Are You Nervous? is a 2007 American Canadian Drama film written by Saman Keshavarz and directed by James Mangold starring Angelina Jolie, Bradley Whitford, Skylar Astin, Rooney Mara, Jason Sudeikis, Chris Cooper, Emma Roberts, Melissa McCarthy and Laurence Fishburne.

The film was a commercial and critical success first screening at the Toronto Film Festival on September 8th, 2007 and then theatrically on September 12th, 2007.

The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray format on January 11th, 2008.

The film follows a mid 30's woman suffering from schizophrenic and uncontrollable paranoia who struggles along with a job at a local Seattle Advertising Agent edue to a perverted piggish boss and competitive infuriating colleague, a marriage with a husband whom constantly heads out on night business ventures and whom she suspects of cheating and two young children who are incredibly distant and withdrawn.

Solutions come however in the unlikely form of two young 19 year Seattle youths who share similiar mental conditions and are themselves struggling with their lives and problems.

One a 19 year old brilliant Seattle Ridgemont High student who suffers from a severe panic disorder and has an alcoholic father who is abusive towards him, his almost catatonic mother and very young brother.

The other a 19 year old female school drop out punk who is an insomniac constantly wandering the streets surrounding the troubled mother's apartment and who suffers from severe OCD and post traumatic stress.


Jean Somdin (Angelina Jolie) is a Seattle Advertising Agent working at 34th Grandville Overlook Publishing and the mother of two young distant children, James (Aramis Knight) and Lacey Somdin (Joey King).

She is the wife of fakely affectionate long shift working husband Michael Somdin (Bradley Whitford) who remains in his own very reclusive from Jean.

Jean experiences a breakdown at work after a new competitive colleague is called in to take her place named Elaine Richardson (Emma Roberts) by her piggish boss Duncan Lowell (Brian Cox) who harbors a crush on her.

Jean is checked into therapy overseen by two seperate therapists following "her incident:' Dr. Charles Gamble (Jason Sudeikis) and Dr. Robert Wheeler (Laurence Fishburne), Dr. Wheeler being her primary therapist and Dr. Gamble being her young handsome surrogate therapist for the days that Dr. Wheeler will be away.

Jean taking on the advice of both therapists of needing to branch out and make friends and even maybe attend sessions with others who are living with the same mental illnesses they have diagnosed her with.

Jean attends a meeting for those who suffer from Schizophrenia and Paranoia and finds it to be unhelpful instead running out after another breakdown to a snowed up, crappy little park near her crappy apartment home.

There she meets a peculiar on his own teenage boy named Matt Fellandio (Skylar Astin) who is a student at Ridgemont High where Jean and Michael have decided on sending James and Lacey after they finish middle school.

She after speaking with Matt learns he suffers from a severe panic disorder which developed as a result of the abuse brought down upon by his alcoholic father who tends to lash out on him, his almost catatonic mother and younger brother.

Matt after confessing this personal information with Jean on the swingset in the snow filled playground collapses into her knees crying to which she embraces him in confusion and shock.

Jean then recounts to Dr. Gamble who has now been signed on as her primary therapist as Dr. Wheeler has had to take temporary leave that she has branched out as Dr. Wheeler recommended and found someone who is just or more damaged then her, Dr. Gamble advises on if so in a not stalkish way meeting the boy again if he happens to return to the playground and getting to know him so he can learn about her and they can reconcile with each other.

Jean strikes out the next two nights venturing out to the playground across from her apartment and then in a moment of particular distress tries to communicate with her two kids and they discuss with her a girl who wanders around the block at night and the kids at school say she is crazy.

Jean takes interest in the story her kids recount and eventually a night whilest looking out the kitchen window to the playground spots what appears to be a dazed, drunken girl staggering along who deduces is the "alleged crazy" who wanders the block.

She approaches her and though initially is unable to receive a response comes to learn from her dropped purse that her name is Gabrielle Crossford (Rooney Mara) and she like the boy Matt from the playground with the abusive father is 19 years old.

She brings forth the issue of the girl and the boy to Michael one night he is at home but he dismisses her and tells her to just hand the purse into the authorities so the girl can get her belongings back.

Jean flares up at him entering her third breakdown and begins to demand to know who he is cheating on her with when he is disappearing on random business ventures at night.

Michael leaves her on her own in the bedroom and goes to sleep downstairs after giving up on a yelling contest with her which causes the two kids to cry.

Jean comforts her two kids saying that like the girl they see on the street mommy is a little bit crazy but she is going to fix it with the help of some people who are a little bit like her.

Jean attends her morning session with Dr. Gamble and enquires as to Dr. Wheeler's temporary leave but doesn't get a response which sparks her curiosity.

She is given a diary by Dr. Gamble he bought for her and tells her to write down her every feeling from day to day in it and if she likes she can bring it back to him and share it and maybe even share it with the boy from the park to which she tells she also met a girl on the street she could share it with.

Jean after the session instead of going to the local precinct and handing in the girl Gabrielle's purse takes it to her listed address and discovers her parents who informed their daughter dropped out of school, became addicted to heroin and then after supposedly cleaning up her act moved in with a friend to which they give the address of.

To Jean's shock the friend is the competitive colleague from her old job at the advertising agency Elaine Richardson.

Elaine invites Jean in telling Gabby is out and that she was friends with her older sister Bianca who killed herself two years ago and as a result of that Gabby developed severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in the form of completing unnecessary tasks who sister would have to do when she was alive, and post traumatic stress experiencing breakdowns much like the one Jean experienced at work over her and Duncan Lowell.

Elaine tells Jean that she promised Bianca the night before she killed herself with two straight razors that she would look after Gabby who idolized her and was the one to keep her out of trouble and out of the dim viewings of their controlling parents.

Gabby then returns home and Jean introduces herself passing back her purse stating last night she dropped it.

Gabby becomes highly suspicious of her but goes for a walk with Jean and she says she plans on starting up a fitness plan of scheduled running which she was meant to do with her sister and she would like her to be her running partner.

Jean agrees and that night as Jean comes to the playground swingset for a moment to herself she is approached by a fumbling beaten Matt who she then takes to the hospital and has Michael messaged to to leave work to take care of the kids.

Jean then confronts Matt's father and attacks in her fourth breakdown which ends her in trouble with the authorities down at the station where no charges are to be followed through as the wife isn't saying anything and the attacked father won't admit to be being by a female.

Jean then argues with Michael that night that what she did was necessary and she starts more frequent court ordered sessions with Dr. Gamble and a faxed report of her assault is sent through to Dr. Wheeler.

Jean then begins filling out the diary given to her by Dr. Gamble as a way of venting out her anger and suppressing her need to breakdown and lash out.

She then takes his suggestion to go visit her family if she has any.

It is revealed Jean possesses a mother who had a mental breakdown which landed her in a psychiatric hospital and possesses a delusional overweight sister Janet (Melissa McCarthy).

Jean comes to her but finds on her own she cannot break through to her and asks Dr. Gamble to accompany her on a second visit to her sister's in Sacramento where she is stationed in a housing commision foundation spending nearly all her waking hours playing an online game she is compulsively obsessed with.

It is revealed at a park that day after the second attempt falls through that Dr. Gamble has feelings for Jean and as he goes in for a kiss at the park she refrains in shock and runs until she catches a lift back to Seattle.

Jean then writes in her diary that she feels she has never loved her husband only her children and that she may in fact love her therapist.

She then reads over the books' labelling and tracks the purchase to a local discount store where she makes a purchase of two more journals as she receives confirmation from the local East Side Community Hospital upon call that Matt Fellandio has been released.

She stops by in the day at Elaine Richardsons' apartment and apologizes for what she said to her on the day she was fired and taking her anger out on her stating she now has nothing but admiration for her and what she is doing for the incredible young girl Gabby.

She then comes to Gabby who is shooting up in the bathroom and has overdosed.

As Elaine panics and tends to her Jean runs to the phone and contacts the paramedics who arrive and defilliberate her which resusitates her.

After a talk through everything else is cleared and it is decided Gabby will not have to be taken for observation or further service at the hospital though she will have to be taken down to the station to be charged.

She is bailed courtesy of Elaine and Jean though Elaine soon comes to fall into despair herself as she loses her job at the advertising agency.

Jean consolidates her by approaching Duncan having obtained incriminating reports of female workers claiming he has sexually harassed them and threatens him with bringing to the authorities unless he cuts out his piggish behaviour and Elaine Richardsons' job is reinstated.

Jean gets a job at as a check-out chick at a local discount mart where she found the diary to have been bought from and picked up two more from.

She gives one of the two to Gabby who tells to write down her feelings in and shows she has one herself.

Gabby spends quality time with her and Elaine and advises with Elaine that Jean pick up her sessions with Dr. Gamble having through her diary confessed her feelings for him.

Jean then writes she must make certain of one thing first.

Jean then the night of one of her husband's so called business ventures tails him to a Tess McCormick's (Yvonne Strahovski) and learns she is his mistress as ever since Jean developed her schizophrenia and uncontrollable paranoia following her mother's breakdown years ago Tess serves as his escape.

Jean tries to dismiss it as obvious but breaks down in sadness as her and Michael built up a family and life together and once upon a time she did have the feelings she has for Dr. Gamble for Michael and writes it down in her diary.

She then that night visits the park swingset and is met by Matt who tells his father has entered rehab and his mother is coming out of her catatonic state though he is experiencing blackouts since the severe beating he sustained which resulted in his hospitlization.

She then passes him the other purchased diary and tells him to call it a journal if he prefers in being male and that he write down his feelings in it she then also invites him to spend a day with her and two other women, one of which he will find is much like them and one who happens to be the same age.

He then in turn invites her to come meet his mother and younger brother.

Jean organizes for a playdate for James and Lacey with Matt's younger brother Ross (Ty Simpkins).

She meets his mother Samantha (Jacki Weaver) who speaks timidly and is comes off quite polite and compassionate.

Jean then dodging her husband Michael the following day picks up Matt after dropping James and Lacey off at school with Ross to spend a day with Matt, Elaine and Gabby.

Matt and Gabby connect and share a brief kiss as Gabby becomes confused for a moment when they share their problems and compare the thoughts written down in their diaries given by Jean. Jean finally feeling happy with exactly how things are turn on for child support as she will be switching to a single parent and comes home to talk happily with Michael about her knowledge of Tess and she herself has fallen for therapist.

The two finalize a divorce and divide up time to share the kids between them and Jean comes back to the clinic to meet with Dr. Gamble to learn that Dr. Wheeler has returned from his temporary leave and that Dr. Gamble himself has now taken temporary leave.

She is able to get his address off Dr. Wheeler who advises her not to do anything stupid and he is proud she has made a connection with those two 19 year old youths and reconnected with her children.

Jean comes to Dr. Gamble's nice home on the outskirts and finds him to be in a depressed state and finds he is in fact a widow and had lost his wife in a car accident and soon followed through with the field of psychology in order to help people in need only to fall in love again with her who refuted him.

She tells him she realizes now her love for him but he dismisses her as playing a sick twisted mind joke as part of her little breakdown episodes and Jean enters her fifth breakdown storming out and driving at a dangerous speed to the Fellandio residence where she picks up Matt telling his mother Samantha she has to take him somewhere for an after study session.

She then recklessly drives the two to Elaine's where Matt becomes angry with her as she nearly crashed on the way.

Elaine is not home as she is at work and the two meet with Gabby who helps a crying Jean down with Matt also assisting.

She says she wants the pain to go away and Gabby looking into her eyes then asks for Matt to fetch a black suitcase from her bedroom closet which is revealed to contain more stashed heroin and Jean injects herself despite Matt's protests.

As Jean trips out in hallucinations Gabby overlooks her diary with Matt who becomes skittish and panicky about Jean.

She then goes over hers and rips it up before taking an injection herself and passing a third needle to Matt showing his diary and telling all the times his father beat him, his mother and younger brother Ross until eventually he nearly beat him to death and took him away from his little brother who needs him.

Matt then takes the needle strap and injects himself.

Gabby and himself then in a trance collapse beside a hallucinating Jean who sees old memories of her and Michael's wedding, the delivery of her two children and their birthdays as well as her sessions with Dr. Gamble and their picnic, a memory of her mother playing with her and a formerly skinny Janet when they were younger.

Dr. Gamble then returns to the clinic and then gets over to the Somdin residence where he finds Jean has headed out to Elaine Richardsons' apartment duplex where the address is listed with a note.

He comes to the three with Elaine who returns home from work and they are shocked to find the three practically unconsious.

Elaine confirms that Jean has overdosed and she like Gabby in an earlier episode is defilliberated which resusitated her at the hospital.

Dr. Gamble makes a plea bargain with the authorities and the courts over the case of the three taking them all as his patients and putting them through a sobriety trial.

He reconnects with Jean and apologizes and the two enter a relationship as she cleans up her act.

Elaine helps Gabby repair the torn up diary of hers and all her hidden stashes of heroin in the apartment are disposed of.

Matt helps his mother prepare to move with Ross upstate in with more wealthy family members who had been overseas for the past few years.

Elaine helps break through to Gabby helping her move back in with her parents and have them reconnect as she finally accepts her sister's death.

Elaine quits her job at the advertising agency and soon after Duncan is fired as Elaine becomes the managing executive of a designer company whose supporting suppliers and financers hire on Jean giving her the money to move in with Dr. Gamble and build up on renovating his nice little home.

The film ends with Jean, Matt and Gabby meeting in the park at the swingset now in summer and all the snow has vanished.


  • Angelina Jolie as Jean Somdin
  • Bradley Whitford as Michael Somdin
  • Skylar Astin as Matt Fellandio
  • Rooney Mara as Gabby Crossford
  • Jason Sudeikis as Dr. Charles Gamble
  • Chris Cooper as Russell Fellandio
  • Jacki Weaver as Samantha Fellandio
  • J.K Simmons as Anthony Crossford
  • Ty Simpkins as Ross Fellandio
  • Emma Roberts as Elaine Richardson
  • Brian Cox as Duncan Lowell
  • Yvonne Strahovski as Tess McCormick
  • Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Robert Wheeler
  • Melissa McCarthy as Janet Levens
  • Susan Sarandon as Darlene Levens
  • Aramis Knight as James Somdin
  • Joey King as Lacey Somdin


  1. Rehab- Amy Winehouse
  2. Cry For You- September
  3. Love Is Gone- David Guetta featuring Chris Willis
  4. Lovestoned- Justin Timberlake
  5. Smile- Lily Allen
  6. Teenagers- My Chemical Romance
  7. Clumsy- Fergie
  8. LDN- Lily Allen
  9. I Wanna Love You- Akon featuring Snoop Dogg
  10. No One- Alicia Keyes (End Credits Song)
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