Aquaman: King of Atlantis is a 2020 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. It is the first theatrical Aquaman film and stars Alexander Skarsgard in the lead role. The film carries on Aquaman's story from his appearance in Justice League which is a part of the DC Movie Universe. The film also stars Isla Fisher, Chiwetel Ejiofor and features a cameo from Nicholas Hoult, who later became Aqualad in Teen Titans II. Marc Foster and Steve Jablonsky directed and scored Aquaman respectively.


The film begins with Aquaman's wife, Queen Mera, giving birth to his son, who he names Kaldur'ahm. A huge celebration is held in Atlantis to glorify to birth of the future leader. During the festivities, a mysterious man dressed in black armour detonates a bomb in the street and then sneaks into the royal palace amidst the chaos and kidnaps baby Kaldur'ahm. Aquaman tries to pursue him, but he is betrayed by a soldier and knocked out. A second bomb detonates and Aquaman loses his hand while the solider escapes.

When Aquaman wakes up, Mera tells him that the kidnapper is gone and that they have identified the renegade soldier as Captain Rader. Aquaman has his missing hand replaced with a harpoon and decides to set out and hunt the villains down. Aquaman departs Atlantis and begins tracking Rader.

Aquaman learns that Rader ha stowed away on board a battleship and slimbs on board to confront him. The two get into a violent fight, which ends with Aquaman fatally wounding Rader. Before he dies, Rader reveals that his partner's name is Black Manta and that he has a vendetta against Aquaman for some reason. Aquaman soon finds that Black Manta is trying to blend in on the surface world and also sees that he has to in order to avoid detection. And so, he takes on the alias Arthur Curry and continues to track Black Manta around the world.

Over the course of his journey, Aquaman learns more about Black Manta's history; once a young African man named David Cook, he and his family were on board a ship taking them to America in hopes of gaining asylum. Suddenly, the ship was attacked by Aquaman's armies (these events took place prior to those depicted in Justice League) and Cook's family were killed. The only survivor, Cook soon learned that Aquaman was behind the attack and spent the next few years plotting revenge. He developed a high-tech scuba suit which could withstand deep sea pressure (based on LexCorp technology) and then infiltrated Atlantis, building up a facade of a loyal citizen. He then teamed up with Rader, a military captain still bitter about what happened to Atlantis once Aquaman took command back from his evil brother, Orm. The duo orchestrated the kidnapping of the prince in order to take revenge of the king.

Along the way, Aquaman meets Garth, a young man who lives on a fishing trawler with his father; while he loves the ocean, he is unhappy with his life. The two begin to bond, until the trawler is attacked by Black Manta, who sinks it. Garth is knocked out and Aquaman carries him to safety, but Black Manta then murders Garth's father and escapes. Knowing Garth has nothing waiting for him at home (as he has no home), Aquaman summons a school of fish to take him to Atlantis, where he will live from now on.

Finally, Aquaman catches up with Black Manta, and pleads with him not to harm Kaldur'ahm as he has not wronged him, even offering himself in return for the prince's safety. However, Black Manta proves that he cannot be redeemed and is completely evil by diving into the ocean and trying to drop the baby into an underwater volcano. Aquaman manages to stop him and rescues his son, bringing up to the surface, which turns out to be Miami Beach. Not wanting his enemy to get away, Aquaman jumps back in and drags Black Manta out. They violently fight in the surf before Aquaman stabs Black Manta to death with his harpoon. Aquaman then triumphantly returns to Atlantis with his son, where he is welcomed back by his people, his wife and Garth. At the end of the film, Garth begins training with Aquaman to become his apprentice.


Alexander Skarsgard - Aquaman

Isla Fisher - Queen Mera

Chiwetel Ejiofor - Black Manta

Nicholas Hoult - Garth

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