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Arachnid, also known as Arachnid 3D or Arachnid 3-D is a 2013 3-D American action horror film which is based on the 2001 film of the same name.


The film begins by inttroduing us to a range of characters who board Oceanic Airlines Flight 121 in order to fly home to America from Hawaii. Amongst them are a group of college students, a scientist, but most notable is Jake Mercer, a vicious serial killer who is being flown back to the United States to stand trial. Unbeknownst to the other passengers and crew, a flight stewardess named Karen is working for Mercer and is planning to free him.

Karen smuggles a silenced pistol on board the plane and kills the air marshals on board, breaking Mercer loose. The two then attempt to hijack the plane, but instead send it into a steep nosedive and the plane crashes on a mysterious unchartered island. Karen is killed and Mercer is restrained by a man called Flynn, revealing himself as an undercover officer. He explains that the FBI had expected an escape attempt so he dressed in plainclothes to avoid detection. The survivors gather together and take a head count from the flight roster. Unknown to the survivors, a spider crawls into the cockpit and bites the co-pilot, killing him.

Later, the pilot goes into the jungle to investigate and is killed by a giant spider. The survivors try to figure out what to do or where they are. They decide to search the island, with a small group remaining at the crash site in case rescue comes, and one person is assigned to watch over Mercer.

The survivors split up and enter the jungle, where the student's teacher is killed by one of the spiders. The spiders also kill home other suvivors, alerting the group to their presence. Everyone regroups at the crash site, although some people become lost in the jungle and are picked off by the spiders.

One of the students, Kirsty, starts talking to Flynn and they begin to bond as she reminds him of his daughter, who he hopes to see once he gets off the island. She similarly misses her father, who died the previous year. He begins to teach her survival techniques. Meanwhile, another student, Michelle, is made watch over Mercer, and he begins to start planting ideas in her head and manipulating her. She does not realize and begins to start thinking he may not be guilty. At the same time, more of the survivors are killed by the spiders. Eventually, someone makes radio contact and rescue is arranged. However, the group must cross the island to be picked up.

The group are torn as to whether or not they should go through the jungle, but they take a vote and it is decided that they will. They then decide to vote on as to whether or not they should take Mercer with them, but ultimately they decide it would be inhumane to leave him to die and agree to bring him, keeping him chained up however. Unknown to the others, Michelle decides to free him. 

Once Mercer escapes, he steals a gun and runs into the jungle, while Michelle follows. Mercer decides to pick the others off and then escape the island to freedom. He then seduces Michelle and they have sex, but immediately after he kills her. Next, he starts killing the other survivors, who also have to deal with the spiders. 

A giant spider suddenly emerges and chases the remainder of the group into a cave, followed by Mercer. It turns out that they have run straight into the spider's nest. Mercer manages to shoot some of both the spiders and the survivors, while the other group members fall victim to the spiders. Eventually, only Kirsty, Flynn and Mercer are left. Flynn decides to take Mercer down and attacks him, resulting a brawl. Some spiders surround Kirsty, but using what Flynn taught her, she burns them with a makeshift flamethrower. The biggest spider then reappears and descends upon them. Mercer retrieves the gun and holds Flynn and Kirsty at gunpoint, menacingly singing "Eenie meenie miney mo" to decide who he will kill first. The spider then comes down behind him and kills him. The spider then chases them around the cave, eventually cornering Kirsty in the upper cave. The spider dangles froma  thread as it approaches her, when Flynn jumps to Kirsty's side and cuts the thread, causing the spider to plummet to the bottom of the cave, where it is impaled to death on some stalagmites. Kirsty and Flynn then finally back to the beach, where they are picked up by a rescue helicopter, the only two survivors of the incident.

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