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 Real Name Jake Lawrence Tynan
 Current Alias
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 Base of Operation
 Status Alive
 Marital Status
 Gender Male
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Jake Tynan is an ordinary teenaged high school student by day, and by night a masked vigilante known as Archangel.



Jake serves a critical role within the series, not only as one of the main protagonists, but also as one of the two founders of the team, as well as being the team's primary leader. He also keeps the team in line with his charisma.

Cause to becoming a Vigilante

As age 9, Jake and his parents got in a car accident, which was sabotaged by mobsters. Jake survives the accident but his parents perished in the crash. After this event, Jake swears to avenge their deaths and hunt down their killers. He lived his life as a street oprhan, until a man named, Z took Jake under his wing tonight to him how to fight. Many years later, he becomes the costumed vigilante known as Archangel.

Skills and abilities

  • Peak Physical Condition: Jake is shown to be in healthy physical condition and works regularly to stay in great shape.
  • Expert Martial Artist: Jake is a highly skilled combatant trained by Z. Although he was always more of a brawler. However, Jake left early before Z could finish his training.
  • Skilled Detective: Jake has shown some skill as a detective.
  • Skilled Swordsman: Jake has been shown to be quite skilled in swordmanship.
  • Skilled Charm: Jake is shown to be a charming young man, which causes some of the most beautiful women to fall for him.
  • Tolerance Against Pain: Jake is shown to have a quite strong tolerance against pain, both physically and mentally.



  • Zip-Kick - Jake can propell himself toward the targeted foes.
  • Handguns - Jake equips with two dual action guns that he can use in combat.
  • Flashbang - Jake uses Flashbang grenades to stun enemies and escape from armed thugs. They can also be used to initiate a ranged beatdown.
  • Grapnel Gun - Jake also has a grapnel gun.


  • Marksmanship
  • Intimidation
  • Peak Human Conditioning
  • Master Stealth Artist
  • Master Martial Artist
  • Indomitable Will
  • Expert Escape Artist
  • Master Acrobat
  • Genius Level Intellect


  • Nickolas Lintzeris/Rafalo - Best friend and teammate.
  • Warkill - Friend and teammate.
  • Charles Randall - Friend and teammate.
  • Robin Simmons - Friend and teammate.
  • Z - Former mentor.
  • Ashley Sunset/Fox - Enemy turned ally and brief love interest.
  • Perry Stone - Ally.
  • Lord Ryker - Enemy.
  • Iran Reznov - Enemy and presumed victim.
  • Oscar Warren/The Revolver - Enemy.
  • Kyle Walker/Jack of Shadows - Enemy.
  • Marcus Reynolds/Snake - Enemy.


Season One Appearances
  • Ep 1: Birth of an Angel
  • Ep 2: Bloode Ties
  • Ep 3: Dark Knights
  • Ep 4: Forgotten Past
  • Ep 5: Unchained
  • Ep 6: Rafalo
  • Ep 7: The Brave and The Bold
  • Ep 8: Warrior's Code
  • Ep 9: Z
  • Ep 10: Public Enemy
  • Ep 11: The Enemy of My Enemy, Is My Friend
  • Ep 12: Who You Really Are
  • Ep 13: City of Angels
Season Two Appearances
  • TBA