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The Archangels (大天使 Daitenshi?) are twelve incredibly powerful seraph-class angels created by the Light. They're essentially the primrdial angels of Heaven, the most fearsome weapons of the High Heavens. Primordial or "first-generation" spirits, the Archangels are considered the chief angels, leaders of Heaven and the heavenly host that presides within.



According to the legend, the Twelve Archangels were twelve incredibly powerful seraphs created by the Light, who during the Dawn War fought alongside the Gods of the Light against the Darkness and its Gods. They defeated the Darkness and its God, sealing them into the Burning Inferno.

Great War

10,000 ago, the Daedric Lords would collaporate with each other, creating the Burning Legion. Thanks to the efforts [REDACTED], the Burning Legion was able to break out of the Inferno, and lead the charge upon Eurasia. The Archangels would lead an defensive opposition after the Fairies defeat, and so it officially began, the Holy War.

Michael and Raguel during the battle.

During the Great War, Michael along with a group of the angels lead a large foce against the Daedra, specifically against Lucifer. Raphael was the Archangel healing a multitude of angels as he defended them against incoming strikes, while Arael used his own Death Magic against the daedra, mainly soloing them all. Raguel was a knight-like hardened warrior who cut down any daedra, setting a pathway towards the stronhold of Lucifer. Michael was the forefront hardened combatant and the one the daedra feared the most, sending in their strongest at Lucifer's command. However regardless, with Michael wielding the Spear of Destiny, would be able to effortlessly cut them. Upon reaching the stronghold, Michael command his forces to charge at the stronghold. However one of the Principality Imamiah informed Michael to wait til they're ready to charge, but Michael refused due to his war-like nature, went in with his forces to confront Lucifer.


Michael inside the stronghold of Lucifer, lead his forces inside, where he'd had skirmishes from within, using his Spear to impale the daedra that assault, while Arariel defended the back of the unit alongside Armaros. Michael commanded Batariel and Gadreel to secure and recon ahead, while he command Arariel and Armaros to stay and stop any demon from entering. Doing as they're told, Michael would then be informed by Batariel required reinforcements, and so sends in the forces while he stood behind. However, he began to feel the angel's life signs to vanish, from the two he ordered to stop demons from entering, and his entire force ahead. Not liking it, Michael began to charge towards and soon and finally confronted Lucifer.

Michael against Lucifer

Lucifer stood over the corpse of Gadreel, as Batariel was left in ruins and dismembered, and so was the scattered corpses of the other angels. Michael raised his Spear, and began to declare Lucifer dead before his charge towards the Daedric Lord. Despite striking swift and fast, Lucifer was able to deflect the strike, and take hold of him, sendinf him into a pillar of stone. Lucifer taunted the Archangel were not match for the Daedra, strongest of the Daedra. Michael informed that he'll fall, like the rest of the Daedric abominations. Charging gain, but grapping a secondary spear, he quickly went for the first strike, but Lucifer deflected, and soon Michael came for the second which the Archdemon halted with his tail. Lucifer declared Michael dead only to realized; the Spear of Destiny wasn't in Michael's hand, but a normal spear. However, fooled, the Spear of Destiny formed, and Michael Smited him, sendin Lucifer flying, and badly injuried. Raguel arrived in time, and quickly chained Lucifer in restrained embued with Enochian sigils.

Michael kills Lucifer

The rest of Archangels and Imamiah arrived along with their large force, took noticed of the littered corpses of the angelic soldiers, with only Michael standing, the sole survivor but Lucifer captured. While Imamiah describes his tactics and strategies to be rather risky, he acknowledged the supreme combat prowess and leadership to be exempt. Regardless, Imamiah would then have Azrael to transport Lucifer, but was soon halted by Michael, who sees only death is the option. Ludociel immediately disgreed, saying the Supreme Deity wants Lucifer alive. Actively pushing the Archangel aside, Michael using his Divine Spear would go for the killing strike on Lucifer, which killed the Daedric Lord instantly.


Stained glass of Michael.

The Archangels would gain a vast, and wide reputation as Heaven's strongest warriors and Eurasia's greatest mythological heroes of old. Despite their heroic acts, many things occured internally. Camael, once the Archangel of Valor was exiled out of Heaven by disobying Michael with the intervention upon Earth Land, which was now considered forbidden when the Great War ended. After Camael's fall, he would reorganize the fairies and soon he became their new leader, more advisor.

Michael was hailed as the God of War (軍神 Gunshin?) due to her aggressive acts and compassion for conflict, and considered the greatest hero there is. Across Eurasia, many shrines are dedicated to Michae, each one containing a story about Saint Michael. His influence was so widespread, it even had a affect on foreign countries such as Fiore, where there's a chapel with a staiend glass of him (though owned by Socrates, a Eurasian-born Celtic). It's been commonly sai by praying to Michael, reciting his mantra will he battle and destroy anything demonic or daedric, and protect the household from threats.

Biology and Appearance


The appearance of Ramiel.

The Archangels are purely, unique angels who's existences are incorporeal pure massless sentient mystical energy that inhabiants an ancient soldi, complex vessels forged directly by the Light. Larger then their kin, the Archangels' mystical wings are said to be literally them manifesting into the world. Their being is believed to be the conceptualization of the Light's light that manifested in defend all of creation. Ethereal beings is what they truly are, made out of ether, a magical energy which Aether was named after. Upon releasing the ether, they're wings takes the appearance of a misty-filled, which they have multiple wings which represents how much "ether" they have.

The Archangels are immortal individuals that rely on the solid armour they came into existence with, and do not require food, water, sleep or anything an mortal individual would require. As spiritual ethereal beings, they can leave their armour vessels, and inhabit the pure biological beings of either animal, humans or even elves, though they require permission to enter one's body. Upon possessiong the individual, they can utilize only 5-10% of their true capabilities, due to the biological vessel being, most likely, incapable of withstand the mght of a Archange. As such, while being posssessed grants certain enhnces (physical stronger, faster), the Archangel can't do magic, if the said individual can't perform it themselves, and such they're high selective on who to take on.

Physical Diversity

Each of the Twelve Archangels are physically, spiritually diverse and unique, each of their armoured vessels being complex and different to each other, often reflecting their personalities and their overall role in their existences. Take Michael, he's an large, massive archnagel due to his role being a war-like warrior and brute, ruthless in his conquest of the fight, and so is considered the physicall superior archangel. However, Ramiel is the archangel of hope, and uses Hope Magic, which essentally raises mortality of those around her, her appeance being female is slender, but give radiance of someone one can place their faith-their hope into.

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