Arkham Asylum is a late 2016 first-person horror video game for PC, Xbox One and PS4. It is based on DC Comic's Arkham Asylum and all of it's psychotic inmates.


It is set in a first-person perspective and in order to survive, the player must either hide or run from enemies. Combat is not possible and attempts to confront the enemy will result in death. Players can hide in lockers and under beds. However, enemies will search for them in these areas and when running, the player can look back at their pursuer. Closing doors will impede enemies and squeezing through spaces can lose them.


Viktor Ohman, an investigative journalist, receives a tip-off from an anonymous source about the infamous Arkham Asylum, a psychiatric hospital operated in Gotham City. Upon gaining entry to the asylum, Viktor discovers the many corpses of staff and the now escaped inmates roaming the grounds. He encounters an dying security guard, who in his dying moments tells the journalist to get out of Arkham while he still can. Exiting the dormitories, Viktor is attacked by a powerful cannibalistic and crocodile-like inmate named Killer Croc, who Viktor manages to escape from but is knocked out by an incoming baton around a corner. Before going unconscious, Viktor sees the Joker, a homicidal maniac and dangerous patient, who wants him alive for intense torture around Arkham instead of simply killing him before sadistically departing and Viktor regains consciousness.

Awakening, Viktor begins his attempts to escape Arkham, while avoiding attacks from Croc and the other patients including Calendar Man. However, as unlocks the main doors from security control and tries to leave, he is ambushed and sedated by Harley Quinn, who was sent by the Joker to prevent Viktor's escape. Viktor is shown footage of the inmates escaping their cells and slaughtering security forces and staff before transporting a now-conscious Viktor to the Penitentiary.

Viktor is forced to escape the Penitentiary and avoid attacks from many inmates including Victor Zsasz and the Ventriloquist. Viktor is also attacked numerous times by Croc and progressing further, he encounters Scarecrow; who puts him into a hellish nightmare which he must free himself from. Viktor is soon chased into a corner by several inmates, but escapes with the help of an unknown person, however it is revealed it is Two-Face; who captures him, strapping him to a gurney and flips his coin to decide which body parts he should remove. As a result, Two-Face slices off two fingers and prepares to remove the genitals, however stops only after hearing one of his captives scream, causing him to see what's happening. Viktor escapes his confinement and a chase ensues, followed by a struggle when Viktor pulls Two-Face into a moving elevator and crushes him between floors.

Encountering the Joker again, Viktor exits onto the asylum's grounds, but overhears armed survivors claiming they called Commissioner James Gordon and a tactical squad and that they should try to meet them at the docking area, causing Viktor to navigate there while avoiding attacks from patients and encountering Scarecrow again. Viktor only locates dead tactical cops and the survivors also turn up there, revealing to be Clayface, who tries to take Viktor's life only for Viktor to escape him. After an intense hunt, Viktor manages to meet with Gordon, who is shocked to find "normal" survivors, and the two defeat Clayface by causing him to fall to an unknown fate.

After this, Gordon tells Viktor that their boat got destroyed and the radio is down, heading to Arkham Mansion to find safety only for Quinn and some inmates to ambush and hunt them down, leading to Gordon being seemingly killed and dragged off and Viktor is forced to make his way to the Warden's Office, where he finds keys and one key leads to a "top secret facility", which Viktor intends to find. Once again, Scarecrow attacks Viktor and the journalist defeats him at his own game, causing Scarecrow to get murdered by Croc. The Joker commentates as Croc chases Viktor however the journalist escapes and watches as Croc is tricked and locked into a cell.

The Joker applauds Viktor for tricking Croc and reveals to him that Gordon is indeed still alive, showing footage of Quinn torturing him and gives him two choices: to either attempt to save Gordon or he can take a map leading to the underground facility and escape, aware of Viktor possessing it's keys. If Viktor decides to leave Gordon to die, he will enter the underground facility and discover massive amounts of blood and corpses within it's laboratories, and even hears crying in a room, but as he moves into the room, the victim explodes and blood covers the windows. Viktor discovers the only way to exit the island is to find the keycard, which he searches in the facility for but instead discovers a classified document. As he picks it up, he is attacked by a bloodied scientist, before he is dragged out of the room and killed mysteriously. A shadowy figure then shows up which prompts Viktor to flee and encounters Killer Croc again, but the crocodillian beast is impaled and blown up by the force of nature.

Viktor seemingly escapes and uses a keycard he found to open up a large room containing the Lazarus Pit, where the figure finally prevents Viktor's escape and forces him into a corner. The figure is revealed to be a human ghost armed with a sword and cuts off Viktor's foot while trying to execute him before hearing incoming people, so he vanishes and escapes. A tactical squad of armed soldiers enter the facility, with a scientist leading them ordering them to kill Viktor for discovering Arkham's secrets, so the soldiers shot Viktor dead. Viktor's final moments had him see the ghost appear and prepare to execute the scientist as he works on a machine, with the screen fading black while screams and gunshots are heard.

If Viktor decides to save Gordon, he navigates through the Visitor's Center; which the Joker transformed into his own sadistic "funhouse" decorated with corpses and colorful art. Viktor enters a room where Joker is seen sat on a chair on skulls and bones, and Gordon is hung and tied up. The Joker applauds Viktor for his bravery but has Quinn attempt to kill him, causing Viktor to try to hide from her in another room and after the Joker threatens to "break up" with her if she fails; Quinn becomes more aggressive and even manages to break Viktor's leg, causing him to limp. After entering a room full of hanging bodies, Quinn tries to hang Viktor but due to using his weight to his advantage, manages to cause some hooks to impale and kill Quinn.

The Joker is surprised at Quinn's death however laughs the "tragedy" off, and challenges Viktor for a true "battle" at his lair. Viktor threatens Gordon with a revolver but fires a flag reading "BANG!", laughing as he scares the two but then tosses it away for a real gun and hunts Viktor with it. Viktor is chased into the underground facility which the Joker breaks into, being aware of the experiments held there, and the two are haunted by both Croc and the ghost. The ghost again kills Croc and Viktor uncovers the Lazarus Pit room, and is attacked and pursued by the ghost. The ghost though fades away once the Joker appears, who taunts Viktor before stabbing him in the stomach with a knife. Viktor though falls into the Lazarus Pit and watches as the Joker walks away while laughing. Suddenly feeling alive like if he hasn't be fatally wounded, he escapes the underground facility and rescues Gordon, who is surprised that Viktor managed to defeat the clownish couple before thanking him.

As the two stumble out of the asylum, Viktor catches the glimpse of the mysterious ghost before being accompanied by forces of armed tactical cops who storm Arkham to regain control and rescue any survivors. Ambulances arrive who take care of both Viktor and Gordon, and afterwards, the journalist returns to his apartment. At the apartment, he rewinds his camcorder before getting traumatic memories and runs to the bathroom, seeing the ghost in the mirror and the screen cuts to black.

DLC: Madhouse


  • Normal: 
  • Hard:
  • Nightmare:
  • Insane:


  • Viktor Ohman: The main protagonist and an investigative reporter who arrives to investigate Arkham Asylum based on the lead he receives from an anonymous source. He is a cynical man and even cracks dark jokes towards certain situations however is a strongly willful man. Throughout the events, Viktor slowly loses his sanity due to his witnessing of the horrors in the asylum and can be sympathetic at times.
  • James Gordon: 
  • The Joker: One of the main antagonists and is an insane, homicidal mastermind. His white skin, green hair and blood red lips belied the chaotic nature that underlay his cartoonish appearance. 
  • Ra's al Ghul: 
  • Two-Face:
  • Harley Quinn:
  • Killer Croc:
  • The Riddler:
  • Scarecrow:
  • Mad Hatter:
  • Victor Zsasz:
  • The Ventriloquist:
  • Poison Ivy:
  • Firefly:  
  • Hush:
  • Clayface:
  • Calendar Man:
  • Hugo Strange:
  • Mr. Freeze:
  • Amadeus Arkham:
  • Martin Hawkins:
  • Ra's al Ghul:
  • Quincy Sharp:
  • Penelope Young:
  • Sarah Cassidy:
  • Stephen Kellerman:
  • Kevin Liew:
  • Robert Stirling:
  • Adrian Chen:
  • Gretchen Whistler:
  • Frank Boles:
  • Aaron Cash:
  • Thomas Ambruster:
  • Henry Smith:
  • Eddie Burlow:
  • Maria Andrade:
  • Louie Green:
  • Zach Franklin:
  • William North:
  • Carl Todd:
  • Jordan Fraser:


Arkham Asylum



Deaths occur when the player fails in specific events or loses too much health. Depending on how the player died, each death is different.



Notes are a record of Viktor Ohman's thoughts and feelings when trying to understand their current situation and escape. The camcorder must be out and recording in order to obtain notes.



Records can be found in which the player can listen to on conversations between patients and staff or even patients and staff recording themselves.

Easter Eggs


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