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The red dot is the north pole and the Spirit Portal.

Arctica, or Septentrio, as the local Cymatilae call it, is the continent at the highest latitude of Qirsyllviar. It contains the geographic north pole, and is the coldest most inhospitable place for those who don't know how to survive.

Located on the north pole itself is the Spirit Portal, the sole physical gateway between the physical world and the Spirit World.

The main local race of the continent is the Cymatilis race, who are evolved and adapted to live in this inhospitable climate.

There are four Cymatilae nations on Arctica, each consisting of many clans that were once warring amongst each other for control of Spirit Portal at the north pole; eventually uniting into the four nations known today.

Eventually, once southern foreigners discovered the continent and began trying to settle, not that they were really suited for the climate, they came to an agreement to respect each other's sovereignty, keep the Portal lands neutral, and work in coalition in order to keep the portal out of the wrong hands.

Sovereign States

Chukotko Tribes

Eskaleut Tribes

Inuit Tribes

Inuit flag

Capital: Inupiat
Government: Hereditary Directorial Chiefdom
Heads of State: High Chiefs
Heads of Government: High Chiefs
Legislature: Council of Chiefs
Demonym: Inuit
Currency: n/a

The Inuit Tribes are one of the four sovereign states in Arctica.

Yukaghir Tribes

The Spirit Portal

The Spirit Portal is the sole gateway between the physical world and the Spirit World. The portal and the surrounding area has been set aside as neutral territory by all four nations of Arctica

The Portal was first formed by the Dark Lord Voldrazar in an attempt to conquer the Spirit World once he had solidified his grip on the physical world. However, his defeat at the hands of the abjaksan prevented that from coming to pass.

Once Voldrazar was defeated, the original seven abjaksan closed the portal in a sphere of energy to prevent anything from crossing in or out of the Spirit World, and only the combined power of all seven abjaksan can open it again.


Arctica capitals

The location of every nation's capital.

Notes & Trivia

  • The generic demonym for people from Arctica is "Arctican," while the term the Cymatilis use is unknown
  • Arctica is the only continent of Qirsyllviar where an abjaksan is not reborn.
  • The Spirit Portal was inspired by the Spirit Portals of the Avatar Universe.
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