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Arcus Stark
Full Name Arcus "Tony" Stark
Current Age 18
Date of Birth July 6th, 2013
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Species / Type Human
Living Town Manhattan
Class Mechanical-Engineer
Industrialist (Going to be)
Current Status(es) Deceased (Killed by Discord)
Affiliation(s) Alpha Legion (Suspected, Earth Prime-122)
Alias(es) Tony
Smart Ass
Smartest Man on the Planet

Arcus "Tony" Stark was an very intelligent student at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He's the counterpart of Tony Stark in another dimension.




Civil War

2031, April 5th

When the Mane 6 came to Earth to find the Harmony Protectors, they were able to find the Element Protector of Magic and Honesty with the help of Jame's friend, Arcus. With his advance technology, and his intelligence, they were able to locate the last 2. However, after this, the antichrist working for Discord starting to attack the City. This laves Arcus to portect the Mane 6 And the Harmony Protectors. However, when they were about to enter a building, Arcus was forced back out by Discord himselve. He stated he caused a lot more trouble with his technology then the Mane 6 and the Harmony Protectors had. So, with Arcus in an Iron Man suit, battle against Discord, however, he was soon defeated. This also made Discord an kill strike. He sliced Arcus head off, and soon the Mane 6 and Harmony Protectors, mostly Fluttershy were shocked, and sadden by this, but still they escaped.


  • Advanced-Tier I Super-Human Genius - Arcus is an very intelligent student at Tomaree. Even exceeding seniors when he was only in year 7. He was able to to make an fully functional miniture Photon Reactor, which produces photon particles combined with gamma and alpha particles (how he did this is unknown).
  • Alchemy - Arcus is an exceptional Alchemist. He is able to brew the basic to at least that of Expert-Tier potions.
  • Enchanter - Arcus is an exceptional Enchanter. He is able enchant items and weapons to that of at least Expert-Tier enchantments.


  • Photonic Blaster - Photonic Blaster is Arcus invention. The weapon fires harden light particles, which he used some form of crystal particle to make the photon particles harden. The type of crystals he uses is unknown, but it's suggested to be Fafadium crystals.
  • Photon Sword - A Photon Sword is an sword that uses photon particles (light particles) as the blade. It uses the Firmus crystal to stabilize the photon into a solid burning sword of light.
    • These weapons is an excellent weapon against unholy, demonic or dark beings and entities.
  • Faster-Then-Light Travel - Arcus invented an reactor that is capable of making an ship it's installed (requiring special installment software and hardware, and an Advance-Smart AI) to enter FTL travel (also called Warp Drive, Slip-Space).


  • Based on Tony Stark and Merlin.
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