Arguments Can Cause Tears is the episode of the second season of The Phoenix Defenders.


Berna, Crispin and Aeolus get into a heated argument when Aeolus and Crispin told Berna that Sera is a bad influence for Berna while Berna stubbornly believes that she isn't. Jealous of Berna and Aeolus being close to each other, Katelyn takes matters into her own hands by threatening to kill Berna in front of the whole school unless Aeolus agrees to be her boyfriend.




Berna, we can't let you continue this.


Aeolus Rowan:(shouted)Berna! Our decision is final. You're going to stay away from Sera, whether you like it or not. And if you try to go near her... There will be consequences.

Berna look into his eyes before she looked at the floor. Aeolus pinches her chin, tilting it up until Berna see his face.

Aeolus Rowan:Do i make myself clear?

Berna Manchester:No! You two can't control my life! You can't stop me from seeing Sera!

No! I don't want to hear this crap!

Crispin: Berna, we can't take the risk of you being with her after what happened to Jackson.

Aeolus Rowan:You just don't get it, do you! You're not the same Berna i once knew! And it all started when you started being friends with Sera!

Berna Manchester:People change Aeolus!

Aeolus: And you've changed for the worst!

Berna, please...


A low gasp flees Crispin's mouth. He takes a step back and walks away

Aeouls:Berna, i love you.

Berna Manchester:Aeolus, what are you talking abo-

Berna, don't. You're only going to make this worse.

Screw you.

Suddenly Aeolus wraps his hands around Berna's throat causing her to gasp and begin to choke.

Aeolus Rowan:I...I can't. I can't do it. I can't. I can't. Because i love her.

Katelyn: Well, well, well. Look who it is. Crashlie and her boyfriend. He doesn't deserve you. He deserves someone much better...(screams)LIKE ME! (pulled Berna off the ground by pulling her hair)

Berna Manchester: Get off me Katelyn!


Berna Manchester: I didn't!

Katelyn: You liar!

Berna Manchester: I'm not lying!

Katelyn: You ruined my life and now you're saying it's not your fault? Well, we'll have to see about that. (grabbed a knife from inside her pocket and held it up to Berna's throat) Make any sudden movements and i'll slit your horrid throat!

Aeolus Rowan:Now Katelyn, you don't wanna do that, just calm down...

Katelyn: Shut up Aeolus! After

Maya Jelani: Girl, you heard the man. Put that pocket knife away, we don't want murder on the flippin' school ground!

Katelyn: Oh, but you see...I do.

Aeolus Rowan:Look, don't hurt her. What do you want?

Katelyn: I want you to go out with me Aeolus!

Aeolus Rowan:You're insane!

Katelyn: If i'm insane, her throat is cut and she dies from blood loss...right here in front of everyone.

Aeolus Rowan:If you promise you won't hurt Berna, then...fine.

Katelyn grinned and chucked Berna onto the floor and threw the knife onto the floor, linking Aeolus' arm with hers and walked off with the cheerleaders following them. Skye and Trent helped Berna up off the ground.

Skye Rowan:Are you okay, Berna?

Berna Manchester: I'm fine. shock.

Trent McGuire: We all are, dude. Aeolus won't really fall for Katelyn. You do know that, don't you?

Aeolus Rowan: Yeah...whatever.

Lyn Manchester: Don't worry. We're all here for you. Whatever happens.

Ezekiel Sanders:Katelyn's boasting about her new boyfriend. Aeolus' just sitting there eating his lunch and laughing along with it.

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