oh come on."
  • Barbara: "Please, don't do it. Promise me you won't do it."
  • Robin: (sighs) "Fine."

(Barbara walks away happy but Robin crosses his fingers. Later, Jason sees Tim wake up scared)

  • Jason: (worried) "You alright."
  • Tim: (scared) "I am never touching the machine ever, ever again. (but sighs in relief) But at least it wasn't real."

(Later, Nightwing and Batgirl realizes something)

  • Nightwing: (angry) "Wait a second. Tim and Jason, get over here."

(him and Batgirl starts angrily marching towards them)

  • Batgirl: (also angry) "You two better not have used that machine."

(Tim and Jason just try walking away)

  • Tim: (scared) "Uh, Batman. Me and Jason might not help you out with the machine because we got our own problems."

(Batman is confused but sees the angry teens and gets the idea)

  • Batman: (worried) "Yeah, the both of you should run."

(Tim and Jason do run in fear while Nightwing and Batgirl give pursuit)

  • Batgirl: (angry) "Get back here, you two."

(Batman just laughs but him, Alfred, and Lucius all flinch when beating noises are heard before a beaten up Tim talks to the audience)

  • Tim: (looking injured) "Yep, sorry everyone but that's the scary story. Batman and the others are dead while I was stuck as the new Joker. Happy Halloween and good night."

(he waves at the audience but still runs away with Jason Todd before the end credits appear)

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