April's Big Day is a fanon episode of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 TV series.

Voice Introduction

April: Ever see one of those movies when a nice girl kidnapped by the bad guy and instead being rescued by the hero, she has to defend herself by trouble? Let's just say I'm kinda in trouble myself. I woke up in some room, strapped to a chair and some guy in a tuxedo telling me that it's all part of some game. The worst thing is that he puts some headphones on my ears and make me listens to some annoying techno music! 


The episode starts off with April O'Neil at her apartment, watching a TV show called "I'm Not Your typical Damsel" in Distress, which tells the story about a woman who constantly gets herself into trouble and always find a way to escape without any man to save her. As April continues to watch the show, she starts falling asleep on the couch.

Later, April wakes up in a strange room, locked to a chair while an mysterious man in a tuxedo named Bill appears and tells her that he's kidnapped her for a series of "games" for his amusement. In the meantime, Bill puts some headphones on April's head. The headphones pay new age music which really annoyed April as a form of torture. No matter how many times April struggles against her bonds, she is unable to escape. By the time it was done, April is released from the chair and was about to punch Bill, the latter uses telekinesis in hold her in place. Bill then snaps his fingers as the floor tiles change into a dance floor.






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