Aqulionis is the central north Continent of Patria.

Sovereign States

Empire of Aegyptum

Hamunaptra flag

Guild Republic of Aincrad

Aincrad flag
Capital: Collinia
Government: Unitary Guild Republic
Head of State: Chancellor
Head of Government: Council of Guilds
Legislature: Council of Guilds
Demonym: Aincradi
Currency: Col

The Guild Republic of Aincrad is a republican nation run by Guilds rather than an elected assembly. Sitting on a peninsula on the south side of the Gulf of Flonyard, it borders Narnia to the south and Flonyard to the southeast. It also share a maritime border with Siberia in the Gulf of Flonyard. Run by the three most powerful and influential Guilds, which also serve in the main military of Aincrad, are the Knights of the Blood Oath, the Divine Dragon Alliance and the Aincrad Army. The populous elects a Chancellor from one of the three to serve a ceremonial role every five years. It is also one of the several nations on Aquilonis that has rejected gunpowder weaponry and prefers to rely on the sword.

United Republic of Albion

Albion flag 2
Capital: Albion City
Government: Federal Republic
Head of State: President
Head of Government: Vice President
Legislature: Congress of Albion
Demonym: Albionian
Currency: Pound

The United Republic of Albion is a republic in the southwest corner of Aquilonis, and the sole republic in southern Aquilonis. It borders Narnia, Telmar and the Old Blin KIngdom to the north, and Ikana to the east. Once a domain of the Britannian Empire, after the Albion War for Independence it became the first, and so far only, country to successfully rise up and win independence from Britannia, with some help from the kingdoms Narnia and Telmar. While still hostile with Britannia, it enjoys full diplomatic and commerce relations with Narnia and Telmar.

Kingdom of Alin

Alin flag 2
Capital: Azar Harif
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: King
Head of Government: King
Legislature: None
Demonym: Alin
Currency: Rial

The Kingdom of Alin is a kingdom of magic in southern Aquilonis, bordering Aegyptum and the Darknut Legion to the west, the Gerudo Tribe to the northwest, Arabia to the north, and Persia to the east. One of the oldest nations in the Southeast Aquilonis Desert, Alin is the successor state to the ancient Kalahese Empire (Kalahar), the developer of Kalahese Magic.

Sultanate of Arabia

Arabia flag
Capital: Agrabah
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Head of state: Sultan
Head of Government: Sultan
Legislature: None
Demonym: Arabian
Currency: Rial

The Sultanate of Arabia is a powerful monarchical nation in southeast Aquilonis, bordering the Gerudo Tribe to the west, Alin and Persia to the south and Balbadd to the southeast, and sharing maritime borders with the Zora Dominion to the north. Currently under the rule of the House of al-Tariq, Arabia is one of the most powerful nations in Southeast Aquilonis Desert.

City of Azarath

Azarath Order flag
Government: Holy Order
Head of State: Grand Master of the Order of Azarath
Head of Government: Grand Master of the Order of Azarath
Legislature: Conclave
Demonym: Azarathi
Currency: Zen

The City of Azarath is a city-state in central Aquilonis, bordering the Empire of Tamaran to the northwest, Termina to the east and the Goron Tribe to the southwest. Run by the Order of Azarath, a Holy Order that practices manipulation magic, it has a long history of neutrality, but will occasionally send envoys to ensure peace in the region, and is more than capable of defending itself, even Tamaran doesn't dare threaten it's independence. It was originally run by they tyrannical Church of Scath before the Order of Azarath wrested control from them and sent the church into exile.

Emirate of Balbadd

Balbadd flag

Republic of Batalia

Batalia flag

Old Blin Kingdom

Republic of Challax

Challax flag

Darknut Legion

Republic of Daxx

Daxx flag

Deku Kingdom

Republic of Eudora

Eudora flag

United Kingdom of Flonyard

Flonyard flag 2
Capitals: Firianno, Vannette, Eschenbach
Government: Federal Tri-Monarchy
Heads of State: Council of Three Sovereigns
Head of Government: Prime Minister
Legislature: Parliament of Flonyard
Demonym: Flonyardian
Currency: Ecu

The United Kingdom of Biscotti, Galette and Pastillage, more commonly known as the United Kingdom of Fonyard, is a federated Tri-monarchy consisting of the Biscotti Republic, the Galette Dominion, and the Principality of Pastillage in west-central Aquilonis. Bordering Siberia to the north, Kalebo, Shaar and Daxx to the east, Tamaran to the southeast, the Goron Tribe and Tarm to the south, and Narnia and Aincrad to the west, it is almost entirely landlocked, except for the tip of the Gulf of Flonyard in the northwest. Being a union of three countries, it has no one single sovereign, instead the sovereigns of the three realms share equal authority of the nation entire. Once three separate countries that were the closest of friends with one another, yet with very different political views, a war with Narnia threatened to pull them apart. Yet an agreement, and a common enemy, made them see the strength of unity. The war ended with the Narnian Invasion repelled and the three nations becoming one.

Republic of Florana

Florana flag

Empire of Fuso

Fuso flag 2
Capital: Owari
Government: Hereditary Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: Emperor
Head of Government: Prime Minister
Legislature: Diet
Demonym: Fuso
Currency: Yen

The Empire of Fuso is a large multi-island nation empire in east Aquilonis, sharing maritime borders with Kanji and Maison Izumu to the west, and Zhonghua to the south. It also holds colonial sovereignty over the Shinto Islands and the Yoake Empire in Marlonx, and the Hanasaku Islands in Maritimus. Once only a single island Shogunate before conquering all other kingdoms during the Hyakunen War, it is the dominant naval power in the waters of Aquilonis, rivaling Britannia in size and power. Currently run by the Oda Dynasty/Clan, it is a longtime friend and ally of the Kingdom of Tristain, it is one half of the Tristain-Fuso Friendship & Military Alliance.

Kingdom of Galidor

Galidor flag

Republic of Gaspar

Gaspar flag

Gerudo Tribe

Gerudo flag

Kingdom of Goliath

Goliath flag
Capital: Garvis
Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: King
Head of Government: King
Legislature: None
Demonym: Gargoyle
Currency: Ecu

The Kingdom of Goliath is a small landlocked country enclave within Tristain's borders ruled by Gargoyles, a race of nocturnal beings that are stone by day an flesh by night. Run by the Goliath Clan, Goilath was once known as the Gargoyle Empire, during which the nation spanned from the tip of the Tristanian Peninsula to the heart of Aquilonis. The Empire ceased to exist when the ruling clan was put under a spell that placed them in an eternal stone sleep within Castle Garvis, leaving the empire without leaders. A power struggle between rival gargoyle clans, normally kept in check by the ruling Goliath clan, soon erupted into a civil war that tore the empire apart in less than a generation. A racial war with other sentient races of Aquilonis also contributed to the nation's destruction. Nearly two thousand years after the empire fell, the Goliath Clan sleeping within Castle Garvis was accidentally awakened during a battle for the castle during the Great Northern Aquilonis War. In gratitude for breaking the spell, the clan then aided in the defeat of Umbris on the condition they be granted independence. Since the war's conclusion, Goliath has been working with Tristain to rebuild itself, albet in a much smaller territory.

Goron Tribe

Goron flag

Empire of Hanguk

Hanguk flag

Republic of Hoven

Hoven flag

Kingdom of Hyrule

Hyrule flag

Kingdom of Ikana

Ikana flag

Republic of Kalebo

Republic of Kerwan

Kerwan flag

Kokiri Tribe

Kokiri flag

Republic of Koros

Koros flag

Kuja Tribes

Amazon flag
Captial: Blazir Village
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: Matriarch
Head of Government: Matriarch
Legislature: None
Demonym: Kujan
Currency: none

Kuja, also known by most of Patria as Amazon, is an island nation located in the Southeast Aqulionis Sea, and is the homeland of the warrior all female Kuja/Amazon People. Several small villages exist scattered around the island. Since they are a single gender people, and men are forbidden on the island, they perfected a spiritual ritual to become pregnant. Though they are an inward looking people that mostly turns a blind eye from the conflicts of the rest of the world, some choose to to leave this island, usually never to return. But this isolationist attitude makes those who stray too far from the villages easy picking for slave traders.

Lizalfos Kingdom

Shogunate of Maison Izumo

Sekirei flag

Federal Republic of Marcadia

Marcadia flag
Capital: Metropolis
Government: Federal Republic
Head of State: President
Head of Government: Vice President
Legislature: Congress of Marcadia
Demonym: Marcadian
Currency: Bolt

The Federal Republic of Marcaida is an island nation in northern Aquilonis, many leagues north of Tristain, and the northernmost country on the continent. The first country to declare it's independence from the Solana Federation, it pretty much stayed neutral of the consequential conflict but supplied weapons, supplies and advisors to the six northern nations emerging from the federation. It originally started out as a monarchy, the Federal Empire of Marcadia, but public disapproval prompted the government to switch to an elective federal republic.

Grand Duchy of Morgania

Morgania flag

Republic of Mylon

Mylon flag

Kingdom of Narnia

Narnia flag

Republic of Novalis

Novalis flag

Republic of Obani

Republic of Oltanis

Oltanis flag

Republic of Orxon

Orxon flag

Empire of Persia

Persia flag

Republic of Pokitaru

Pokitaru flag

Republic of Quartu

Quartu flag

Republic of Rilgar

Rilgar flag

Republic of Ryllus

Republic of Shaar

Shaar flag

Tsardom of Siberia

Siberia flag 2
Capital: Stolista (Eurodon)
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: Tsar
Head of Government: Tsar
Legislature: None
Demonym: Siberian
Currency: Ruble

The Aquilonis half of the Tsardom, this seemingly redundant territory is fully incorporated into the nation, bordering, north to south, Novalis, Kerwan, Hoven, Obani, Kalebo and Flonyard to the southeast. Across the Gulf of Flonyard it shares a maritime border with Aincrad.

Republic of Solana

Solana flag
Capital: Solana City
Government: Unitary Republic
Head of State: Supreme Chancellor
Head of Government: President
Legislature: Solanan Senate
Demonym: Solanan
Currency: Bolt

The Republic of Solana is a landlocked state in central Aquilonis, bordering Koros and Challax to the north, Gaspar and Talos to the west, Quartu to the east and Zeldrin to the south. The successor state of the former Solana Federation since its collapse during the Solana Revolutionary Wars, it has adopted a more isolationist attitude toward the surrounding nations ever since but has tried to maintain its former way of life.

Republic of Stygia

Stygia flag

Republic of Talos

Empire of Tamaran

Tamaran flag

Confederacy of Tarm

Tarm flag

Kingdom of Telmar

Telmar flag

Confederacy of Termina

Termina flag

Republic of Torval

Kingdom of Tristain

Tristain flag
Capital: New Clovis
Government: Hereditary Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: King
Head of Government: Prime Minister
Legislature: Parliament
Demonym: Tristainian
Currency: Ecu

The Kingdom of Tristain is a monarchical nation on Aquilonis' northeastern peninsula, dating back over two thousand Patrian years. It borders borders Novalis, Orxon, Florana and Stygia to the west, and Rilgar to the southwest. Within it's borders is the Gargoyle ruled enclave Kingdom of Goliath, which was granted independence during the Great Northern Aquilonis War. An unnatural creation, Tristain was first founded by Gallian exiles following a Civil War in Gallia. These exiles were initially the thousands of men that were part of the Gallian Rebel Army, along with the women ans children that followed them, which was sentenced to wander in an "eternal void" for their insurrection. This "eternal void" actually turned out to be a portal to the peninsula it now sits on. The rebels saw this as a chance for a new start, and led the founding of the Kingdom of Tristain, building a large nation over two thousand years. Tristain has long been a close friend and ally of the Empire of Fuso, and is one half of the Tristain-Fuso Friendship & Military Alliance.

Republic of Tron

Tron flag

Republic of Umbris

Umbris flag 2
Capital: Qwarkburg
Government: Unitary Republic
Head of State: President
Head of Government: President
Legislature: Congress
Demonym: Umbrish
Currency: Bolt

The Republic of Umbris is a landlocked state in central-north Aquilonis, bordering Eudora and Stygia to the north, Challax to the east, Koros to the south, Ryllus to the west and Hoven to the extreme northwest. It is the successor state to the Confederacy of Umbris, following the confederacy's defeat and dissolution at the end of the Great Northern Aquilonis War.

Republic of Veldin

Veldin flag

Republic of Zeldrin

Zeldrin flag

Empire of Zhonghua

Zhonghua flag
Capital: Han Shang Qin
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: Emperor
Head of Government: Emperor
Legislature: None
Demonym: Zhonghuan
Currency: Yuan

The Empire of Zhonghua is a monarchical nation situated on an island subcontinent in the southeastern sea, sharing maritime borders with long-time enemy Fuso to the north, and Amazon to the south. The large island it occupies is surrounded by a chain of islands that have been heavily fortified over the centuries, and given the permanent name, Great Wall of Zhonghua, which not even the naval-dominant Fuso has ever been able to bypass. Though xenophobic to foreigners by nature, it is not above trying to expand it's borders though war, but has never managed to succeed going beyond the Zhonghuan mainland. Zhonghua is notorious for political instability, and has suffered civil wars and "national collapse" several times in the past.

Zora Dominion

Zora flag

Aerial Lands

Nation of Skyloft

Skyloft flag
Captial: Skyloft Town
Government: Unitary Republic
Head of State: Chairman
Head of Government: Chairman
Legislature: Council of Skyloft
Skyloft island
Demonym: Skyloftian
Currency: Rupee

The Nation of Skyloft is an flying island nation over the Kingdom of Hyrule. Skyloft is said to be the ancient homeland of the Hylian people before descending to the surface. With a history of neutrality, it is guarded by the legendary Sky Knights.

Union of Aquilonis Republics

Aquilonis union flag
Capitals: Metropolis, Marcadia (Executive), Qwarkburg, Umbris (Legislative), Ratchetville, Veldin (Judicial)
Government: Supranational Union
Leader: President of the Union
Legislature: Chamber of Sovereign Republics

The Union of Aquilonis Republics is a supranational union of republics in Aquilonis. It is Patria's first, and so far only, Supranational Union. Formed after the Great Northern Aquilonis War, it is mostly consisted of former states of the former Solana Federation and Confederacy of Umbris. Originally formed to prevent further conflict between former Solana states, it has since become the symbol of republicanism in Aquilonis.

Member States

  • Republic of Batalia
  • Republic of Challax
  • Republic of Daxx
  • Republic of Eudora
  • Republic of Florana
  • Republic of Gaspar
  • Republic of Hoven
  • Republic of Kalebo
  • Republic of Kerwan
  • Republic of Koros
  • Federal Republic of Marcadia
  • Republic of Mylon
  • Republic of Novalis
  • Republic of Obani
  • Republic of Oltanis
  • Republic of Orxon
  • Republic of Pokitaru
  • Republic of Quartu
  • Republic of Rilgar
  • Republic of Ryllus
  • Republic of Shaar
  • Republic of Solana
  • Republic of Stygia
  • Republic of Talos
  • Republic of Torval
  • Republic of Umbris
  • Republic of Veldin
  • Republic of Zeldrin


Aquilonis with capitals

The location of every country's capital (Note: Flonyard has three)

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