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Current Age 25 (Presumed)
Date of Birth Unknown (Somewhere between 5th-6th Century AD
Gender Male
Species / Type Human (most likely Greek)
Living Town Unknown
Class Merchant
Main Weapon(s) None
Main Element(s) Unknown
First Appearance Rise of the Merchant Knight
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Unknown
Affiliation(s) Merchant Guild
Relative(s) and/or Relation(s) Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father

Archelaus (Αρχελαος, Pronounced: ahr-kee-LAY-əs) is a merchant that recently traveled to the continent of Albion and entered the capital kingdom Camelot to sell his goods, and earn a profit for his family, as they are in poverty.





Not much history is known, but he came from a far away land to as a merchant to earn enough coins for his family, as they are in poverty.

Arriving at Camelot, Caerfyrddin

Archelaus arrived at Albion, and with a few days, entered the capital of Albion Camelot, where he enters the town called Caerfyrddin and soon spotted a crowed around a sword embedded into the stone, to which ignored, and got ready to sleep to be ready in the morning.

After waking up, and prepare to sell, Archelaus was curious and to see the sword, who he meet a Knight and fellow merchant named Alastiar, to which became friends almost instantly, and decided to return back to their wagons. When he spotted the 2 adults and one child. He wondered what he is doing when he saw the kid ran to the sword. When the kid pulled the sword from the stone, everyone stopped and bowed, to which the older one, the young one named Kay asked his Father, said that the kid, named Arthur is the son of the High-King Uther and High-Queen Igraine. And so, the Queen herself and Knights came down and asked for Arthur to come with her. However, Arthur requested that the father and Kay, and she agreed and they head to the castle on the mountain.


None shown



  • Due to Archelaus name being Greek, its highly likely Archelaus is in fact Greek, either coming from Greece or from Athens.
  • Archelaus (Αρχελαος) is a ancient Greek name meaning "master of the people" from αρχος (archos) "master" and λαος (laos) "people".
  • Archelaus is a name for the Herod Archelaus who was a ethnarch (not king) of Sameria, Judea and Idumea (biblical Edom) from from 4th BC to 6th AD.
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